Free Hotel Night With Club Carlson Card Explained

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Million Mile Secrets reader Jill is taking a trip to Scandinavia and emails:

Question on the Club Carlson card.  Is the ‘free night’ on any award stay? Or any paid stay? Or both? 

Does The Free Night You Get With The Club Carlson Card Count Towards Paid Stays

The Best Feature of the Club Carlson Card Is That Jill Gets 1 Free Night When She Books 2 or More Award Nights!

US Bank Club Carlson Card

Link:   Club Carlson Premier Rewards Card 

By signing-up for the US Bank Club Carlson card and completing the minimum spending requirements, Jill can earn 85,000 Club Carlson hotel points.

Does The Free Night You Get With The Club Carlson Card Count Towards Paid Stays

Jill Can Easily Earn 88,000 Club Carlson Points With a Bit More Spending on Her Card. This Is Enough for 2 Free Nights at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Here are some of the other benefits that come with this card:

  • 10X points at Club Carlson hotels
  • 5X points on all other spending
  • 40,000 point annual bonus
  • Free Gold Status
  • Get 1 free night when you book 2 or more consecutive award nights

The $75 annual fee is NOT waived.

How Can You Use the Free Night?

The free night can only be earned on award stays, NOT paid stays.

This benefit alone makes the Club Carlson card worth keeping because it means all of Jill’s Club Carlson points can be worth up to 50% more (if she books her stays 2 nights at a time)!

Does The Free Night You Get With The Club Carlson Card Count Towards Paid Stays

Thanks to the Get 1 Free Night Perk With the Club Carlson Card, Jill Can Turn Those 2 Nights at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Into 3 Free Nights!

The 2 or more award nights must be consecutive.

Jill should also keep in mind that she will only get up to 1 free night per award stay.  So if she uses her points for 4 award nights, she will still only get 1 free night.  And if she books 2 award nights, she will still get 1 free night.

That’s because you get your points returned to you for the last night of any award booking of 2 or more nights.

Bottom Line

The best feature of the US Bank Club Carlson card is that whenever you book 2 or more nights with points, you get your points returned to you for the last night of your stay.

However, this perk is only good for award nights and NOT paid stays.

To earn the free night your 2 award nights must be consecutive and you can NOT earn more than 1 free night per stay.

Thanks for your question, Jill!

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26 responses to “Free Hotel Night With Club Carlson Card Explained

  1. If you get the business version of this card as well, you can transfer points between accounts to get four nights for the price of two. They issue a second account for each card. Another thing is that to earn 88,000 points wouldn’t require “a bit more spending” as you would be well past that by the 5 points per dollar earned on the $2,500 minimum spend. You will have at least 97,500 points.

  2. hi, I didn’t excatly undertand what you mean with “10X points at Club Carlson hotels”. Does it mean that I will earn ten times 20 points per dollar spent? 200 points eache dolla intead of 20? Or is 10 points adding the 20 points normally earned, that means 30 points each dollar spent?
    thank you and…really great blog!

  3. @auprog, I think its 20 points added to 10 points per dollar spent directly on Club Carlson to give a total of 30 points

  4. Do I have to have the miles in my account and then refunded or do I get the free night even if I don’t have enough points?

  5. If the 3rd night is free on a 3 night stay, could I stay 6 nights and get 2 nights free? Example: uses points for nights 1, 2, 4 & 5, and get nights 3 and 6 for free?

  6. I got this card back in March to take advantage of the free night for my brother’s wedding. Since then, I now have a little over 9,000 points and there doesn’t seem to be a great incentive to stay with this card. Am I missing something else or should I cancel it right before it renews?

  7. Todd–no. You only get one free award night per stay no matter how long the stay. The best way to use this offer is to book 2 consecutive award nights at a hotel. The first night will be free with points and the 2nd night will be free without points. So you’re getting 2 free nights for the cost of just one award night. If you want to maximize this card for a 6 night stay it’s best to stay at a hotel for 2 nights, check out, check into another hotel for 2 nights, check out, check back into first hotel for 2 nights. You would get 3 free nights out of this.

  8. How soon are the points put back into your account? i.e., If you book 2 nights with points and 1 is free, can you use those points to book more rooms right away or are they never really taken out of your account?

  9. If the points of the 2nd award night is going to be returned to me anyway, do I have to have those points available in my account before booking? In other words, if I only have enough points in my account to book just one night, can I still book 2, since the 2nd night is free anyway?


  10. I think some of the more premier Radisson Blu properties are getting wise to the two card i.e. husband/wife, four night, two night free trick. I noticed that the Radisson Blu in Amsterdam will only let you book four night stays under one reservation, in Sept. 2015. No one, two or three night stays. You still get one night free but you cannot double up with another card holder to book back to back two night stays. Anyone else see this occurring ?

  11. Some answers: 10X points means 10 points per dollar on club carlson property spending. 5 points everything else.

    The booking system recognizes you as a card holder, so you can book two nights with only enough points for one night. The points are not refunded, it only withdraws the points needed for redemption of total nights booked minus 1 night.

