Why 35,000 US Air Miles Could be Better Than 40,000 US Air Miles

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Abhi for commenting that you can get 40,000 miles from the Barclaycard US Air card after your 1st purchase. 

The advertisement says “up to 50,000” miles, but you really get only 40,000 miles after your 1st purchase.  You get the remaining 10,000 miles after a balance transfer (when you transfer a balance from one credit card to another credit).  The balance transfer is NOT worth the cash advance interest rate and other fees charged for balance transfers.

US Airways Card

Link:   40,000 Miles Airways Card

You can get 40,000 miles from the US Airways card, but the $89 annual fee is NOT waived.

Remember that US Air miles will soon be American Airlines miles.

This is a better offer than the link which pays me a commission (click the link to compare offers, but do NOT apply for this version), but which offers you only 30,000 miles. However, you can get a potentially better offer.

The best current offer is for 35,000 US Air miles after your 1st purchase with no annual fee for the first year.  You also get 10,000 miles on each anniversary, but Barclaycard might not issue this card in one year!

Why 35,000 US Air Miles Could Be Better Than 40,000 US Air Miles

You can get 35,000 US Air Miles After Your First Purchase!

Which Offer is Better?

You can either get 35,000 US Air miles with no annual fee.  Or 40,000 US Air miles with an $89 annual fee.

This means that you’re paying $89 for the extra 5,000 miles which you get for the 40,000 mile offer.  So you’re effectively paying ~1.8 cents per US Air mile ($89 annual fee / 5,000 extra US Air miles)

If you don’t mind paying 1.8 cents per US Air mile, go for the 40,000 mile offer.  Otherwise, the 35,000 mile offer is better!

Using US Air Miles

US Air is currently (until March 30, 2014), part of the Star Alliance which has pretty good award availability to Europe and Asia.

But you have to book your award seats by March 30, 2014 before US Air leaves the Star Alliance.  You can book travel ~330 days out.

You could fly to Asia with a stopover in Europe for only 60,000 miles in coach, 90,000 miles in Business Class, and 120,000 miles in First Class.

Why 35,000 US Air Miles Could Be Better Than 40,000 US Air Miles

Celebrating New Year’s in Bangkok

Bottom Line

You can get 40,000 miles from the Barclaycard US Air card which is better than my 30,000 mile affiliate link.  But the annual fee is not waived.

That’s why the 35,000 mile offer with the annual fee waived could be better for some.

You can book awards on Star Alliance airlines up to March 30, 2014 with US Air miles.  You can also use US Air miles to book award tickets on American Airlines flights.

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52 responses to “Why 35,000 US Air Miles Could be Better Than 40,000 US Air Miles

  1. Bryan Schmiedeler

    I had my wife apply for the card, and they said it is under review. Probably they will reject it. She had this card but I cancelled it about 6 months ago. If she is turned down, would it be worthwhile to call the reconsideration line?

  2. The 35k card also has 10k at anniversary. I have three of these and I am happy to buy 10k each year at $89 especially as they send periodic mileage multiplier bonuses.

  3. My wife and I both got this card recently and made our small charge to secure our 35,000 miles. One of the nice side-benefits of the Barclay card is the ability to see your FICO credit score and be notified when it changes (every 90 days). We’re both over 800!

  4. Thank you for an honest assessment of the current us air options, unlike milevalue.com’s recent post on the same topic

  5. Will this card continue with the anniversary bonus when USAir merges with American? I don’t want to be lured in to a card with anniversary bonus, 1 year from now but that card disappearing after it merges with AA.

  6. @Juno: This card will definitely go away after the airlines merge, and when that happens the renewal bonuses will end. No one can say whether this will happen before or after the first anniversary bonus (the airlines will probably not be fully merged by then and so the separate frequent flier programs will likely still exist). The odds of getting a second anniversary bonus are pretty low, in my opinion.
    But it makes no difference to you in applying for the card. If you get the 35K w/ anniversary bonus version, the card is “free” for the first year. You will receive the anniversary bonus only when you pay the $89 renewal, and you pay the renewal you will get the anniversary bonus. So, if the card doesn’t survive until renewal no bonus — but no payment either.

  7. My wife and I both applied for the US Airways 35K offer (same link) about a month ago, shortly after the merger closed and there were rumors that Barclays was gonna pull the card. We were both approved instantly and have made our purchases to get the bonus. One of the easiest way to get 35K US/AA miles ever. The companion certificate could also be used strategically for good value.

  8. @MilesAbound – You have 3 personal US Air cards at one time, all open? Wife and I only have 1 each currently, we both canceled card #1 a few months ago. Any chance they’ll approve us for card #3?

  9. I got a question : I remember you said that if applying for cc (for ex: Barclay) we can apply as much as we can until we get denied as long as it’s from same company that issue the cards, since it will be counted as one hard credit pull inquiry. Will this work on any credit card company? how about with Chase and AMEX? Can I apply for as many as AMEX or Chase cards until I get denied/pending approval in same day?

  10. Have they made it clear that if they will keep all the benefits after the merge of AA and US airways?

    Now I have a Chase UA explorer card, and I moved to AA’s hub recently. I’m thinking of cancel my UA card, just don’t know if I should apply for AA or US airways card, it’s really confusing to me now…

    • @Bryan Schmiedeler – Barclays is getting very picky about applying for multiple cards, so I wouldn’t call.

      @MilesAbound – I mention the anniversary in the post. I like the multiplier offers as well for inactivity, but haven’t been getting them lately.

      @David – I wouldn’t apply for more than 1 or 2 cards from a particular bank in one day. Credit inquiries for like cards (business vs. personal) are sometimes merged if they happen on the same day. But I wouldn’t count on it happening.

