Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

The Chase Ink cards and the Barclaycard Lufthansa cards have increased their regular sign-up bonus.

But it’s not often a good new offer comes from a bank that doesn’t usually issue miles-and-points credit cards! Folks get excited, especially those who already have a lot of cards from the big banks.

There are 2 brand new points cards from Wells Fargo that can be used for cash back, travel redemptions, merchandise, and gift cards.  And the sign-up bonus on one of them is 40,000 points, which are worth at least $500+!

Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Card – 40,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus

Link:   Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX

Link:   Wells Fargo Rewards

Note:  Emily and I do NOT receive a commission on the Wells Fargo Propel cards.  But they are great cards worth considering!

The Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX gets you:

  • 40,000 points after spending $3,000 in the 1st 3 months
  • 3 points per $1 you spend on purchases directly from airlines (online travel agencies don’t count)
  • 2 points per $1 you spend on purchases directly from hotels (online travel agencies don’t count)
  • 1 point per $1 you spend on everything else
  • $100 statement credit for airline incidentals (like baggage fees, lounges, onboard food & drink)
  • No foreign currency fees
  • Chip technology (very useful for overseas travel)
  • Travel perks including a luxury hotel program, concierge, and vacation, cruise, and car rental discounts
  • Annual fee of $175, waived for the 1st year
  • Terms and conditions apply

On Flyertalk, there are reports of being able to redeem points for more than 1 cent per point.  If that’s the case, the sign-up bonus on the Propel World card (40,000 points) could be worth over $600 in travel, which is a very good deal!  However, you have to pay a $24 booking fee for redeeming points for travel.

But you can count on it being worth at least $400 statement credits!  You can use these statement credits anyway you like (flights, car rentals etc.), so this is a great deal.

Plus, the card offers similar purchase protections (extended warranty, etc.), emergency assistance, travel and car rental insurance as other AMEX cards.

And, per the terms and conditions, points never expire as long as you have the card open, and you’ll get a 10% annual points bonus if you have a bank account with Wells Fargo (more if you have an investment account).

I really like the 3X points on airlines and the 2X points on hotels.  The website didn’t specify whether the chip technology was chip-and-signature or chip-and-PIN, so I called Wells Fargo to confirm…and they said it is a Chip-and-PIN!  But folks are often confused about the difference between Chip-and-PIN and Chip-and-Signature, so I’d wait until we have reports from folks who actually have the card!

So this could be a very good card to use overseas if it has the more useful Chip-and-Pin version.

I also like that the $175 annual fee (waived for the 1st year) can be offset by the $100 airline incidental statement credit.  So this is really a $75 annual fee card ($175 annual fee – $100 statement credit = $75) after the 1st year.

It’s possible that buying airline gift cards could count towards the $100 airline incidental statement credit (like it has been in my experience with the American Express Platinum card), but I haven’t confirmed that yet!

I see a lot of similarities to the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®.  While the cards don’t earn 2X points on everything (like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®), they do have some good bonus spending categories, annual points bonuses, plus extra perks like travel discounts.

But you don’t have to pick either the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® or the Wells Fargo Propel World card, but can get both because they are from different banks.

Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express Card – 20,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus

Link:   Wells Fargo Propel 365 AMEX

Link:   Wells Fargo Rewards

Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

The Wells Fargo Propel 365 Has Half The Sign-Up Bonus Than the Wells Fargo Propel World Card

The Wells Fargo Propel 365 AMEX gets you:

  • 20,000 points after spending $3,000 in the 1st 3 months
  • 3 points per $1 you spend at US gas stations
  • 2 points per $1 you spend at US restaurants
  • 1 point per $1 you spend on everything else
  • No foreign currency fees
  • Travel perks including a luxury hotel program, concierge, and vacation, cruise, and car rental discounts
  • Annual fee of $45, waived for the 1st year

The sign-up bonus is half that of the Propel World card above and you don’t get the $100 for incidental expenses.  So I’d pick the Propel World card if I had to pick one card!

The purchase protections, insurance, and 10% (or more) annual points bonus are the same as the Wells Fargo Propel card.  But 1 big difference is the lack of a chip on this card!  My first thought was that they are marketing the card more towards folks who stay in the US rather than travel overseas.  But the card doesn’t have foreign transaction fees either!

