Can I Get a Bonus on a Business Card Even if I Have the Personal Card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Traci emails with a question:

Daraius, if I currently have the Southwest Premier Visa, can I apply for and be approved for the business card and get the 50,000 point bonus?   Would I be able to do the same thing with the Starwood business card if I currently have the personal card?  I just checked my credit score and it is in the excellent range.

Things To Do Key West

Getting the Business & Personal Version of a Credit Card Means More Points for Big Travel with Small Money!

Traci wants to know if she can get the signup bonus for the business credit card version of her personal credit card.  Banks often issue both business and personal versions of certain credit cards.  For example, there is a Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express as well as a Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express.

Southwest Business Cards

Link:  Southwest Credit Cards

Traci is interested in applying for the business version of the Southwest card because of the current 50,000 point signup bonus on all 4 versions of the Southwest credit card after completing the minimum spending.

Chase considers personal and business credit cards to be separate products.  This means that Traci can get the sign-up bonus on the business card even if she has the personal version of the card.

So she should get the signup bonus on the Southwest Premier business card – as long as she is approved – even if she has the Southwest Premier personal card.

A business card will impact Traci’s credit score less than a personal card.  That’s because your business card credit line and spending are usually NOT reported to the personal credit bureaus, unless you don’t pay your bills.

Does Lowering Your Credit Limit Help You Get Approved For More Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards Don’t Impact Your Credit Score as Much as Personal Cards

Here’s a post on how to fill out a Chase business credit card application.

Traci can apply for a business card even if she has just started a business.  But she shouldn’t lie and apply for a business card IF she doesn’t have a business!

And the sign-up bonus from the 50,000 points Southwest credit cards does count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

Traci can get the Southwest Companion Pass after earning 110,000 Southwest points which can be easily done by getting 2 Southwest credit cards and 10,000 extra Companion Pass points.

With the Southwest Companion pass Traci’s companion can fly free (pay just the $2.50 security fee) for up to two years!  But Traci should make sure she doesn’t make these 3 mistakes that could cost her the Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass Got Us Here!

The Southwest Companion Pass Got Us Here!

Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card

Link:  Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card

Traci can get the Starwood Preferred Guest pusiness card even if she already has the Starwood Preferred Guest personal card.

Traci can use Starwood points for airline tickets, hotel rooms, even gift cards!  But the best value is using points for hotel rooms.

Starwood Points Value

I’d Rather Pay 7,000 Points Instead of $250 a Night to Stay Here!

Here’s the first post in my series on how to use Starwood points.

The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year on both the business and personal cards.  But there is a 2.7% charge for foreign transaction fees, so it’s not the best card to use internationally.  That said, I hope that American Express will remove the foreign transaction fees on the Starwood cards just like they have with the Delta cards!

The current signup bonus on the Starwood Preferred Guest Business card is 25,000 points after completing the minimum spending.  But if Traci isn’t in a rush, she could wait until summer to see if the 30,000 points offer returns.

Here’s a post on how to fill out the application for an American Express business credit card. 

Bottom Line

Traci can apply for the business card versions of both her Southwest and Starwood Preferred Guest credit cards.

And she should get the signup bonus points because the business version of a credit card is considered a different product from the personal version.

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18 responses to “Can I Get a Bonus on a Business Card Even if I Have the Personal Card?

  1. Are the ‘Flex Perks’ and ‘ Frontier Airlines’ Biz Cards harder to get ?
    I usually can get a biz card but was turned down for both of these over the last 12 months.
    Too many inquiries / cards was stated by both companies.

  2. I’m planning on doing that same thing with Southwest. I actually was declined for the business card back in October but approved for the personal card. After waiting until the new year to put any spending on the personal card, I’m looking at applying for the business card here as part of my next churn

  3. If I apply the credit card and get enough points and get the companion pass, can I use my points to buy the ticket for my husband and let my son travel with him? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for your post… I did get the Sw Biz card along with the SW Personal card in December.
    Just got Free Companion for 2 years!! Best deal around!

