Hilton Select Discount and Rebate Program: Worth It or Not?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Dave G commented:

Hey Daraius,
Have you heard of Hilton Select?  I just saw a link for it on a recent Hilton reservation confirmation.  The link is https://www.hiltonselect.com/.  It seems to be a Hilton travel club.  Just curious if you thought it was a good deal.  Thanks!

Hilton Select is a paid, members-only program that gives you discounts and cash back on hotel stays, travel, dining, entertainment, and more.  And they offer perks like concierge service, roadside assistance, and flight insurance.

But these benefits don’t come cheap!  Their basic membership costs $399 per year, and their “premier” membership costs $549.  That’s a lot of cash!

Hilton Select Discount And Rebate Program Worth It Or Not

Hilton Select Says They’ll Save You Money…but You’ll Have to Pay a LOT to Sign-Up!

Is Hilton Select worth it?  Let’s find out!

What Do You Get When You Join Hilton Select?

Link:   Hilton Select

The basic Hilton Select membership costs $399 per year.  As a member, you’ll get:

  • $200 cash back on Hilton hotel stays in the US ($100 per 1-night stay every 6 months)
  • 5% cash back at participating hotels in the US
  • Hilton HHonors membership (no elite status) and 5,000 bonus points
  • 5% cash back on domestic airfare, rental cars, and cruises
  • Up to a 50% discount at certain merchants, entertainment venues, and restaurants in the US (but they don’t provide a list until you sign-up)
  • Roadside assistance and $500,000 flight insurance
  • Rebates for checked baggage ($40 per year) and in-flight food and drink ($40 per year)
  • Shore excursion rebate ($25 per year) and show ticket rebate ($40 per year)
  • One $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate each month
  • A 1-year subscription to Conde Nast Traveler magazine (worth $12)
  • Online tools including credit card registry, document registry, credit card loss service, and password storage
Hilton Select Discount And Rebate Program Worth It Or Not

A Basic Hilton Select Membership Gets You $200 Cash Back on Hilton Stays

The Hilton Select Premier membership has the same benefits as the basic membership, but some of the cash back deals are increased.  For $549 a year, you also get:

  • $400 cash back on Hilton hotel stays in the US ($200 per 1-night stay every 6 months)
  • 10% cash back at participating hotels in the US
  • 10,000 Hilton HHonors points
  • In-flight Wi-Fi rebate ($40 per year)
  • 24/7 travel and VIP concierge
  • 24/7 remote tech support for your computer, camera, smart phone, printer, MP3 player, and tablet
  • 24/7 “Pet Assistance” – expert help for your pet’s needs (!)
Hilton Select Discount And Rebate Program Worth It Or Not

Is It Worth Paying Extra for a Pet Concierge Service?

Some of Hilton Select’s benefits sound interesting, but there are lots of hoops to jump through and rules to follow.  According to the terms and conditions:

  • You’ll get 1 rebate certificate every 6 months for cash back on a Hilton stay ($100 or $200 depending on membership), and it’s only valid for Hilton hotels (not brands like Doubletree, Embassy Suites, or Conrad)
  • To get cash back for hotel, airline, car rental, or cruises, you must book through Hilton Select’s travel agency (so you won’t be able to shop around for the cheapest rates)
  • The checked baggage, in-flight food and drink, in-flight Wi-Fi and show ticket rebates are a maximum of $10 each per quarter, or $40 per year, and you have to mail in receipts, ticket stubs, and a rebate form
  • You’ll get 1 $25 Restaurant.com certificate per month, but if you don’t use it, it can’t be rolled over to the next month
  • Roadside assistance is limited to 3 calls per year at a maximum of $100 each

This sounds like it could be a lot of work!  Saving receipts, tracking expenses, and filling out and mailing rebate forms could be very time consuming.  And I’m not sure I’d like having to book my travel through their agency without being able to shop around for the best deals!

Will You Get Your Money’s Worth?

It really depends.  If you know you’ll pay for at least 2 nights in a Hilton hotel (once every 6 months) the cash back Hilton credit could offset much of the cost of membership.

And if you’re the type of person that’s diligent about saving receipts and filling out forms, and you travel enough to spend $10 per quarter on baggage fees, in-flight food and drink, show tickets, and in-flight Wi-Fi, you could save up to $160 per year (4 x $40 per category).

Hilton Select Discount And Rebate Program Worth It Or Not

You Could Save $40 per Year on In-Flight Wi-Fi

It’s hard to tell if you’ll benefit from the hotel, airfare, car rental and cruise discounts.  Because you have to book through Hilton Select’s travel agency, there’s no way to tell if their prices are competitive or if you can get better deals elsewhere.

