1,750 (~$29) Southwest Companion Pass Points for Valentine’s Day Flowers

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I haven’t ordered Valentine’s day flowers yet.  So I was glad to receive an email from Southwest for 1,750 Southwest points for buying at least $29.99 in flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS!

What’s better is that these points will count towards the Southwest Companion Pass!  The Companion Pass is valuable because whenever you fly on Southwest, your companion flies with you for (almost) free!

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

Get 1,750 Southwest Points When You Buy Flowers From 1-800-FLOWERS

Southwest points are worth ~1.67 cents per points if you book your flight by March 31, 2014, so 1,750 points are worth ~$29 (1,750 Southwest points x 1.67 cents per Southwest point).

Emily loves flowers and I enjoy giving them to her.

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

Flowers Always Put a Smile on Emily’s Face…

But I also love the Southwest points (especially the Companion Pass type!)

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

…And the Points Make Daraius Smile Even More!

 Here’s How You Get the Points (or Flowers)

 Step 1

Before February 14, 2014, go to the Southwest Shopping Portal and add flowers of at least $29.99 to your cart.

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

1,750 Southwest Points Per Order of $29.99 or More

Step 2

Complete the order form.  When you get to the final checkout page enter the promotion code “RR42″ and your Southwest membership number.

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

Don’t Forget to Enter the Promo Code and Your Southwest Number!

This a great offer for folks who were planning on buying flowers anyway because now you will get Southwest points too!

However, note that you will pay high shipping & handling fees of ~$27 on your order.

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

Shipping Fees Might Ruin the Value of This Deal for Some Folks

I was also charged $5 to have my order delivered on Valentine’s Day.  This brought the total to ~$61 including taxes for flowers AND 1,750 points.

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

~$61 for 1,750 Southwest Points

Thanks to folks for pointing out in the comments that you can get an extra $15 off your purchase by using the American Express Sync discounts.  Just log into your American Express account and click on “Offers for You” to see the $15 discount offer.

There are many ways to earn Southwest Companion Pass Points. 

But buying flowers is a better deal than buying Choice Hotel points (usually the cheapest way to get Companion Pass points) and transferring them to Southwest.  That’s because it costs ~$66 for 6,000 Choice points which is worth 1,800 Southwest points. 

I’d rather buy flowers for ~$61 and get 1,750 Southwest points.  That way, you also get brownie points for the flowers!

How Can I Use My Points?

In my experience, the 1,750 Southwest points will count towards the Southwest Companion Pass!

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

The Points You Earn Will Get You One Step Closer to the Companion Pass!

And don’t forget Southwest now flies to the Caribbean!

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

Use the Southwest Companion Pass to Fly to the Caribbean Next Valentine’s Day!

 Terms & Conditions

All orders placed through February 14, 2014 are eligible for the bonus points.  Make sure you enter the promo code “RR42” otherwise you won’t get the bonus points.

You will only receive 1,000 points if your order is placed AFTER February 14, 2014.

You must make a minimum purchase of $29.99.  You also need to enter the promo code and your Southwest number before you complete your order.

If you’re sending flowers to more than one person, it is better to place separate orders so that you get 1,750 points for each order.

Southwest Flowers 1,750 Points

Enter Code “RR42” and Order Before February 14, 2014 to Get 1,750 Southwest Points

The terms say that it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks for the points to show up in your Southwest account.  However, in my experience the points post in ~3 weeks.

Bottom Line

You will earn 1,750 Southwest points for every purchase of $29.99 from 1-800-FLOWERS.

This is a good deal for folks who were already planning on sending flowers and are trying to earn a few extra points for the Southwest Companion Pass!

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31 responses to “1,750 (~$29) Southwest Companion Pass Points for Valentine’s Day Flowers

  1. It looks as if there’s a $15 off $50 Amex offer that could be used for this site, so folks might want to check their “offers for you” tab first.

  2. Note also that there’s an Amex Sync deal for 1-800-flowers.com that you can use with this: $15 statement credit for $50 purchase.

  3. I’m partaking of this offer, too. The terms say it can’t be combined with other offers, so it’s unlikely that one will also get say, the additional 12X for using Rapid Rewards Shopping. I hope I’m wrong, though.

  4. Wow shipping and handling kill this deal for me. I would just go to a local florist

  5. Do you mean $61.00 as the out-the-door cost for “flowers” as in the flowers being
    the “Oleg Cassini Jumbo Cupcake Paperweight”? My dummy order’s total came out around $57 (inclusive of the $5 surcharge). As far as the selection is concerned, there are no flowers starting at the $29.99 price. Cheapest on the Home > Southwest Airlines page is $49.95! Do I need purchase items on the landing page (clicked from your link) or do I need to venture out to other pages for more selections, and maybe finding things that are a bit cheaper and to my liking and still qualify for the bonus?

