You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles!

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You will soon get fewer Hilton hotel points when you convert your Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton hotel points.

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

A Garden Bungalow at Hilton Moorea Costs 80,000 Hilton Points Per Night

This is important because you used to be able to transfer the 50,000 mile bonus from Virgin Atlantic card to 100,000 Hilton hotel points!

So you got a 1:2 ratio (2 Hilton points for 1 Virgin Atlantic mile) for transferring Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton.  But from February 6, 2014, the transfer ratio changes to 2:3.

But Can’t You Use Virgin Atlantic Miles for Flights?

I prefer transferring Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton because Virgin Atlantic charges high fuel and tax (~$500 to ~$1000+) on international flights.

For example, a coach round-trip from Chicago to London will cost 35,000 miles and $457 in taxes and fees!

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

Is 35,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles & $456 for a Coach Roundtrip from Chicago to London a Good Deal?

The fees are over $1,000 when you book an Upper Class or Business Class ticket!

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

$1,140 in Taxes When You Use Virgin Atlantic Miles for a Business Class Roundtrip Ticket from Chicago to London

Emily and I flew on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class last year.  We used our Hawaiian Air miles so that we didn’t have to pay the high fee by booking directly with Virgin Atlantic.

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

Emily and Daraius in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

However, the excellent 1:2 transfer ratio is about to change…

What’s Changing?

Virgin Atlantic announced that starting February 6, 2014 folks will no longer be able to transfer miles to Hilton at 1:2.

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

You Will Get Fewer Hilton Points for Transfers Made After February 6, 2014

These changes mean fewer Hilton points when you transfer from Virgin Atlantic.

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

Soon it Will Take More Virgin Atlantic Miles to Stay at Hilton Bora Bora!

Change Details

1.  Starting From February 6, 2014

The new transfer ratio starts from February 6, 2014.  So transfer before February 6, 2014 to take advantage of the higher transfer ratio.

2.  Virgin Atlantic miles transfer to Hilton at a 2:3 ratio

After February 6, 2014, your Virgin Atlantic miles will transfer to Hilton at a 2:3 ratio.

This means that 50,000 Virgin Atlantic miles will get only 75,000 Hilton points instead of 100,000 Hilton hotel points.

Minimum Transfer

As a reminder, you have to transfer a minimum of 10,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton.

So if you have less than 10,000 Virgin Atlantic miles you can’t transfer them to Hilton.

And after you meet the minimum transfer of 10,000 miles, you can only transfer in increments of 5,000 mile increments.

Fr example, let’s say that you have 27,000 miles in your Virgin Atlantic account.  So you can only transfer 25,000 miles to Hilton hotels.

So you are then stuck with 2,000 miles in your Virgin Atlantic account.

You can instantly transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred, (no longer offered) Chase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Plus to Virgin Atlantic Airlines on a 1:1 ratio if you’re running low on Virgin Atlantic points.

You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles

Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points to Virgin Atlantic

You can also transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic in a 1:1 ratio.

This isn’t a great transfer option, but could be worth it to get to an increment of 5,000 Virgin Atlantic miles.

How to Transfer Virgin Atlantic Miles to Hilton

You have to call the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Helpline at 800-365-9500 to transfer points.

You will have to give the agent your Hilton account number and your Virgin Atlantic account number.

It can take up to 30 days for the points to post, but in my experience, it usually takes ~15 days.

Bottom Line

Starting February 6, 2014, your Virgin Atlantic miles will transfer to Hilton points at a 2:3 ratio, instead of the higher 1:2 ratio.  You should get the higher transfer ratio as long as you call in by February 5, 2014.

The (somewhat) good news is that this is still better than a 1:1 ratio or worse, to transfer airline miles to hotel points.

You won’t get many high-end Hilton hotel stays with 75,000 Hilton points, but it could be worth it for 1 night at an expensive Hilton or 2 nights at a mid-priced Hilton hotel.

Here’s a link to see how many Hilton points you need for 1 night.

