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Your comments and support throughout the years have been amazing!  We’d like to say thanks this week by giving away $200 in Amazon Gift Cards.


You Could Shop on Amazon for Free!

I shop on Amazon often because they have almost EVERYTHING and it is faster than going to several stores.  Shopping online gives me more time to write blog posts and travel!

I like to buy Amazon gift cards from office supply stores and then use those to buy things online.  That’s because my Chase Ink card gives me 5X Ultimate Rewards points on purchases at office supply stores.

How to Enter:

1.   Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling me how you 1st learned about the miles & points hobby.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win a $100 Amazon Gift card after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

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Good luck!

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544 responses to “Blog Giveaway: $200 in Amazon Gift Cards!

  1. I think I have been collecting miles since my first flight when I was 13! I signed up my parents back then… And now 24 years later I am still collecting them.

  2. learned from a friend who shared about this mysterious way to fly business for cheap!

  3. I found by a lucky stumble about a year and a half ago. Then found you and others from there.

  4. I first learned about seriously collecting miles and points from my sister-in-law, who told me about your blog.

  5. My initial introduction to miles & points accrual was when my employer (the US Govt) tried to take the points away after earning them. The miles were going to go to someone else’s account or be wasted. After fighting headquarters for several years, they relented and I got to keep them and then made it into a hobby.

  6. Technically, I started about 20 years ago with Citibank AA cards, but I didn’t even get any bonuses – just spent a lot!

    This eventually petered out a few years ago but by then I had accumulated over 2 million AA miles and was grandfathered in as Platinum elite.

    Then in 2011 I read your blog and became very involved. I am guessing that I applied for about 30 cards through your site and a similar amount for my wife. I now have 3 million lifetime AA miles and quite a lot of other miles and bank points.

    Keep up the good work, and thank you !!

  7. I learned about it through the amazing 100,000 point AA signup credit card a few years ago. I applied and never looked back!

  8. I started looking into points and miles when I realized I had used the same credit card for the past 8 years and had only gotten $150 gift card as an incentive. I watched all the credit card offers roll in and figured there must be something better. THERE IS!

  9. I first learned about the miles and point hobby from your blog I am not sure how long ago that was. I love your blog and am a confirmed email subscriber.

  10. I found through a Google Search for a credit card offer back in the 2010/2011.

  11. Sameepa Doshi

    I learned about miles and points just this past year from a close friend/colleague. I have been a huge fan since and read the blog daily.

  12. I learned about it from my mom. It runs in the family!

  13. I was googling after trying to tear my hair about to get good value for my Delta miles. Landed on MMS and never looked back 🙂

  14. Last February, I was simply curious if there was a way to pay my household bills with a credit card and started googling different sets of search terms. I had no idea at the time that much of what I’ve now learned was going on. The idea of turning my everyday spending into points/miles/cashback has consumed me over these few months, and my search led me to your blog. Thank you for your help.

  15. I first learned about frequent flyer miles from my dad. The entire family (all 6 of us) flew round trip to Europe for free and that’s when it clicked for me.

  16. Jim Prolsdorfer

    My wife and I were casual miles and points hobbyists until our first international trip which we paid for with miles. We found it downright amazing to travel from Alaska to Rome essentially for FREE and to do it in FIRST CLASS! International First Class turned out to be a destination in and of itself. We were in heaven and were sad to get off the plane! It’s the only way to travel and, thanks to miles and points, we can afford it! We have been hooked ever since!

  17. I first learned about miles from my college roommate, he showed me how he and his girlfriend flew to California for Spring Break for free and it blew my mind. I have been hooked ever since.

  18. I started when I got an ad from Chase in the mail, intended for the person who lived in my apartment before me! It was just in time to earn extra points for Christmas shopping and a trip to China for a school workshop, and the points helped me pay my way home for Christmas (and hopefully soon to somwhere else exciting, or at least job interviews, after my quickly-approaching graduation)

  19. I received an offer from Southwest for their 50,000 point card, and it piqued my interest. I searched online for more information about it and found your site. I subscribed right then, and I was hooked!

  20. alohastephen

    I first learned about the miles & points hobby while in grad school 7 years ago. I was travelling a lot between my home in Japan and classes in Honolulu. When I reached Star alliance Gold and started getting free upgrades, I was intrigued and searched google for more information. I stumbled upon The Frugal Travel Guy who had just started writing his blog in 2007.

  21. Thank you for your insights I finally had the courage to play the credit card game. I have learned through you and still learning as I progress. Through your advices, I have 2 trips planned paying through points!

    Thank you!

  22. A fried recommended I sign up for an AA card for 75K, the AA website was very slow so I though my application did not go through so I signed up again, ended up with 2 cards, 150K of AA 🙂

  23. Learned it from my best friend!

  24. By reading a miles & points blog like yours.

  25. My son turned me on to the miles with credit card offers. Slowly I am picking up information form your blog and several others on how to maximize miles.

  26. learned it from you!!

  27. I first learned about the hobby when I decided to cancel my AAdvantage credit card. I didn’t want to pay the annual fee but didn’t want to lose my points. When I found out that my points were not connected to my credit card, I thought “Maybe I can get the same card again…” The rest is history.

  28. I first heard about your blog / website when googling cheap travel ideas – I loved your bow tie ! Have been following you ever since !

  29. Learnt it from my aunt who told me to register the AA program before my first international flight

  30. I learned via fatwallet

  31. Started 2 years ago when I was planning my first international trip! I was reading up information and I came across Flyertalk. After reading Flyertalk, I began looking to blogs such as MillionMilesSecrets and JustAnotherPointsTraveler and I was hooked. I haven’t looked back since.

  32. I learned via FlyerTalk and then found great blogs like yours! I started in 2011.

  33. Learned about this 80 per cent, thanks to Darius

  34. Joshua Morris

    I was researching information about Southwest’s credit card bonus and your blog was the first website that I found that had succinct, helpful information regarding the topic. I’ve hung around ever since that day. Thank you for all the information you provide.

  35. I came across last year when I tried to look for ways to save a few dollar on air tickets for my Hong Kong trip. I have learned a lot about points and miles on your blog. Booked 4 Cathay Pacific tickets using points + $1200, otherwise I would have pay over $6500. Thanks for all the info!!!

  36. I learned it from a good friend. He recommended your website,
    Your website has made it possible for my family to travel beyond our means.
    Thank you so much!

  37. Adam Henningsen

    I learned about “App-o-rama’s” on Finance forum back in 2005 when savings accounts were giving 5% returns. After rates dropped, collecting Miles and rewards became bigger. I’ve been doing it casually ever since.

  38. i learned about it after flying often and needing to put my points into airlines then opened credit cards to top them off.

  39. I overheard someone talking about collecting points/miles from different sources at an airport a few years back and it caught my attention.

  40. I think I found out about this hobby the same way many people did, the pudding for airline miles guy. The story made me laugh, it gave a little insight into the handshakes between companies when they do promotions and then Paul Thomas Anderson stole the story for Punch Drunk Love. I’m not as good at accumulating miles/points as others are, but I’m learning!

  41. i first found out just now – I was looking around for travel tips for my upcoming vacation (my first real vacation in over a decade!!) and found you!

  42. I first learned about it on dansdeals!

  43. A few years ago, I called up AA with a question on my AAdvantage account and was offered a 75000 mile signup bonus for the Citi Visa. I had just signed up for a 25000 mile offer a few months before so it was killing me that I couldn’t get the new offer! I did an internet search to see if I could learn more about it and that’s how I came across Flyertalk and TPG. I was so excited to learn about all the opportunities! Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge of this rewarding hobby 🙂

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