The Cheapest Way to Buy IHG Hotel Points!

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Via Deals We Like, you can get up to a 100% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards points through September 22, 2014.


You Can Get Big Travel With Small Money When You Buy IHG Points at a 100% Bonus

You can buy up to 60,000 IHG points through this deal.  But you have to buy them online (not over the phone) to get the bonus.

Should You Buy Points?

Link:   IHG up to 100% Bonus Points Promotion 


You’ll Get a 100% Bonus When You Buy 50,000 to 60,000 IHG Points

IHG normally sells points for ~1.2 to ~1.4 cents per point, in 1,000 IHG point increments.  So you could buy IHG points for:

  • 1,000 to 10,000 IHG points: $13.50 per 1,000 points (1.35 cents each)
  • 11,000 to 25,000 IHG points: $12.50 per 1,000 points (1.25 cents each)
  • 26,000 to 60,000 IHG points: $11.50 per 1,000 points (1.15 cents each)

But you are actually paying much less because of the 50% to 100% bonus!

50% Bonus When You Buy up to 49,000 IHG Points

You get a 50% bonus on IHG points when you buy 1,000 to 49,000 IHG points.  If you buy 10,000 IHG points, you’ll pay $135, but you get a 5,000 IHG point bonus (10,000 IHG points x 50%).

So you’re getting 15,000 IHG points (10,000 IHG points + 5,000 bonus IHG points) for $135.  Which means you’re paying 0.9 cents per point ($135 / 15,000 IHG points).


You Can Buy 10,500 IHG Points for $135, or 0.9 Cents per Point

Buy Between 50,000 to 60,000 IHG Points for a 100% Bonus

But you can get a 100% bonus if you buy between 50,000 and 60,000 IHG points.  And your cost per IHG point is less!

You can buy the maximum amount of IHG points (60,000 IHG points) for $690, and get a 60,000 IHG point bonus (60,000 IHG points x 100%).

So you’re getting 120,000 points for $690, or ~0.58 cents per point ($690 / 120,000 IHG points).


You Pay ~.58 Cents per Point If You Buy 60,000 IHG Points

Getting Big Travel for Small Money

This is a great deal if you are short IHG points for a trip.  Or if you want to get Big Travel for Small Money at IHG hotels like the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa Hotel, like Emily and I did on our 2nd Honeymoon to Bora Bora.


Relax in Paradise for Less at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa Hotel in Bora Bora

For example, 2 nights at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa Hotel on March 7, 2015, to March 9, 2015, costs ~$1,803 or 100,000 IHG points.

Buying 120,000 IHG points for $690 saves you ~$1,113!


You’d Save ~$1,113 by Buying 120,000 IHG Points (or 2 Nights) for $690 at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa Hotel in Bora Bora

And depending on what offer you received for the Into the Nights promotion, it might be cheaper (and easier) to buy IHG points than doing mattress runs to complete your tasks.  Sometimes you can buy IHG points cheaper.

Sweeten the Deal With IHG PointBreaks

When you use IHG points on IHG PointBreaks rooms, which cost 5,000 IHG points per night, you get a very good deal.  At ~0.58 cents per point, a PointBreaks room only costs ~$29 per night (5,000 IHG points x ~0.58 cents per point).

You have to buy 60,000 IHG points to buy points at ~0.58 cents per point.  So you could use some IHG points for a PointBreaks room and save the rest for another trip.


You Could Stay at the Crowne Plaza Resort Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort in Eqypt for $29 a Night!

But buying IHG points does NOT count as a travel purchase because IHG points purchases are processed through  So you do NOT get extra points using your IHG Rewards Club,  Chase Sapphire Preferred, Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express, or 2.2% back for travel purchases with the Barclaycard Arrival Plus MasterCard.

If you decide to buy IHG points, I’d recommend you use whichever card you need to meet minimum spending requirements on.

When Is the Cash and Points Trick Better?

Link:   IHG Cash and Points Trick

If you’re not buying the maximum amount of IHG points, you can buy IHG points for less cash that with this offer.  With the IHG cash and points trick you pay for a reservation with cash and IHG points, then cancel it and get the cash portion back as IHG points.

Using the Cash and Points trick, you can “buy” IHG points for 0.7 cents per point.

Some folks aren’t comfortable using this loophole to buy discounted IHG points, so buying points through the promotion would be a better deal for them.

You should always do what’s comfortable for you!

Bottom Line

You can get up to a 100% bonus when you buy IHG points online through September 22, 2014.

You can buy up to 60,000 IHG points.  You’ll pay ~0.58 to 0.9 cents per point, depending on how many IHG points you buy.

This is a good deal if you need points to top-off your account, or want to book a PointBreaks room for only 5,000 points per night.

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33 responses to “The Cheapest Way to Buy IHG Hotel Points!

  1. I’m a little down on IHG lately ever since they started closing people’s accounts for signing up for promo codes that they haven’t been targeted for.

    Still, I have enough IHG points to last me awhile so I don’t think I’ll be doing this.

