How to Enter Airport Lounges With the Chase Ink Cards [Expired]

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Update:   The Chase Ink cards no longer offer Lounge Club membership or 2 free lounge visits per year.

Did you know you get free airport lounge access with the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, and Chase Ink Classic cards?

I’ve written about the Lounge Club, and just got a new membership card.  So I thought it would be a good time to have another look at the program to see if anything’s changed.


Get Free Membership in Lounge Club With the Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Bold Cards

Membership in Lounge Club gives you access to 350+ airport lounges around the world.   You get 2 free lounge visits each year, and pay $27 per visit after that.

Note: You only get 1 year of free membership with the Chase Ink Classic card.  The Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus give you free membership and 2 free lounge visits every year.

What’s Lounge Club?

You get your membership into Lounge Club through credit cards, banks, and other partners.

You can enter 350+ lounges worldwide as a Lounge Club member.  Some are operated by airlines, while others are independent.  You do NOT have to be flying on the airline to access their lounge, as long as it’s part of the Lounge Club program.


You Can Enter the Air France Lounge at Boston Airport as a Lounge Club Member

Which Lounges Can I Access?

You can find out which lounges you can access by going to the Lounge Club directory and searching by country and airport.

Link:   Lounge Club Directory


Use Menus on the Lounge Club Website to Search for Lounges

You can also download the list of lounges.  Or download apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

How Do I Enter the Lounges?

1.   Sign-Up for Lounge Club

You can’t just show your Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus card to access the lounges.  You need to activate your membership first, and receive a separate Lounge Club membership card.

Both primary cardholders and authorized users can sign-up.  Each get their own card and 2 free visits.

Link:   Chase Ink Bold

Link:   Chase Ink Plus

Link:   Chase Ink Classic

Link:   Chase Ink Lounge Club Activation

Go to the Lounge Club activation page and enter promotion code “CHASEINK” in the “Invitation Code” box.  Then click “Activate”.


Use Invitation Code “CHASEINK” to Sign-Up for Lounge Club

Fill in your contact information.


Enter Your Details on the Enrollment Application

You must submit your Chase Ink credit card details.  After your 1st 2 free lounge visits, Lounge Club will charge your credit card $27 for each visit.


Make Sure to Use Your Chase Ink Card Information

Your Lounge Club card should arrive in the mail in ~2 weeks.


Once You Get Your Membership Card, You Can Enter Lounges

2.   Show Your Lounge Club Membership Card

To access a lounge, you’ll need your membership card (just showing your Chase Ink card will NOT work).

Note: If you have a guest, it counts as another visit!  So if your 1st visit is with your partner, you’ve used up your 2 free passes!


It Costs $27 for Members and Guests to Enter Lounges After the 1st 2 Visits

Is It Worth It?

Lounge Club membership comes with the Chase Ink cards, so it won’t cost you anything to sign-up.

1.   US Lounges

I wrote about my experience signing-up for Lounge Club a couple of years ago, and I wasn’t impressed because there were very few lounges in the US.


The Virgin America Loft at Los Angeles Airport Is 1 of Only 26 US Lounges

Although Lounge Club advertises over 350 lounges around the world, there are still only 26 lounges at 19 US airports:

Many of these lounges are in international terminals, so if you’re traveling within the US, you might not be able to access them.  And some independent lounges charge extra for perks (like Wi-Fi or drinks) that usually come free at dedicated airline lounges.

For example, at the IASS Hawaii Lounge in Honolulu:

Children under 3 years are admitted free – Complimentary soft drinks are limited to one per person, subsequent drinks are subject to credit card payment – Non-smoking.

I’d be very unhappy if I paid $27 to visit this lounge and had to pay for soft drinks!

2.   International Lounges

Many of the international lounges in the Lounge Club program are independent (not affliated with 1 airline).  Rules for each lounge are different, so it’s important to check the specific lounge for any restrictions (dress code, maximum stay, guest policy, etc).

That being said, there are some out of the way places where you can get lounge access.  For example, if you ever find yourself in Barquisimeto (Venezuela), Tblisi (Republic of Georgia), or Entebbe (Uganda) – you can relax in a lounge!  It might be worth using a free visit or spending $27 for a quiet place to wait for your flight.


Emily and I Have Never Traveled to Barquisimeto, but We Can Access the Lounge There!

Some lounges are very restrictive.  For example, the Escape Lounge in Manchester, UK only allows a 3-hour visit, enforces a dress code, won’t let in kids under age 6, and you have to pay for much of the food and drink.  If they let you in at all!

Maximum 3 hour stay – Children under 6 years are not admitted – Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult – Access may be restricted due to space constraintsSmart casual dress at all times (no shorts, vests, baseball caps or football shirts allowed) – Waiter service in addition to the self-service buffet – Complimentary items from the main menu are limited to 1 per person – Non-smoking.

I don’t think I’d pay $27 to enter this lounge!

Bottom Line

You get free membership in Lounge Club if you’re a Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Ink Classic cardholder.  Authorized users get free membership, too.

