Earn Free United Miles – If You Have a Lot of Spare Time, That Is!

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Did you know that you can earn United miles by completing surveys?

You can earn 300 United Mileage Plus award miles if you join Opinion Miles Club and complete your 1st survey.  If you have a Chase United card, you will earn 600 miles instead of 300 miles.  It costs ~12,500 United miles for a 1-way flight within the US.

Earn Free United Miles If You Have A Lot Of Spare Time That Is

You Can Earn Up to 600 United Miles by Completing a Survey!  But it Takes a L-O-T of Time!

I’m always looking for easy ways to earn more miles and points, so I gave it a try.

How Easy Is It?

Signing up looked pretty simple.  First they ask you for your basic information (name, gender, email address, and United MileagePlus membership number).

Earn Free United Miles If You Have A Lot Of Spare Time That Is

Signing Up Is Easy – So Far!

Once you’ve signed up, they’ll send a confirmation email to activate your membership.  They then ask you for some more demographic information, including address, birthdate, race, employment status, and household income.

So far, so good.

It Takes a Lot of Time!

Before I could take my first survey, I had to complete a screening questionnaire, which included random questions about banking, the type of car I drive, what kinds of insurance I had, and if I suffered from certain medical conditions.  This took about 5 minutes.

I was then offered a survey about banks and banking products, which took about 20 minutes to complete.  It was rather detailed and asked some personal questions which some people might not feel comfortable answering!

For example, they wanted to know the value of my bank accounts and whether I carried balances on my credit cards.

But I finished the survey, and the bonus miles were immediately credited to my Opinion Miles account.

After completing the first survey, I was offered another survey.  Except this time, the offer was for only 70 United miles for a survey that would take 41 minutes!

Earn Free United Miles If You Have A Lot Of Spare Time That Is

The Next Survey Offer Was Not Very Good!

70 United miles for 41 minutes is not the best use of my time, so I declined.

Keep in mind that sometimes they will offer you a survey, but after completing the screening questionnaire, you might not qualify to complete the survey.  So you may waste several minutes answering questions before being told you don’t qualify.  This is extremely frustrating!

Earn Free United Miles If You Have A Lot Of Spare Time That Is

You May Spend Time Answering Questions for Nothing!

At that rate, you’d have to answer ~358 surveys at 41 minutes per survey (~10 entire days!) to earn enough miles for a round-trip domestic United low-level award ticket (25,000 miles).

That’s a lot of time for 1 ticket!

You May Have to Wait for the Miles

Keep in mind that miles might not post immediately to your actual United MileagePlus account.  According to the Opinion Miles terms and conditions:

MileagePlus® miles accrued, awards, and benefits issued are subject to change and are subject to the rules of the Loyalty Program.  Please allow 6-8 weeks after completed qualifying activity for MileagePlus® miles to post to your account.

However, the miles posted the next day.  I like these kind of surprises!


The Miles Posted the Next Day Even Though It Could Take 6 to 8 Weeks

A Good Way to Keep United Miles Alive

United Airlines miles expire after 18 months of no activity in your account.  So this could be an easy way to earn a few miles and keep your miles from expiring. You can read about other ways to keep miles from expiring without having to fly on the airline.

Bottom Line

I spent about 25 minutes signing up and answering questions to earn 300 United miles.   That’s a fair bit of time to spend for that amount of miles!  The miles posted to my United frequent flyer account within a day, but it could take 6 to 8 weeks.  You get 600 miles if you have a United credit card.

After you complete your first survey, you’ll earn less miles for more of your time.  Sometimes you might spend time answering questions and get nothing in return!

Some of the questions can be rather personal.  Not everybody will feel comfortable answering them.  But, if you have a lot of free time or like taking surveys, it could be worth it for you.

Earning a few United miles by answering surveys could be an easy way for you to keep your miles from expiring!

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26 responses to “Earn Free United Miles – If You Have a Lot of Spare Time, That Is!

  1. I’ve been doing these for awhile; it seems an easy way to make miles. As for the longer ones, it sometimes helps to exit out, go back to the original email that sent you there, and click again. It “reloads” the surveys and you get new ones, some of which are 5 or 10 minutes.

    As for miles posting, mine are almost immediate.

  2. All these surveys are available to residents of only a handful of countries

  3. There are people who find it recreational fun to do surveys. For them, OK. There are worse ways to kill time. For most people, it is indeed a terrible return on the time invested.

    From the viewpoint of the sponsoring organizations, I’ve wondered about what value they get from surveys done by professional survey taking enthusiasts rather than a valid cross-section of the public, or of customers. Do they gain good information?

  4. I think these surveys are more beneficial if you fit a certain demographic. I am a white-female-over-50 and usually they don’t need my opinion. I find that I rarely am asked to complete the surveys after my basic demographics are provided. I wonder if I were an Hispanic male in my 20s if the points would pile up quicker.

  5. Ditto to the above comment i’m a white-female-over-50 also and after the prelims they do not need my opinions at all… This is true for many of the other company surveys i get via email… do they think we live under a ROCK and do not get out much or shop or ??do anything but sit in our rocking chairs( i do not have one yet)

  6. Oh, these surveys are terrible time wasters. Not worth it at all. I refuse to do them on principle really. My bank used to pay me $15 a month to do surveys as a secret shopper. Then they decide to get rid of the program and expect me to fill out surveys out of the kindness of their heart? Dream on…Also as others point out, they find ways to cheat women of the few miles they do offer by having you fill out several bits of information and then claiming they don’t need YOUR opinion. I think the assumption is that men are the more valuable business travelers. But it’s still a waste of time to fill out surveys for my husband. Do they really think a busy computer programmer is wasting his time filling out surveys for a stupid airline for 250 Delta Skymiles…yes, he actually gets offers to do this. Like that’s gonna happen.

