An Asian Holiday: Part 11 – Hong Kong Walking Tour of Shops, Flowers, and More

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Emily Jablon:  Daraius and I celebrated Christmas in Macau and Hong Kong with his family for ~8 days.  It was our 1st time to Macau and Hong Kong and we were very excited to visit!

Activities In Hong Kong

Daraius Bonding With the Pitcher Plant Above Him Because They’re Both Carnivores

An Asian Holiday – Trip Report Index:

An Asian Holiday: Part 11 – Towering the Skyscrapers and Other Fun Activities in Hong Kong – Part 2

These posts will cover some of the most popular sites in Hong Kong, including:

1.   Shopping in Hong Kong (Kowloon and Western District Shops, Tsim Sha Tsui, Ladies’ Market, and Stanley Market)

We went to the Serenade restaurant in the Hong Kong Cultural Center for a dim sum lunch, and then went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art next door.

Activities In Hong Kong

The Art Museum Is Located in the Hong Kong Cultural Center

The art museum has mainly drawings, paintings, and ceramics by Chinese artists, along with some contemporary art exhibits.  After that, we walked down Nathan Road, the big shopping street, and went down Granville Ave.

Activities In Hong Kong

Brightly Lit Shops and Hotels on Nathan Road in Kowloon

I’d heard Nathan Road had good, cheap clothing but I think the trendy designs and bright colors cater more to a younger crowd.

I really enjoyed all the neon signs and seeing all of the people out.  The people and the lights make Hong Kong a very vibrant city!

Activities In Hong Kong

Daraius Doesn’t Know It Yet, but We’re About to Shop Till We Drop

It reminded me of New York, but even more lit up and dynamic.

The next day, we went to the shops on Li Yuen Street, East and West.

Activities In Hong Kong

Markets and Shopping Everywhere You Turn

Cat Street is known for junk and antiques.

Activities In Hong Kong

You Can Buy Jade, Antiques, and Silk Products on Cat Street

There were old Chairman Mao era relics, etc.  I couldn’t help but think most of the “antiques” were reproductions!  Still, it was interesting to see the various shops and what was for sale.

Activities In Hong Kong

Carvings, Home Decor, and Stuff You Might Find at the Dollar Store Back Home

2.   Tsim Sha Tsui

Then, we took the subway to Jordan for the Temple Street markets and food stalls.  After dinner, we went through the Temple Street Night Market.

Activities In Hong Kong

You Could Buy Clothing, Silk, and Souvenirs at the Night Market

The shops mainly sold phone cases, t-shirts, souvenirs, and hosiery.

Activities In Hong Kong

Daraius and I Didn’t Buy Much, but We Enjoyed Browsing

Many of the shops sold the same items so everything starting looking the same.

Activities In Hong Kong

I Need a Yiddish to Chinese Dictionary!  How Do You Say Tchotchkes in Cantonese?

Still, it was fun to look around for the hidden gems!

Activities In Hong Kong

I Passed on the Brightly Colored Bathrobes and Pajamas, but Picked up Some Cute Hats

Another day, we went to the Ladies’ Market.

Activities In Hong Kong

In the Midst of All the Chinese Signs…McDonald’s of Course!

This market is supposed to have women’s clothing and accessories, but I didn’t find anything I liked.  I did find some super cute stickers, though!

Activities In Hong Kong

Fun Stickers to Bring Home

The same goods were sold lane after lane, and reminded me of the Temple Street markets.  Daraius loved browsing through the markets!

However, Stanley Market was different.  We had to take a bus there, but we were glad we did.  The best part were the gorgeous views.

Activities In Hong Kong

Stanley Bay

There were lots of people enjoying the scenery.

Activities In Hong Kong

Locals Enjoying the Outdoors

There were also shops that sold souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, etc., in addition to a few restaurants.

Activities In Hong Kong

The Bay and the Mountains Were Very Picturesque

There were all kinds of vendors selling trinkets.

Activities In Hong Kong

The Market Was Cramped and Crowded

We’d been on planes, trams, buses, and ferries on this trip, but this was a new mode of transport!

Activities In Hong Kong

A New Way to Bring the Groceries Home!

3.   Mong Kok Walking Tour: Flower Market, Fish Market, Bird, and Pet Markets

On our last day in Hong Kong, we went to the Flower Market.  There are lots of shops selling flowers!