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31 responses to “You Will Soon Get Fewer Hilton Points With Your Virgin Atlantic Miles!

  1. Thanks for this, you just saved me 25,000 points! I have 53,000 and was planning on waiting until I hit 55,000 to transfer. No time for that now! It took me 5 minutes to call and the transfer is now on the way.

  2. Daraius, after Feb. 6th, does it make more sense to transfer the miles to IHG instead of Hilton?

  3. Hi. Great post. I have been thinking of transferring some Amex MRs into Flying Club and then back to Hilton. I have 300k in Hilton and 280k in MRs. I recently started looking at stuff to do with my Hilton stash but with the big devaluation last year I am thinking again. 70k points for one night in high season is pushing it a bit. Maybe you could do a ‘best things to do with MR points’ for us?

    • @Mike – Glad you got the transfer in before Feb 6!

      @Bill H – It could make sense, but depends on your travel goals.

      @TravelFreakUK – That’s a great post suggestion, but I don’t know when I can get to it!

  4. Daraius, besides transfering to Hilton what other programs is best to transfer to? Thanks!

  5. Anything else to do with VA miles that do not have a huge fuel surcharge like partners to other places? I have 90K miles with them, but usually go United to Europe. Hilton is 160K for 4 nights on my last trip to AMS, would like to use them for flights. Ideas other than Europe to use miles on for flights?

  6. I mentioned this on another site. Two important points:

    1. Unlike other programs, like Hawaiian Air which remove the miles from your accounts immediately, VA will not do that. The miles will remain in your account 2-4 weeks until the transfer actually occurs. Since the miles will not be removed before 2/6, well you figure out what problems can occur. Will depend on their software and/or your begging abilities but don’t expect 1:2 to be a foregone conclusion despite your request being prior to 2/6.

    2. They are very serious about matching names EXACTLY. For example if you have a middle initial on your VA account but not on your Hilton account the transfer will fail. This was confirmed by two CSR’s and they insisted on removing the initial.

  7. I’m not an expert on using these miles, but with partners like Virgin America and Delta, I don’t see what the big deal is. Can’t I just use these miles domestically and avoid fuel surcharges that way? I know Delta is not the greatest in terms of award availability, but with the crazy Hilton devaluations, I don’t get why people are so eager to have Hilton points instead of these miles.

  8. Personally I have way more airlines miles (esp when you consider the companion pass) than hotel pts so I’m always eager to xfer pts to Hilton.

  9. “The miles will remain in your account 2-4 weeks until the transfer actually occurs”

    Luckily, that is not true. I called yesterday to transfer 20K to HH. Checking my VA balance this morning, the points have already been deducted. It will no doubt be some weeks before they appear in my HH account, but they are no longer in my VA account. So everything should be fine.

  10. What good are HH points after last years devaluation?

    The 50K VA miles sign up bonus from the VA cc transferred to my HH account as 100K HH points.

    In Europe there are some quite acceptable Hampton Inns, Hilton Garden Inns, and even a few Hiltons, that go for 30K HH points a night. Book them with 5th night free, and that comes out to 120K points. An average of 24K a night..

    So on a 5 night booking, the 100K HH points transferred in from the VA cc covers 4 nights. With the annual fee of $90 for the card, that comes out to @22 a night. Which is pretty much covered by the 2 free breakfasts from being Gold. Making the room itself virtually free.

    Even with the reduced VA transfer ratio after Feb 6, the average cost per night will only go up to $30. Valuing the 2 breakfasts at $20, the room is essentially costing $10 a night.

    Works for me !

  11. Why does anyone still accumulate Hilton Honors points? They’ve devalued the program to such an extent that it’s almost not worth free internet or breakfast for Gold Tier.

  12. Is there no other use for VA miles? can they be used for domestic flights, any other partners? aren’t all the axon, etc deals for Hilton gone?

