Can I Get the Sign-Up Bonus for the Chase Ink Plus If I Already Have the Chase Ink Bold?

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Update:   This offer is no longer available, but check the Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Update:   The Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available for new sign-ups.

Million Mile Secrets reader SA commented:

Can I apply for Chase Ink Plus even though I already have the Chase Ink Bold?

SA is referring to the fact that there are 2 Chase Ink cards with a similar sign-up bonus:  the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus.  So can SA get the sign-up bonus for each card?

Emily and I each received the sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus.  So SA should be able to get the sign-up bonus for the Chase Ink Plus card, even though he already has the Chase Ink Bold.

And he also may be able to get a new bonus for the Chase Ink Bold (if he has the old MasterCard version)!  The Chase Ink cards used to be issued as MasterCards, but are now issued as Visa cards.  Folks are reporting that the Visa cards are considered different products and it may be possible to get the Visa version of the Ink cards as well.  The Visa versions get you additional discounts in the Visa Savings Edge program.

While these 2 cards offer the same benefits there is 1 difference.

With the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus cards you get:

  • 5X points on cell phones, internet, and cable, and at office supply stores.
  • 2X  point on gas & hotels
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $95 annual fee (waived for the 1st year)

The Chase Ultimate Rewards points you earn do NOT expire unless you cancel your card.  If you cancel your card, you can keep your points safe by transferring them to Chase Ultimate Rewards partners or to another Ultimate Rewards card.

Chase Adds New Transfer Partner More Options To Europe

Chase Ultimate Rewards Partners

The Chase Ink Bold is a business charge card so you don’t have a credit limit, but you have to pay your bill in full each month (which you should in any case!).  And the Chase Ink Plus is a regular business credit card.

This is enough to make these cards 2 different “products.”

Many folks don’t realize they can qualify for a business card.  So check out my post, 3 Ways You May Qualify for a Business Credit Card.

And here’s how to complete a Chase business card application.

Chase Ink Cards Are Now Visa Cards!

The Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus cards used to be MasterCards, but they are now issued as Visa cards.

This is great news because it means both cards should be considered a new product!  So even though SA already has the Chase Ink Bold MasterCard, he may be able to apply for the Chase Ink Bold Visa card and get the new bonus of 60,000 points when he spends $5,000 within 3 months.  This is in addition to the discounts in the Visa Savings Edge program.

Bottom Line

SA can get the limited time 60,000 point bonus when he spends $5,000 within 3 months on the Chase Ink Bold card even if he already has the Chase Ink Plus card.  That’s because they are 2 different products.  The Chase Ink Bold is a charge card and the Chase Ink Plus is a credit card.

Not only that, but SA may also be able get the sign-up bonus again on the Chase Ink Bold.  Both Chase Ink cards are now issued as Visas, which some folks are reporting is a different product than the old MasterCards.

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20 responses to “Can I Get the Sign-Up Bonus for the Chase Ink Plus If I Already Have the Chase Ink Bold?

  1. In addition, if you received your current Ink card relatively recently you may be able to get the extra 10,000pt difference between the regular 50k bonus and the current 60k offer. (Hat tip to Grant T…)

    I sent a polite note to Chase via secure messaging as follows:

    Hello! I just noticed that Chase is offering a 60k Ultimate Reward bonus for signing up for Ink Plus card. As you can see I opened an Ink plus account only a few weeks ago. If I had known that the bonus was going to be 60k I would have waited to sign up. Is there any way possible to get the extra 10k Ultimate Reward points? Thanks in advance!

    Within two hours I received the following note back:

    Thank you for contacting Chase with your recent inquiry
    regarding the 60,000 points enrollment bonus offer.

    I am pleased to advise that I have added 10,000 points to
    your rewards balance so that it receives a total of 60,000
    points for an enrollment bonus. You will see this
    adjustment on the next statement. This adjustment is
    available for redemption now.

