When to Finish Minimum Spending Towards the Southwest Companion Pass

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Million Mile Secrets reader Josh commented:

If I were to apply for both personal Southwest cards and my 1st statements, for example, closed on December 10, 2014, should I begin spending right after the December statement closes?

The next statement with all of my spending would close January 10, 2015, and my points would be deposited into my Southwest account in 2015.

Thus, my 110,000 points would be deposited in 2015, and my Companion Pass would be valid for 2015 and 2016.  Does this make sense and is it a good strategy?

When To Finish Minimum Spending Towards The Southwest Companion Pass

Josh Should Finish His Minimum Spending on His Southwest Cards in 2015 So He Can Earn a Companion Pass to Fly to Places Like New Orleans

By waiting until 2015 to complete his minimum spending on his Southwest cards, Josh will earn a Companion Pass valid for 2 years of free flights.

But you usually have to complete the minimum spending within 3 months from when you were approved for the card.

Southwest Credit Card

Link:   Chase Southwest Premier (personal)

Link:   Chase Southwest Premier (business)

Link:   Chase Southwest Plus (personal)

Link:   Chase Southwest Plus (business)

Link:   How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application

Josh wants to make sure that his Southwest points post (to his Southwest account) in 2015 instead of 2014.  That’s because he will earn the Companion Pass for the whole of 2015 and 2016 as well.

Now is the best time for Josh to apply for the Southwest cards because all 4 versions of the Southwest cards are offering 50,000 Southwest points after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months.

Because the sign-up bonus counts towards earning the Companion Pass, Josh can earn a Companion Pass by meeting the minimum spending on 2 Southwest cards and earning an additional 6,000 Southwest points.

When To Finish Minimum Spending Towards The Southwest Companion Pass

Josh Can Earn a Companion Pass If He Earns 110,000 Southwest Points in a Calendar Year

Because each of the Southwest cards are considered a different card product, Josh can get a personal and business card at the same time.

Josh can also get the sign-up bonus again if he’s had a Southwest card in the past IF it’s been over 24 months since he received the sign-up bonus.

Perfect Timing

Josh has to be careful with the timing of when his Southwest points post.  His should time his Southwest points to post to his Southwest account in 2015 (and NOT in 2014), so he’ll earn a Companion Pass valid until the end of 2016.

If they post to his account in 2014, he will have to earn 110,000 points before December 31, 2014.

He should NOT complete the $2,000 minimum spending immediately, because his Southwest points will post to his account in 2014, and his Companion Pass will only be valid through the end of 2015.

If Josh finishes his minimum spending 5 to 10 days before his statement closes, the sign-up bonus will post to his account a few days after the statement closing date.

When To Finish Minimum Spending Towards The Southwest Companion Pass

By Finishing His Minimum Spending in January 2015, Josh Can Earn a Companion Pass Valid for 2 Years of Free Travel

So if Josh completes his minimum spending AFTER his December 2014 statement closes or in January 2015, his 50,000 Southwest points sign-up bonus will post to his Southwest account in 2015.

However, if wants to be 100% sure that the points will post to his account in 2015, he can complete the minimum spending after January 1, 2015.  That said, I would personally start spending on the cards after my statement closed on December 10, 2014.

Bottom Line

Josh should complete his minimum spending on his Southwest cards in 2015 and NOT in 2014.  That’s because he’ll earn a Companion Pass valid for 2 years.

Because all 4 Southwest cards are offering 50,000 Southwest points after completing the minimum spending, Josh can earn a Companion Pass if he earns 110,000 Southwest points in a calendar year.

So Josh should finish his minimum spending AFTER his December 2014 statement closes so his Southwest points post in 2015.

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28 responses to “When to Finish Minimum Spending Towards the Southwest Companion Pass

  1. so, I got a card, and my first paper statement which says Dec 14 on it for closing, the A.F. is due by Dec. 20- that means it closes in December,and after that,it should be the ‘January” spending?