Activities In Hong Kong

Look Out Daraius!  That’s a Carnivorous Plant Over Your Head!

Every imaginable flower was there, and you could buy flowers for 10 Hong Kong dollars, or ~$1.30.  I loved seeing the beautiful colors arranged so nicely!

Activities In Hong Kong

A Rainbow of Tropical Plants and Flowers

There were also planter shops, seed shops, and shops selling decorative fountains.

Next, we went to the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, where locals bring their birds to socialize with each other and where shops sell them.

Activities In Hong Kong

Owners Bring Their Pets to the Garden for a Bird Playdate

We saw parrots, toucans, parakeets, finches, and more.

Activities In Hong Kong

A Pet Parrot With Vivid Blue and Yellow Feathers

What a lovely bird!  I wanted to bring her home!  I mentioned to Daraius how I liked this parrot’s attractive feathers and singing voice.  He said that was very sensitive of me but everyone knows parrots are rough-and-tumble pets meant only for pirates.

I knew he was joking when he squeezed 1 eye shut and bellowed, “Argh!”

Activities In Hong Kong

This Bird Seemed So Intelligent and Had a Lot to Say!

You could also buy live bird food.  What bird wouldn’t want a tasty live grasshopper or worm?

Activities In Hong Kong

Polly Want a…Cricket?

Next, were the pet markets.  There were fish, cats, dogs, and bunnies for sale.  I felt bad seeing the cute animals locked away in the cages!

4.   Supermarket Shopping at Great Food Hall, near the Conrad Hotel

The night before we flew back to the US, we went to Great Food Hall in the Pacific Plaza mall which is connected to the Conrad, to get some snacks and gifts.  The shop is a little expensive, but Daraius and I appreciated the convenience of a 5 minute walk back to our hotel.

We picked up some Asian candy….

Activities In Hong Kong

We Weren’t Sure What These Were, but They Looked Yummy

And browsed the European chocolates.

Activities In Hong Kong

Daraius Hit the Chocolate Jackpot

We got some sesame snacks…

Activities In Hong Kong

Different Kinds of Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet (or Salty) Tooth

And looked at the expensive caviar, which cost up to ~$730 a tin!

Activities In Hong Kong

Gourmet Caviar: My Fish Allergy Saves Daraius Thousands of Dollars per Year

We had fun looking at everything for sale.

Activities In Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Double Decker Buses & Shopping Carts

Bottom Line

Hong Kong has shopping areas for every taste and budget.  You can find cheap clothing, souvenirs, antiques, flowers, and even pets!

We loved walking around the markets!  There really is something for everyone in Hong Kong!

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20 responses to “An Asian Holiday: Part 11 – Hong Kong Walking Tour of Shops, Flowers, and More

  1. Just saying,8 days in Hong Kong and Macau is too long. Macau would be good for a 2 day visit and HK maybe another 3 days. Waste of your Hotel points. You could have gone to Mainland China which has more interesting sights.

  2. Thanks for the trip report. Sounds like it was a relaxing time!

    I was at Conrad the last time I stayed there. Loved it. Location was a bit further out than I needed to (ironically, my goal wasn’t to be near Central) :), but it was a nice stay (before the devaluation!)

    I love that you picked up the stickers. Kid at heart!!!

  3. Having just done a trip to Peru where we visited the Tambopata Macaw Research Center, I think I can confidently say that you were looking at a blue and yellow macaw. They are beautiful and intelligent birds although the population is eroding because of the usual suspects, habitat loss, poaching so people can keep them at home coupled with the fact that they can be very fussy about breeding if circumstances are not perfect. It’s amazing to see them in the rain forest, flying in mated pairs.

    On a happier note, I’m loving the report, especially Emily’s photo captions. The one about your fish allergy saving Daraius thousands of dollars made literally laugh. Hopefully you carried a translated version of your allergy card on the trip for the chefs to refer to!

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  13. @ betty lopez- I am sure mainland China has a lot of gorgeous sights and history as well, but Hong Kong and Macau were enjoyable too!

    @ BOShappyflyer- We went to Hong Kong again this past week because we had a free stopover and stayed at the Intercontinental. The location and rooms were much better than the Conrad. I got stickers on this trip, too! 🙂

    @ Gaurav- Thanks! Glad you enjoy the captions and thanks for the info on the macaw. I do have translated allergy cards, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to write a post on for other allergy sufferers. They really help communicate the seriousness of allergic reactions!

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