With both cards, there are no limits to the number of points you can earn (either in bonus categories or regular purchases) in a year.  That’s very good!

Redeeming Points for Travel and More

The Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX and Wells Fargo Propel 365 AMEX cards earn points which are worth 1 cent each towards travel, cash back, merchandise, digital rewards (music, eBooks, etc.), or gift cards.  You redeem points by signing-in to the Wells Fargo Rewards site, which seems similar to Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

Redeem Wells Fargo Rewards Points for Merchandise, Cash Back, Gift Cards, Travel, or Digital Rewards Like Music and eBooks

For example, if you want cash back, you’d redeem a minimum of 2,500 Wells Fargo points to get $25.

Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

Redeem Points for Cash Back in $25, $50, $100 or $250 Increments

I don’t have a Wells Fargo account so I couldn’t log in to look around the travel portal.  However, I did find something interesting.

Earn More Points Through the Wells Fargo Shopping Portal

Link:   Wells Fargo Rewards Shopping Portal

Wells Fargo has a shopping portal where you can earn more points!

Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

Uh-oh…Another Excuse to Do More Online Shopping!

I checked some of the stores and payouts on the website.  The list of retailers is pretty extensive, and some of the bonus points offers are quite good!

If Emily and I get 1 of these cards, I’ll do more digging into the rewards site and see how to best stack the bonuses and discounts.  Stay tuned…

Drawbacks and Limitations

This card is so new that there’s not much information available online, other than what’s published on the Wells Fargo website.

That said, some folks on the MyFico forum have reported being denied for the card because they don’t have a relationship (bank accounts, etc.) with Wells Fargo.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply.  Nowhere in the terms and conditions does it say you have to be an existing Wells Fargo customer.

Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

Where Would You Go With ~$400 (or More!) in Travel?

I’m not sure if the 10% annual points bonus will be calculated on points earned from spending only.  If it’s calculated on the sign-up bonus, then the 40,000 points could be worth at least ~$440 in travel, much like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®.

Please leave me a comment if you get the card and share your experience!

Bottom Line

Wells Fargo has introduced 2 brand new points cards that offer substantial sign-up bonuses which are worth ~$500 or more, and have 2X and 3X spending categories, no foreign transaction fees, and many other perks.

These Wells Fargo cards could be good for folks who’ve already maxed out the number of cards they can get from Chase, Citi, Barclays, or other big banks.

Will you apply for these cards?  Let me know about your experience in the comments!

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82 responses to “Wells Fargo Propel Cards With 40,000 Point (~$500+) Sign-Up Bonus

  1. So are the points valued the same fir “cash back” whether it’s travel or anything else? Or are there different levels, like with Barclay where the “pure cash back” is a lower rate than if used against specific travel-related expenses..

  2. Hey Darius! Can I apply for this card if I’ve just recently applied for the Hilton Surpass AMEX or do I need to wait for a certain period of time?

  3. Good for you for featuring this card and dedicating a whole post to this offer, even though it pays you no commission. I think it’s a very good deal, though many on Fatwallet indicate the app goes to pending. Still, it’s worth a shot and I plan to apply soon. Thanks for doing all the research on this card, very helpful.

  4. Very informative post. Thanks for making this info so readily available. Does anyone know where Wells Fargo pulls from?

  5. I applied and like @milesforfamily commented, the application is pending…

  6. I’m one of the lucky ones that have been permanately blacklisted by Amex due to some shenanigans 20+ years ago. I cleaned up my act long ago and have a 800+ FICO now. Anyone know if this situation is different because Wells Fargo issues the card rather than Amex directly?

  7. Is it possible to apply (and get accepted) for both at the same time?

    • @RJP – You get at least $400 in cash back and potentially more for air travel.

      @John M. @Bill H – It is issued by Wells Fargo (and not AMEX), so it could be possible.

      @ Chuck – Wells Fargo is pretty conservative and not many folks have tried applying for 2 cards. I’d pick one card now, and then try for another one after a few months.