The $25 Restaurant.com certificates aren’t worth as much as they seem, because you can buy certificates for $10 (or less with a promotion code) online.  At most, they’d be worth $120 per year (12 months x $10 per month), and that’s assuming you can use them all.

Remember, typically you have to spend at least $35 to $50 at a restaurant when you use a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate.

Let’s look at it this way.  Suppose you bought the basic membership for $399 per year.  If you used all of the cash back Hilton credits, rebates, and Restaurant.com certificates you’d get:

  • $200 cash back from Hilton
  • $160 cash back from baggage, in-flight food and drink, show ticket, and in-flight Wi-Fi rebates (4 x $40)
  • $25 cash back from shore excursion rebate
  • $120 worth of Restaurant.com certificates (at most)

That’s $505 in value.  And that’s not including any cash back for hotel and travel or discounts on restaurants, attractions, and merchants (which I can’t quantify because they don’t tell you which merchants get discounts until you join!).

So a basic membership could be worth it, as long as you know you can use all of the cash back credits and rebates.  And as long as you like filling out paperwork!

But if you won’t use all the Restaurant.com certificates, or already have credit cards that get you free checked bags (like the American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles, Chase United MileagePlus® Explorer Card, or Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® for example), you might not break even on this deal.

Hilton Select Discount And Rebate Program Worth It Or Not

Membership Could Be Worth It If You Know You’ll Stay at a Hilton Twice AND Use All the Rebates

Looking at the premier membership, which costs $549 a year, if you used all of your cash back credits and rebates you’d get:

  • $400 cash back from Hilton
  • $160 cash back from baggage, in-flight food and drink, show ticket, and in-flight Wi-Fi rebates (4 x $40)
  • $25 cash back from shore excursion rebate
  • $120 worth of Restaurant.com certificates (at most)

That’s a total of $705.  But again, you’d have to know for sure that you could use all of the benefits.

A better deal for most folks (that won’t cost nearly as much money or aggravation) is signing-up for a Hilton credit card like the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card.  You get 2 free weekend nights after meeting minimum spending requirements, plus Hilton Gold Elite status (free internet and breakfast).  The annual fee is $95.

And because it’s a Visa Signature card, you’ll get many of the perks Hilton Select membership offers, like concierge service, insurance, travel discounts, and savings on dining, entertainment, and shopping.

But you will NOT get a 24 hour hotline for pet assistance. 🙂

Bottom Line

The Hilton Select program offers cash back and discounts for Hilton hotel stays, travel, entertainment, and airline incidentals.  And you can get discounts on shopping, dining, and attractions, plus perks like concierge service and flight insurance.

You’ll pay $399 or $549 a year depending on which version of the program you sign-up for.

This really would only be worth it if you know you’ll be able to use all the cash back options and rebates.  Plus, you’ll have to save receipts, track spending, and mail in rebate forms.  This might be a pain for a lot of folks!

I’d rather get many of these benefits for free from credit cards like the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve.  But for some, this might be a good deal.

Do you belong to Hilton Select?  Has it been worth it for you?

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66 responses to “Hilton Select Discount and Rebate Program: Worth It or Not?

  1. Would Citi approve both Hilton HHonors and HHonors Reserve cards to the same person ? Thanks !

  2. I have been staying a lot at hilton this past year while traveling for business and just checked the list of hotels for cash back. It’s not a large percentage of hilton properties unfortunately. Not a single property I stayed at in this year made their list. Too bad, I was very interested as 10% cash back is significant. So unless you are planning to travel to a location regularly that has a property on the list you’d prefer to stay at, it’s not worth it. Even the “rebate” means you’d have to spend the that amount in one night to get the full refund, so it’s variable in value as well for frequent travelers that don’t normally spend that much. The other perks aren’t worth the time and hassle to redeem. This seems like a behind the scenes 3rd party add-on money maker scheme program and less of an in-house extension of their loyalty program.

  3. I just signed up. Wait for them to come to you. I altered a reservation and was connected to hear about the offer. My existing red. with get one of the $100 refund, as well as a sign on bonus of 5500 hhonors points. The kicker is for this year the price was lowered to 249.

