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Emily and I want to thank you for supporting our blog!  So this week we’re giving away $200 in eBags Gift Cards.

Blog Giveaway 200 In EBags Gift Cards

You Could Be the Lucky Winner of an eBags Gift Card

eBags sells handbags, luggage, backpacks, packing organizers and more.  Emily loves their packing cubes, because they help keep our clothes organized when we travel.

Blog Giveaway 200 In EBags Gift Cards

My Version of Packing Is Different Than Emily’s

Another wonderful thing about eBags is they usually offer excellent point bonuses through airline and hotel shopping portals.  Check out evreward before you make a purchase at eBags so you can get more bonus points!

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The maximum value of this giveaway is $200.  I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.  I’m not getting anything from eBags and I’m giving away eBags gift cards, so don’t make this hard for me!

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196 responses to “Blog Giveaway: $200 in eBags Gift Cards!

  1. Compartmentalize everything.

  2. Limit luggage to a carry on bag. Take one pair of jeans in addition to the one you wear, 3 t-shirts, 2 dressy tops/shirts. Wear a sweat shirt on the plane and you’re all set! There’s even room for some snacks in the carry-on bag!

  3. Instead of organizing your packing list by “category” (electronics, clothing, etc.), organize by “packing order,” to streamline your packing process. For instance, I have three “orders.” 1) Pack anytime, 2) Pack 1 or 2 days before, 3) Pack day of departure. There are certain things that I don’t use on a daily basis, so I can pack those at any time prior to my departure. Those are things like speciality camera lenses, printed confirmation numbers for hotel and car reservations, a swimsuit, or a tripod. Then there are things I don’t want to pack until 1 or 2 days before. These are things like clothing items (since I’d likely do laundry the day or two before departure), camera chargers (since I’d probably fully charge my camera the day before we leave), and my noise canceling headphones, since I usually use those during my daily subway commute. Then, like it or not, there are some things I can’t pack until the day or departure, like several makeup-related items and my hairbrushes. Sorting your packing lists by order is so much more efficient!

  4. My tip would be to let my wife do the packing! This way the clothes aren’t all wrinkled.

  5. I pack one suitcase with flat items separated with white paper, some stay on hangers, and most items come out ready to wear. Would like to try the cubes.

  6. Pack plastic bags with me to keep the soil and stench of dirty clothes separate from my clean ones.

  7. For long backpacking trips, I pack just a few pairs of tech clothing that I can wash and quickly dry rather than packing many pairs of regular cotton pieces that take up space.

  8. Underwear, boxer, brief, socks, etc travels only one-way, this way coming back I have more room to pack.

  9. Peggi Billman

    I roll clothes, pack socks in shoes and shoes in socks!

  10. If I don’t want to carry the family snorkel gear in a separate (fishnet) bag, because we have a lot of carry-ons for this trip, I pack snorkels and masks, but leave fins at home. I can usually rent them.

  11. Pack light, roll everything, and use packing cubes or ziplocks! And always use a master list (forgot my debit card before a trip to India)!

  12. cindy wilde

    Would love to try the cube tip ladies get a big travel purse

  13. Keeping a first aid & an extra pair of shoes.

  14. ShoNuffHarlem

    I need a 21 incher bad!

  15. Compression bags help save space while packing.

  16. Tip: Pack plastic bags to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones, and always have some rubber tape handy!

  17. I bring extra plastic bags for a variety of uses….leftover snacks, wet bathing suits, all those hotels shampoos…etc

  18. Roll your clothes

  19. I only bring 1 carry-on and limit my toiletries. Easy!

  20. I bring baggies and plastic bags for leftovers, wet bathing suits, and many other uses.

  21. Only pack clothes in a certain color pallet so you don’t have to worry about matching clothes or that one shirt only goes with one pair of pants, etc.

  22. Benjamin Han

    Rolling your shirts / pants let’s you fit a whole lot more when using packing cubes!

  23. Let my wife do the packing!

  24. Carry extra grocery bags to put away dirty clothes on the side if it can’t be washed right away.

  25. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  26. Packing is easy because I don’t need a whole lot in general.

  27. My favorite packing tip is to pack a couple of empty grocery bags do I can put my dirty clothes in them at the end of the trip so it doesn’t stink up my luggage!

  28. Try to fill hollow spaces with other things, like socks inside your shoes.

  29. Roll your clothes, it saves space and is very neat…

  30. Purchase a set of packing cubes in different colors for each family member. Makes identifying each kid’s items much easier, especially midway thru a trip when stuff starts getting strewn about.

  31. Become friends with the check-in agents and they will let a few pounds over the weight limit slide and no extra charges 🙂

  32. I always roll my clothes and socks, and for jackets or heavy cotton clothes I will put it inside the special vacuum bag for clothes to compress them and voila…I save a lot of spaces!

  33. My advice is allways to pack light! don’t get dragged down by your heavy luggage.

  34. Packing for Cruises with only a backpack!

  35. Sometimes I won’t pack something I know I can get at the destination. It may be a little risky but it encourages adventuring out and finding cool things!

  36. Put the big stuff in first like shoes and coats, then use the little items like socks and underwear to fill in the gaps!

  37. Pack the big stuff first!

  38. I keep a separate bag of all my toiletries just for traveling…that way I always have a toiletry bag ready to go….and I never forget anything!

  39. Curious George

    Our trick, passed on from my grandmother, to my mother, and adopted to my wife is this: tie a colored ribbon onto the handle of your luggage. Helps identify your bag easily at baggage claim!

  40. Christina m Oddy

    I fold everyone’s clothes in outfit rolls. no more questions of what to wear with what!

