Get Hilton or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

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There’s a simple way to earn hotel points for a fun activity you’d be doing anyway.  We’ve seen how to earn airline miles for dining.  Today, let’s see if you can earn hotel points!

  • Sign-up for the free Rewards Network
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Automatically get points in your Hilton or gG account when using your card at 1 of their ~10,000 restaurants, pubs, and clubs
Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

What Would You Like for Dessert…Hilton or IHG Hotel Points?

How It Works

If you don’t yet have a free hotel rewards account you can sign-up with Hilton and register with IHG.

Go to Rewards Network and choose either Hilton or IHG as your partner.  Or you can connect with an airline instead.

Enter your credit card information with the hotel you’ve chosen.

Now you’ll earn up to 8 points for each $1 you spend (including tax and tip) at the restaurants and bars in the network.

Your Credit Card Can’t Double-Date Both Programs

You can only register a credit card with ONE airline dining program at a time.  I usually register my Chase Sapphire Preferred because it earns 2X miles on travel and dining.

So for example, your registered Chase Sapphire Preferred card will earn you Hilton hotel points OR IHG hotel points miles but NOT both.

For example, if you register your Sapphire Preferred with the Hilton hotel dining program, but after a week also register it with the IHG dining program, you will only earn miles with the last registered program (IHG Rewards in this example).

Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

Your Meal Comes With Hilton or IHG Hotel Points, NOT Both

But you’re free to register a different card, such as your Chase Freedom or Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®, with the other hotel’s program.

Hotel Dining Programs

1.   Hilton HHonors

Link:   Hilton HHonors Dining

Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

You’ll earn:

  • 2 points per $1 spent (if you don’t opt-in to receive emails)
  • 5 points per $1 spent (if you opt-in for emails)
  • 8 points per $1 spent (after 12 dines a year and you opt-in for emails)

You’ll get 1,000 Hilton bonus points after spending $30 on a single bill in the 1st 30 days of enrolling and completing a quick restaurant review.

2.   IHG Rewards Club (formerly Priority Club)

Link:   IHG Rewards Club Dining

Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

You’ll earn:

  • 1 points per $1 spent (if you don’t opt-in to receive emails)
  • 5 points per $1 spent (if you opt-in for emails)
  • 8 points per $1 spent (after 12 dines a year and you opt-in for emails)

You get 1,000 bonus points after you spend $30 on a single dine and complete a quick restaurant review within 30 days of joining.

Chew on This

Earning points through Rewards Network keeps your Hilton account active.  Hilton will wipe out all your points if you don’t earn or use points within 12 months.  Earning even a few points will prevent Hilton from resetting your account to zero.

Should You Connect Your Credit Cards to a Hotel or Airline?

You can earn airlines miles or hotel points from dining.  So which should you choose?

If you have airline miles or hotel points in an awards program that are in danger of expiring because you haven’t gained or used points in awhile, sign-up with them.

Spending even $1 at a participating fast food restaurant will prevent the airline or hotel from wiping out your points!

Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

Spending Even a Small Amount of Money at a Participating Restaurant Keeps Your Hilton Awards Account Active

Otherwise, when considering whether you’d like to sign-up your most frequently used credit card with an airline or hotel program, I’d choose the 1 that fits your travel plans.

It all depends on how much you value hotel points versus airlines miles.  And that’s mainly determined by how you travel!

Some folks want the Southwest Companion Pass so a partner can travel for free and they tend to use sites like Priceline to get hotel deals.  So they should sign-up for the Southwest dining program.

Other folks go on lots of business trips earning them lots of hotel points, so they prefer earning airline miles.

Remember, you can join BOTH hotel and airline programs if you sign-up using different cards!

Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

Got a Lot of Cards? Sign-Up Each 1 You Use at Restaurants & Bars to Rewards Network

If you’re motivated, you can change the awards program your favorite credit card is connected with whenever you want!

For instance, let’s say you always use your Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® card to pay at restaurants.  And you have it connected to Hilton because you don’t want your Hilton points to expire.

Use your Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® card 1 time at a Rewards Network bar or restaurant.  Now you’ve earned Hilton points so your points with them are safe for another 12 months!

Then you can sign-up for the United Airlines program with your Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® card and from now on you’ll get United Airlines miles instead.

That said, I usually value 1 airline mile more than 1 IHG or Hilton point, so would prefer to earn airline miles than hotel points.

Rewards Network Is NOT the Fastest Way to Big Travel but It’s Easy

Credit card sign-up bonuses are the quickest way to Big Travel with Small Money but I like to collect every easy point along the way – especially when it involves eating!

I probably wouldn’t choose a restaurant or bar just because it earns points.  But if I’m going to a place that happens to be in the program, I’m happy to take the points!

There are a variety of places in Rewards Network including fine dining, casual restaurants, pubs, and fast food.

Get Hilton Or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

Rewards Network Will Give You Points for Trying New Restaurants.

Bottom Line

You can earn up to 8 Hilton or IHG Hotel points per $1 when you use your enrolled credit cards at the restaurants and bars participating in Rewards Network.

This shouldn’t be your main course of earning hotel points but it’s great as a side dish!

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7 responses to “Get Hilton or IHG Hotel Points With Your Next Meal

  1. I’m confused from your article… I know i can’t double dip and register with both IHG & Hilton, but can i enroll in both the Airline program AND the hotel program?

  2. David Gutierrez

    I usually switch back and forth between miles for dining and miles for hotel points. Whatever I happen to need at that junction in time is what I will pick.

  3. I usually get cash back with iDine. Once you hit $250 for the year, it’s 10% cash back in the form of an Amex gift card. I think $250 is much easier to reach than 12 visits.

  4. Darius,
    If you are always switching up the reward partners, aren’t you essentially leaving the “bonus” points on the table? meaning, if i have 2 dines with Delta Skymiles, 2 with Hilton, 3 with United….That means it’s much harder to get to the 12 dines/year where you get the “extra/bonus” points…Right?

    It’s hard enough to find 12 places that you like enough to visit regularly to get to the bonus, but I feel that if i do a few eats with this partner, a few with that one…i never get to the “bonus”
    please comment on what happens when you switch the credit card/cards between different reward partners. Do the # of dines already completed stay “on the record” ? for instance: I have 4 dines with United rewards networks. If i switch to Southwest Dining and i eat out another 8 times at qualifying restaurants, have I reached the bonus on Southwest Rewards dining or do i need to have 12 at Southwest Dining alone?


  5. I don’t think Hilton’s T&Cs allow dining rewards to reset the expiration clock. Did you research this before posting?

  6. You can enroll in as many dining rewards programs as you wish. Just use a different credit card for each program. Currently, I have United, American, US Air, and IHG. And when someone new offers a bonus I will join that one too and do whats required to earn the bonus.