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  5. My experience with Hilton Select during the 2 months I’ve been a member has cost me $600 so far with no benefit. Here’s an excerpt of a letter I sent to them:

    I purchased Hilton Select a couple of months ago. Here is what I have encountered so far, for my $300 enrollment fee:

    – I booked a flight to Chicago via Hilton Select and had to make changes a week later. The airline charged me a $200 fee. When discussing this with the airline, they informed me that the type of ticket I purchased did not allow for penalty-free changes, but had I purchased another type of ticket, I could have made changes with no penalty. This was not disclosed to me by the agent that Hilton Select transferred me to. Cost to me: $300 for the ticket + $200 cancellation fee. Benefit: none.

    – I made reservations with the Hilton Orlando property to use my 2 nights/3 days voucher. When I called Hilton Select back to cancel my reservation, I was told to call another number and your customer service rep did not know the number to call. When I located my voucher and called the appropriate number, I was told that to reuse the voucher at this juncture, I would have to pay $120. Cost to me: $0 to forfeit use of the voucher + $120 at the same property if we decide to go another time Benefit: none.


  6. you can purchase select base membership for $259 and it comes with a complimentary 3day 2night trip to vegas or orlando, you have full 12 months to use getaway but you have to be transferred to the promotions department to get that deal so call hilton and ask to transfer to hilton select. Its definatley worth it. You can also get the premier membership for only $449 with the same 3day 2night getaway and with both packages you get that trip each year youre a member

  7. Thank you all so much for the information. Almost signed up but, didn’t.

  8. Save your money. Their web site is not user friendly and you almost need a lawyer to figure out all the hurdles you must jump over to receive any benefits at all. Besides the 5,000 points the only thing of value I received was a bitter lesson in what I should stay away from in the future. I am disappointed in Hilton and have no idea why they would lend their name to this program.

  9. I called a Fairfield Inn & Suites yesterday to cancel a reservation. Afterwards I was transferred to someone else who began telling me about the Hilton Select Program. Long story short, I signed up for the program on 6/2/15, at what they said was a reduced price of $259.00. After reading about what the program offers I have decided this program won’t benefit me at all. I have sent an email asking their customer service department for a fax number so that I can fax my Notice of Cancellation. I have yet to receive a response! I will be mailing the notice in the morning. I do not want to call their 800# because I know they will try to talk me into not cancelling, etc. I just do not want the hassle.

  10. Pure CRAP!!! Not anything like what the sales person described. Food certificates? Yeah, after always doubling the bill and restaurant selection is JUNK!

    7 day review period? That’s a joke when you are on the road bust for a couple of weeks at a time. Hard to redeem the “extras”. needed to fill out crap and submit over and over. I hope you like rebates!!

    Best advice, STAY AWAY! I feel like an idiot for signing up for this.

  11. Not worth it. Restaurant certificates are to cheap places. Didn’t use one. Had an issue with a trip I booked and was not satisfied with the customer service.

  12. So, I sell Hilton Select Memberships, honestly the membership is worth it. but the fees that come with it are not. realize this company sells anywhere from 30 to 200 memberships a day in calls. you are in fact helping the workers by buying he membership. We work from commission. Now the thing is if you go ahead and purchase the membership you actually have a full 7 business days to use it. they tell you that in the Verification script. the issue with people recieving fees is they NEVER readthe fine print. now it is not a contract and you dont have to use if if you purchase it. but as a member said earlier, you can get the membership over the phone for 259. that comes with all the benifits. i totally believe in this membership. not just because i work for hilton. i believe in it because it is a way to save money without traveling. Honestly, if i could get the membership i would. (i literally dont make enough) you have to realize it takes work to save money either way. this membership just gives you more tools to do so..

  13. Hey Folks Just wanted to update some info here. So, Hilton Select is a nice membership. Look to save money you have to do some work you cant just flash a card and it save you money unless it has strings attached to your credit score. Hilton has come up with the program kinda like AAA to offer those savings, not going to lie to you it takes some work. If you want information jump onthe phone to reservations asked to get transfered to Hilton Select. Tell them you need Info. they will tell you everything. We CANNOT LIE, Physically we will lose our jobs. so you can ask the Ball busting questions we will ask our managers even refer to the fine print for you. you can actually ask us to go over the fine print with you. The memebrship is a bit of a hassle. Not going to lie to you folks. But worth it? Sure Is. This membership has been seen in Action. I personally just got it. Made enough to buy one. Wanted to see what my customers were using. So Im Trying it out. I love it. I work for it but i have saved over 150 bucks since this past friday. You just gotta read the detailed print. and get moving on the paperwork. NOT BAD at all after you see how it pans out. Honestly. – THe HIlton Select Guy

  14. Hilton Select is a tremendous program. I pull up discounts on my smart phone at restaurants,retailer’s aswell. I feel liked they pressured me to buy once i got transferred after making reservations. But im glad i made the decision. GREAT JOB HILTON!!!!

