One Day to Apply for Chase Ink 60,000 ($750+) Point Cards!

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Update:   A credit card offer in this post, may no longer be available, but check the Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Update:   The Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available for new sign-ups. 

There is only ONE day left to apply for the increased Chase Ink cards sign-up offer.

This offer ends tomorrow, June 1, 2014.  Chase has been getting a lot of applications, and they sometimes pull offers early.  So if you can’t find links to the Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Cash on the blog after tomorrow afternoon, check the Chase website before giving up!

And you can also apply for the Chase Freedom with the increased sign-up bonus together with the Ink cards because you can usually apply for 1 business and personal card at a time.

Last Day To Apply For Chase Ink 60,000 Point Cards

The Increased Bonuses on the Chase Ink Cards End on June 1, 2014

If You Haven’t Applied Yet, Here’s Why You Should

Link:   Chase Ink Bold

Link:   Chase Ink Plus

Link:   Chase Ink Cash

Link:   My review of the 60,000 point Chase Ink sign-up offer

Link:   How to fill out a Chase business card application

I really like the Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Bold cards.  They’re among my favorites!

This month, the sign-up bonus on both cards increased from 50,000 to 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  With these cards, you get:

Last Day To Apply For Chase Ink 60,000 Point Cards

We Transferred Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for Our Trip to Hawaii

Apart from transferring to airlines and hotels, the 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be used for at least $600 in gift cards and $750 towards travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

And you get lots of extra perks and benefits, too, including Lounge Club membership and Jot for expense management.

The Chase Ink cards were once MasterCards, but are now issued as Visa cards.  Folks have reported that the Visa cards are considered different products so it may be possible to get the Visa version of the Ink cards too.  The Visa versions get you additional discounts in the Visa Savings Edge program.

The spending requirement for the Ink Bold was once $10,000 in the 1st 3 months, so this offer for 60,000 points after spending $5,000 within the 1st 3 months is a good deal.

There’s also the Chase Ink Cash card, which has a 30,000 point sign-up bonus (usually it’s 20,000 points).  This is one of the largest sign-up bonuses which I’ve seen for the Chase Ink Cash card.

You get:

  • 30,000 points after you spend $3,000 in the 1st 3 months
  • 5 points (5% cash back) for every $1 you spend on cable, internet, and telecom
  • 2 points (2% cash back) for every $1 you spend at gas stations and restaurants
  • 1 point (1% cash back) for every $1 you spend on everything else
  • No annual fee

You can NOT transfer points from the Ink Cash directly to airline or hotel partners.  But you can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold or the Chase Ink Plus card and from there to airline or hotel partners such as Hyatt or United Airlines.

You can read my post about all the Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partners.  And they’ve recently added Singapore Airlines as a new airline partner!

Remember, today is the last day to apply for these cards and get the increased point bonus!

Bottom Line

The increased Chase Ink sign-up offer will end tomorrow, June 1, 2014.

This is a good deal because these cards normally get you 50,000 points (for the Ink Plus and Ink Bold) or 20,000 points (for the Ink Cash) after meeting minimum spending.  And you can do a lot of Big Travel with Small Money with Chase Ultimate Rewards points!

What will you do with your Chase Ink bonus?

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21 responses to “One Day to Apply for Chase Ink 60,000 ($750+) Point Cards!

  1. Daraius,

    I applied for the Ink Bold on May 27 along with CSP the same time. Got pending message on both. Yesterday I called the recon line for CSP first (since the automated message sounded like declined – under review, will notify with in 7 to 10 business days) and told I was declined and I asked if he could reconsider and he said yes and approved. Then hours later I called the business recon line (since the message was – under review, will get a response in approximately 2 weeks) and was told it is pending review. The friendly sounding lady then reviewed my application, then came back with lot of questions and I answered it honestly. I applied with my ssn even though I am partner of a retail store. I also have a southwest business opened in late September 2013 also under my ssn. The reason I applied under ssn and not the retail business ein is because, I want to use it for all my business including retail, a rental and occasional ebay business. She asked me about the revenues 2012, 2013 and expected 2014 revenues. I noticed she is documenting everything. I explained I applied under my ssn because I want to use the cad for all of my businesses, not for just one. Although she sounded very friendly, I got a denial finally saying they want to see more history on my southwest business card and it was also for the same business. I tried to explain technically it is same since both are applied under my ssn, actually it is a mix of businesses. She also pointed out that I applied for another chase card on the same day. I further tried saying since this has 5x points on office supply stores which we purchase receipt, labels and all this would be a great addition. She said no, points are no consideration for them. I thanked and hanged up. As I said she documented everything so if I call again, the other rep will see that too. Do you recommend calling again? If I have to wait and spend more on southwest business, I got only about 3+ months since I have to close it by around September 2014 to avoid another annual fee. Another thing, I don’t have Chase checking account and was thinking of opening a checking and saving since I have a bonus offer of $400 for opening both and keeping some balance for 90 days. So is it better to open the accounts at a branch and ask them to review the Ink Bold application? I only have simple plans, I just want to have enough points for my family of 3+1 infant to fly to Cochin, Kerala within the next 8 months. Please advice. Should I call again or go to branch and ask them for recon. Or do you think this is most probably a bite bullet situation? Thanks in advance.

  2. I got a pending response and a co-worker suggested to call and push the issue. I answered all questions honestly and told them I am a startup with minimal profit projected in year 1. They extended credit to the amount that I suggested my profit might be. It is a very small credit line, but I don’t care much as the main goal is to get the points. If you are not immediately approved, I recommend calling right away to plead your case.