  41. If on a long trip, bring only enough clothes for a week and then do laundry!

  42. Checklists for different types of trips. For example, warm weather: 3oz. sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. Cold weather: wools socks, gloves, long johns. Add to the lists when you have those “I wish I had brought _____!!” moments 🙂

  43. Use space bags to get more use of space.

  44. Packing top: using dry cleaning bags to keep dress clothes from becoming wrinkled

  45. extra plastic bags and eye drops for me!

  46. Bring half the clothes and twice the money that you think you’ll need!

  47. Put extra socks in any footwear you’re bringing

  48. I always make sure to bring some extra bags so that I can separate dirty clothes from clean and avoid smell intermingling.

  49. I am always looking for better ways to pack! Ebags would be great to have !

  50. I love using ziplock bags to pack/compress different items (i.e. socks, etc.)

  51. I LOVE packing cubes, and I find them useful for not only keeping things neat and organized in my bag, but also for keeping laundry on the way home. Some of the new packing cubes are even double sided so you can use them for both clean and dirty clothes.

  52. You can pack a lot more using the bundle method

  53. I use lots of ziploc bags to separate my clothing, and I also roll my clothes, so I can pack for a 2-week trip and only have to use a carry on.

  54. make a list, cut things out, and get it all into a carry-on!

  55. Stuffing shoes with socks has been my go-to for packing tip for a while now. No crushed shoes, and no need to bring an extra shoe horen that doesn’t need to take up room in my bag!

  56. My fave packing tip? Roll your clothes before you pack them, less wrinkly when you unpack

  57. Travel light! Choose clothing pieces you can mix and match. Less baggage, no extra bags fees, easier to get around, and more room to bring things home. =)

  58. i’m curious if e bags gives you these gift certs to pass out as a sort of paid promo or you guys are actually paying for them. neither way particularly enamors nor bothers me; just wondering.

  59. I keep all my packing lists (overseas, beach, ski, etc.) online, so I can quickly review/revise for an upcoming trip. Then I split my clothes and my husband’s between our bags, so we each have some clothes in each bag in case we are checking one or are forced to check an intended carryon. And to save room, I slip my flats or sandals inside my husband’s larger shoes!

  60. My favorite packing tip is to bring a 6-outlet strip charger with you. As plugs can sometimes be scarce, plugging in laptops, phones, cameras, tablets, etc., can be tricky. Bringing a multi-outlet strip allows for multiple things to be plugged in at once helps deal with the stress of everything battery operated.

  61. Bring clothes with less wrinkled and roll them up, use socks and underwears to fill the gaps in between items inside the luggage.

  62. Leave out 20% of what you meant to pack!

  63. Roll your clothes and pack them tightly.

  64. Take a roll-up Vapor water bottle to refill with fresh water in the airport on during the trip. Saves $ on water bottle purchases.

  65. Remember that most places in the world will have laundry service readily available. Pack for more than half your stay – then do laundry, or have it done. Save room in your suitcases to bring home gifts and souvenirs.

  66. Michael Katz

    Don’t overpack! It’s ok to wear the same clothes again while traveling. Just bring deodorant. 🙂

  67. Role everything!

  68. I always use Packing Folder for silks and dress shirt. Ziploc bags for dirty clothes. Try to buy the lightest carry-on since I’m petite and that way I can put up my own luggage on plane.

  69. Make sure to pack a change of clothes in your carryon — even if it’s a very short connection — in case the guy next to you spills his drink on you! 😉

  70. I roll my clothes instead of folding them. It gives me more space and keeps them wrinkle-free.

  71. Pack what you think you’ll need and then take half of it out!

  72. Brandon M.

    Put spill-able stuff in Ziploc bags, so everything else doesn’t get messy if the tube/bottle gets damaged. If space allows I sometimes even put this stuff in a box for extra protection.

  73. I use the ebag packing cubes. They are a bug help.

  74. the road to happiness … pack as light as you can

  75. Safuvan Padannayil

    First things first: Pack only the essentials when you fly. Whatever you can get from flight/lounge/hotel – do not carry them. 2. Use space-saving bags.

  76. Pack other clothes first and then stuff the sides with socks and shorts.

  77. Save pounds, spend a few dollars at destination; don’t pack shampoo/soap!

  78. Tip: String your necklaces through straws before you pack so they don’t get tangled.

  79. limit the number of shoes you bring!

  80. roll your clothes, that way you will have more space.

  81. i love packing cubes! I roll clothes in the cube for extra room.

  82. Pack as light as possible and travel with carry on only whenever possible!

  83. I roll my clothes and wrapping clothes in tissue paper cuts down on wrinkles.

  84. Find one pair of shoes that will work for the vacation and wear them. This is part of the secret to packing light enough to only use one bag that you can carry on.

  85. I use lots of plastic bags to separate my clothing, one bag for under wears, one bag for pants, one bag for tops, one bag for shoes…..etc., so you know exactly where to find them.

  86. Color Coordinate your travel wardrobe. I prefer black for winter and tan for summer.

  87. I always wear my bulkiest clothing and shoes on the flight so that I only need a small carry-on.

  88. Definitely roll your clothing. It makes everything fit in nicely, and each item is smaller that way.

  89. K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid)

  90. Erin Ellis

    Be decisive when packing. Make a list of what you need, and stick to it. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  91. Take your old t-shirt, underwear, socks on a trip. Use it one final time then trash it. And try not to bring enough clothing items – buy some new items and wear them on the way back – save space and you got to wear your souvenir!

  92. I only travel with a carry on whenever possible. Sooo much easier!

  93. fit it all into a carry on

  94. Put your clothes in bags that you can vacuum seal, saving space.

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