Blog Giveaway: $200 in Walmart Gift Cards!

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You’re the best blog readers in the world!  To thank you, we’re giving away $200 in Walmart gift cards. 

Blog Giveaway: $200 in Walmart Gift Cards

You Could Win a Walmart Gift Card!

Walmart is a good place for one stop shopping.  You could use your Walmart gift to purchase anything from groceries to luggage.

We like to load our Bluebird cards when we visit Walmart.  Bluebird is a checking alternative from American Express and Walmart.  And it’s great tool for earning lots of points!

You can use your Bluebird account to meet high minimum spending requirements on cards like the Citi American Airlines Executive card.  That’s because you can use your Bluebird account to pay bills that don’t accept credit cards. 

How to Enter:

1.   Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling me a quick, amusing or unusual story about a trip you made to Walmart (or any big store.)

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win a $100 Walmart gift card after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, March 29, 2014 (today).

2.   Tweet

Follow Million Mile Secrets on twitter, and tweet ONCE to @MilMileSecrets and tell me me a quick, amusing or unusual story about a trip you made to Walmart (or any big store.)  You have to follow @MilMileSecrets to be eligible.

Don’t forget to include the hashtag “MMSWalmartGiftCards”

I’ll pick 1 tweeter who will win another $100 Walmart gift card after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on March 29, 2014 (today).

Good luck!

Fine Print:  The prizes are worth up to $200.  I make the final determinations for the giveaway and there’s no appeal in the Million Mile Court.  I’m not receiving compensation from Walmart and I’m giving away $200 in Walmart Gift Cards, so please don’t make this hard for me!

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358 responses to “Blog Giveaway: $200 in Walmart Gift Cards!

  1. mark peterson

    I think I saw a shadow figure at the Walmart in Woodbury,MN…..!?!

  2. went to walmart last wednesday – b/f heading to work – to load my amex bluebird and realized there was renovation on the main entrance; thought it was going to be a quick trip, but it turn out it wasnt. lol

  3. Back when prepaid Amex cards were in vogue, I tried to use mine to pay for a purchase and it completely bombed the cash register. It seemed to react as if it was rebooting. So, we tried a second register and the same thing happen. I went to a third register and used a “normal” card. No problem.

    I seem to recall that others had this experience. I don’t know if they ever worked the bug out. I just know that I wasn’t to popular with folks in line that night.

  4. I live in downtown Chicago, where they have a small Wal-Mart that’s only been open a couple of years. It never fails, late at night the place is packed, but at least half the clientele act like they’ve never seen a self-check machine, and because it’s late at night, they only ever have one or maybe two check lanes open. It is around the corner from my gym so I used to find myself going from the gym to Wal-Mart to buy frozen pizza. Now that the newness has worn off and they have many fewer checkers so the lines are a nightmare, knowing I have to wait in that line often makes me give up, go home, and eat healthier food.

  5. I went to Walmart after I read your postings on Bluebird and no one knows what I was talking about! Finally a customer service rep came & explain how it works but the look on her face as if I am doing something illegal !!!
    I find it much easier doing the online Vannila Reload as I can buy VR using points earning credit cards.

  6. My daughter sighs every time we pull into Walmart these days; she knows the routine lol.

    She laughs it off, just not when I’m holding up the checkout line!

  7. Michael Odiorne

    My 9 year old daughter thinks I’m strange that I know each cashier at cvs by first name and have a conversation with them about their daily lives. The look on her face (roll of her eyes) was priceless when I brought her with me to wal mart and I walk in like Norm from cheers and say hi to each wal mart cashier at the return/money center area. She said “dad, not here too”.

  8. Robert Sanchez

    That one time I went to Walmart. I saw the security guy waiving a bag of chips at an old lady saying “hey you want some chips to go with that dip you just stole!”

  9. went to walmart once, and as a gag gift for someone, i bought a justin bieber calendar, and while i was there i bought some condoms. only until i went to the cashier line did i realize how weird of a combination that was to buy, and wondered what the cashier would be thinking.