  7. I used this just a couple weeks ago to keep my United Miles from expiring. I don’t use United much at all (not with all the Southwest points and CP that we just re-earned) — so I need to do something to extend the expiration deadline. Beyond that, I don’t think that I’ll take the time needed.

    I think it would be great if MMS had a section/page that was just the best ways to extend expiration dates on various programs. Basically, I often have to do some searching and try to find the cheapest way to stop some points from expiring. I used AwardWallet to track everything — and when I get that “these expire in 30 days” notice, I go hunting for a way to extend it. I’d love to have a nice list here that is kept up to date.

    – John…

  8. After signing up and getting the initial deposit of 600 UA miles, I find completing the subsequent surveys exercises in futility. After answering multiple pages of sometimes personal entry questions, I’m 1) either deemed unfit to go on to the survey, or 2) I complete the survey and am awarded a measly 44 miles or so. Sorry, UA but my time is way to valuable to fritter away on this ridiculous scheme. Thanks for the opportunity to “rant.”

  9. I’m with HeavenlyJane. As an over 60 white female I find they NEVER want my opinion.

    Can’t figure that out as I spend a lot and have more money than I have ever had before in my life. (smiling emoticon here)

  10. i am unable sign up. i put all my info in the boxes and then it says “Mandatory” in red. i don’t know what that means

  11. I have used this for about a month now. I usually only do the surveys that take about 10-15 minutes and generate 50-60 miles. I have gained probably 500 miles so far. I have to be in mood to work on these.

  12. The return on these surveys, after the initial teaser, would be about $2 per hour max. But you answer pages of questions only to be told that you don’t qualify. This reduces to return to far less than $1 per hour.

    I value my time at more than that. I do wonder what they do with all the information they collect and don’t pay for. It has the smell of a scam to me.

  13. I’ve tried this method and it certainly works and I usually qualify. However the email invitations are usually very misleading. For example I may be promised 100 miles for ten minutes of my time, but after spending 15-20 minutes for the pre-survey and real survey I might only get 60 miles. I’ve emailed complaints that the reward should be equal to the promise but have never heard back. So, basically believe Daraius when he says you need a lot of spare time.

  14. I got the message that the survey was closed once I entered my basic information.

  15. I tried this for a bit but will not participate in this anymore. As stated the questions are VERY personal and I get a ton about all kinds of medical conditions I have never heard of. When I did qualify, a couple I stopped in the middle due to one being so confusing I couldn’t continue and the other being so long that it just wasn’t worth it.

    I am sending requests to my spam folder now.

  16. I did a survey and and got a shitload of spam, junkmail and sales calls. The sell your name to wherever you fit their demographic.(age,sex,income,preferences)A total phishing site.

  17. I occasionally do these, however you do have to be prepared to answer a lot of questions before they will give you a survey. Very often I will receive an offer for a survey which will take 15 minutes for 70 or so miles but after I answer questions I am declined and offered a survey for less miles and more time. Classic bait and switch. If you’re bored it’s more profitable than Candy Crush ;).

  18. With these survey miles and the 55,000 targeted United miles offer you posted about, I was able to sell 57,000 United MileagePlus miles to rewards2cash for $627


    The company has positive reviews on slickdeals, facebook, fatwallet, and yelp.

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  20. Milan Lin-Rodrigo

    ​ORD-140220-0HG4 *
    I completed the above survey on 8/12/14 around 9:10 PM. At the end of the survey it displayed the following:
    Thank you! You have completed the survey. Your answers have been collected and your ID has been captured.
    We appreciate your opinions.
    But it did not direct me to Reward page. The survey web was
    EMI redirector
    At the beginning of the survey it said
    Where are the 50 points?
    Is this the new norm of the Opinion Club?
    Please answer me honestly. I will stop participating and wasting my time.
    Thank you.​

  21. Today, for the second time since I signed up for Opinion Miles, I was redirected to the “This isn’t the right survey for you” page after spending more than 20 minutes on a survey.

    In this instance, it happened after nearly a half hour of answering questions about Whole Foods Market and bulk food purchases. When I submitted what appeared to be the last response, concerning household income.

    Opinion Miles is an insulting waste of time.

  22. I’ve signed up, done the survey, received the miles. Now what — just sit around and wait for an email? Is there a “clearinghouse” site where you can sign up for more surveys?

  23. Okay — I searched for the website and discovered the “take survey” selection.

    Because I’d recently bought a water heater I had double the questions. So the time also increased. You really have to be in the mood for these — I picked up 50 miles, though, and that’s fifty dollars I don’t have to put on my Explorer card….

    I’m sure I’ll do them from time to time as my patience allows.

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  25. I have waisted lots of time on multiple occations answering lots of invasive questions only to be told after providing lots of information that I don’t qualify, or that they already have enough responses for their project. In fact after completing the initial survey, in spite of relentless repeat efforts, I have not beer able to complet any subsequent surveys and be rewarded with any miles for doing so. Seems very questionable