IHG Hotel Secrets: Stack IHG Promo Codes, Rack Up Hotel Points

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Are you 1 of the folks getting the most IHG hotel points possible per stay?  We got ~25,000 IHG hotel points for 1 night in an IHG hotel!

I’ve written about IHG promotions and how you can earn at least 20,000 extra points (sometimes a lot more!) by signing-up and staying at IHG hotels, like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

You Could Earn 20,000 Points – Even on 1 Stay!

But did you know you can earn more bonus points on paid hotel stays by registering for many IHG promotions at the same time?  You can even earn enough points from 1 stay to get free reward nights!

How to Stack Promo Codes

By entering many promotions at once, or “stacking”, you can earn thousands of extra points on a single night’s stay.  Most IHG Rewards Club members won’t be notified about all of the promotions available, but I know some ways to help you find ones you could be eligible for!

Note that you can also register for offers which aren’t meant for you and get the points.  But you shouldn’t call IHG if the bonus doesn’t post, because they could close your account for registering for offers not meant for you.

Step 1 – Register for IHG Rewards Club

Sign-up for IHG Rewards Club and write down your Rewards Club number and PIN.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

Sign-up 1st for IHG Rewards Club

Step 2 – Sign-up for as Many IHG Promotions as You Can!

Note:  Some promotions are only valid for a certain amount of time after you register.  So you should make sure to time it right and only sign-up if you know you have a stay coming up.

For example, if some promotions require you to stay within 30 days.  So don’t sign-up now, but rather when you will be staying in a IHG Rewards hotel within the next 30 days.

You can find IHG promotion codes if you go to Google and search for “IHG promotion codes”.  But before you do that, here are 2 of my favorite places to find them.

1.   The Travel.bart.la Blog

Travel.bart.la lets you register for IHG promotions in 1 click.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

1 Click Will Take You to the Promo Code Sign-up Page

When you click on 1 of the blue 4-digit promo codes, you’ll be taken directly to the offer sign-up page with the promotion code already filled in.  Don’t bother clicking on the crossed-out codes – they don’t work anymore.

Fill in your email address or IHG Rewards membership number, then click “Register Now”.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

Enter Your Email or IHG Rewards Number to Register for the Promo

If the promotion code is accepted, you’ll get a confirmation screen and a follow-up email.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

Success! This Promotion Code Was Accepted

Sometimes, you’ll enter a promotion code that isn’t valid for your country or for your elite status level.  So just move on to the next one.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

This Code Won’t Work for Me

Keep entering codes until you run out of codes to enter.  The more valid offers you register for, the more points you’re likely to get the next time you stay at an IHG hotel.

2.   FlyerTalk IHG Promo Threads

Another way to find IHG promotion codes is to read through this FlyerTalk thread.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

You Can Find Updated Codes on the FlyerTalk Forum

I like that FlyerTalk readers regularly update the lists with new codes, and that folks will confirm if the codes worked for them.

But on FlyerTalk, you can’t just click on the code and end up at the IHG promo registration page with the code already entered.  You have to go to the IHG promo page, then manually enter each code yourself.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

Enter Your Email or IHG Rewards Number *and* the Promo Code

Now that you’ve loaded up your IHG Rewards account with promotion codes, you can earn extra points on paid hotel nights!

Step 3 – Stay at an IHG Hotel

The next time you pay for a stay at an IHG hotel, you might get a nice bonus at the end of your visit!

Emily and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express early this year, and paid ~$113 for 1 night.  We earned ~1,130 IHG base points for the stay (~$113 x 10 points per $1 spent).

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

We Earned ~1,130 Base IHG Points for a 1-night Stay at the Holiday Inn Express

I checked my IHG Rewards account a week later.

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

~25,000 IHG Points for Staying 1 Night! That’s 5 Nights at a PointsBreak Hotel!

We earned ~25,000 IHG points for a single night!  IHG points are worth ~0.5 cents per point, so 25,000 points x 0.5 cents per point = $125!  This means that our $113 room was free!

IHG hotels start at 10,000 points per night for award bookings, and go up to 50,000 points per night.  And don’t forget the PointsBreak list where you can get a room for only 5,000 points a night!

With 25,000 points, you’re halfway to a night in an overwater bungalow at the InterContinental Thalasso in Bora Bora!  Or a free night in many Holiday Inns around the world!

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

We Stayed at the InterContinental in Bora Bora for 50,000 Points

But if you find a hotel that’s part of the IHG PointBreaks program, you could stay in a hotel for only 5,000 points per night.  So 25,000 points could get you up to 5 free nights!  The list of hotels that qualify for PointBreaks changes every 3 months, so it’s worth checking back to see if there’s a hotel that interests you.