  15. I absolutely love my membership and don’t see why there are several bad reviews. I bought mine for $259 through the promotions department after making a reservation. Not only was the rep willing to answer any questions i had on the phone call, but when i got into the site, i saw that all the info she gave me was correct. I was able to use my hotel voucher for that stay, so i was only out of pocket $159 without even using my 3/2 stay to vegas or my $300 in restaurant.com certificates. I havent used any, but i also saw tons of the dining and retail discounts in my area. If you are willing to use the program, there is no way it won’t be worth the entry fee


  17. I tried it out and really like Hilton Select. There’s plenty of value here and it gives me more reasons to stay at a Hilton hotel. Not sure I agree with anyone’s statement about jumping through hoops. Compared to anything else in the travel arena, this is better than what airlines do. I am an honors member and it gives me points, cash back and discounts. The other aspects of the program are good too. I travel about 7 to 10 times per year and it’s easily worth it and probably would be if I traveled half of that. Frankly, it’s a better program than the other hotels are offering in my experience. It’s a keeper.

  18. We had a different experience and also, different offers. My membership was $259, not $399. With it we got two free nights at a Las Vegas (or Orlando) Hilton and enjoyed a nice mini-vacation at the Hilton Suites this May, adding a third night for the discounted price. Have used most of our restaurant coupons so far, agree we could get same for probably $10 on-line but still, a savings. So far (based on Vegas room rate and coupons used so far) we have already recouped membership fee and still have other rebates to submit and offers to use. The only complaint is the free night voucher *must* be used for a Hilton hotel, not a Double Tree by Hilton or similar type of property, which limits options quite a bit. Will we rejoin? Will see at end of membership period…

  19. Wow do I feel slighted! I signed up the same day as Gail (above) and paid $299, got 2 $100 hotel rebates and the rest of the stuff. I called the same day to ask a question and was asked was I calling about my 3-day 2-night reservation. I called the next morning and asked about the price and the offers I was given and was told that no one at that office could help me they would have to contact the sales office but they don’t have a direct number. This is starting to sound fishier and fishier. They took my number and said someone would get back to me within 72 hours, I asked if my trial period expired before they contacted me then what….”oh no that will never happen”. I finished by saying you have 24 hours then I will be cancelling the deal with my credit card company. I’ve never heard of a company that does sales not having a number to call. Buyer Beware!!!

  20. Thanks for the treviews. I almost signed up

  21. I signed up for a Hilton Select membership and so far, 4 months in, I love it. I’ve saved over $456 from the grocery coupons that they send me weekly. It’s easy to save money.. Loved our 3/2 stay in Vegas, the hotel was great. The $259 I paid so far is worth it. I had my brother sign up, he lives in Florida. The package was $299 for him and didn’t come with the 3/2 stay, instead he got 2 $100 certificates to free nights at Hilton. Different states are offered different deals. Something to do with the laws in each state. Well worth it!

  22. First of all, the people who are on here bashing Hilton Select sound really ignorant. This program is AMAZING! I got transferred to a very friendly sales rep who seemed really passionate about her job and was extremely thorough and patient. It only cost $259 and it comes with a vacation!! I stayed in Vegas at the Hilton resort right on the strip and it was so awesome. Totally worth it just for the trip!! I also love the discounts I get at Sam’s club, kohls, and Olive Garden (almost half off my bill!!) the grocery coupons are easy to use and save me money every week, I use them right off my smart phone at the store! Also, the customer service has been great! They gave me my own travel agent who is very knowledgeable and helps me with my reservations. I will absolute continue my membership and it is a WONDERFUL program. Sign up with a rep on the phone to get it for WAY cheaper than the website with TONS of extra benefits!!!

  23. Please do not trust the positive reviews. Trust your own investigation. I sincerely believe the only positive reviews or at least most of them are from workers at Hilton Select trying to save their reputation. I had two interactions with the company. The first ended with a manager making fun of my wife and hanging up on her. The second ended with the manager telling me that I lied about being promised a $100 certificate every 6 months. It’s clearly a part of the program and I signed up for the one that had that offer. The only thing I can imagine for denying me access to the second certificate is the company is about to fall apart or they are just a terrible scam. I called Hilton directly and they sent me a refund because Hilton Select refused to issue a refund for the program. They are not on BBB or any other site to complain, I wish they did not have the Hilton backing and so did the Hilton manager. She said they are working on distancing from this obvious scam. Please Please don’t make the same mistake as me. Please.