  2. If I had the premier less than 24 months ago can I still get the bonus for the plus version? I closed my premier about 22 months ago, so if you’re not sure I suppose I’ll just wait to apply until early 2015. 21 months of companion pass will do me just as much good as 23, provided that the 50K offers are still available at that time.

  3. I think I have messed up, but I think I can recover. I got 2 SW cards in November. Started spending on them but was careful NOT to meet the spend until 2015. In my mind I would only have about $500 to spend and then would collect the 50,000 each in January 15. But, now I realize the spend I have made ($1,500) in November will post in 2014. So, my question. Do I need to spend again the $1,500 on the card, so those points post in 2015? Is this the best way to get the additional points that I would need (10,000) for the companion ticket or is there a different (cheaper) way that I can get the 10,000 points needed?

  4. Juli – the 1500 you spent in November will not go towards the companion pass in 2015. The easiest way to get the points is to transfer UR points to Hyatt and then transfer to Souhwest from there. 5000 Hyatt points = 2400 southwest…so you would need 20000 UR points (or if you already have Hyatt points you can use those). You can not transfer UR points directly to southwest…they will not count.

    Doug – you can get the plus version if you haven’t gotten it before. You need to wait 24 months to get the premiere again…(24 months from when you recieved the bonus). But you can sign up for the plus now if you didn’t get it before.

  5. I have the personal premier and I was declined from the buz premier bc they said my business hasn’t been around long enough. They told me I could establish more of a credit history if I get more personal cards first. So is it possible to now apply for the personal plus card and get the 50k from both? I’m worried they’ll become suspicious that I’m only doing this for the CP, when in reality they DID tell me to apply for more personal cards first. Has anyone received the 50k from both personal cards? I’ve heard mixed reviews on this…

  6. to reapply for the same southwest card again after two years,do you have to have cancelled the card two years previous or just apply for a second card of the same type.common sense tells me I should cancel and then wait two years.what is your viewpoint

  7. Daraius this post is my exact situation!
    My 1st statements for both the Premier and Business cards closed on Oct 10th and I only had the annual fee on both to pay. I made payment right away on the 11th and now both accounts are showing “Next Closing Date 12/10/2014”. I did discover that you do not get points for the annual fee since no points have posted. Now I have made a couple of small charges on both cards so I can see how fast the points post in December. I plan on start spending after my 12/10 payment shows paid and the points post. I will be able to make over $5,000 charges on both cards so I should get the companion pass shortly after 1/10/15.
    I am in Houston so it will be easy for my wife and I reaping the benefits of this companion pass for the next 2 years! Already looking at San Juan (then Cape Air to all the Virgin Islands), Aruba, San Jose Costa Rica…
    Thanks Daraius for your AWESOME blog!!

  8. So your charges after your December closing date will post in January? I am planning to stay below the $2000 and meet that in January, but what I don’t understand is the charging before January. I will have the 50,000 points post in January, but I want the majority of my spending to post in January as well. I have already spent $600 which I know won’t count towards the companion pass. I haven’t gotten a bill yet, but based on past chase cards, the cycle probably ends the third week in December. My account shows the 22nd of December as the date payment is due for this billing cycle. I think I am having a problem because my billing cycle runs late in the month??

  9. Sorry I meant to say *My 1st statements for both the Premier and Business cards closed on Nov 10th*

  10. Kim – When is your “Next Closing Date”?

  11. @ Mark – thank you so much. I was afraid I had really messed up, nice to know I can do that and still get the companion pass.

  12. Chase online site has only 1 card available for the 50,000 points.
    Should I go to the website to the apply for 1 or both cards?

    Also, how does applying for 2 cards back-to-back affect your credit score?

  13. @John l haven’t gotten a bill yet so am not sure. Really don’t want to call chase. Based on other cards I have with Chase-when the payment wa due on the 22nd the closing date was the 25th of the previous month.