  2. Just a quick update to your Priority club Trick

    IHG® Rewards Club “Points & Cash” is an option for obtaining a Reward Night. You may choose to redeem IHG® Rewards Club points for a Reward Night in three ways: using your existing points for all required points for the desired Reward Night; using your existing points and 5,000 points purchased for $40USD to total the required points; or using your existing points and 10,000 points purchased for $70USD to total the required points. The total purchase on any single day may not exceed $280USD. Points & Cash Reward Nights may only be redeemed online at Point purchase amounts are subject to change by IHG® Rewards Club. You must use a valid credit card for points purchase. Upon completion of the points purchase, you agree that the total dollar amount will be immediately charged to the credit card you specified. The cost for the points purchased is non-refundable. If the Reward Night is cancelled in accordance with Reward Nights terms and conditions and with each hotel’s cancellation policy, the purchased IHG® Rewards Club points will be re-deposited into your IHG® Rewards Club account. Cash components of this award that are paid in currencies other than U.S. dollars will be adjusted by IHG® Rewards Club, as needed, to reflect the USD equivalent of the non-USD payment at that time. All other Reward Night terms and conditions apply.

  3. Just another note that I calculated w/IHG rewardnights value of $ .7. My math may be off, in my defense I did count twice!

    If you buy 60K points @ $.7 = 420$ (a steal) but $840 if you wanted to match the 60K promotion. If you take the promotion they are offering now of 60K plus 100%, you pay 690$

    I don’t have that type of coin, but you may.

  4. Hi Daraius

    IHG allows to select Airline Points instead of IHG Rewards Club Points as earning preference. Would these miles be transferred to my preferred airline if I purchase points via IHG? 120K miles gets me business class on United from West Coast to Europe, and $690 is very good price to pay for it

    Also, if I read conditions correctly, a family can buy 120K points up to 4 times (husband, wife, gift from husband to wife, gift from wife to husband). Is it correct?


  5. I haven’t tried the cash/points trick, though I recently was looking to make a IHG reservation and came across a few hotels that were 20,000 points and offered the same room for 8000 points and $40, which if it worked, would net 12,000 points for $40, or 1/3 of a cent per point.

  6. In order to make this work you MUST find a hotel that is like $300-400 bucks a night, otherwise it’s a JOKE! The Intercontinental in New Orleans is only $175 a night, but they want 50,000 points to book it. That makes your points that you just paid .06 for on this deal worth only HALF.. .03!!!!!! Don’t do it!!!! Unless you’ve got a specific property in mind that costs a lot of points. And then ya gotta watch out for blackouts.

  7. I logged into my IHG Rewards account and I could not find any reward night availability at InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa Hotel using the dates in Daraius’s example or in any of the dates I tried, which were a few 2 day stays, and then every week in 2015 through August.

    The only hotel in Bora Bora was the other Intercontinental, and the only room available using points was not over water.

    When Daraius went to Bora Bora, the only room he could book was not an over water bungalow. He paid to be upgraded to the Emerald over water bungalow.

    Daraius, please let me know if this is incorrect.

  8. Which CC should one use to purchase these points – Barclay Arrival+ OR Chase IHG CC?


  9. Sorry, I missed the answer given in the blog.

  10. @ ROB – u will find HI & Crowne Plaza from 20-25k commonly & they charge about $150 – $225 all cash + 10% tax (higher for tourist places); But with this deal that translates to $120-$150 (and no tax when u pay with points)…

  11. Want to make sure I am clear. You stated that because this deal is booked through that you do not recieve 2.2% back when using Barclays Arrival.

    Does this also mean that I cannot get reimbursed for a travel expense if I pay with my Barclay arrival?

  12. Hi- will portals like Topcashback or ebates work when buying ihg points? Thx for a great blog!

  13. @Eric V – You can’t get reimbursed as a travel expense if you use your Barclays Arrival card because is not considered a travel purchase.

  14. Hi, iam from argentina, like hoy know we have the second world récord of inflation, and no access yo buy dollars. The only way yo use dollars is by credit cards, but the price of the dollar grow each day, so the hay to travel its paying today en travel Next year for example. So my question is can I buy these ihg points and use them in 6 months ?? The price its the same that reserve at igh? I simulate an stay that cost 175000 points, or 786 dollars with taxes, so if when I use the points I don’t pay taxes its very similar, and it’s a valid method for my idea to pay the dollar price of today. Sorry about my English, but do you understand my question??? Thanks

  15. Hey Darius,

    Could you please, please re-read my prior post. I logged into my IHG account and there were no rooms whatsoever available at the Thalasso for points, much less the Emerald Overwater Suite. Only rooms for points were at other hotel. I checked the dates you used and many, many more.


    Why don’t the points option appear for me at the Thalasso?

    This is so very important to me as my last dream is to be able to make a trip to Moorea and Bora Bora happen one last time for my husband and me before I die.

