You Might Be Eligible for a 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Via Mommy Points, you can get 50,000 US Airways miles from the US Airways card after your 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.  But you have to be targeted.

You Might Be Eligible For A 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

Did You Get the 50,000 US Airways Miles Card Offer?

Also special thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader JS who commented on an offer which gets 10,000 miles for renewing the card after the 1st year.

50,000 US Airways Miles Card

Some folks received a mailed offer of 50,000 US Airways miles after 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee for the US Airways card.

This is the best offer for this card because you get the miles after your 1st purchase.  But the $89 annual fee is NOT waived.

I’ve written before that you will NOT be able to get a US Airways card after American Airlines and US Airways merge.  Some folks believe that the 50,000 US Airways miles targeted offer means that the end of the US Airways card is sooner versus later.

You Might Be Eligible For A 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

The US Airways Card Will Go Away Once American Airlines Merges With US Airways

Unfortunately, Emily and I didn’t receive this offer. 🙁

But if you’re like us and weren’t targeted, you can apply for the 40,000 US Airways miles after 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee US Airways card offer, and get an additional 10,000 US Airways miles on your 1st card anniversary.

40,000 US Airways Miles Card + 10,000 Anniversary Miles

Link:   40,000 US Airways Miles card  

Link:   My Review of the US Airways card

You can get 40,000 US Airways miles after your 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.  You get an additional 10,000 US Airways miles on your 1st card anniversary.

While this is 10,000 fewer US Airways miles upfront than the targeted 50,000 US Airways miles offer, you can apply for this offer online.

The US Airways card gets you:

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • A free checked bag for you and up to 4 traveling companions on domestic flights
  • 5,000 mile discount on US Airways award tickets
  • Companion certificate each year for up to 2 traveling companions (this ends in December)

Note: The landing page says “MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR PREFERRED STATUS.” But according to this thread on Flyertalk, at least 1 person says “preferred status” doesn’t really matter when applying.

It’s also unclear if you’ll still get the 10,000 US Airways miles once US Airways and American Airlines complete the merger.  That’s because the terms say that you get the 10,000 bonus miles only on the first anniversary.  So it is unclear if you’ll continue getting the bonus miles after your 1st anniversary!

This offer is better than my link which does not include the 10,000 US Airways miles on your card anniversary.

If you don’t have a US Airways card, consider getting 1 now because it won’t be available much longer.  After the merger, existing US Airways card will become American Airlines cards.

But you won’t be able to apply for the Barclays American Airlines cards because they will only be issued to existing cardholders.

Bottom Line

You can get 50,000 US Airways miles after your 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee on the US Airways card IF you received a targeted offer.

Some folks believe this could be your last chance to get the US Airways card.

If you weren’t targeted, you can apply for the 40,000 US Airways miles after 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee offer (not my link).  You get an extra 10,000 US Airways miles on your 1st card anniversary.

After American Airlines and US Airways merge, existing US Airways cards will become American Airlines cards.

I’ll always tell you about the best offers, even if I don’t receive a commission.  So if I’ve missed 1, please let me know!

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24 responses to “You Might Be Eligible for a 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

  1. I’ve been targeted for this offer twice now via snail mail. First time said apply before 10/30. Second one I got says apply by 12/5. So it sounds like this card will be around at least until December. I’m going for it closer to the time!

  2. How do you know if you are targeted? Is it just snail mail or will there be something when you log on to the US Airways site?

  3. Also, I had this card back in January 2013, closed it January 2014. Do you think I’d be eligible again, if not for the 50,000 for the 40,000 offer?

  4. I got (auto) approved for a second US Airways card last week. It was the 40k after 1st purchase link. I got my first card in Feb 2013 and closed it in Feb 2014. Waiting 7-8 months after closing the first account seems to be optimism for getting auto approval and the bonus miles again. First time around I only got 35k miles after first purchase.

  5. Barclays has been sending out emails to current cardholders letting them know that after the rebranding, we will receive 10,000 AA miles every year on our card anniversary.

  6. @Daniel….thanks so much for the info.

  7. Has anyone had success with getting the 40K offer then phoning or emailing Barclay to request the additional 10K miles? I’ve done this in the past once or twice when there has been a targeted offer that I wasn’t eligible for.

  8. I received this and would love to do it except for the fact that I want to refinance my home before those rates vanish as well. I would love to take a chance on this (wish it were in bus. card form) being that my credit is in the high 760’s that used to be 774 before there was an unknown mortgage co transfer that lowered my score. I was told that shouldn’t have happened (the lowering of the score) but it did. But I truly need those miles.

  9. I would also be curious to know if anyone has had success with or tried calling Barclay to request the additional 10k miles after receiving the normal, 40k sign up bonus.

  10. On your anniversary you will have to pay the $89.00 annual fee.
    Are the 10,000 points worth the $89.00?

  11. @Larry – If you keep a close eye on your dividend miles account and spot the 10k deposit, you can then call Barclays and close the acct before the annual fee hits. I’ve even had success keeping the 10k Anniv. miles after the annual fee posted and cancel the card within 30 days. ymmv on my 4th US Airways Barclays Mastercard :^)

  12. Any idea until when this card is available?

  13. Is there a 50,000 mile business version of this card?

  14. Just wanted to let everyone know that I did sign up and receive the card for 40,000. I sent a secure message to Barclays asking for the 50,000. They responded that they would be happy to look into this when I send them the code that was sent to me as it was a targeted offer. So without the code, it looks like we will not be able to receive the additional 10,000 points.

  15. My husband had this card for about a year when I decided to apply before it was too late. Upon receiving our companion certificate I tried to book a trip from Boston to Miami in mid January by calling their reservations department. I had looked online and had already picked the days and times that would work for us. I noticed that all non stop flights were operated by AA, and all the other ones operated by Us had connections which would make our trip a lot longer. The operator said they would not be able to book our flights because they were not operated by US. TI threw a fit, said it was not my fault they were merging with AA and had no non stop flights…. and that they had to make it work. After much hassle and a long, long, long wait they were still not able to book it for us. Bummer … can’t wait for this merger to happen so I can have my miles combined and some peace of mind.

  16. I just opened the Barclay US Airways card with the 40K miles after first purchase and $89 fee and I used a link with the 10K annual bonus. Today I logged into my miles account (just a few weeks after opening the account) and saw this: US WORLD CARD: EVERYDAY 50% BONUS. It came with 10K points! I have not yet received my 40K points, but can you tell me if I get the 10K anniversary points basically two weeks after I open the card? I thought I wouldn’t get them for another year???

  17. Subscribing

  18. @Million Mile Secrets – No, not that I know of. I am actually a little concerned that I received those miles, but not the 40K sign-on bonus miles. I have also done a lot of Googling and don’t seem to see anyone else with this same situation.

  19. AJ, I’m new to this whole CC game, and just got the US Airways card myself. I got the exact same bonus, after I had made the first purchase, but before I paid the annual fee.

  20. A.J.M, I am in the same situation as you. I applied for the card using the preferred members link thinking that I would receive the 10,000 bonus miles at the one year anniversary. I used the card once, and when I received my first statement I saw that 10,000 miles had been credited to my account. That was surprising. I immediately paid the statement balance, which included the annual fee and my purchase, but still have not yet received my 40,000 miles. Crossing my fingers.

  21. I also received the “50% bonus” of 10,000 mi some weeks ago. Today, my 89 fee posted. I referred a couple of people but they both never followed through from my understanding.

  22. *I signed up a year ago, so my $89 fee is my first time since my first fee was waived by the promotion that I used (35k mi bonus offer).