  8. Hey Darius, do you know how long is this offer going to be? or this will come standard for the card?

  9. Just as a heads up for some info on the approval process:

    I have been a Wells Fargo customer for years. When I applied for the World card I was given the “pending” notification, but was approved without any additional steps on my part after a few days. I’ve been applying like a madman over the last few months and there are a ton of inquiries on my report at the moment so it doesn’t seem like they will be too restrictive as long as you have a previous relationship with the bank.

    Once I have the card and play around with the bonus options a bit I will report.

  10. Applied at 2am. Both Wells World and Chase Sapphire NOT approve right away. Wells World card was pending status and Chase Sapphire need addt’l verification. Called later when they open, Chase, rep transfer to another dept to verified addt’l info for 5-10 minutes. Card approved. Wells, rep transfer to pending dept and was informed most with pending status (normal procedure) 2nd rep put on hold about 5 minutes then card approved. Sweet. 2 Chase in February, 1 Barclay in April, now 2. Good Luck all and thanks MMS.

  11. Forgot, did not have relationship with Wells prior.

  12. Applied for Wells World yesterday around 3PM, pending status. Called the line to check on status about 5 min ago and the rep verified some information and said the application was still pending. He said and underwriter needed to review my application and that they were back logged on approval process because of their new market launch last Thursday and told me to call back tomorrow morning and they should have a decision.

    My question is do we know of another way to get the underwriter to look at it now? I was not given the option to speak to another rep like TD was above. I have no prior relationship with Wells, haven’t had an app-o-rama for about 5-6 months. Just hit Chase and Wells yesterday, trying to see what I get approved for before going for Citi AA Executive.

  13. Before applying, I went on to the Wells Fargo Rewards website just to get a feel for their offerings. What a mess?! I get stuck in an endless log-in loop when I try to look at any rewards (travel or digital). Anyone able to log-in. I’m an existing Wells Fargo customer.

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  15. Yes…I logged in and found a ticket for 26,800 points in June that would of cost me $598 or 50,000 AA points, so this is a really good deal. I am an existing Wells Fargo customer.

  16. @Tammy, what link did you use?

  17. “I’m not sure if the 10% annual points bonus will be calculated on points earned from spending only. If it’s calculated on the sign-up bonus”

    The T&C clearly state it doesn’t apply to the sign up bonus.

  18. WF customer for years (savings,checking,investment) – finally a card in my wheelhouse. Got instant approval with pretty large limit. (I’m a pretty conservative player and only get 1-2 new cards every 3 months). Thanks so much for promoting this even though you don’t get commission – that’s why I love your site and try to use your links!

  19. @CJB, I’m new to miles and points and http://gettingmypointshigh.com/
    mentioned to apply early in the day hoping that you get instant approval and utilize your credit inquiry quick so it wont tide up for your next app for a round of churning. And MMS mentioned if not instant approve then when to call, he called right away cuz he’s human and impatience =)

    I applied 4am EST for both cards then called for both but they were closed. called again couple minutes after they open 8am EST.

    Not sure if that really help with applying and calling with those time but the idea may be apply in the A.M., if needs to call then 1st thing in the morning during business hours =) that way your app is top of the stack and MMS mentioned something about app sometime get “Locked” status…

  20. UPDATE: Called back early this morning and they still did not provide a status update or any option to speak to a rep to look over my application. Did some Googl’ing and came up with this number 800-967-9521 for WF. Called and at first thought that number had been canned but then got an automated operator, told them I wanted to check on application status, I had to confirm my SSN, and date of birth and then I heard “Congratulations, you have been approved with a credit line of 9K”. Sweet.

  21. Have been given a tentative approval but I first have to fax over a copy of my social security card and income verification.

  22. JJ, I had the same error until after I got approved for the card. You need a Wells credit card tied to your account to be able to log-in succesfully.

  23. I’m a WellsFargo business account customer. I recently updated my address so I called to apply. After providing the information, they have you listen to the terms and conditions over the phone.

    I realized that the card the agent was applying for was the 365 version. After he came back, I
    explained that I wanted the World card and not the 365. He stated that he corrected the application.

    When the card appeared in my account, it was the 365. I called the customer service, explained the issue. She said it’s been an issue because its a new card offering. They said they would need to pull another report.