  13. I just had an AXON award for the Doubletree in AMS by Central station, 4 nights for 160K points. Room was nothing to write home about, they tried to squeeze every dime out of us for check in before 3 pm. My gold finally came thru during the stay and they “Upgraded” us to another room which was exactly the same as our earlier room!! Breakfast was forgettable, but I will give points for the unlimited wine each night in the lounge.

  14. @Joe I still accumulate Hilton points. Yes, there was a huge devaluation on the very top tier properties. But on most other properties, the devaluation is somewhat tolerable, expected actually. You can get a LOT of Hilton points easily, from many different cards either directly or indirectly through point transfers, surveys, etc. I have been tracking this points hobby for a few years, and it is one points program after another that goes through a devaluation. The whole system reminds me of basic world currency economics. You start printing too much money (too many points), and pretty soon inflation kicks in.

  15. Thanks for the heads-up. I would have continued to let my points sit and lost out on the better transfer conversion. I will be interested to see how quickly the transfer occurs and whether or not Kent C is correct.

  16. Not much luck on my side. I have another $500 to hit minimum spend for bonus on the VA MasterCard, and I would still need to have BofA close my statement early, have the points posted and transfer them before the sixth. Don’t see all of that lining up.

    Guess I could either make do with 75,000 Hilton points or find use for the VA points. Them’s the breaks…

  17. Do you or anybody know how to check avilability on flights with Delta or Hawaiian airline using Virgin Atlantic miles?

    • @Brian – Depends on your goals, but I like transferring them to Hilton

      @Judy Jones – You could use them for Delta or other partner airline flights.

      @Kent C – Thanks for the tips!

      @Robert Hanson – I agree with you that Hilton points are still good for “almost free” hotel stays.

      @ Brian – I believe you have to call to find award availability on those airlines.

  18. Topped off my account with 4k UR points, which transferred immediately. Called VA, hold 5 minutes, agent mentioned that it may take up to 3 weeks, and exchange rate is as of date of transfer. Easy 20K HH points.

  19. exchange rate is as of date of transfer REQUEST, aka, date when you call VA, regardless when the HH points post.

  20. Just want to add another data point:

    I called and transferred 40k points yesterday, and the Flying Club website is already reflecting the new balance as of today. So it definitely looks like we will get the full 2:1 transfer ratio. Not sure what voodoo magic is required that takes 3 weeks to get it into Hilton’s system at this point…

    As an aside: I left around 8000 points in my account because I am currently working on the 2500 points for $500 grocery/restaurant spend promotion. This will put me over the 10k minimum for another transfer, which will net me another 15k hhonors points in a couple weeks. So I will end up with 95k from the card, rather than just 90k if I transferred 45k right now. Trying to find someone to add as an authorized user so I can add to that total!

    Thanks for the heads up on this Daraius! You saved me a ton of points!

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  22. Darius

    How does it work to use Virgin Atlantic miles for flights on Virgin America (or Hawaiian)? Is it a good idea to keep Virgin Atlantic miles for that purpose?

  23. I also thought Virgin Atlantic miles could be quite useful for short distance travels. Thanks!

  24. Actually, I guess it isn’t so bad after all. This prompted me to look at ways to use the VA miles. Booking on Virgin America is a good option, but so is booking a one-way into London. With the bonus miles on the VA MasterCard from BoA, you could book two economy one-way awards into LHR and only pay about $100 in taxes per ticket, which is about what I would expect to pay on an AA award. I’m guessing VA economy might be nicer than AA economy? LHR out to North America is another story though…

  25. I transfered my 50,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton points. I then sold my 75,000 Hilton points to rewards2cash for $345.

    The company has positive reviews on yelp, facebook, and slickdeals.

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  27. Hey Daraius, not sure if you are aware but looks like Virgin Atlantic updated the terms (again) in regards to transfers to Hilton. They have now implemented the transfers be in increments of 10,000. It used to be 5,000. I posted here:

    and thought you may want to update or perhaps add a new post for your readers. Not a total deal breaker but not a positive either.

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  29. Can you transfer your Virgin Atlantic points to other airlines like AA or BA? Is it part of an alliance already, I couldn’t get specific details?