  6. I wonder if I could use it with this email from Paypal for $15 off a $30 purchase? It looks like Paypal does the promo, not Southwest., so Southwest might not know you’re double dipping.


  7. This is 3.5cents per point, that’s more than double what they’re actually worth. I guess worth it if you were already going to spend $61 for flowers, but definitely not worth it just for the points.

  8. Did you announce a winner for the miles giveaway yet?

  9. Hey Dariaus,

    Love the site! Just wanted to give a quick note to you and the readers. I did this same offer back in December 2013 with the 1750 points and ordered two separate orders, hoping to get 3500 points towards my companion pass. Unfortunately only one order counted towards the companion pass and the other 1750 counted towards my general point total. Hope this helps anyone that is planning on doing this. Also, if you pay for thy one year delivery fee off 29.99 it does not count for the 1750 pints however you can use it throughout the year when this offer comes around again and pay no delivery charges and fees! Either way after following your blog since December, I am 900 points away from my companion pass, which I will attain when my next bill cycles in 7 days. THANK YOU so much for all the great work you do!

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  11. @Jordan: I just used the paypal $15 and it was an instant deduction at payout. Thanks for the link! Hopefully the SW miles will come through. I bet they do.

  12. Just a quick and random question… is there a way to use SW points to book travel to Aruba yet? I noticed I can do it to Puerto Rico now but it is still transferring me to AirTran for the other locations. ?? Is it not available yet to use points/companion pass for that travel?

  13. amanda, last I checked SW only flew to Aruba via select US cities (I think Atlanta was one). If you don’t live in one of those cities, you have to book multiple tickets. E.g. buy a NY -> Atlanta ticket and an Atlanta -> Aruba ticket.

  14. Here’s a tip for Discover it card holders that have the “Extras” section available (equivalent to AmEx’s Special Offers): one of the Extras available is $10 off with promo code when paying with your Discover card. Offer expires 2/28/14.

  15. While ordering from 1800flowers, you have to enter RR42, RR# and then hit ‘APPLY’. It’s located on the right side of ‘membership number’

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  17. Here how you get “paid” to buy flowers. Go to Big Crumbs the click through to 1800flowers and click on the radio button. Type in “5151” and you’ll see special offers for radio listeners. Pick the roses for $29.99. Then apply the RR42 discount code (it says the offer is accepted so I am pretty confident it will go through) for $29 is SW miles back, then use that link above to the paypal discount for $15. Total price is $46.98 – $5.07 (BC discount 10.8%) – $29 SW Credit – $15 PP coupon = -$2.09.

    So, you just bought a dozen roses and made $2.09 doing it. Not bad in deed!

  18. Is there a difference between the RR42 code and the RR46 code?

    I was received an email from Southwest on 2/11/14 with the RR46 code.

  19. I did this deal a couple days before Valentine’s Day. When can I expect the points to show up? Has anyone gotten their points yet? Thanks in advance!

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  22. Teresa – did you ever receive your points? I was waiting to receive mine as well. Thanks.

  23. Can I just say that 1-800-flowers is an absolute joke. I want to warn others about their business. I made 2 orders over 10 weeks ago and put in my RR# and promotion code to make sure I got the points for South West. I called 1-800-flowers and they said they would credit the points in 4-6 weeks. Then I called again and they claimed they would be credited in 6-8 weeks. I have called them over and over and they said that they reported my points to South West from day one, and claim that South West is delayed in getting me points. I called SouthWest and they say there is no way that is true. And I believe South West because they have delivered points very fast from other promotions. 1-800-flowers has no other way of investigating where the points are and I am doubtful that they will ever show up. This was the last step to getting my companion pass and I have had to not schedule some flights due to these clowns at 1-800-flowers.

    My 2 orders were nightmares as well. They looked nothing like the pictures. I ordered a potted set of flowers that looked like it had over a dozen flowers in their picture. What arrived looked like a scrawny little weed with only one flower on it.

    Buyers beware, do not use 1-800-flowers! I’m not one to complain usually, but they are totally out of line.

  24. Well, misery loves company. I was a bit relieved that I wasn’t alone in being shafted by 1-800-Flowers.

    I placed an order for Valentines Day. No points yet. Customer service at 1-800-Flowers said “PLEASE ALLOW 8 WEEKS AFTER PRODUCT IS DELIVERED FOR POINTS POSTINGS TO OCCUR ON YOUR GUEST REWARDS ACCOUNT STATEMENT. ‘MILES/POINTS ARE AWARDED ON MERCHANDISE VALUE ONLY’. Not looking good. Never again 1-800-Flowers.

  25. Points finally posted today! Record time too, only ~7 weeks after I placed my order.

  26. Well, points posted…but they only posted 1,000 points and not the 1,750 points that they promised.

    Waiting to hear a response.

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