The Chase Ink Classic only gets you 1 year of free membership.  The Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus give you free membership every year.

To access lounges, you have to activate your Lounge Club membership and show your membership card.  You can NOT get in by just showing your credit card.

You get 2 free visits to 350+ lounges each year.  But there aren’t many lounges in the US.  There are lots of international lounges, but check their amenities and rules before you go.

I would use the Chase Ink Lounge Club perk for the free visits, but NOT for paid visits unless I really needed a lounge!  And I’d definitely check the lounge amenities before visiting.

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46 responses to “How to Enter Airport Lounges With the Chase Ink Cards [Expired]

  1. Certain lounges do require you to fly that airline. I’ve been turned away from lounge club lounges because I didn’t have a boarding pass for that airline, even though I had the LC card. It says on the website if the lounge requires the boarding pass. Also for some, if you aren’t flying international, you can be turned away. This happened to me in another country, I was flying domestic in that country and was rejected.

  2. D, you may want to specify that the Orlando lounge for Lounge Club is in the Orlando-Sanford airport, not MCO. As you warned, this is also in the international terminal, so people flying Allegiant to/from SFB generally won’t be able to access it.

  3. roderick scott

    I think the one thing to point out is that there is this type of lounge club that comes with a credit card and anther pounge club that has all 350 and another 250 lounges (but costs at least $99 a year to join, sometimes there are times when it’s as low as $49 but still the $27 entrance fee.) They ALWAYS in my experience want to see an active (usually specifically DEPARTURE) boarding pass, or they simply won’t let you in. With the membership lounge llub (which is a different color and I got because I was not star alliance Gold, even thought again if you are flying another alliance such as One World, often they won’t let you in. There is a $249/year lounge club Priority pass (that’s the official name but it’s run by the same people, just has 600 rather than 350 lounges) and with that card they are more likely to treat you well, as it’s something you have paid for and not a freebie from the Ink card. I go a one year membership in that as it included 10 visits (which would ordinarily be $27 each) and included the expanded network of approximately 600 lounges.) Since I am not Star alliance Gold and only used it once or twice, I do not think I will renew-it did not work out for me economically. I do think a note about there being 2 different networks (one expanded and a paid membership with sometimes less hassels in terms on not requiring a boarding pass) and the free version (which I have also through Chase Ink Bold) that only gives one (if you are with someone) or two (if you are alone) visits a year for free. Sure, it’s better than nothing but the expanded one includes a good number of United Clubs in it so one may want to look at Lounge Club and Priority Pass (the paid one) and decide which you might get more value out of. If I had used all 10 passes it would have been a good deal for me (the $249 club pass). Thanks for writing about it. It makes me want to make sure I don’t have an automatically renewing type of membership, or if I do to make sure to cancel that feature. I am not sure with a Star Alilance Gold I will be able to get into a Copa club w/o a boarding pass in Santo Domingo (which is the reason I got it in the first place-the admirals club and One World Iberia Airlines clubs both closed and for some time I was going to SDQ a lot, so I wanted SOME lounge to be allowed into.) At any rate, that is my 2 cents addition to the lounge club/priority pass system run by the same people.

  4. AA lounge in HNL is not pzrt of the program any longer. NOTE: Effective 22MAR14 the Lounge will no longer be part of the program.

  5. if you have more than one ink card, do you think you could get multiple memberships, and thus more free lounge visits?

  6. I’m pretty disappointed they don’t have a lounge in Denver as we have an long layover there this summer on an upcoming trip to/from Austin (another place that’s missing from their list).

  7. Do you need to apply to the lounge club card every year since it has a 1 year expiration date? Or do they automatically send a new one once the old one expires?

  8. I have 2 Chase United Club One-Time Pass. Do you know if I can use them even when not flying on UA?


  9. I have the same questions as Chris and Haqq.

  10. “2 per year” means what? 2 times for “Jan1st-Dec31” or 2times for “Mar 2014- Feb 2015”

  11. I have the same question as Haqq “Do you need to apply to the lounge club card every year since it has a 1 year expiration date? Or do they automatically send a new one once the old one expires?”
    Does anyone ever read/reply to viewers questions here?

  12. No matter where I look, I cannot seem to find applications for the Chase Ink Classic anymore. Has the card been discontinued? Even your link doesn’t work!

  13. Every Chase Ink Bold/Plus card you have is eligible for a Lounge Club card. Each Lounge Club card is valid for 1 year from the date you get it (not based on calendar year). The expiration date is printed on the front of the Lounge Club card. Every year you pay your Chase Ink Bold/Plus annual fee, Chase tells Lounge Club and they send you a new Lounge Club card, with a new expiration date. Visits do not carry over if you do not use them each year.

  14. @ Sam A. – Cant tell you the official policy, but I have successfully used a one time ua Lounge pass (came with ua explorer card) while not flying UA. I accessed UA’s lounge in Honolulu while I was ticketed on Delta. They didnt even ask to see my ticket, just the pass and my UA credit card. It was a lovely lounge by the way.