    After thinking about it, I told them just to keep the 365 card. The agent then let me know that If I close my other WellsFargo Visa, I could get the World card and keep the 365 card. So, I’ll get 60,000 points!

    She also stated that if I contact Experion, I could tell them the bank made the error
    and they might remove the additional inquiry. I’ll try doing this. The second agent was
    very helpful.

  24. Approved after having to fax my SS Card, no previous relationship with Wells Fargo.

  25. Contingent approval with required income verification via fax submission at branch (past 2-year W2s, or past two paychecks or tax returns). First time EVER for a card issuer to require this type of verification. WHAT!?!

  26. Cmoz – are you going to do it?

    I just got a similar letter asking for the last 2 years of tax returns. I have never had such a request for a credit card and my FICO score is 809. I don’t really want to mess with it, but I hate to waste the credit inquiry.

    I do not have an account with Wells Fargo other than a financing plan for a Tempurpedic bed we bought 2 years ago.

  27. @Laura – Came in with pay stubs. Took almost half an hour just to have banker fax doc to some other places!!! Could have done that from home… I rarely need to do that for card applications… Too much hassles. Still no decision.

  28. Can I add the miles to my united account or are they only redeemable from the Wells Fargo portal?

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  30. Just wanted to update. I got a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo today telling me I was approved. This is about a month after I applied and a couple weeks after sending them copies of my tax returns from the past 2 years. I won’t be jumping through those kind of hoops again. Jeez.

  31. I too waited at bank for rep to fax my 2 pay stubs. Didn’t have a prior account with Wells Fargo. It’s been a total of 6 weeks since applying to get card which just came in the mail today. Now have less time to meet spend limit. Can’t find specific details about rewards!! Does anyone know if $100 reimbursement/statement credit is a one time charge, or can be various amounts throughout year, etc… Also when redeeming points, does it have to be in increments of at least $25? Thanks for any help on this confusing card!

  32. Thanks for the valuable info.. As some visitors have informed they are asking for SS card. can they legally ask for the SS card copy? I mean SS number was introduced so that financial institutions can use it for their benefit.. isnt it? apart from that, its a security concern from identity theft perspective.. I dont know who the hell will be looking at the fax, you know what I am saying.. !

  33. Wanted to add my experience: I applied and was given pending status, so called right away. They needed to verify my SSN and asked me to fax in a copy of my card. I did that on Monday and called back today- card was approved and in the mail!

  34. is it possible to earn those points and then add them to an existing american express account?

  35. Is it possible to buy $100 airline gift card and receive the $100 statement credit meant for airline incidentals? Has anyone tried it?

  36. What types of charges can be considered “travel redemptions”
    You stated:

    “But you can count on it being worth at least $400 statement credits! You can use these statement credits anyway you like (flights, car rentals etc.), so this is a great deal.”

    Does anyone know if this is like the Barclay Arrival card and you just request to be credited for travel related expense, etc…

    And would this work for crediting hotel related charges?

  37. i purchased 100 southwest giftcard and got the credit same day the charge posted to my account.

  38. Just got the card in the mail. If I book a hotel using hotels.com, will I get the 2x points?

  39. So upset 🙁 I applied for this card in May after reading this article, and spent the $3k within the time period, only for me to call Wells Fargo today and have them tell me the spending requirement was actually $3.5k, which I just barely missed. After dealing with the painstaking approval process, a card that isn’t accepted most places, and a terrible website, It’s so frustrating to not get that reward!!! Please make sure the article is updated 🙁

  40. Why do you push this card from Wells Fargo, but not the Captial One Venture card which appears to have a similar offer, but with a better 2x points on all purchases?

  41. @Natalie, the spending requirement was only $3000 for me. Sounds fishy that they would change it. Do you any printouts/emails/paperwork that state $3000? I think I would have to push back a little. No relationship with WF prior to this, applied, called after I got pending, answered a couple of questions and quickly approved. Now I just have to figure out how to spend!

