70,000 Point Chase Ink Plus Sign-Up Bonus Available Now!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

If you didn’t get a chance to apply for the Chase Ink increased sign-up bonus offer earlier this year, there’s now an even better deal available.

You can get 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points when you sign-up for the Chase Ink Plus card and spend $5,000 in the 1st 3 months.  But you have to apply in a Chase branch!  This deal is NOT available online.

Apply for the Chase Ink Plus In-Branch and Get a 70,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus!

Is This a Good Deal?

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Link:   How to Fill Out a Chase Business Card Application

Normally, the sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus card is 50,000 points after you spend $5,000 in the 1st 3 months.  And during the month of May, Chase increased the sign-up bonus on both the Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Bold cards to 60,000 points.

70,000 points is the highest public offer I’ve seen for the Chase Ink Plus card!  In the past, certain folks have received targeted 70,000 point offers in the mail, but this is the 1st time I’ve seen it available for anyone.

Our link for the Chase Ink Plus is for 50,000 points, but this is a much better deal!  Emily and I will always tell you about the best deals, even when they don’t pay us a commission.


This Is the Best Public Offer I’ve Seen for the Chase Ink Plus!

But remember, you have to apply in a branch.

With this card, you’ll get:

Usually the annual fee on the Chase Ink cards is waived for the 1st year, but for this offer it is NOT.  That said, I’ll gladly pay $95 for an extra 20,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points!

Why I Like This Offer

The Chase Ink cards are among my favorites, and 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points can get you a lot of Big Travel with Small Money!

In my experience, you can get the most value out of Chase Ultimate Rewards points by transferring them to hotel and airline partners, like Hyatt, United Airlines, or Southwest.


You Could Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt and Stay at the Park Hyatt Chicago

If you’d rather not transfer points to airline and hotel partners, the 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be used for at least $700 in gift cards and $875 towards travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

And remember, you’ll get extra perks and benefits too, including Lounge Club membership and Jot for expense management.

The Chase Ink Plus was once a MasterCard, but is now issued as a Visa.  Some folks report that the Visa cards are considered different products, so it may be possible to get the Visa version of the Chase Ink Plus.  And you’ll get additional discounts through the Visa Savings Edge program.

Bottom Line

You can get 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points when you sign-up for the Chase Ink Plus card and complete the minimum spending requirement.  But you have to apply in a branch!

Even though the $95 annual fee is NOT waived, this is a very good deal because normally the sign-up bonus is 50,000 points.  I think 20,000 extra points is well worth the $95!

Will you visit a Chase branch to apply for this increased offer?

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46 responses to “70,000 Point Chase Ink Plus Sign-Up Bonus Available Now!

  1. Any idea as to how long the offer will be available?

  2. Would you please share what did you write on the secure message to them to match the sign up bonus? thanks in advance!

  3. Can I apply online for 50,000 signup bonus and ask for matching 70,000 point offer to avoid first year AF?

  4. How about Ink Bold? Does it also have a 70,000 bonus offer?

  5. I contacted Chase and asked about the 70k offer if there are no branches nearby (Chase only has branches in 30 states). I was told via their secure message service that they can’t guarantee any offers except for those posted online (which is just 50k miles , although first year fee waived).

  6. Based on your post earlier about “different card products”, I have the Bold now, and assume I could the Plus and that would be considered a completely different offer. However, I don’t want to do any of this until after August 15th or so (when I complete a minimum spend on my WF Propel). Hmmm I wonder if it’ll still be available?

  7. I applied in May/June and received the Chase Ink Plus Business card, it is a Visa card, for 60,000. Is this the same product? Do you know if I would have any success sending a secure message and asking them to increase the bonus to 70,000?

  8. Juli,
    It looks like the people who jumped on this in the early going had a Secure Message that said they would honor the match. But now it looks like Chase is sending a Secure Message that says they will not match because this product is slightly different. The difference is the annual fee for the new product is not waived the first year. I sent a SM yesterday afternoon, but I suspect it will be denied. It was worth a try since it looked like it was working at least for a day or two.