  15. Do they allow you to bring a spouse? In other words, would mine and my wife’s visit to a lounge count as 2 visits, or 1 visit?

  16. @Kevin, you get 2 free visits per year, so you can go by yourself twice or bring a guest with you once.

  17. Hey, I got the ink bold 3 months ago, I was thinking about getting the plus for my small biz (ebay stuff). If it has been greater than 90 days since I was approved you think that I will be approved? SSN is my Tax ID, sole proprietorship. Thanks, just planning my App O Rama and dont want any suprises!

  18. I’m wondering if I should wait to activate this until later… like I got the card today, but know I won’t be taking any flights until November… so should I wait to activate it later in the year so that the “2 visits per year” lasts longer? Or does it not work like that?

  19. quick clarification: I got the Ink Bold yesterday, but dont know if I should register for lounge access with the code yet since I’m not traveling until at least November.

    • @Taylor – I’d register now so that you get the card in hand for when you are traveling. The year is tied to when you are approved for the Ink card and now when you apply for the lounge card.

  20. My authorized employee cardholder was going to use her Lounge Card first time in Singapore Airport but she couldn’t access the Lounge Club. I tried to contact Chase about this issue and I had been told that the Authorizing Officer is the only one that will receive a Lounge Club membership card.

    My question is Anyone additional cardholder has faced the same problem to use Lounge Card after enrolling and receiving the Lounge Card?

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  24. Called Chase today as a precaution on my end. Also was told that only the primary cardholder gets the Lounge Club membership.

  25. If i have the bold ink card with the lounge pass and have one authorized user. Can the authorized user get the lounge pass and get a additional two free passes?

  26. My authorized user already got the lounge club card last year but when it expired last month, he didn’t get the renewed card while I did. I called Lounge Club and they said that I needed to call Chase. Then I called Chase, I was told only Authorizing Officer will get it. It seems that Chase has blocked authorized user from getting it. So can he still get it? I am thinking of signing up my authorized user again but not sure whether that will work or will cause any issue with Chase. Thanks.

  27. I got a Lounge Club card last summer, and haven’t yet used the two free passes (the card expires on Aug 31, 2014). I recently received another Lounge Club card in the mail shortly after my Ink Bold card was renewed, and this card has an expiry of Aug 31, 2015.

    I canceled the Ink Bold last week. So now I have two questions:

    – Can I still use the Lounge Club free passes even though I canceled the credit card?

    – Do I have four free passes now, or just two (i.e., do the passes roll over, or do they expire each year)? Since the first Lounge Club card hasn’t expired yet, I’m hoping it’s four–but I’m not sure if this matters.

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  29. Thanks. We were able to get in using the older card (expires 8/31/14). Not sure if I still have two passes left for 2015-2016, but I’ll try to find out next time I’m near a lounge and have time to kill!

  30. “able to use” isn’t the issue. They’ll let you in. BUT, if your Ink card is no longer active, you may end up getting a bill for $27. That would be my concern, since it violates the T&C of both Chase and Lounge Club.

  31. Thanks Daraius! I don’t know why, but I didn’t jump on this when I first got the card. Somehow came across the post and remembered I still had to register my Ink Bold! Thank you!

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  33. I’ve had my Ink Bold card for over a year now, and received my renewed Lounge Club card in the mail automatically after paying the annual Ink fee. However, my authorized user did not. In calling the Lounge Club number provided by Chase, they told my AU that he only gets one year of free membership and only the account holder gets Lounge Club renewed every year. Has anyone else had this problem?

  34. How many free visits remain on my Lounge club membership?

  35. just reapply with same authorized user ink account number, they’ll then send out new one for him/her.

    I also find out you don’t have to add authorized users to for lounge club to send in for your secondary, it works on whatever names you would like to give for them to access to w/o add additional ink authorized card.

  36. So, it’s like pulling teeth trying to find out if I still have two free passes left. Can’t remember if I’ve used it or not. LoungeClub says they have no info, call Chase. Chase says: we have no idea call LoungeClub. We’ll I’ve given up. Since no one keeps tabs I’ve just put in for two new LoungeClub memberships.

  37. I applied for the Chase Ink 70K points offer in late July 2014.
    I signed up for the Lounge Club membership mid January 2015.

    I do not intend on renewing my Chase INK in July 2015
    I have a trip to Seoul, Korea in August 2015.

    I will be flying United and was wondering if I will I be able to use my 2 free visits at the KAL lounge at ICN Airport?

    The expiration date on my Lounge card is Jan 2016 but I do not intend on renewing my Chase INK card. Lounge club requires that you have their card and a boarding pass. Will I run into any issues if I am allowed to go into the KAL lounge?

    Thank you =)

  38. Hello if I have both the Chase Ink and Chase Bold, does it make any sense to register both cards? Will they send me two separate cards?

  39. If i have the ink plus and the ink bold, can I get four free passes? Thanks.

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  41. Just found out that Lounge Club doesn’t offer card for Chase Ink cardholder.