  24. ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. The web site is not easy to use, it is difficult to redeem the cash reimbursements, the restaurant selection is horrible, and Lord have mercy on you if you cancel/change your 2 free night hotel stay in Las Vegas or Orlando.

    BTW … its not a free vacation as they want you to believe. It is 2 free nights at a hotel that would have cost me $88/night.

    It is not worth the $259. I will not sign up once my year expires. That’s the test of a good program … how many people sign up again.

    HILTON … why did you lend your name to this crap?? You let me down ! !

  25. CRAP! In the previous posts was putting it nicely! It’s more like a load of sh**!
    A total waste money. Don’t buy it.

  26. I signed up on November 21, 2015….they took out the money and I have no email or mailing from Hilton Select. What gives. I have two email accounts and I’m not sure which one I gave them…..they have my address unless that is wrong too????????? Help

  27. I’ve yet to receive my $100.00 dollars or my 25 dollars a month. and the 2 nights at either Vegas or Orlando are not worth it . I’ve shopped around and it’s cheaper to get a vacation package elsewhere. I have shopped around for a good deal to Vegas I wonder if I have to stay at a certain time and beside a four day weekend package is cheaper with air and hotel included. I think it’s a scam.
    I would suggest you don’t waste your money on this.

  28. 1/31/2016….I was just charged $259 for a renewal, after calling and explaining that I could not use the 1st 100 stay on me & 3 days 2 nights stay in Florida.. I was told that I needed to have booked in the 1st 30 days… I thought the hotel could be used at a hotel close, but would’ve needed to travel near the airport in my state… on 1/29, I spoke with someone who said she’d escalate the matter. Now I have to dispute this additional charge for renewal. I feel I’ve been robbed twice!!### Regarding the hotel, 100$ the manager explained she’d listen to the call & it was clearly stated…that was not the case in that fast talking sales call…a trap!!!#

  29. I was referred to this program this week by HHonors. I decided to join only after understanding I had seven days to cancel free and clear. After reviewing all the program benefits and terms and conditions, I could not find enough value to make the $259 annual fee worth while. The restaurants offered in my area are all fast food. The hotels offered in the few states I spot-checked seem to be most airport hotels. The peace of mind offering asked more trust of their computer security than anyone should extend. When I cancelled, I was not offered, but asked for and received a confirmation number; you should.

  30. What a total scam. I can’t believe Hilton actually promotes this. The guy selling me the program never said anything about “participating hotels” I was led to believe that each one of my stays that was booked by Hilton Select would be reimbursed 5%. You have to send your original rental car receipts in the mail? Are you serious? I am a Diamond Member. That means I have over 25 stays per year. Who has the time to go gather original receipts, fill out paperwork and pay for postage? If they booked the rental car for you, why don’t they just use that information? Are you going to try and convince us that Hilton wouldn’t have partnerships with the rental car companies that provide proof of performance? If they have access to pricing, I am sure they have access to everything else. I knew something was up when I tried renting a car and had to leave a message because there wasn’t anyone to answer the phone. Also, if you offer travel agent services, what about manning phones after hours for those travelers that have been unexpectedly delayed and need to speak to someone late at night to make a reservation? Save your money. It is as if there are two different groups within the organization that don’t know what the other one is doing. Call customer care and often they will say that you have to speak to the travel department. Call the travel department and they tell you to call customer care……

  31. I join in October 2015 next week I will be using my 2 night 3 day vegas vacation so far so good. When I called to book the only place left was the Trump which was 129 a night, I only paid 249 for my membership. I still have to mail I’m my 1 night stay for last week hotel stay. I’m looking forward to enjoying my membership.

  32. I almost signed up, but being military I wouldn’t really be able to take full advantage of it. Also we are new homeowners so paying $299 was too high for me. The free nights in Vegas or Orlando wasn’t really something exciting for me because I have a time share in Vegas and I only stay in Vegas during my free year (which I can stay 5 days for free) and I don’t see myself traveling to Orlando anytime soon. For the coupons that’s great, but you can print a lot of the same coupons online for free and there are plenty of discount sites that you can join for free to get deals online and at restaurants if you download their app, so for me it’s not worth it. Also I’m a AAA member and you can get great deals through them as well as booking.com. Also doing all the rebates is a pain in this tech age we should be able to do everything online and scan our receipts to them etc. heck I can do that with my medical incentives and it’s so easy. They need to revamp that.