  9. It’ll be interesting to know if we still have to go through usual Chase grilling for Business cards in the branch!

  10. If I already have the ink card for the last two years, if I applied for the 70,000 offer, would I be eligae to receive the offer? Or am I considered not eligible because I already have the card now for two years?

  11. Does anyone know when the offer expires?

  12. I send a secured message and chase said they won’t match it because it’s different from the 60k offer and they explained it was the $95 yearly fee.

  13. I noticed that the 5x points for office supply stores was not posted on your list of benefits. Is that category no longer included in the Ink Plus or inadvertently left off? Thanks!

  14. Disregard last message. I just read the details in the screenshot of your post.

  15. I sent an SM asking for additional points on the ink card issued two months ago and they responded that they won’t do it.

  16. I sent an SM asking for additional points on an ink card issued two months ago and they responded that they won’t do it.

  17. Has anyone applied this card at a branch who doesn’t really own a business? I am afraid if they really make things difficult.

  18. Just called. Applied for 50k offer online and received 70k targeted offer in the mail (annual fee not waived). They said they are going to offer everyone who calls in 60k but WILL waive the first year annual fee. Is $95 worth 10k ultimate rewards miles? Ehhh…probably but fine by me.

  19. Just returned from Chase branch in our town to apply for the Ink Plus in my wife’s name (I already have the Bold @ 60,000 points). Took about 30 mins for the representative to input info. Basic questions…only employee, sole proprietor, estimated yearly income from business you are using for the card, total gross income. Showed 2 forms of ID, rep clicked on apply and got approved on the spot for the 70,000 points! Sweet!

  20. I received 2 targeted offers this week: 70K bonus with Chase Ink Plus and 75K bonus with Amex Business Gold. Which one would you go with?

  21. Bill had a better experience than I. I just went to the branch and since they saw I already have the Ink Bold (I’ve had it for three years) they said I was ineligible for the Ink Plus. I explained that I thought they were different products since the Bold is a charge card and the Plus is a credit card and they still said no, I was ineligilbe for the 70K point bonus since I have the Ink. Bummer.

  22. I called Chase when I activated my recently approved Ink Plus card with a 50,000 point bonus, and they said they couldn’t swap me out for the 70,000 point bonus offer, but they could notate my account to request a 60,000 point bonus (instead of 50,000) if I call back after spending $5,000 in the first three months, annual fee still waived for the first year. Not bad!

  23. I got a Chase SWA Visa in Feb, Chase Marriott in Apr, and a 2nd SWA Visa in June to hit CP status! Do you think it’s too soon for me to apply for another Chase card?

  24. Curtis Callaway

    I applied in person today and was given a “pending” result after about 15 minutes. The process was pretty easy and similar to previous commenters. When I left the branch, I called the reconsideration line. After 15 minutes on hold, I was almost immediately accepted for the 70k points. Such a great deal! Thanks for the tip, Darius!

  25. I don’t have a business. i went to chase branch and wanted to apply for Ink Plus card, but was told that i don’t have a “business relationship” with a bank (i.e. i don’t have a business checking account) so I was unable to open a card. is that a requirement?

  26. @Marek. Go to another branch. That is a lie. I do have personal accounts with Chase and my neighborhood location was more than happy to help me apply for the INK Plus card. I visited one location downtown and they told me ALL applications would be PENDING because of the “Fair lending act” . I told them that has nothing to do with my application and doesn’t make sense. I never heard of such a silly thing. Then they tried to convince me to open a checking account which they believed would “help” with the approval process. I knew that was ridiculous so I went to my neighborhood branch and they did everything on the spot. Guess what? I was approved on the spot.

    @Daraius: Must all purchases be business related to qualify for the 70k UR points? I would like to charge a washer and dryer on the card. I’m going to come up a few hundred short of a “real” business charge and dont know where to make up the difference.