  10. I was backing throughout Brazil on a 40 hour bus ride.
    In the middle of no city, no village stood Walmart.
    I was quite confused as there didn’t seem to be a residential area nearby.

  11. It’s been almost 1 yr now that I have tried loading my BlueBird at WalMart Money Center Kiosk and not one in LA area has it working. Basically, I have been buying debit visa and vanilla reload and spend them, cuz the Kiosk never work – always Out of Order!! 🙁

  12. I really respect the signs designating parking for Wounded Warriors at some of the WalMarts

  13. People watching at walmart is always a treat! the outfits are incredible!

  14. My sister tripped in Walmart and knocked out her front tooth on a shopping card. She was sober and is 32 years old. Welcome to my classy family.

  15. I actually have alot of crazy Walmart stories ha..but this one happened when I worked there years ago.

    On 3rd shift, they would do returns through the regular checkout. A customer brought a t.v. back, in the box(big screen) and the cashier who was actually a manager on duty, never looked inside the box! She gave them their refund and they left.

    The next day, we found out that the box had bricks inside so the customer had a free t.v. and the money back! The employee didn’t get fired, but she had to pay it back!! Nuts! lol..The nerve of people to even do such a thing, but she is at fault for obviously NOT checking the contents of the box!

    Thanks for the chance to win!! Love your blog!


  16. One time I went to Walmart and only saw normal, appropriately dressed people. That was weird.

  17. The only time I have ever seen more employees than customers (less than 10 customers) in a Wal-Mart — Black Friday 2012 at 7 a.m. because WM moved Black Friday to 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

  18. I don’t get the chance to shop for myself. It would be nice to have a little me time especially at Walmart. Think of all the savings…

  19. I went to Wal-Mart and had a chance to see an entire family pigging out in the snack aisle… just tearing into the chips and dip, and couldn’t care less who saw them!

  20. well I’m usually at Walmart when I load up my bluebird card. It’s pretty quick, but one time a newer employer gave me a hard time loading up the card cuz she saw I was using the visa gift cards. I kept saying these are DEBIT CARDS and that’s all she had to care about when loading them. Fearing for her job, she wouldn’t do it so I had to get the manager. He didn’t give me a hard time and just let me proceed. That lady annoyed the heck outta me!

    That’s the only story I had, haha.

  21. The weirdest thing I’ve seen at Walmart is one of their vending machines spitting out free sodas.

  22. Went to WM on BF and picked up 2 items and was in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes!

  23. The Walmart I went to has a grocery section. To save, I saw someone peel all of their bananas and picked each grape from the vine and placed it in the plastic bag. They so happen to ring up in front of me and see that they saved a total of about $3-4 as a result. I guess it builds up, but how creative they were. Paying for only the parts they are eating. It also made me realize to be thankful as I am a place in my life where I am not living paycheck to paycheck an so understand why that mother did what she did.

  24. Actually went to Walmart and had a helpful sales person in the electronic area…

  25. Went to Walmart to pickup a couple things while on vacation in Florida. Don’t usually shop there.. but was shaking my head at the type of people in there… wow!! its fine for a couple things when you are on vacation and in a pinch.. but no way could I shop there on a regular basis..

  26. On a really windy day, I saw a runaway cart rolling at top speed through the parking lot. It bashed into about 3 cars and into the main road. Not fun for car owners but crazy to watch!

  27. Got off the plane in Ft Myers for a week long stay on Sanibel. Swung by Walmart before crossing the bridge to pick up some inexpensive beach toys… could not find ANY — I mean there were none! Left wondering: are we in Florida?

  28. I love Walmart because of the low prices and surprisingly good quality bedding and bath products! They also have good online deals, which I then pick up at my local store.

  29. Benedict Chan

    Got smushed during black friday

  30. I had a great trip once where I was able to stock up on wine for $4 a bottle. The check-out girl laughed when she saw me coming with my cart full of wine!