When You Stay at an IHG Hotel Again, Don’t Expect as Many Points

The next time Emily and I stayed at an IHG Hotel, we didn’t get as many bonus points.  That’s because many of the promotional codes are only good for 1 stay.  So your 1st stay might earn a lot of points, but the next stay will likely earn fewer points.

This is particularly true if your next stay is just a few days or weeks after your 1st stay.  But the more time between your stays, the more likely that there will be new promotion codes to use!

IHG Hotel Secrets Stack IHG Promo Codes Rack Up Hotel Points

2,615 Bonus Points Is Better Than No Bonus Points at All!

I guess our 2nd stay got us ~2,615 points.  Or halfway to…a 5,000 point PointsBreaks room! 😉

It’s worth it to enter new promotions, because you never know how many points you can get on your next stay.

Bottom Line

You can register for many promotions at once with your IHG Rewards Club account.  This can earn you thousands of extra points when you pay to stay at IHG hotels such as Holiday Inn etc.

You can find promo codes online.  Travel.bart.la or this FlyerTalk thread are good places to start looking.  That said, you may not be able to register for all of them.

Your 1st stay after registering for promotions might earn you a lot of points, but any stays after that will probably earn a lot fewer points.

I like stacking IHG Rewards promo codes because it’s an easy way to get even more Big Travel with Small Money!

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24 responses to “IHG Hotel Secrets: Stack IHG Promo Codes, Rack Up Hotel Points

  1. You are generally the man about keeping up with the most up to date earnings opportunities. However this is a few years late? The flyertalk thread is the best resource for this.

    Thank you for the Ink Louge Acess information, I’ve been wasting my Ink Bold. Especially since I didn’t pay my **only** AMEX Platinum fee for about 4 months while out of the country, which they CANCELLED my account and then once I paid it, refused to re-open it, cancelled my Prioirity Pass and am waiting to find out if those crooks will return my $450.00 annual fee.

    All the best Darius & Emily.

  2. Didn’t mean to sound hateful, a little late and have had a few drinks. Really do appreciate you do for everyone in the miles/points community, Darius.

  3. Everything*

  4. In a post about earning Ihg points, why no mention of the IHG credit card which earns 5 points per dollar on hotel stays? Some may argue there are still more valuable cards to use for Ihg stays but providing readers with all the info seems good to me. Besides, since when does this site miss an opportunity to stick in a CC link? 🙂

  5. I literally just booked a hotel with IHG today. Will I be able to get some of these bonuses that are book with us, etc etc, if I signed up for the bonuses after I booked?

  6. I thought registering these bonus code that didn’t advertise to you would eventually cause account closure. This happened a few years back for many people. Are you aware of this information?

  7. Hey Darius,

    I’m curious does this work with the point and cash trick or is this for. Fully paid stays? I know you mentioned paid but wasn’t sure if cash and points would get the bonus too!

    Thanks. You’re blog is great!!

  8. Milwaukee Nick

    With all of the loyalty programs out there, this is still a good reminder. Plus, there are a ton of people who do NOT know about this and I get tired of explaining it to them in person. It’s much easier to direct them to Million Mile Secrets. Thanks Darius!

  9. This post was extremely timely. I stay at the Holiday Inn Express all the time for business travel and I’m saving points for a trip to Europe. Thank you so much – this was an awesome point score!

  10. In response to two previous questions, I’m quite sure bonus point offers like these will only take effect if your stay is a full qualifying stay, which means a normal paid stay.
    Also, you can register for the promos even after you’ve made a reservation, just before the actual stay.

  11. I made a mistake of booking a Holiday Inn through hotels.com and my stay is in late June. Would I qualify for any of the bonus points despite the fact I booked a room through a 3rd party website as opposed to ihg.com?

  12. Nice post for “newbies” — and I’m glad this subject comes up again, because of recent problems. (see below) Thanks to Drew Macumber last August (via travelisfree – you featured him last year), I learned about the gains to be had from “IHG rewards on steroids.” (and did rather well with it last fall) You highlight Drew’s same tips, and with the important note that subsequent stays will likely not be as lucrative.

    However, there’s been some problems with the strategy this year, which you don’t point out.