  27. Hi Darius,
    Need some advice… I applied for the 60,000 Chase Business Ink in May, just got done with my spend. Went to my Chase bank, requested 70,000 offer, they said it was different product, $95.00 fee/yr., ect.
    I just got new application for Ink Plus credit card in mail for 70,000 miles… it is called Ink Plus (different) and has yearly fee of $95.00. Anyway I would get approved for it as well? Would I cancel my current card after miles post (any day now) Must respond by 9.15. Thanks again for all your help!

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  32. I SMed and was offered 60k instead of 70k with the annual fee still waived. Is the extra 10k worth the $95 fee?

  33. anyone know if this offer is still available?

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  35. This offer is still running as of September 6th at my local branch. You must have a business account with Chase and be an owner/authorized to open the credit card.

  36. Yes this offer still running as of Sept 11 at Chase Branch in New Jersey. When we came they were not easily helpful, intimidating asking for a business proof/certificate, when we told the officer it’s 15yrs established biz he said he needs a re-validated certificate for biz registered in NJ more than 1year, so we said this was registered in NY and he said OK then fine. Then we said we had to come back next day with the certificate, and quickly & firmly told him that me (wife) like to open too as I am starting a business, as a sole proprietor, then he said what is the biz name I said it would be MY NAME, as Sole Proprietor, then he said yes I could open it. (????) This proofs me that if my husband has not been in real biz, the Chase might be reluctant to process our application, although practically anyone actually eligible to open that Chase biz Ink Plus being a Sole Proprietor.
    The next day we went back, and processed our existing 15yrs biz, while he told us the CHASE BOLD has been discontinued few days.
    After application finished, faxing the biz cert to somewhere we dunno, then looking up registration of the biz from online database which he couldn’t find our co. but he said it was “accepted”, finding out what biz type, then completion of the application with 2 IDs to be shown (Driving License and a CC) the officer seems “forget” about my application, then I brought up now I want to apply, there are few questions which I already prepared like: I am starting EBAY selling, biz name is my FIRST & LAST NAME, biz type is TRADE RETAIL (which they have the code for it, in fact the officer had to make a phone call to confirm), and what’s my income I said ZERO but he said need to be amount which would cover payments of CC.
    So anyone, go for it, applying be confident and firm, remove any guilty feelings and good luck! We are awaiting the approval n the cards sent to us next 7-10days.

  37. Update: thank you for this Blog on info about calling Credit Card Reconsideration and for the phone numbers listed, I made a phone call to check my CC approval and they said mine was approved on the 12th (a day after I went to the Chase branch). I asked them to expedite my CC reasoning Im making a trip booking next week, they transferred me to Chase biz CC and I got my CC expedited in mail in 2biz days. This is my first time obtained Business Credit Card!

  38. @Daraius – Thanks for the heads up. Applied for Chase Ink Plus in chase branch and got approved. Though there is $95 fee for the first year, its worth the extra 20k UR points. Keep up the good work !! Thanks again !!

  39. Hi Darius,

    When I apply for the Chase Ink Plus business card as “Sole Proprietor” with $0 revenue, will I run into any issues while filing tax? Do tax filing require mentioning businesses or business credit cards I own? I am sure you know it already that I actually do not own a business & perhaps won’t ever. Will I have to register my business or file tax for my business separately? Just an FYI, I file taxes jointly with my husband if that creates any issue ?


  40. Do you know if I get 5x miles for purchases at FedEx Office for making copies, etc. I do not shop there for shipping.

  41. Now the offer is available online too.

  42. Forget bothering to apply unless you have a business with a year or more of proven sales. Was just denied for not having a business over more than 1 year.

  43. I was just approved for the card in San Diego. I have a legitimate Sole Proprietorship, but it is only in my name (no business license, etc.) and was started in April 2014 (so less than 8 months ago). This was through a local branch and they asked me if I wanted a business checking account, but did not require it. Very friendly and helpful Chase employee.

  44. @ RickSD, Can you share which Chase branch you applied for in SD?


  45. Is this offer still available in branches?