How to Get Free Breakfast & Internet Without the Hyatt Diamond Challenge

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Via PointChaser, you can get Hyatt Diamond status without the Hyatt Diamond Challenge.

How To Get Hyatt Diamond Status Without The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

Having Hyatt Diamond Status Means You Can Use a Diamond Suite Upgrades at Hyatt Hotels, Like the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia

By completing 25 stays at Category 1 Hyatt hotels using Points + Cash, you can earn Hyatt Diamond status for 62,500 Hyatt points and $1,250.  This will give you perks such as free breakfast and internet.

How to Get Hyatt Diamond Status Without a Hyatt Diamond Challenge

Link:   Hyatt Diamond Status

You earn Hyatt Diamond status after 25 stays or 50 nights in a calendar year.

Hyatt Diamond status gets you:

  • Free continental breakfast (full breakfast in hotels without a club lounge)
  • Free internet
  • 4 suite upgrades a year
  • Free upgrades
  • Late check-out (4:00 pm)

Some folks fast tracked to Hyatt Diamond status by completing the Hyatt Diamond Challenge which let you earn Hyatt Diamond status after staying 12 nights within 60 days.

With the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, you got Hyatt Diamond status while completing the challenge, 4 Diamond Suite upgrades, and 1,000 bonus Hyatt points for each of the first 6 nights of your hotel stays.

So folks signed up for the Diamond Challenge so they could get free internet and breakfast when staying at Hyatt hotels.

How To Get Hyatt Diamond Status Without The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

You Can Use a Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

Hyatt may bring back the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, but with different rules.

Earning Hyatt Diamond Status at Category 1 Hyatt Hotels

You could book 25 stays at Category 1 Hyatt hotels using Points + Cash.  You’d pay 2,500 Hyatt points and $50 for a Category 1 Hyatt hotel for each of the 25 stays.  So your total cost to earn Hyatt Diamond status is 62,500 Hyatt points and $1,250 (2,500 Hyatt points x 25 and $50 x 25).

Note:   A “stay” is any number of consecutive nights at the same hotel.  When you check-out, your stay is over.  The next time you check-in to the hotel, that will be your 2nd stay.  A “night” is 1 night or 24-hour period.

So if you were to check-in to the Hyatt House Dallas on November 15, 2014, and check-out on the morning of November 17, 2014, you’d have completed 1 stay for 2 nights.

How To Get Hyatt Diamond Status Without The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

25 Stays Using Points + Cash at a Category 1 Hyatt Hotel, Like the Hyatt House Dallas/Uptown Gets You Hyatt Diamond Status

If you don’t have 62,500 Hyatt points, there are many ways to earn lots of Hyatt points.

This could be worth it to folks who stay at Hyatt hotels often.  But for most folks, it wouldn’t be worth it.  But you should do what’s best for you.

Bottom Line

You can still get Hyatt Diamond status relatively inexpensively even without the now-expired Hyatt Diamond Challenge.

While Hyatt has discontinued the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, they may bring it back with different rules.

You can earn Hyatt Diamond status for 62,500 Hyatt points and $1,250, by booking 25 stays at Category 1 Hyatt hotels using Points + Cash.  There are lots of ways to earn Hyatt points.

This wouldn’t be worth it to most folks, but could be worth it to folks who stay at Hyatt hotels often and want complimentary breakfast, internet, and room upgrades.

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18 responses to “How to Get Free Breakfast & Internet Without the Hyatt Diamond Challenge

  1. Honestly, I enjoy this website, but this post should be deleted as it is totally absurd. If you were staying at enough Hyatt’s to justify spending 60k+ points and $1250, you would already be a diamond member to begin with!

  2. I honestly don’t get the point of this post either…
    But, Darius, thanks for your website anyway since I get a lot of useful info here.

  3. its obvious that Hyatt dont want to count nights but instead only Stays. how likely does anyone lives near a Cat 1 Hyatt. better odds at winning the lottery. however if they count nights, I could fly in to check-in for 25 nights and leave but thats not going to happen.

  4. The true cost of acquiring hyatt diamond is $1250 plus the wasted value of using the 60K hyatt points at a Category 1 Hotel for the sake of achieving Diamond Status plus the time and hassle associated with a mattress run. If I give $0.01 value to the 60K Hyatt points, the monetary cost is $1,250 + $600 = $1,950 before I even take into account the time and hassle associated with a mattress run. If a typical breakfast is $100 per couple, that’s like 20 breakfasts before I breakeven. Yes, with Hyatt Diamond you get suite upgrades and the sort. Probably makes tons of sense for folks who stay at Hyatts a lot (15+ days a year) but otherwise mattress runs are just not worth it or the benefit will be marginal.