    I wasn’t a fan that I would have to pay $299 now and then after a year they’d drop the price, so I said no thanks and then he wanted me to try it for 30 days for $9.50, BUT I know for a fact that if you don’t cancel before the 30 days they charge you the price of the deal. I’ve done these things before I always got burned because I tried it for the full 30 days (getting my monies worth) and then I call to cancel morning of day 30 and I can’t cancel. I was getting the feeling that this could be the same issue. Besides when they don’t give you time to really look it over before signing up that’s a flag. The man was sweet on the phone though. Maybe if I had more money and more opportunities to travel I would do it.

  33. Total scam! Not worth it! Restaurants in dining offering discounts: Papa Johns, McDonalds?!?!? Who is interested in that.

  34. This was a total scam! I just purchased the membership this month and have been trying to use some of the benefits that I was told about over the phone. I travel frequently for work and almost always stay in Hilton line hotels including all brands (DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites). The cash back feature was appealing until I came to find that there was not only a limited amount of hotels that offered it, but as a Hilton Honors Diamond Member, my Hilton Honors discounted rate for hotels did not apply to the cash back benefit. So basically, by paying the higher cost of the hotel per night rather than using my Hilton Honors discount, I end up paying for the “5% cash back” they are going to give me anyway. Not to mention that I typically book through a travel agency my work provides and most of the time the cost of hotels is cheaper than anywhere else. I informed the salesman of this on the phone when he was trying to pursued me to purchase the Hilton Selects membership and he ensured me that they would beat ANY price including my travel agency, which is clearly not true. The rebate of $100 was appealing as well, but again I was not informed on the phone that it only applied to HILTON, period. The restaurants are also a scam and I was not informed that it was through restaurant.com which is known to have minimum purchases for food, in which case I end up spending money instead of saving said $25. All of this to say, this is completely not worth it, especially if you travel and have status with the Hilton Honors membership/Credit Card. I am completely disappointed in Hilton for pushing such a horrible product when I have always had great experiences with the Hilton Brand in the past.

  35. Eric pillensky

    Was offered this program last night, as a gold member the 5% cash back was the biggest push for me, of course the 100-rebate was nice too considering I made a reservation for Hilton time square. It seems to me the common trend with negative reviews is that they didn’t necessarily listen to the Hilton representative. Once I actually logged in, most everything checked out. my main concern was the lack of hotels on the participating list, which they did mention it was only participating hotels. I feel like the 100-rebate and the 3/2 stay (if you want to go to vegas or Orlando) is worth the 259. It is a Hilton membership, the rep gave me his Hilton number and when I called Hilton honor customer service and gave them his number to give a good word, they were able to look him up.

  36. so not worth it! I did not get the restaurant 25 a month I was supposed to have. when I called to make my reservations I was told I had a year to use the 2 nigh 3 day stay in either Las Vegas or Orlando. I made the reservation to Vegas called back to cancel because the airfare was way too high. when I cancelled I was told that I had until July to use my certificate. today I called and I was told that I missed my 6 month period to book my vacations! how do you do business with this company? you get wrong information and never get the benefits you are promised! do not waste your time! if you already purchased this? please cancel or ask for everything in writing. I was way to busy to argue with them, but I will definitely cancel this and my Hilton credit card.

  37. This is he best thing that ever happened to me when it comes to saving money. Hilton gave me a trip to Orlando for 3 days and 2 nights, a $100 dollar rebate certificate and I get 5% cash back from now on with all my hotel stays. Not to mention I get to save money even when I’m not traveling! I highly recommend this, my room in Orlando was an amazing suite and I couldn’t enjoy this more than I do now!

  38. A+++ Highly recommend this membership!

  39. Best thing I ever did was get this membership! Thank you Hilton!

  40. This is worth nothing!!!! I was fooled by the person and got this membership for $259. How much did I use it? $0!!!!!
    You have to fill out so much crap that it really is not worth your time. they break it out into so many pieces that you really have to keep track of everything and be on top of this all year round to even get some of the benefits.
    two words: STAY AWAY!!!!

  41. This Hilton Select program in my opinion is a total SCAM but well marketed by commission based telesales reps. I have been solicited many times in my life and have not fallen for bad deals but this one was the exception. I was auto-transferred from booking a reservation and after hearing all the benefits and knowing I was intent to plan a family vacation to Orlando, I succumbed to sales pressure. What they do NOT tell you is that the process and procedures required to realize your benefits involve antiquated and unnecessarily cumbersome manual administrative work such as saving receipts, manual completion of forms, faxing physical paperwork, etc. They seem to be relying on the statistical probability that the “Customers” – consumers – will not invest their time and resources in meeting these outdated cumbersome standards of administrative compliance necessary to claim and realize the stated program benefits. I am going to take this up with my credit card company.