  14. Like an idiot I applied for this card on October 29th,so my minimum spend deadline is December 29.ive spent most of the requirement but was careful not to spend it all. If I make my purchases on like the 27th,my statement date is the 29th, do I have a chance of the points posting in January 2015?

  15. @Kim – Just as soon as I was approved for both cards I saw the account added to my Chase online account (I have other Chase cards) before I received the cards and it listed the closing date.

  16. Like an idiot my application date was October 29, so 3 months out is December 29. If I hit my minimum spend in late December, will those points then count towards a companion pass for year 2015? I would imagine that the points won’t actually post to my RR account until January

  17. @Jeffery – Did you apply for 2 cards and if so did you call Chase CSR to ask the dates to complete the spending?

  18. @ John- I don’t see the closing date on the account and the business card isn’t showing up yet. This is so confusing and I’m not even excited about it anymore lol
    @Jeffrey-wouldn’t 3 months be January?

  19. @John No only one card, sorry I posted twice. I didn’t call chase yet, i will, but assuming the date is in very late December, would points that post in january count for year 2015?

  20. @ Jeffrey 3 months from October 29th is January 29th, not December 29th.

    • @jm – All spending after the statement closing date in December should post to your account in January.

      @bob smith – I’d go with the common sense approach!

      @John – Congrats and thanks for sharing!

      @tgupta – Why go to the Chase site, when all 4 cards are here! http://millionmilesecrets.com/hot-deals/

      @Kim – Call to find out your statement closing date. The date shown online is always correct for the 1st month!

  21. omg, this article is the same paragraph written 4 different ways.
    I’m gradually using my Personnel card, up to 1K then I’ll start on the business card during the holidays to 1K, then finish ’em both off in early January.
    1 thing to remember is not just the 50K bonus points posting but the 2K on each card for spend that gets you closer to the magic 110K, you’d want most, if not all of that to post in 2015 also

  22. My statement closes on the 25th according to chase. I asked to have it changed to the 5th. Which he did change. So now whatever I charge after that date will post in January 2015 according to chase. I hope I did the right thing.

  23. @Kim @Sharona Sorry I meant september 29th.

    @MMS: I realize that spending after the closing date in december should post to january, I’m asking about when the 50k bonus will post…from looking at my statements the points hit RR a month after the statement period ends, so if the statement period ends 12/22/14, wouldn’t points post to RR in january 2015 and therefore count towards my companion pass? I’m so confused by this whole thing lol

  24. Darius, can you speak to this? I just applied for the Premier card, got approved, and then called to apply and get more information on the Plus card. The Southwest guy on the phone said I could NOT get the 50,000pts from BOTH cards. I can only get it from one. This changes everything! Please, more information on this!

    Here’s the snippet from their site regarding the bonus points:

    “Bonus Points
    This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months. To qualify for your bonus points, you must make Purchases totaling $2,000 or more during the first 3 months from account opening. Government fees as low as $23 are not included. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus points to post to your Rapid Rewards account. (“Purchases” do not include balance transfers, cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, any checks that access your account, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.) To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.”


  25. Hello, Firstly, great bloag and i check it everyday 🙂 I have a question about my southwest cards.

    I got my 2 southwest cards in Jan 2015 and will have 104000 points in april 2015. Should i wait to get the remaining 6000 till january 2016 so that that i can have 2 full years, or do i need to get all the points in 2015 as per the ruke saying all points should be gathered in one year?

    Thank you for your help

  26. @sandesh: Which credit cards did you get from Southwest? Both CCs personal, OR a personal and a business one? Thanks!

  27. I have a question about your statement above:

    “Josh can also get the sign-up bonus again if he’s had a Southwest card in the past IF it’s been over 24 months since he received the sign-up bonus”

    I last applied for the 2 cards in the beginning of October 2013 so I would finish my 3 months in january 2014 and get the companion pass for the full years of 2014 and 2015. I got the sign-up bonus in January 2014. Does that mean I need to wait until January 2016 to start this process or can I use the same timing this year?