Today: Register Your AMEX Cards to Save Money on Small Business Saturday

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Want to get some holiday shopping done for free?

You can now register your American Express cards for Small Business Saturday.    And when you shop at a participating small business, you will get up to $30 in statement credits!

Registration will continue until November 29, 2014, at 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time or until the registration limit is reached.  So don’t procrastinate!

Today Register Your AMEX Cards To Save Money On Small Business Saturday

Registration Opens Today for Small Business Saturday! You Can Earn Up to $30 in Statement Credits for Each AMEX Card You Have!

How to Earn Your Statement Credits

Link:   Register for AMEX Small Business Saturday

Step 1 – Register Your AMEX Cards

Sign-up for American Express Small Business Saturday with each eligible AMEX card you have.  This includes:

  • AMEX branded cards issued by other banks
  • Authorized user AMEX cards
  • AMEX Serve prepaid debit card
  • Bluebird from American Express

AMEX corporate cards, AMEX gift cards, and other AMEX prepaid cards are NOT eligible.

Step 2 – Find Participating Small Businesses

Small businesses must register to participate.  To find a small business in your area, check out the map.

Today Register Your AMEX Cards To Save Money On Small Business Saturday

Find a Qualifying Store on the Map Before You Shop! Otherwise You May NOT Get a Statement Credit!

Step 3 – Shop

Shop and you will earn a statement credit when you make up to 3 purchases of $10 or more on each AMEX card.

Today Register Your AMEX Cards To Save Money On Small Business Saturday

Get Three $10 Statement Credits When You Make 3 Separate Purchases of $10 or More at a Small Business in Your Area!

Bottom Line

You can register for American Express Small Business Saturday November 16, 2014 (today!).  Once you register you can earn up to $30 in statement credits on each card you use at a participating small business.

However, registration is limited so don’t wait to sign-up!

I love AMEX Small Business Saturday because it’s an easy way to do some holiday shopping for FREE!

What will you buy this year on AMEX Small Business Saturday?

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32 responses to “Today: Register Your AMEX Cards to Save Money on Small Business Saturday

  1. It should be noted, you have to shop on a specific day to get the credit(s); Nov.29th

  2. @Daniel S.

    When you write such a rudimentary post, do you honestly expect to not receive sarcastic retorts?

  3. Thanks for the reminder – this is a nice perk!

  4. Unable to register my Bluebird. Or my authorized user’s BB. Keep getting a “technical issue” message. All my regular Amex gards registered fine. Any idea how to register BB cards?

  5. @Pam, It took me many tries to get my bluebirds (4 family members) loaded. I got 3 of the four loaded, will try back later for the last one. Same error, which did not occur on the 22 non-bluebird cards (entire family), so it is definitely Bluebird specific. Just try back later.

  6. 1) Does anyone remember from last year if on Nov29 (the spending day), if you get an immediate email confirmation that you made a qualifying purchase? I’m traveling that time and will try to do my spends to my fav local places via the internet (local restaurant gift cards.)

    2) Also, am guessing we can spend $10 X 3 separate purchases at the same place, since there is no prohibitive contract language, assuming 2nd and 3rd charges do not get rejected due to Amex computer thinking the 2nd/3rd charges were in error (duplicate charges)? Thoughts?

  7. DaveL,

    Just a heads up, I believe the terms and condition state that internet purchases do not qualify.

  8. @All,

    I was able to register all my amex including amex bluebird but was not able to register AMEX target card as it says this card is not eligible.

  9. @Swap, yes I read that internet sales do not apply, so I called the restaurant I want to buy their local online gift cards from and told them I will be out town and what I am trying to do. They went online at amex and got the name that will appear on the amex statement listed as a participant in small bus Saturday. So it should work. And it is within the spirit of small bus. Saturday (ie soley focused on a small bus.) However, as you can probably tell, I am very nervous, as this could be a expensive mistake if it does not work (alot of cards x 3).

    Here is the actual language … ” If American Express does not receive information that identifies a transaction as having occurred in-store at a qualifying small business location on Nov 29, 2014, the transaction will not qualify for the statement credit. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you will not
    receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it.”

  10. Daraius,
    In the Terms and Conditions, it says Gas purchases don’t count. Is that your understanding as well? It says the below:

    “Transactions with political campaigns or political action committees as well as purchases at gas or service stations do not qualify for the statement credit, regardless of whether they appear on the Shop Small Map. “

  11. It is safer to register each card individually using the link on this page than to log into your AMEX account. If you do the latter, after registering the first card you will get a message under “offers” for your other cards that no offers are available.