  42. Don’t purchase this membership. I wish I had research this before joining. I was lied to by the sell rep, from a company I thought had a great repetitions. When I tried to canceled my membership I got the runaround. After my year is up, I will never give Hilton affiliations any of my business again. A waste of money. Horrible customer service..misleading customers of their products.. No big savings on your lodging. Food certificate is at 1 star restaurants with poor ratings.

  43. Best thing I ever did! The trip to Vegas was the best ever we’re going against next year with this!

  44. Over an hour wait time on phone if you aren’t making reservation just have question… arrrrg
    The resturants are all mainly pubs and bars, haven’t found a nice one so far

  45. Once 800 number picked up after a long wait, they were nice and helped….

  46. So I called to make a reservation and got transferred to hear about this Hilton select membership. Normally this membership is $399 that you will see if you go their website http://www.hiltonselect.com but with the promotion it was only $259, plus it also came with 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas or Orlando. I walked into this resort of theirs in Vegas that was included and I was just completely amazed and how new looking the resort was. The service was great, our stay was excellent and the staff were top of the line. I plan on renewing this membership every year to go back to this place every chance I get. I also save about $100 dollars a week on groceries now using their discounts as well. I’d rate this membership A+++, I love it and recommend it to all my friends and family!

  47. Save your money! Piece of crap website! They don’t assist you with getting your rebates until it is 30 days after your stay and too late to submit! So my stay from 2 months ago does not qualify for the rebate anymore. The restaurants vouchers are to restaurants they should pay you to eat at and you could eat there cheaper without the voucher if you actually thought this would be good for your health. I hate that I still have too book my 2day/ 3 night trip through them. Can’t wait to see how I don’t qualify for the trip! Also when I was talking to the very condescending gentleman today who laughed at my anger he informed me there is an upcharge of $99 to go to Florida on spring break week! He actually suggested I stay in another hotel just to claim the rebate knowing that this will only cost me more money as you have to stay in an actual Hilton hotel that surely will cost more that the rebate is worth. I would have rather kept my $249 and spent it on something that I would really get to enjoy instead of something that just wastes my time and money! Hilton should be ashamed of attaching their name to this company and they should be prepared for a class action lawsuit!!!!


    Definetly worth it, i’ve saved almost 2,500 in 6 months of having this membership, definetly suits rural areas, because of the mom and pop resturaunts, and very easy to use manufactor coupons that work on organic food and murhpys market accepts them as well

  49. It’s a sham. They won’t accept your number unless you book through them and book rooms at a higher rate than other websites. I have been trying to cancel it for over 6 months. They won’t let you cancel and they won’t send email confirmation of your cancellation and then ‘can’t find’ the phone call where you cancelled. They have ‘stolen’ over 500$ from me and I have to wait until
    Next September to see if they have honored my request to stop the program. I am considering changing my credit card number to get away from them.

  50. Not impressed. Signed up yesterday and canceled the same day once I saw what all this actually entailed.
    There are savings to be had but you have to work for it. Just wasn’t worth it when I dug down into it a little more.
    I signed up after being offered a year for $299. The hotel rebates alone are $200 and the restaurant.com vouchers are $300 for the year. But the more you start to peel back the layers of the onion the more it stinks.
    You aren’t sent your restaurant vouchers, you have to log on to hilton’s sight to activate the credit in your restaurant.com account and then use that to buy gift cards to restaurants, basically. And they expire at the end of each month if you don’t buy gift cards with them- the sales guy conveniently neglected to mention that by signing up on the 29th I’d have less than 48 hours to redeem my first restaurant credit.
    There are very few places on there that I would go to often enough to make it worth it. A lot of places have minimum buys for use of the coupons and limit how many times you can use them in a month.
    The $25/month they give you buys gift cards you could get for $10-12 just off of the regular restaurant.com site.

    The page for retail discounts was garbage.
    The cashback has very few participating hotels and you have to book through them.
    The 5,000 points you get for signing up is what you’d get spending $500 at a hilton, so about 3 nights’ worth.
    The grocery coupons were ok.