  31. Went to Walmart for one item and walked out with $200 worth of groceries…they do have low prices!

  32. The only weird story I have is that I went to WalMart to buy some volleyballs and they didn’t have any. Seriously a SuperWalMart and no volleyballs

  33. I needed assistance so found a clerk who was dressed in what appeared to be PJ’s and was wearing bunny slippers. She was very helpful so, kidding with her asked if she had just gotten out of bed. She (seriously) said yes-they called me and said I had to get to the store right away to fill in for someone who just had gotten sick!! I smiled and thanked for helping me since that what counts.

  34. I don’t have any stories to tell, but I would still like to have an entry.

  35. I commute 30 miles to work and my son is my carpool partner. Thank G-d for Wal Mart because on one of our commute days as i was dropping him off at daycare, i realized that i left the diaper bag at home. I never shopped so fast.

  36. Spent hour shploppin with two crazed kids, them realized left my wallet at home. Ughhhh

  37. Once I went to Walmart and all 3 customer service registers were opened with no lines.

  38. The only story about Walmart that I can think of is they wouldn’t sell me a six pack of beer at 11:30 on a Sunday morning, because of NC law. I could have waited until noon, but I wasn’t that thirsty…

  39. I went to Walmart to buy dog food. When I got home, I realized I bought cat food. My wife hated me of course. Another trip to Walmart was in order…

  40. Went to Walmart recently in New Jersey and the employee could not assist me because he spoke only Spanish.

  41. I’ll buy some hand weights to help keep in shape for traveling and a new lightweight suitcase.

  42. Hmm okay: Once went to wallmart and asked where the red solo cups were for a party and without even asking she told us where the ping pong balls were. Talk about customer service!

  43. Two years ago I went to Walmart the day after Valentine’s day and they had a whole row of 3ft teddy bears. I squished a few together and put my two yr old on shelf and took a picture.

  44. I just got my amex blue bird car and is empty so I will used to loaded for the first time and learn how to do it

  45. I went to Walmart recently to use the Redbox. They didn’t have my DVD and I was confused until I realized that I needed to go to the Redbox on the other side of the store. Crazy that they are big enough that they get two redboxes.

  46. When I was 16 we went on a group date scavenger hunt that led our dates all over the Walmart and eventually got busted for helping push the carts from the parking lot back to the main building. Silly, but funny!

  47. I go to walmart 4 times a week since I live less than .25 miles away and its on way each time I leave house. Such convenient location and reasonable prices. They can always improve their customer service but overall, its a great value.

  48. One of my good friends works as the “bouncer” at Walmart. After I buy my groceries I stick them under my jacket and walk out suspiciously. He is usually not amused…

  49. If ice cream is dead in cvs I will need to visit walmart frequently now

  50. I tried to grocery shop at a super walmart at 7pm on a friday once. There were 45 checkout lines and only 3 open with about 40 people in line. I shrugged and left my entire cart and walked out.

  51. On a recent trip to Walmart I was looking to buy stationary for a friends birthday present. You know that old stuff that people used to use to write letters to each other and send them via snail mail. I could not find it anywhere so I asked a young female employee if she could help me locate the stationary. Well, she led me all the way to the back of the store and pointed to the colored computer printing paper. I didn’t tell her that was not what I was looking for I just gave up. Gotta tell ya the whole thing made me feel really old. LOL

  52. Curbside Service at my Walmart! At my little Walmart store, I got to know the cashiers & managers quite well. One day, I needed a spool of white thread badly; but I could not walk because I had just had foot surgery & knew I’d never make it with the walker to the back of the store. I drove up close to the front of the store & signaled the manager. He came out, I told him what I needed – gave him cash & off he went. A little while later, he delivers! It was Curbside Service with a Smile at Walmart.

  53. Saw someone sleeping in the aisle…for real:-)

  54. Saw someone trying on a dress in the aisle (over street clothes)

  55. When I went to my first super ultra huge Walmart, there were benches in several places in the store! Only in America would you have a store so big that you need benches on which to sit and take breaks from your shopping.

  56. Once I went to Walmart in the NORTHEAST and saw a guy with a cowboy hat that had an actual rattlesnake for the hat band. It’s head was poised to strike and everything, and the hat matched his boots.

  57. Katherine Cano

    Recently found three pirates in the juice aisle..on a Thursday..

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