  12. I’ve been trying since about 5-6 hours ago and the register link doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried 3 different browsers and all of them just say this at the bottom of the page, “Bookmark this page now, so you can come back to view this offer before it ends.”

    Any ideas? It doesn’t say that the supply has been exhausted or anything, so are they accepting people in waves or what?

  13. I’ll be traveling in San Jose, CA on that date, so I thought it would be a perfect time to dine out with my fave Amex card. Holy cow, that “shop small” map is hard to use! It only shows 10 establishments at a time, and you have to scroll through 10-20 screens to see them all? It shows everything within 50 miles with no way to order for distance? Or am I doing it wrong? Any tips on finding participating businesses?

  14. Will purchases of restaurant gift cards (or other gift cards) at the actual storefront work? Has anyone does this before? Or do you have to make a purchase at the restaurant or store on Nov. 29 that is not a gift card, but some physical item that you ingest or take home?

  15. @Paul

    In past years, gift cards purchased at the actual storefront have worked just fine, so I am banking on that again! Thirteen cards, $390 saved!

  16. I process all my website transactions at store level so I wonder how they would know if it was an internet sale??
    Also can a customer use their card 3 times in the same location???

  17. So, I take it nobody else here has had trouble using the link here and clicking on register and being able to register their cards?

    I was able to log in to my AmEx account and register three of mine that way, but I can’t get my others registered since the site isn’t working for me.

    I have tried using IE, Chrome, Firefox, and tried using the privacy modes of them as well, but I still get the message at the bottom saying this: “Bookmark this page now, so you can come back to view this offer before it ends.”

    Nobody else is getting this?

  18. Nevermind–I was getting some sort of error for some reason and it wasn’t giving me the full page.

    Seems to be working after I rebooted.

  19. My wife and I both have 1 card account each with Amex, but she has a card from my account and I have a card from hers. I was able to register both cards from her account. If we make $10 purchases on both cards from the same account, will it work?

  20. I was able to register my Fidelity 2% cashback amex, amex simply cash business, both mine and wife’s amex serve cards as well the ‘sub-account’ cards for a total of 12 cards let’s see if I can get 12 x 3 = $360 cashback on Nov 29!!

  21. I had to open it in a private window to get it to work.

  22. Some small business merchants did not accept Amex Card. So call ahead before you made your way out.

  23. Hi
    I have a Amex card with 3 family members authorized. So does it mean I can use all three cards and make $10x 3ea purchases. That would be $30 per card, and $90 for my whole family?

  24. Boo! “Corporate Cards and all prepaid Card products (other than American Express Serve® and Bluebird®) are not eligible.”

  25. @John it accepted all of my corporate cards so I will assume it will work. And no one answered the question about multiple purchases at the “same store”. Last year I went to a local liquor store and bought a bottle of wine on each card. This year I’m hoping I can buy 3 bottles (all separately) using my 6 cards. If anyone knows that it is not possible to have multiple $10 credits at the same local business, please let me know.

  26. It isn’t necessarily a “free” $30 per card for everyone. If the statement credit does not appear immediately you will have to pay the $30 (3x$10) plus any overage or incur finance charges. And if you are already incurring finance charges the $30 adds to them instantly (since you no longer have a grace period). If the statement credit appears in 90 days, you will then be required to make another $30 in purchases. The credit card issuer won’t simply refund the $30 statement credit unless you ask. And then it can take weeks. And another point: don’t use an AMEX with a fee that you intend to close within 90 days or your escapade earns you nothing at all.

  27. I work for American Express and I do this every year so I thought I would answer some questions above. Yes you can use 1 car 3x at the same merchant, but you need to have the merchant run 3 separate transactions for $10 or more. If you have 1 primary card and 3 additional cards, all will qualify if you register all of them. So that would give you a total of $120 in statement credits. The credits appeared on my cards last year with in 3 days. I had a few that took until Dec 20 of 2013 so I didn’t have to pay for the purchases before I got my refund. I don’t think American Express is doing this to make interest money. They are doing it so people use small businesses. In turn that will make small businesses want to accept American Express. It’s to show their support for small business. They have a higher acceptance fee, so I think this is a way to get more small businesses on board. It’s good publicity for Amex and it’s probably a write off too. It’s a win for everyone. Register and shop away!!!!

  28. Do you know how soon we can register our cards this year, 2015?

  29. @Jess. No statement credits this year!!!

  30. You can register now. Log on to your amex cc account and scroll down. There will be a button towards the bottom that allows you to register your card.

  31. @Marie Fischer – register for what? There are no statement credits this year, so there’s nothing to register for. It will be sad to see how many people go out and spend on their multiple Amex cards, expecting those $30 credits that will never come.