    There’s savings to be had if you put in the work, but just not worth it for me

  51. This offer is BALONEY. I have never felt so scammed in my life. Very shady. VERY difficult to derive value from this. Can’t believe I fell for their pressure tactics. Also, I get dozens of emails from Hilton Honors about umpteen different offers and specials, but NOTHING from Hilton Select – lest they remind you to actually use the benefits. Why? Why wouldn’t they want you to be happy with your decision? Why wouldn’t they want you to get benefits from the card so you’d renew? Unless the goal was to scam people?? Why would Hilton be a party to something like this? When I tried to get a refund (I have no memory of ever getting any information via email), it was obvious that they get people calling all the time trying to get their money back after they realize the deal is terrible. “Well, you had seven days” is about all you get. Horrible.

  52. I wish I had read this before I signed up. I found out that none of the hotels I wanted to use were eligible. I realized that I would not be able to use the “free” hotels.. I emailed and canceled within a week. I thought nothing about it until this month(Jan. 2017), when I discovered that my credit card had a $259.00 charge from Hilton Select. It had been almost a year and I had not used anything. I am disputing the charge. When I called Hilton Select, they did not have a record that I had cancelled. I hope I can get my credit card off of their records.

  53. Wish I would have read all of these posts before I purchased. I thought I was going to utilize this program. It is an absolute waste of money. These are the same things as the flight miles cards, and they restrict, restrict and restrict. Garbage. Lesson learned. Never got any use out of it, asked for a prorated refund, said they absolutely cannot. Awful program. Keep your sheckles.

    They have not heard the end of it.

  54. Definitely not worth it for me…the $25 monthly restaurant coupons was a major deciding factor for me…right? Pays for itself…not…most of the restaurants available to me you have to spend $50 minimums to get the $25 coupon and there is only a handful of participating restaurants available where I live…most of those are pizza…not that I have anything against pizza but come on. Then there are the hoops to jump through…valid only before 5pm…valid Monday thru Thursday…higher minimum purchase if you use the coupons on the weekends. 5% off cruises sounds great but you can get buy one get the 2nd 50% off if you book directly with the cruise lines and you are far enough out. I am definitely cancelling before the renewal process.

  55. I was sold this a year ago and quite honestly it is a WASTE of money if you don’t travel a lot. The CSR’s are just trying to make a sale and do not explain the benefits correctly. I can’t believe I bought in to this bullcrap.


  56. I was hotboxed” into signing up for this and the sales people are motivated by commission. Over 4 months and no mention of any time limitations. The 3 day-2nights are ONLY in Orlando and Vegas. A $ 259 lesson in being naive.
    Notice how all the “I love it” emails show up after a series of negative reviews and are posted on the very same day. I strongly suspect the sales staff gets coerced into flooding the site with positives to offset the overwhelming number of negatives.
    Amazing that Hilton would corrupt their brand ID with this scam.

    • I completely agree with this. I was totally hosed on this transaction. I too paid $259 and I travel every week. First off, the coupons and certificates for food are total garbage as was stated on here multiple time. Crappy places that you would probably never go, and no better than a Groupon deal, with minimum purchases. The Free night on us…read the fine print and it basically doesn’t apply to the majority of Hilton properties….Also, you only have 6 months to do this and turn the receipt in within 30 days! Then the Free 2 nights….yes that was only for Las Vegas and Orlando.
      There are ZERO benefits unless you do a ton of travelling and want to use Hilton as your booking agent. Total garbage.

  57. Speaking with a dozen or more reps. and supervisors over the past week, I’ve learned thatHilton Honors and Hilton Select are two separate entities. Nonetheless, the Hilton name and reputation are negatively affected by HS business practices. When I was enrolled in the HS program in August, I thought I was joining the Hilton Honors program. Now I know that’s why I was unable to access my HS information as I attempted to redeem my $100 certificate and book my free Las Vegas vacation. I will tell everyone I know about my Hilton $299 chocolate cookie. That’s all I got from the HS membership.

  58. Sandra I. Flores

    Good Afternoon to All. this is an absolute RIP OFF. Never received the sign in email or any special offers, discounts, or travel vouchers. They basically took my money and ran. Don’t you dare mention a reimbursement for getting NOTHING from them!!!! Do not waste your money!!!

  59. Hilton Select SUCKS! I’ve been a member for almost 9 months and the offerings are disappointing at best. I need to reach customer service because they did not email me my confirmation for my stay, no it’s not in the Spam folder either.

    Now, I don’t have access to my online account and am looking for a Customer Service # on their website. NONE TO BE FOUND!

    I will be canceling my account with them as soon as I talk with someone.


  60. I dont like it!!! I did receive my rebate check.but I can not book my vacation to vegas or Orlando. I do not have a number to reach them. Its just much! After this i receive my vacation im not dealing with them any longer!