  5. When you get the companion pass, those 110,000 points, do you still have them. Or do you start from scratch at zero points once you receive the pass?

  6. Are you able to get 2 business cards(if you have 2 businesses) and get the 50k bonus for each card or get both versions of the personal card?

  7. Goal: Southwest companion pass for hubby for booking a trip late July. Can I transfer marriott points to him.? Then transfer to southwest and count for companion pass?

  8. ::shakes Head::

    If these are the questions you get regularly, is the position still available? LOL

    • @misty – Barclays and US Bank are both tough banks to get cards from. For US Bank, it could help to freeze your IDA and ARS credit reports because they are reported to have a inaccuracies.

      @Sun Pak – If you earn the Companion Pass, you have to be one of the travelers. But you can add your son or husband as a companion.

      @Zachary Pitt – You still have the points to use for flights once you earn the Companion Pass.

      @Jeff – I believe that Chase will let you have multiple cards and bonuses for different businesses. AMEX will give you the card, but not the bonus.

      @Cleopatra – That should work.

  9. Hi Darius,

    I used you link to apply for Citi AAdvantage World MasterCard on 2/14. After submission, got this message “app rec’d and will let you know within a week”. The next day I called the reconsider number to follow up, provide addt’l info they may need to facilitate processing of my app but was told I got denied for I already have Citi AAdvantage card…which I do but it’s a VIsa. I further explained I don’t have a MC and really would like to have one explaining some of its benefits/perks I don’t get with my Visa. Sorry, no can do. Called again after 48 hr ; went thru same script with no luck. Even mentioned I read Visa & MC Citi Select AadvantageI are 2 different cards. My score from Credit Sesame is 800 when I applied. Any recommendations what to do next?

    I do have 2 Citi Select AAdvantage visa cards which I applied 8 days apart, got instantly approved for both in July of 2013. I also rec’d targeted email to apply for their Citi Business card. How long should I wait before I apply for this one?
    My hubby got approved for the Citi AAdvantage MC on 2/14, how long should he wait before applying for 2nd card with Citi.


  10. Thanks for your reply Darius. Good to know!
    Can you elaborate a bit on what these reports are -and how to freeze them?
    I have not heard of these before. Thanks once again.

  11. Daraius, what about the Club Carlson cards? Can I get the sign-up bonuses for both the personal and the business card?

  12. Hi Darius,
    I know you ran an article a while ago about not having to pay the annual fee on credit cards. Can you run that again? Some of my cards are coming due and I don’t want to pay the fees unless I have to. Thanks.

    • @Lena – Citi has changed the rules and you can only get either the regular MasterCard or Visa version now. The Citi Executive is considered a different product, though. I’d wait at least 8 days between applications and have no more than 2 approved or denied applications within 65 days.

      @Brooke S Babcock – You sure can!

      @ Debbie – I’m working on something similar. But I evaluate cards at the 9 or 10 month mark and see if paying the annual fee is worth the benefit for keeping the card.

  13. @Misty, here is how to freeze your ARS and IDA credit reports to be approved for a US Bank credit card:

  14. Has anyone had success getting the SPG Business card even if they don’t own a business?
    A couple friends of mine signed up for the SPG AMEX business card last year. They spent the required $5K in 6 months to get the 25,000 points, even thought they didn’t have a business.
    When looking at the application on the AMEX website, it clearly asks for a “Federal Tax ID”. It’s a mandatory field. The format on the app will not take a Social security number.
    How does one get past this when they don’t own a business with a Federal Tax ID number?

  15. Both the Tax ID and SSN are 9 digits. The tax ID for sole props is their SSN number, so use that on the application.

  16. I previously signed up for the Starwood Business card and received the 30,000 signup bonus. I then sold my 30,000 Starwood points to rewards2cash for $480

    The company has positive reviews on slickdeals, facebook, yelp and fatwallet.