  3. @joshy,

    Hang up, call again and see what happens. If worst comes to worst open the checking accounts, it’s worth doing just for the $400 in bonuses. Having a personal banker on your side is always handy as well.

  4. Daraius,

    I just got approved for Ink Plus ($5k credit limit) on 5/30 (yesterday). Got denied and called recon then got approved.


    1. Can I apply for Chase Ink Bold today or tomorrow (last day for 60k promo)? Is it ok to apply 2 business card from same bank within that short period amount of time?

    2. Or do I have better chance to get approved if I apply for another Chase personal cards like CSP or United MileagePlus® Explorer Card (50,000 miles after their $1,000 spend) ??

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Daraius,

    I appreciate your blog on the free IHG points just by answering some quizzes a back ago, but now the link has already expired.
    I just checked that they have a new link for quizzes that gave free bonus points, would you please write a blog and the answer for the new IHG quizzes that give us free points? I am sure many readers will benefit from it and really appreciate it (including me!:))
    New link:

  6. @William Charles
    Thank you very much, I appreciate your help. I will call again and post the results.

  7. @ William Charles This is actually a technical question unrelated to Darius’ post. (Or if someone else can answer, that’s fine too). How do you get an avatar in the blocks to the right of your comment? I don’t see any place to include one when leaving a reply. Just wondering. Thanks.

  8. @Cynthia D, follow this guide to get your Gravatar image to show up next to comments:

  9. to william s
    tried the link for IHG but it shows 3 quizzes, all expired

  10. @ judy zamos: that’s weird….are you new IHG member? because I am new member and I never take the quiz before….. when I open it I only see one quiz available…the other two are “coming soon”

  11. I just applied for Chase Ink Bold an hour ago. Is it better to call the recon line now or to wait?

    • @David K. – I wouldn’t do more than 1 Chase business card at a time, but you can pair it with a personal card.

      @William S. – Thanks for the link!

      @ Xina – Thanks!

      @Tara Z – Looks like they haven’t updated the Chase site as yet.

  12. Hi darius. Again thanks for all the great advice.
    I currently hold chase ink and plus for my main business. At the advice of the chase rep. I applied for 3 addition chase bold cards.

    1. To replace my Mastercard ink for my corp.
    1. New for an additional solo propriership.
    1. For a partnership with my wife.

    These are ALL ongoing business, with income.

    I was alerted by my credit reporting service that there was a hard pull from chase. (never had this happen before when I applied for any credit cards even chase)

    do you have any thoughts on that should I wait to call the reconsideration line or immediately?

  13. UPDATE on the additional three Chase cards I applied for:

    I called the recon line and got a nice rep. When she asked did you really apply for 3 cards in one day?!? I explained that I had three different business’s and the chase customer service rep encouraged me to apply for all 3 cards . I also told her that we are switching from Barclays to Chase because their (Chase’s) customer service is so much better – TRUE

    We took one at a time …

    1 New Ink Bold card was pending review. She could not touch that one. She said I would hear from someone in 5 – 10 days (this was the company with the lowest Income. Then I can call the recon if I don’t get accepted.

    2. My current chase ink Bold Mastercard will be swapped out for a visa version. The rep worked with me In order to get the 60 K bonus miles.
    I will pay off the current card completely and move any points to the ultimate reward web site so I don’t lose them. Once I have done that. She will call me back (we set a date about a week ahead – You have 30 days) and she will cancel the current card and issue the new Ink Bold VISA netting 60,000 more points.

    My third company She would not issue new credit but we borrowed 5K worth of credit from another credit card . and it approved immediately Another 60K points!!

    Keep in mind I already got a 4th Ink Plus for one of the businesses in May.

    So the total take is:

    60K previous from May’s new Ink Plus (already made the min spending)
    60K by converting my current Ink Bold from Master to Visa
    60K for my sole proprietorship (we borrowed 5 K in credit to get this approved.
    60 K (pending) but the rep said if I get turned down just offer to take another 5 K in credit of one of my accounts

    Thats 240K Ultimate Points!!!

    Thanks Darius!!!

    Oh BTW the chase rep did say the would (or did ) pull my credit and asked for my permission on each card/

  14. So I called chase business reconsideration line again today and got another rep on line. I explained him that I applied and got denied for Ink Bold. He reviewed my application and said he agrees with the original decision – denial. I asked if he would be able to reconsider again and he said he would. After 5 minutes he came back with questions on businesses and then put on hold for another 5 minutes. Then he came back again and said I am maxed with chase credit limits and would I be willing to take credit from the Sapphire Preferred that was opened last Friday. They don’t want to do that from the Southwest Cards opened 8 months ago (I guess they want to see I keep on using that beyond the annual fee date). I said yes and another 4 minute hold. Then came back with approval. 35 minutes on the phone and finally it worked out!!!! Thanks guys.

  15. I already have the Chase Southwest Business Visa card. I applied for it in November last year. I received an email saying that if I get approved, I will receive the card in the mail, if not I will receive a letter. I received the same email for this Chase Ink Plus application. Do you think I will get rejected for applying for another business card in 6 months. I want to get the card very soon as there are big expenses I want to use the card for at work (we are buying quite a number of metal and plastic storage boxes and cabinets which will cost at least $3k) of which I will get reimbursed. Is there a number I should call the expedite this process or even know in advance if I got approved or not?

  16. My husband just got his Ink Plus card and I would like to know if I can get an authorized card too so I could do the physical shopping at local office supply stores on his behalf? Thing is, I already have my own Ink Plus card (applied in 2013). is currently experiencing shipping delay of visa GC’s.