60,000 Point (~$600) Bonus on Chase Ink Plus & Ink Bold!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available, but check the Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Update:   The Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available for new sign-ups.

The sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink Bold has increased to 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points – from 50,000 points – after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months.  The $95 annual fee is waived for the 1st year.

There was a 60,000 point offer for the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink Bold in June last year, but it lasted for about a week.  And the sign-up bonus at one point for the Ink Bold was $10,000 within 3 months, so the special offer for 60,000 points after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months is a good offer!

The Chase Ink cards used to be issued as MasterCards, but are now issued as Visa cards.  Folks are reporting that the Visa cards are considered different products and it may be possible to get the Visa version of the Ink cards as well.  The Visa versions get you additional discounts in the Visa Savings Edge program.

Why I Like the Ink Plus and Ink Bold

Emily and I both have the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink Bold and they are among our favorite cards!

60,000 Point 600 Bonus On Chase Ink Plus And Ink Bold

Emily Shopping at an Office Supply Store!

The Chase Ink Plus & Ink Bold are among my favorite cards because:

  • You earn 5X points for cable/internet/telecom purchases and for purchases from office supply stores
  • You earn 2X points for gas & hotel purchases
  • There are NO foreign transaction fees
  • Points never expire and can be transferred to United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, Ritz Carlton, Korean Air, Southwest, and Amtrak
  • The main difference between both cards is the Chase Ink Plus is a credit card while the Chase Ink Bold® is a charge card.  This means that you have to pay the balance on your Chase Ink Bold in full (which you should be doing in any case!), but can roll over the balance on the Chase Ink Plus (not recommended because of the high interest fees).

We’ve used Ultimate Rewards points to have lots of Big Travel with Small Money.  We’ve been to Paris, Maui, Kauai, Switzerland, Italy and many other places thanks to Ultimate Rewards points!

60,000 Point 600 Bonus On Chase Ink Plus And Ink Bold

We Transferred Ultimate Rewards Points to Hyatt to Stay at the Hyatt Regency Maui

Chase Ink Cash

The sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Cash has increased to 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points – from 20,000 points – after spending $3,000 within the first 3 months.  This is one of the largest sign-up bonuses which I’ve seen for the Chase Ink Cash card.  You get 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points which you can redeem for cash back (which is why the offer says $300 below) or transfer to airlines or hotels if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred®Chase Ink Bold or the Chase Ink Plus.

The Chase Ink Cash has NO annual fee, but you get 5X Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back at office supply stores and for cable/internet/telecom only for $25,000 in annual spending per year at Office Supply stores.

The Ink Cash offers 2x points for spending at gas stations and restaurants.

You can’t transfer points from the Ink Cash directly to airline or hotel partners.  But you can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to the Chase Sapphire Preferred®Chase Ink Bold or the Chase Ink Plus card and from there to airline or hotel partners such as Hyatt or United.

Bottom Line

If you were going to apply for the cards, the extra 10,000 points on the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Cash could make it worth applying before this offer ends.

Are you going to apply for the Ink cards with the higher sign-up bonus?

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66 responses to “60,000 Point (~$600) Bonus on Chase Ink Plus & Ink Bold!

  1. I’ll have to sign up for both!

  2. Can we apply for Chase Ink Plus even if we have Chase Ink Bold Card?

  3. Darius,
    I just applied for Citi AAdvantage Mastercard and have to use $10K in 3 months.
    I am tempted to apply for Chase Ink Plus and Ink Bold as it has great benefits (100K points for $10K spent in 3 months).

    Do you think the offer will be still there next Thursday (05/08/14)?

  4. Arg! I just applied for this card literally last week (it hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet.) I called up Chase to ask if they could match it. They said they could, but they asked what the “offer number” is so they could look it up. I don’t see an offer number on that application link. Dariaus, do you happen to know how I can get that information? (It’s the Chase ink Bold I applied for).

  5. Just a warning, I was flagged for manufacturing spend activity when I called in on my Ink Bold application a moment ago and was denied due to having numerous large CVS purchases over the past year. The Chase rep explained to me he would approve my card by moving some of my Ink Plus credit over ($5,000 to move over) but after being on hold a minute or two, he came back and asked specifically on all of my CVS purchases. I have a few Chase personal cards and one business card. I explained how it was used to fund my bank account to pay my rent and utilities bills (which was legitimate) but he said I would not be approved based on this activity and that was it. So I’m concerned my accounts are flagged and my begin being shutdown as experienced by many on FT threads. Anyone else with this experience? Not to scare people away but it looks like Chase is cracking down on this finally and it’s not as easy as it used to be. Any suggestion on next step with this? Should I push to get my account approved or just lay low and hope they don’t look at my account any further?