    So, the upshot is, essentially, that if you do have a current Ink card the NEW offer may actually be worth 70,000pts to you! (60k for another, and 10k fir the one you already have in hand.)


  2. When applying for these cards using your SS number is that a “hit” on your credit score?

    Thanks for the great work!

  3. Can one get the the point bonus a second time on the exact same card? For example, get Chase Ink Plus Visa, cancel after a year, wait 1 year, apply and receive the same bonus on same Chase Ink Plus Visa a second time (assuming its still offered)? Can one normally do (or not do) this with all credit card sign up bonuses? If one cannot do this it seems there would be a finite number of points one could rack up from sign up bonuses?

  4. @Chris, if you got MasterCard Ink Cards, then you can get Visa Ink Cards. Each Visa card comes in Bold or Plus. Also, if you have another business you can get new cards for that business. You have lots of choices.

  5. Grant, are you sure people can get the sign-up bonus again if you get new cards for different business (if they are all Visa cards)? Chase usually does not allow churning…

  6. I have the Ink Bold MC, and plan to apply for the Bold Visa using the 60K link. I would also like to apply for the Ink Plus at the same time. Any issues applying for both a Bold and Plus at the same time? Or do I need to space out the apps.

    • @Cg – The credit inquiry shows up on your personal credit profile, but the actual line of credit doesn’t show up on your personal account.

      @Slomo63 – It could be tough to get 2 business cards at the same time especially if you already have 1 Bold card open.

  7. I’m new to this and curious. When you sign-up for a card and eventually get the bonus miles, do you then cancel the card?

  8. @Gagne, yes, you can get Ink cards for each business. That just makes good business sense. If you sell on Ebay, consult on the side, run a travel blog, or have rental property income it would make sense to have 1 card for each business. With that said, it will be hard to get more than 1 ink card with 1 SSN. Better have a TIN/EIN if you plan on getting multiple cards for different businesses.

  9. I applied and got InkBold on 4/1/14. SM’d Chase and got the additional 10K points.

    Is it too soon to apply for InkPlus? Now? End of May?

  10. I applied and got approved for the Chase Ink Plus. I have the Chase Bold Mastercard open. At what point do you feel I can apply for the Chase Bold Visa card or do you feel that is too much?

  11. I currently have the Chase Ink MasterCard open. Can I also apply for the Chase Ink Plus Visa card and get approved? Otherwise, is it feasible to first cancel the MasterCard and then a day or so later apply for the new Ink Plus Visa card to get approved?

  12. In my early question, I meant I currently have Chase Ink Plus MasterCard. Additionally, I just today applied for the Chase Ink Bold Visa card for 60k bonus and will follow up with Chase tomorrow to get the decision. Like to know if I should go ahead and apply for the Ink Plus Visa as well.

  13. Well, I have generally been approved for most cards I apply for but got turned down for an Ink Bold VISA while holding an Ink Bold MasterCard. Guess I wasn’t persuasive enough. I’m now unsure what to do next.

    Do I …

    a) let a lot of time expire (say 6 mos+) between my last Chase application and my next Bold/Plus application?
    b) should I cancel the Bold first and wait? I’d hate to be without one of the Bold/Plus/Cash cards for a significant length of time
    (though with probably two Citi Exec cards to fill nowish might be a good time).
    c) should I apply for the Bold VISA next or give that up as harder to justify and go with a Bold Plus next but then have the difficult to explain Plus to Bold transition after that? Or maybe do the Cash next, planning to keep that one for the long haul, cancel the Bold in the process of getting that, and then from there add the Plus and then cancel the Plus again in a year.

  14. I got the pending msg; may I ask what is the recon# ty

  15. Ive had ink for a few mos…worth asking for additionsl 10k?

  16. I’m also trying to figure out the protocol here for those who have had an Ink card for a prolonged period of time. Better to apply for a second or to cancel, wait a few days and then apply?

  17. According to people who didn’t get the 10k, they were told that it was because they had their current ink for >90 days.