    First, the codes are increasingly a ‘crap shoot”…. first, even with supposedly “new” codes, those of us using codes last year will often get error messages indicating, “you are already registered’ for this code. (I’d say about 4 our of 5 hit this error message)

    Second, even if you do get an apparent “success” in registering for a new codes, very often the newly accepted codes don’t show up in the “my offer” section of my IHG account. Back in January, I had 6 codes appear to register successfully, but only one shows up in “my offers.” Will find out soon if any of any of them “work” behind the scenes. Again, “crap shoot” — I have no idea. (and nobody via flyertalk, Drew, Bart, or John (Ollila) are being candid about what they’re actually experiencing. (as per usual — sorry, I’m a bit weary of the hype with no follow-up)

    Most alarming, I’m reading of IHG members having their accounts shut down for registering for too many codes, for codes that were not directed to them. I see some out there warning readers to be careful what they’re signing up for, to not follow Drew (and you) off a cliff, to not just keep going down the list of numbers, without understanding what each code is offered for)

    To whit, I had signed up for one promo that I realized later was aimed at HP employees, to give them a few points plus Gold status after one stay. (a totally irrelevant promo to my situation, since I already had Platinum E. via the card) Had me worried I might have tripped a flag on my account.

  13. One other very important point not mentioned in your post:

    Because this is a gray area for IGH, members who aggressively sign up for codes that were not specifically targeted to them should NOT — repeat NOT — ever contact IHG seeking redress if they don’t get the bonus they thought they’d signed up for using codes from the internet.

    If the Philippines-based IHG reps. don’t laugh at you (the best that could happen), you’ll likely get your account flagged for closer monitoring and possibly shut down. (google it)

  14. Darius,

    I received info that my IHG Visa card is being replaced in April with a IHG MasterCard with a chip. Wondering if canceling current card and waiting to apply for new MasterCard in 4-6 months for bonus; your thoughts?

  15. Love the blog, follow daily and appreciate all the insight, especially as a KC resident (though I know you moved on to another city). Just wanted to say you may want to add the disclaimer about potential account closure issues that could result from this approach. I sent the list of codes in December to co-workers who aren’t as heavily involved in the points game. Although I received my points without issue, one of my co-workers didn’t receive any points and submitted a missing points form for those points from his stay. Though he did get his points added to his account for his missing stay, he received a warning that they found he had numerous codes on his account for which he was not eligible. They told him if he attempted to receive points in such a manner again (signing up for numerous codes) he would have his account closed and all points forfeited. So from now on I’m only submitting codes once per upcoming stay and choosing codes from highest point options first and working my way down until I find a code that I have not recently received points for.

  16. Can i book a room and not go and still get the points

  17. I’m glad you mentioned that subsequent stays will not earn as many points, because most of the other bloggers don’t mention this. One might be left with the impression that every stay will get 20,000+ points, and that just isn’t the case. I have stayed at IHG properties many times over the past six months and completed the big win for 2013 and 2014, and my recent stays basically just earn base points now.

    • @Matt – No offense taken, and thanks for the feedback!

      @ matt – I guess I missed the opportunity to add links to the Sapphire Preferred and Ink cards as well because you can transfer them to Priority Club points. 🙂

      @ Maddie – As long as you sign-up before checking out of the hotel.


      @Milwaukee Nick – Thanks for reading!

      @ Brian – It has to be booked directly from IHG and not third party sites.

      @ Will – Thanks for the detailed feedback. I mention that not all codes are accepted in the post, but thanks for the reminder. You’re right that folks shouldn’t call IHG if the bonus doesn’t post.

      @ ANdy – You have to at least check in.

  18. Just a note to report that I received 12,500 bonus points after a 9 night stay at a HIE in Texas in February. Some of the bonuses I registered for were not given but still a great boost to my account. Thanks for the reminder to register for all these bonuses.

  19. Darius – thanks for the tip here! Just recently had a Crowne Plaza stay in Dallas for ne night for $159 that netted me 9,400 points! About 4 or 5 promotion codes ended up working. Bu well worth the ten minutes attempting to sign- up for as many as possible. Almost 60 pts. per dollar was well worth it!

    Question: I recently was offered via email to sign-up for the IHG Chase credi card and get 80,000 sign-up bonus. I had this card before and cancelled it back in July of 2013 – got a 60,000 point bonus. Would I be eligible for this 80,000 point bonus? Is it too soon to sign-up again? Also, I did recenty sign-up for Chase Ink Bold about 70 days ago.

    Let me know our thoughts? Thanks for all you do!

  20. Hi David, not really. Earning 600K HON Circle miles in two years is aoslmt impossible for a leisure traveller like me. As of Sep 2012, LH made it even more challenging with only Business and First Class flights counting towards HON status.

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  22. I just used two codes I found but have not booked a hotel yet. I planned on staying in a holiday inn in DC next week. Should I be worried that my account is going to be shut down? These are the only two codes I have ever used for IHG. I could call and have them removed I guess but didn’t think it would be a big deal.