    If you go to areas where there are club carlson properties, this card is good as you can buy points and redeem them for two night stays for the cost of the points, making some stays relatively cheap. You also get 40k points on renewal, which can be worth two award night stays (around $250 value).

    @Bob, I had no problem with Amsterdam or Paris, but I have two accounts (personal and business).

  12. @Bob, my husband and I stayed for 6 nights at Radisson Blu Amsterdam in late April. We booked 2 nights (me) w/ 2nd night free, 2 nights (him) w/ 2nd night free, and then 2 more nights (me) w/ 2nd night free. So, total of 6 nights of which 3 were free. Our bookings were made about 7 months prior to our stay.

    I had considered the Art’otel (when it was still only 50K) but decided to stay away from the bustle around Centraal Station. However, several months prior to our stay, we considered changing the last 2 nights to the Art’otel to be closer to Centraal Station since we would be leaving the city on the morning of King’s Day when they shut the roads at 8am. When I looked into making the change around 3 months prior to our stay, the Art’otel was only accepting 3 or 4 night bookings (it was the King’s Day weekend) so it could possibly depend on what might be going on in the city on those dates.

  13. Daraius, good post emphasizing a nice perk to having this card. Yet I noticed you provide no detail or comment on just how/where to find Club Carlson room rates. This is the single issue that has repeatedly caused me pause in applying for the Club Carlson card. That is, when I do sleuth around and eventually locate a screening tool on the CC web site, to see what hotels cost what amount of points, the results are less than impressive.

    If I’ve been reading this right, there’s only SIX (6) category 1 properties in the US — at the 9,000 pt/night rate…. (so good luck getting the banner headline promotion — 9 free nights! )

    On category 2, (at 15,000 pts per night) there’s several score — concentrated in states like Alabama, Texas, and Georgia….

    Yes, the second night “free” if you have the card is a nice feature….. but I’m underwhelmed by the available options, the places to stay. (Ok, they have one in Aruba — at 50,000K/night) Am I missing something? Is there a better search tool out there for screening CC properties, by category and/or Gold points charges for reward night? (have tried award mapper, but it’s less than helpful on this score)

  14. Will–it will be hard to find hotels at the minimum point rate. But you are getting 85,000 points just for completing the minimum spend, plus another 12.5K from that minimum spend–so you’re starting with 97.5K points. I just booked 2 nights in Niagara Falls for 38,000 points total. Also consider that you get at least 5x points per dollar on all regular spending. The Carlson hotels are not as ubiquitous as Marriott or Hilton, but there are still some good options all over the world. But when you consider how many points you’re starting with, and the second night is free, it’s a great card.

  15. If I book the 2 award nites (2nd nite free) in someone else’s name do I still get the 2nd nite points back?

  16. @RR, you didn’t even have to do anything.

    If your Club Carlson credit card is registered to your Club Carlson loyalty account, the discount occurs automatically. On the second checkout screen, the price is updated to reflect your Club Carlson credit card holder status showing the rate is only 50K Club Carlson Points for 2 night stay.

  17. @alan, As a Club Carlson Visa card member, you qualify for one Bonus Award Night redemption during your stay! The Club Carlson member must be traveling to qualify.

    My question is, is there a method to redeem 4-nights for the price of two? I remember a while back seeing something to that effect on one of the blogs.

    Thank you!

  18. Please disregard the above question. I found it … the 4 for 2 Nights (Promotion code RSGP2P2) offer is valid at participating Club Carlson locations in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

    I am planning to take the kids to Legoland in San Diego!

    • @Flyerguy – I believe you pay only half price.

      @ToddC – You’d have to move to a different hotel for a night in between stays.

      @ Jen – You get points for renewing the card, which seem worth it to me!

      @RR @Gisele – The points for the free night never leave your account.

      @ will – Club Carlson is good for cheap rooms in Europe where the cash price is usually high!

  19. My boyfriend and I are both cardholders and used this perk for our upcoming Europe trip. We booked 4 nights in London at the Park Plaza County Hall (2 under my card and 2 under his), 3 nights in Stockholm at the Radisson Blue Strand, 2 nights in Oslo at the Radisson Blu Plaza, and 2 nights in Bergen at the Radisson Blue Bryggen. We used it as our every day spend card for a while to earn the extra points and combined our anniversary bonus points as well. They don’t have a lot of offerings in the U.S., but I think they are hard to beat in Europe.

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  21. We absolutely love this card. Just this summer, we have been able to leverage about $4,000 worth of free stays with this card in Europe. Here’s how we used this card to snag free nights at an amazing property in Dublin.

  22. We absolutely LOVE the Club Carlson Visa – Here’s how we snagged free stays in Edinburgh and Dublin this summer –

  23. Can you book consecutive 2 night stays and thus get 3 free nights on 4 night stay ?

  24. what happens if I can’t travel (last minute) but had used my awards points to book a 2 nite rewards stay (with one free nite) for my family (wife & kids)? Can they still use it?