  6. I already have the Ink Bold. If I apply for the Ink Plus, will I still get the bonus?

  7. My application for the Ink Plus was flagged for further review? Any tips of getting approved? I applied as a sole proprieter

  8. @Jack you will.

    This comes out in perfect sync with the staples $200 gift cards!

  9. Same, I have the Bold VISA, got the Ink Mastercard last year (cancelled it), will I get approved the Ink Plus VISA or is this unlikely (even considering the reconsideration line)? Hell, I’ll most likely apply anyway, but I’m kind of 50-50. This would be great as I’ve racked up around 170,000 UR points with these cards already (sapphire included).

    • @SA @Jack – Emily and I both have the Ink Plus and Ink Bold. And we got the sign-up bonus on each.

      @adi – Can’t say for sure, but I’d guess it should last at least 1 week.

      @Michael K – Not sure how to get the offer number, but usually Chase has great customer service and matches to better offers.

      @Tom – I’d wait a few days and if it is denied call to transfer credit etc.

      @Tim – I can’t say if you will get approved or not because it depends on your creditworthiness.

  10. What an awesome deal! I have the Chase Ink Bold (50k), and while it was a struggle for me to meet the MSR, UR points go a long way. Roundtrip from the US to Europe with an economy saver award on United is 60k, so this offer can be considered a free trip to Europe!

  11. If applying for both does it matter which is applied for first?

  12. In applying for the business card and using the 5x rewards as proposed does this abide with the following certification from the Chase website?

    “I agree this is a business account and shall only be used for business purposes and not for personal, family or household use.”

  13. Quick question — I am a RN who is thinking about starting up a consulting business…really, REALLY preliminary. Would this count as a viable business??

  14. Can I open Bold and Plus on the same day to avoid multiple hard pull?

  15. Thanks! Applied and approved a couple weeks ago. I contacted them and they approved the additional 10k UR points!

  16. spoke to a representative from Chase yesterday… the 60,000 point deal is good through the end of May (May 1 until May 31)

  17. Darius,

    I followed your advice on reconsideration and was successful in being approved for the Ink Bold. I was on the phone for 20 minutes or so with a very nice and courteous Chase Rep named Jim and we worked together and he was able to do the approval. I had just applied yesterday when the new offer came out. I normally would not have pursued this but followed your steps and it could not have gone smoother.



  18. I have an Ink Cash card from about 2 years ago (Visa). I barely use it.
    I also have a Ink Bold Mastercard from last year.

    Can I still apply for any of the Ink Bold or Ink Plus cards and still get these rewards?

  19. In the last year have gotten the Ink Plus and Bold card. Applied for my 2nd ink Plus this morning. ( I have 3 separate legit businesses. Got the – we need to review your application further upon submitting application. I immediately called the business reconsideration line , asked if they needed any additional information to process my application. The lady said she would need 3 – 5 minutes to look things over on my file. I was wondering since I already have 2 personal cards and 2 inks with chase, I would be denied or have to move credit around. When she came back on the line, she said i was approved for 18k, no questions asked. This is why i believe I had no problem- If they looked at my history with my current ink cards, they saw I’ve spent a average of a couple thousand a month on them, 7,000 each in the last month. This may have been key here – no manufacturing spend. Yes I do buy store gift cards occasionally to get 5x, but I don’t go overboard. I feel if these cards are mainly used for MS, the benefits are going to be lost for everyone. Look at the talk this last week about chase removing the 5x from office supply stores.

  20. @Michael K

    Send a secure message. Here’s how mine went.
    Dear Chase – I was recently approved for this Ink Plus
    account ending in XXXX less than 60 days ago on March 4,
    2014. I see now though that the bonus offer has increased
    from 50,000 Ultimate Reward points to 60,000 Ultimate
    Reward points via this offer


    Will you please match me to this 60,000 point offer?


    Dear matthewD,

    Thank you for your contacting Chase with your recent
    inquiry regarding the 60,000 point enrollment bonus offer.

    I am pleased to inform you that we will be honoring the
    $60,000 cash back offer as long as you meet the
    eligibility requirement for your original offer which is
    to earn 50,000 reward points after spending $5,000.00
    within the first 3 months following account opening.