  5. This blog has really jumped the shark. I stopped taking it seriously when there was a new post about the Ink Plus everyday for something like 2 weeks, but this really takes it to a new level.

    To suggest that this is a good idea or feasible for anyone is ridiculous. Cat 1 hotels are few and far between for most people. The value of C+P is generally terrible on the low end. The time and cost of driving to and from a hotel 25 times for each one night stay is a non-trivial factor as well.

    And by your logic, if it’s worth it for people who already “stay at Hyatt hotels” often as is, then why would they need to do an extended mattress run at Cat 1 hotels in the first place?

    Basically no one should ever do this and this post should not exist.

  6. Concur with Dave above…. this indeed is one of the more Ariana-like absurd posts…. She goes to extreme lengths to put lipstick on this …. well, you know.

    You nailed it with your ending one line, “This wouldn’t be worth it to most folks”


    Only thing that caught my attention was your assertion that, “Hyatt may bring back the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, but with different rules.”

    If your Hyatt sponsors are reading this, bring it on.

  7. choi, I live near a bounty of cat 1 Hyatts. With the 1,000 point mobile booking bonus and 50,000 points after 20 nights targeted offer, I am renewing my diamond status for next year at a cost of 1.56 cents per point, without going the points+cash route. With a bunch of trips planned next year, and all the perks that come with diamond status, it was a no-brainer for me.

  8. this is silly
    if you want more nights, book cheap rooms
    for instance, Next Friday, I can book a hyatt for 1 night for $65.54 after taxes and fees.
    I’d rather do that then spend $50 and 2,500 points. That would essentially be 0.62 cpp on my Hyatt points by doing what you’re proposing.

    bad advice

  9. @Jess, you are the exception and not the norm. look at most of the comments, people dont live near a cat 1 hotel. heck I would do it too if I was near one, even if I dont have plans for future Hyatt stays

  10. SO SO disappointed with this post.. This used to be an awesome site I dont know what happened. BOO

  11. I have a new Platinum Platinum Hyatt card from Chase, booked 2 rooms in Dubai for my free 2 night stays… is there anyway to get free breakfast with those nights? Breakfast $41.00 if to buy…

  12. Wow, “jumped the shark” is right. This is terrible “advice.” If you’re going to mattress run for Diamond status, Steve nailed it above. Find an HP with rates around $70 per night and go to town. Seriously, Daraius? Blowing 60k Hyatt points via Points+Cash to do it? Please bring back all of the gratuitous pictures of Emily. At least those were way better than this crud.

  13. Umm… I feel like if you didn’t stay at any Hyatts… then there’s really no point…

    If you were only say, 5 stays away from it, then yeah, maybe it would make sense then… but 25 separate mattress runs… at the cost of almost $2000 in points / cash… not a good plan.

  14. Thanks Darius for thinking of so many different options. and for sharing ALL ideas (the good, the bad, and the ugly apparently based on the reviews). It takes a lot of creativity! It inspires me to think outside the box.

  15. No one is going to sponsor anything related to this blog after this dreadful post.

  16. I don’t think it’s a great idea to try to EARN Diamond staus as this post suggests, but having already obtained that status through a challenge, I would definitely consider doing something like what Darius describes to MAINTAIN Diamond status. I wouldn’t do cash & points, for the reasons mentioned above, but I would book however many rooms I needed (in the $70 price range) to make sure I always have 25 stays. Worse case, I might need to do that 20 times, at a cost of approx. $1,400. But in doing so, I would earn close to 30,000 Hyatt points (from the Diamond amenity plus the regular points for each stay). Taking those points into account, that would bring the “cost” below $1,000 and make it worthwhile to me. Just this year alone, I have enjoyed room upgrades/suites and free breakfasts at the Andaz Maui, Grand Hyatt Kauai and several other Hyatt stays, the value of which has far exceeded that amount — and having tasted the good life that Diamond status offers, I would be very reluctant to give it up!!

  17. I think this post makes sense. It is simply describing another way of getting Hyatt Diamond status, and he does say at the bottom of the article that each person should determine on their own whether it makes sense for them. If following this route, it makes a bit more sense to spend $40,000 on the Hyatt card to knock out 5 stays out of the way, and that pretty much would get you the number of points you’d need to reach diamond this way. You’d only need then 20 stays and $1,000. I’d argue that Diamond benefits far outweight $1,000, but that’s just my opinion. Some people don’t value suite upgrades as much as others, if you’re simply using the room to sleep.