  42. The Cap 1 card actually has 40,000 point sign up bonus with 3000 spend in 3 months.

  43. I wish i would have paid more attention to this before. I am a PMA customer of Wells Fargo for the past 10 years, which would get me 25% bonus! I have been approved for 9 new cards this year, and trying to wait till December/January to apply for Chase Southwest cards for the companion pass (if they are around with 50k bonus). I am confident i would be approved for this, but dont want to risk my chance of getting approved for those Chase cards once the bonus’s come back on them…

  44. @Mandy, I did some more digging into the Wells Fargo shadiness. Apparently the promotion for the 40k miles didn’t officially start until June 17, so any accounts opened before that were not eligible for the promotion (even though they advertised it earlier in May and let people apply earlier) Still seems fishy to me though :/

  45. How many pulls and from where for this card
    I reside in NJ

  46. ? any info please

  47. I got denied the Wells Fargo Propel World American Express® Card because of “lack of relationship” – what can I do? Open a saving account? They told me that I had 60 days to contact them without them having to do another credit report Inquire.
    Does anybody having any experience with getting approved after they denied you because of lack of relationship…

  48. Website doesn’t seem to allow non-WF customers to apply online. Is that what others are seeing?

  49. Hi! Has anyone in the community given feedback on whether or not buying a $100 gift card will count toward incidental expenses? I will receive my card in a few days. If not. I will try.

  50. In regard to:
    “Ben parker | July 28, 2014 at 4:16 pm |
    i purchased 100 southwest giftcard and got the credit same day the charge posted to my account.”
    Ben – Can you specify your redemption? Was it your $400 travel credit or $100 incidental credit?

  51. @qnielsen — my circumstances (credit score >750) exactly as u describe. Went to a branch, opened an acct and was approved for card couple days later. Points just posted.

  52. Matthew Cholankeril

    Does anyone have any experience churning this card after closing it and trying again in a few months?

  53. I too have a very high credit score and was denied simply for not having a banking relationship with Wells Fargo. Had I known this before I applied I never would have. Now I’ve wasted an inquiry on a card as Wells Fargo really doesn’t seem to care about your credit, only that you have an menial account with them. What a joke! I’ll never be a customer of Wells Fargo after this debacle!

  54. I opened a saving accounts with $500 waited 14 days and called them again. Got approved and now have the card 🙂
    You have 60 days to establish a relashinship and call them without them running your credit again. It’s more work but if you want to get something out of the inquiry open a saving accounts and call them and asked them to reconsider.

  55. Thanks for the info everyone. I was planning to apply for this card in Jan after I finish some min spending requirements… After reading this, I’m going to open a WF account now to try to save myself some headaches later.

  56. Hi All,

    I applied for this card today and i got a pending status email. I called in wells fargo and they asked my details and the person asked me if i am a US citizen or permanent resident. When i mentioned i am not, they told me directly they cannot approve me as Wells Fargo participates in US Patriot Act.
    I have a Wells Fargo credit card since 6 years and i told the rep abt it and she said consider yourself lucky to have got the card as we dont approve anymore.
    Under this loophole they let a person apply for the card as they want to show no discrimination against applying but they dont approve a non-citizen or permanent resident. I told the representative that i am disappointed against this discrimination and henceforth would not apply. I just wanted to give headsup not to apply for this card if you fall in same residency status as me.

  57. @Swap, From a US citizen… Sorry that happened to you man. That’s some serious grade A bullshit!

  58. anyone know if the $100 airline credit is per calendar year or starting the date you activate the card?


  59. Where is your Test of the $100 travel statement credit. I read it but now can’t find it. thanks

  60. Sorry I meant the $100 Airline incidental fee statement credit.

  61. Heads up: Unless I’m doing it wrong, the only way to redeem your travel credit is through their rewards portal. I compared prices between the Wells Fargo portal and others (Travelocity, hotels.com, etc). The Wells Fargo portal was at least $50 more expensive for each night!!
    Their “Travel credit” is not the same as Barclay Arrival card. Please let me know otherwise. I would LOVE to be wrong!

  62. I’m pretty new to the points game….I have an existing Wells Fargo credit card with 20,000 points through the Wells Fargo portal. If I add the Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Card and get the 40,000 points can I combine them? Also If I cancel the Propel card before the year is up because of the high annual fee and keep my other Wells card will I loose the points? I’m not sure if this matters or not but I’ve been a wells customer for over 10 years. Thanks for the help!!!