    Once you meet the $5,000.00 spend threshold, I request you
    to please reply to this email via the secure message
    center or call us at the customer service number listed
    below we will add the additional 10,000 reward points to
    your account to match the 60,000 new account offer.
    I must admit I am very excited about them “honoring the
    $60,000 cash back offer “

  21. Hi,

    I have a question about point transfer to Southwest. I currently have quite a few Chase Ultimate Rewards points via Chase Freedom card. I understand I cannot transfer those to Southwest. I am curious though if I can transfer those points once I get Chase Ink card? I.e. is Chase going to allow me to combine the Ultimate Rewards points from all accounts once I get Chase Ink?


  22. Hi,
    I just applied for both the Ink Plus and the Bold. Both gave me a “need to review” message. Do you know what number I can call to get them to expedite? Is it the reconsideration line? If so, does anyone have the number?


  23. @Alex

    Yes, once you get one of the Ink cards you will be able to transfer your freedom UR points to your Ink UR points, so that you may then transfer them to SW.

  24. I also asked Chase about matching the 60k offer since I just got the card a few weeks ago, and am currently working on the spend. I got a similar (poorly worded) message asking me to reply once I reach the spend and they will add the 10k points.

    “You are a valuable Chase customer for us and we will be
    pleased to add the additional 10,000 points to match the
    60,000 bonus offer. I request you to revert once you have
    met the spend threshold for the original offer on your
    account, i.e. $5,000.00 in the first 3 months of the
    account open date.”

  25. ReadyOrNotLetsGo

    I am going to Europe soon. I was wondering if you could recommend good insurance coverage (which would include health insurance). I used UR miles and charged the taxes and fees to my Chase Explorer card, but I am not sure if that will cover me for their insurance, or if you only get that benefit by paying cash.

  26. Tryingtotravel

    Last year (June) I applied for this card and was declined even after calling the reconsideration line…….too many cards. I closed a few chase accounts and have low with chase. I got a snail mail flyer for 50k but applied via the link for 60………… My app is under review…… What is the phone number for the business reconsideration line? I?’my planning to call tomorrow? Thanks

  27. I tried for the extra 10k on my existing Ink Plus and failed but here’s why. I opened my account last August. I wasn’t going to even write and ask but thought what the heck, wouldn’t hurt. So I phrased it nicely like above, admitted that my account had been opened awhile but graciously requested their consideration for the additional 10,000 points. Here was their response:

    “Thank you for contacting Chase regarding the 60,000 points
    enrollment bonus offer.

    With the continual changes and promotional offers for many
    credit card products we at Chase will always consider
    allowing the newest promotion to be applied to any
    qualified accounts that were opened within the previous 90
    days of the offer.

    In reviewing the open date on the account, I regret to
    advise that the account is not qualified to participate in
    the new enrollment promotion and therefore we are unable
    to honor your request.

    Although we appreciate your loyalty, we ask that you trust
    that this decision is the same for all members whose
    accounts do not fall within this designated time frame. We
    feel that adhering to the same policy for all members
    outside of this designated time frame is the best way to
    remain fair and consistent.”

    So for those getting close to that 90 day deadline, better move fast. On the bright side, I was accepted for the Ink Bold 60,000 offer a couple days ago. No complaints except for the 30 minute reconsideration interrogation which was the biggest headache I ever went through when it comes to reconsideration calls.


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  30. I applied and got application down for further review. I then called them to expedite the review process.
    The app was denied because the lady said my credit history is short (1.5 yr), and business is too new (0.5 year) as sole proprietor. I have freedom (last aug) and SouthWest card (january). I asked if I can shuffle the credits around and she said no…

    She said I’m going to get in writing for the status of this application. Do you think I still can call them up for reconsideration?

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  33. Just to let you all know: I was told by Chase that this promotion is part of the “National Small Business Week”, and will end this week. National Small business Week runs the 12th to 16th, so you decide if you should wait. I applied and was approved AND my husband applied on 2-27 and was able to get the 10,000 points added to his account. So thank you Darius for keeping us all abreast of these great deals.

  34. I currently have an ink bold (using ssn) whitch i got last year for 50k+10k SM. It renewed this year after I forgot to cancel and charged annual fee. Uggh.

    With the 60k promotion, I applied for ink bold for my other biz which I applied for with my EIN and faxed them my irs Cp 575. They said it would take 5-7 days to verify before application can be reviewed. Is this common? Can i get the 60k last year for my sole proprietor ebay biz and now 60k for my corporation?

  35. @MatthewD …
    Thank you for posting the secured message.

    I was approved for Ink Plus around the second week of February. I was bummed to read the signup bonus increased from 50K to 60K.

    After reading a couple of posts (@MatthewD), I decided to contact Chase. Worse case, they would say no. So I had nothing to lose.

    Within a hour of sending a SM to Chase Card Services, I received a reply back… I immediately saw my UR point balance with 10K points!!!
    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the 60,000 bonus points offer.