    I’ve had a wonderful life with the man of my dreams for almost 27 years. I had a stroke at 26 and health continually decined, but I still went full speed ahead. We both worked full-time all year and saved to go on vacations. I got extremely lucky to snag a trip for our 15th wedding anniversary for $3,500 for airfare from Lax, all transfers, 7 nights at Club Bali Hai and 7 nights at Le Mai Tai. They were not over water, but we didn’t care. I was always go, go, go on vacations, and wanted to immerse ourselves in the culture and adrenaline activities. I don’t have memories without photos or video and we took lots of both. They are our fondest memories ever!

    My husband is such a prince that he even went to massage school while working full-time so that he could help reduce my muscle pain.

    Long story short, besides having Fibro., Sjogrens, right visual field loss, Lyme disease with co-infections, etc., etc., I had to quit work beginning of 2013. I also cannot do any housework or even cook every now and then. I now have Multiple System Atrophy, cerebellum type, which means I’ve got about 4 to 7 years to live, and my body will begin to shut down. Most people are put on feeding tubes and need help breathing towards the end, but that’s not for me.

    Believe me that I am more than happy to have my life end now, because of the pain, fatigue and the feeling of worthlessness of the person that I have now become.

    My last wish is to get us back to Moorea and Bora Bora in over water bungalows especially since I can’t get around too easily now. My husband so deserves this. I honestly don’t believe I could be as caring and as good as he has been if the roles were reversed. He never shows any resentment and never complains. I have been blessed to be his wife, and wish I could have given him as much as he has given me.

    Daraius and Emily, I cannot thank you enough for all of your advice! I am new to this, but I always make sure I click on your links.

    Please, please let me what I am doing wrong, since the only points reservation that come up for me for IHG is the other Intercontinental.

    Our favorite view is the one from the motu of Mount Otemanu, and it looks like the Thalasso has that awesome view.

    So sorry the short story became a long one. I’m not looking for any pity, but just want to make my husband’s dream come true before I get much worse.

    Thanks again!


  16. Wendy,
    I think your best strategy would be to call IHG and see if you can book award nights over the phone.

  17. Thanks for this tip! I rebooked my Christmas trip to Aruba after buying points and saved over $400!

  18. Daraius,

    Earlier this year I bought 100,000 IHG points when they were going really cheap in another promotion you recommended. They were sold in packages of various sizes and I got a discount for using my AmEx to buy. Anyway, my question is…can I get 100,000 more points in this offer if I already bought 100,000 in another offer this year? Can I really only buy a maximum of 120,000 a year?

  19. Hi, finally I buy the 60k plus 60k, can I buy anothers 60k plus 60k?? I read conditions and say that the maximum per year is buy 120k and get like gift others 120k. So can I? Or other account have to gift me the second 120k? Sorry about my English. Thanks

  20. @Ben and Franco
    Maximum buy is 120K per year and gifted maximum is an additional 120K per year.

  21. Charles, so can i buy this offer again today until expire? (I did yesterday and the points are not yet in my account) So I get 240k for $1380?

  22. Franco,
    You can try and see what happens. If you are successful, points will post within 48 hours.

  23. Thanks Charles. However, I’m wondering if this applies to the points I bought earlier in the year? It was through “Daily Getaways”. They sold 50,000 point packages, 100,000 point packages, etc. It even allowed you to buy as many as you wanted. So if you bought a few hundred thousand packages, they would all post. So maybe these don’t count toward the 120,000?

  24. Charles, I don’t wanna try I want to know if its possible, if I am allowed to do that, my doubt is why not offer 120 plus 120 in the list if it is allowed.

  25. Ben – You may be right in your analysis. I would call IHG Rewards Club 1-888-211-9874 and see what you can find out.
    Franco – I would also call IHG Rewards Club and find out.

  26. Thanks Charles!

  27. If your dates aren’t available at the Thalasso, couldn’t you theoretically buy the 200 dollar upgrade to Ambassador and book at the Moana and get upgraded to an overwater bungalow?

  28. It was impossible to me call to 1 888 211 9864, I did it via google voice, maybe its not a free number. Anyway I did the buy again, in hours I will get my points or the deny to the buy, for instance the money was debit from my credit card. I have hope.jeje. thanks I will report the result. Sorry again about my English.

  29. I tried to buy these points, but was declined because I had purchased them earlier this year.

  30. I did it!!!!!! 240k points in my account, thanks a lot to this blog and the people who comments.

    • @Wendy – Apologies for missing your comment. Award availability changes every day. And it also varies based on your length of stay. I’d suggest looking for rooms 1 day at a time and booking them as they come available. So instead of searching for, say, 6 days at a time, search for 1 day at a time and book the room individually. Also, if the hotel is sold out, you may not get the option to use points. But I’d check every day since award availability keeps on changing.

  31. Be careful about doing the points and cash and then canceling it to get the points. If it’s done often on an account it may be caught by IHGs fraud department and your account will be cancelled and all points voided. I am a former employee and saw this happen to a guest who did this for a few years (also finding points breaks and then talking hotels into extending his stay). Of course this particular guest felt something was owed to him and called to complain which is how he was caught.