  63. My app declined due to the fact i’m not a permanent resident of United States. I am Canadian who works in San Francisco under a work VISA. This is a turn off. Other banks would issue as long as you have a good enough credit score.

  64. can u apply online if you do not have past relationship ?

    What you’ll need to apply

    An existing Wells Fargo Checking or Savings account/relationship. (Otherwise, please apply at a Wells Fargo location)

  65. I was also denied a credit card with WF for “lack of relationship”. I had a student loan with them, granted its been paid off for 20 years.

  66. I applied for the same card about 10 days ago and today I received the denial letter for the same reason (Lack or insufficient duration of relationship). I called and I was asked to open checking or saving account and then call them again within 60 days. I wish, WF can be more fair for the prospective customers by showing this condition in terms of the application. Had I known it, I wouldn’t have applied for the card.

  67. I opened the checking and saving account online with $500 in savings and $1500 checking. The account setup and everything was settled in a about 7 to 8 working days. I weren’t able to login so I called them and once my password was setup, at the end of the call, I mentioned about the pending credit card application. They transferred me to the product group who was trying very hard to convince me for fresh application and I said NO. Right after I hung up, I called the direct reconsideration and rep was helpful. He said, the application has been submitted for review. After few days the card was in my mail box.

  68. I did this deal back in 2014. Is it possible to get the sign up bonus again on this account? Wells does not allow double dipping on it’s visa/mastercard products – however it is not clear for the amex products (different division).


  69. Very odd experience with this application: Applied July 19 on line – declined, even though had prior relationship and over 750 credit score then received approval ten days later in the mail. Called to verify legitimacy… Guess they had a change of heart. Pleased nonetheless.

  70. Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express® Card
    – 20,000 points (~$400) after spending $3,000 within 3 months
    Just wondering how can we turn 20K points into $400 cash back. Is there a way or that was just a typo in the hot deals table?

  71. Richard Bogolub

    I just wanted to share that as of October 2nd, 2015 the Wells Fargo Propel World credit card will allow you to purchase $100 of American Airlines E-giftcards and get them reimbursed as if they were incidental purchases. I got my $100 back as soon as the transaction went from pending to posted.

  72. Not impressed with this card. I spent the required $3000 within the first billing cycle. I was not awarded the sign-up bonus points until the full 90 day period after approval had run it’s course.

    Then my account said I needed to wait another 30 days until the points were available.

    120 day wait for my sign-up bonus? I don’t think so. This card will soon be history…

  73. I am a current Wells checking, savings and Visa customer. I started in 2012 with a secured Visa, graduated in 2013 to unsecured. Income has improved recently to over $100K and FICO is now an average of 706 all three. What are people finding as an average approval credit score? I also have direct deposit, so they can see all my deposits. Visa card recently down to 4% utilization. All other cards under 8% utilization. Will I be approved for a 365 Propel?

  74. I had a similar situation as Kevin in which I didn’t get my bonus points until a looooong time after I did the minimum spend. I received my card in October, did my minimum spend in October, didn’t get my points, didn’t get my points… call in early December asking how long until it posts, was told my 90 day period in which to spend $3,000 wasn’t up until the end of December, so they need to give people that amount of time to make the minimum spend, so my points would come after Dec. 31. Explained I already met the minimum spend in Oct, which she verified, but stated I wouldn’t get them until after Dec. 31.

    Dec. 31 goes by, so does Jan. 31, and now I’m into Feb. I make the call again… (Feb 8) I get the “hmmm, let me see” and “I don’t know why, let me put you on hold” and she THOUGHT she put me on hold, but I wasn’t and I could hear her talking to her manager. The manager said, “I don’t know why it says Pending, I’ve never seen that before” then the customer service person realizes I’m not on hold and actually puts me on hold. After that she comes back on and says it will post on Feb. 18 and she’s not sure why anyone would have told me Dec. 31. So, I checked this morning and it was finally there. Had I not called, would it still be “Pending”? My guess is yes and I would be waiting even longer. It is a long time to wait for the benefit of the card.