    I am pleased to advise that I have added the 10,000 points to the account ending in _ _ _ _ so that it receives a total of 60,000 points for an enrollment bonus. You will see this adjustment on the next statement. This adjustment is available for redemption now.

    My SM to Chase:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I was recently approved for this Ink Plus account ending in _ _ _ _ within the past 90 days ago in February _ _
    2014. I see now though that the bonus offer has increased from 50,000 Ultimate Reward points to 60,000 Ultimate Reward points via this offer:

    Can you match this 60,000 point offer?


    • @Brennan – Thanks for the info!

      @Webazoid – I’ve got the card for sole proprietor and EIN businesses. They have great customer services and like it when you spend on their cards.

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  37. Hey Darius, great website!
    I just applied for the ink plus using your link. Cheers!

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  39. I applied for and was approved for the CitiAdvantage, Alaska Airline, and US Airways cards in March. Have met the spending requirements on all. Do you think it’s too soon to apply for the Ink Bold? I’d like to get in on the 60,000 miles offer.

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  41. I applied about 9 business days ago for INK bold using my EIN. I already have one w/ SSN. I called on day 2 and got connected with verification department who needed me to fax IRS verification letter of my EIN. Called back 5 days later and they had not received my fax. Called biz reconsideration line who gave me direct fax number to supervisor of verification. Called a day later and was approved. Card sent out and arriving w/in a week. Used MMS link! Great blog!

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  44. First off, longtime reader, first time poster 🙂 — I love the site! One quick question — I lend money to folks through LendingClub and devote so much time to picking out loans to fund that I consider it to be a part-time side business. Accordingly, can that be my business for the Chase Bold Card application? If so, I have one more question (sorry for lying about having only one question, but this is a follow-up so it shouldn’t count 🙂 ). Specifically, when I applied for the Chase Ink card about a year ago, the only business I had was selling items on EBay and I reported revenues to Chase of around $300/year (but still was approved). If I use my LendingClub business as my business for my Chase Bold application, I am concerned that the significant increase in reported revenues of my business may raise a red flag. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • @Jasner – I agree; follow-ups shouldn’t count! If you feel that you make a profit and conduct your activities to make a gain, it could be a business. But ask your accountant! I wouldn’t mix your ebay business and your lending tree business, but would apply exclusively for the lending tree business.

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  46. I have several Chase cards including two business cards (Ink Plus and Southwest Business). I applied for the Ink Bold yesterday and didn’t get immediately approved online so I called the reconsideration line. They asked me about my new business which I explained in detail and mentioned was about 6 months old. They also asked me about the businesses associated with my other two business cards and I explained both of them in great detail as well. They eventually denied me because my new business wasn’t “established” enough. The rep said they want to see more revenue and a longer track record. I sensed he wasn’t going to budge so I politely thanked him and ended the call. I called the reconsideration line again and answered the same basic set of questions with the second rep. The result was the same. They wanted to see a more “established” business. However they couldn’t give me a minimum revenue target or a minimum business age. I asked if transferring credit from one of my other Chase cards to the new Ink Bold would help and they said no. This is signaling Chase no longer likes the “startup” phase of a business for their business cards. Do you have any advice? Is it worth calling back a third time?

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  48. Applied for this today, called the reconsideration line, the guy I spoke to was super tough with all his questions, but was ultimately approved for 5k credit limit. Once I get my card, could I ask for an increase? I’m head of a department at my company and I’m planning to say that I calculated our average monthly expense which is actually much higher than $5,000.
    Fast forward to tonight, just went on Chase and the offer is gone. It’s back to only 50,000 bonus points. Hopefully I still get my 60,000 bonus points right? Should I call to confirm once I receive my card?

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  53. I got mine in the mail today! If I added my husband as an authorized user (technically, an employee) on my Chase Ink Plus card, will all the points go to the same account? I only ask because our credit card numbers are different which seems strange.

  54. Called the reconsideration line and after many questions about my income and new business, got denied. Called right back and the second agent told me the first had recorded my 2012 and 2013 incomes were wrong even though I told the 1st the correct amt. Got approved for 5k

  55. Hi MMS.

    Do you have any knowledge of bank employees churning business credit cards? Does the bank even know about which credit cards their employees have?

  56. Hi, does anyone know if sub/employee accounts are part of the 5k spend to get the bonus of if all spend has to go on the master account?

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  58. After a year, if i dont want the membership fee with the ink bold, what should i do? I was going to transfer the line of credit but was told that I would not be able to transfer the line of credit since it is a business card. If I cancel it will it hurt my credit score? Ideas?