      @May – You could apply for both cards, but Citi has won the contract to provide the American Airlines card, so the Barlclays card will eventually disappear.

  11. Thanks, I’ve applied the Barclay card through the 35,000 bonus link, and got instant approve. Will apply for Citi’s AA card before my vacation this June (like to check in my bag for free)~

  12. With US Airways, you cannot book one-way fares for half the amount of points of a round-trip. Plus, they have a booking fee and don’t waive baggage charges.
    With AA, you can book a one-way fare for half the amount of points, they have no booking fee, and they waive bag charges (with Citi’s AA card).

    Any chance I can use my newly arrived 35000 UA Air miles on AA’s website to book award travel? Doing so would alleviate 2 of the 3 issues above. Has anyone read about this?

  13. BillyBob,

    You may want to read this:


    I’m getting E-mails from both airlines a couple of times a week lately with all the changes coming and they’re coming QUICK with the merger of their systems. This ain’t going to be a repeat of the US Air/Northwest or United/Continental merger issues. As others have mentioned, AA is taking over the computer operations and they practically invented what is in use by airlines today.

  14. I applied for the barclays arrival card in December. Is there a certain time period I should wait before applying for this card? I have excellent credit score, but am worried they may deny me being such a short period of time between applications.

  15. Any other options to earn more US Airways miles? I have this card, but need about 88K more miles for an award I am targeting. Any options besides buying miles out? Business version of this card maybe?

  16. How much is 35k points actually worth in terms of flights? Could one beta domestic round trip out of it?

    Also is there any way to transfer these points to another program?

  17. I received the 10K anniversary miles, but have not yet paid the fee. If I cancel will I lose the miles. Is it worth it to pay the fee for 10K miles?

  18. Hey Darius! Quick question for you. If I was to snatch up this credit card for the 35k US Air miles, would that be equivalent to 35k AA miles? To clarify, if I was to get this card, would I be able to use the 35k on an AA flight since AA/US Air are merging? I’m looking for a one way from CUN to BKK and AA is telling me it will cost 35k even.

    • @Chance – It is 25,000 miles for a round-trip award within the US. You can’t transfer the points to other airlines, but can use it for flights on partner airlines.

      @heather – I don’t believe you lose the miles, but $89 for 10,000 US Air miles is a good deal.

      @Ryan – You can use the US Air miles for award flights on American Airlines and other partners. US Air miles will eventually become American Airlines miles.

  19. The 35k miles for no annual fee offer seems to be dead now. All 3 links from the Flyer Talk post go to “Offer Expired” pages.

  20. Is it just me or is the 35k (no annual fee) offer expired? on top of that – D = your link to the 30k miles with no first year annual fee would be great- but it looks like that one starts out with the $89 fee. Am I missing something?

  21. I logged into my US Airways CC at barclaycardus.com and click “view rewards” and then clicked “*View rewards program rules.” on the bottom to see all of the rules. Does yours or anyones have any mention of the 10,000 Anniversary Bonus Miles in the reward program rules. Mine does not but I am 100% sure that when I signed up for the credit card that the 10,000 Anniversary Bonus Miles was part of the T&C and also I kept the Reward Program rules booklet that came with the credit card, and that does state the Anniversary Bonus Miles. Thanks in advance!

    • @Vinny @Chance @MSPTraveler – Looks like the 35,000 mile is offer is dead, in which case I’d prefer the 40,000 mile offer which is in the post.

      @Ray H – If you signed up for the 10,000 mile bonus mile offer, you should get the miles each anniversary.

  22. I’m also seeing that the Flyertalk links are all dead. Anyone finding any other links for the 35K, fee waived option?

  23. I had gotten this card last February and just cancelled it this month (Jan) right before the announcement that they were going to be continue to be part of the AA program. Do you think I can sign up for the card again, get approved and receive the bonus? If so, how long should I wait?

  24. Hi Darius,
    I am looking for a link to the USAir business card and cannot find it. Have they discontinued this card?

  25. Darius,

    Do you know how long it takes them to transfer you the 40000 bonus miles after the first purchase?

  26. The US Air site is showing a card with “up to 40,000 mile” bonus. The first 30,000 at time of first purchase or balance transfer, the last $10,000 on a dollar for dollar match of balance transfers. The card has an $89 fee, which is not waiveable and has to be paid before the mileage bonus will be paid. Balance transfer fee is the usual 3% so that last 10,000 bonus miles might not be worth it. Here’s a link to the US Air offer:


  27. Forgot to mention that the US AIr site is touting one checked bag free is coming, although they don’t say when.

  28. Signed up two days ago for the 40,000 miles. So is the two companion pass just a one time deal or is it a yearly thing? That is the main reason why I signed up for it. I don’t see where it says either way. Great way to travel with my son and wife.

  29. @Robert – Did it the smart way and just sent them secure message, to answer my own question yes we do get the companion passes annually. Great deal for the $89 annual fee. So for $287 (AF + $99 each pass) I can have my wife and son fly with me once a year with my paid ticket. This can very easy add up in savings especially on the longer flights.

  30. I had this card at 40k bonus miles from 2/2012 through 1/2013 and cancelled to avoid the bonus. Do you know if this is a card I can sign up for again and get the bonus again? Thanks!

  31. Hey Darius,

    I was rejected for the 30,000 offer on the U.S. Airways, and Barclays said it didn’t have anything to do with them…that I was rejected because I am not a U.S. Airways preferred member. This seemed unusual. Any thoughts on this, and whether I should try and reapply?

  32. Will US air credit cards be honored after AA takes them completely over?

    Or should I get an AA credit card & will I get AA point from my USAir flight?

  33. Pingback: Reminder: Last Day to Get 50,000 Miles With the Barclays Lufthansa Card! | Million Mile Secrets

  34. Thanks Manish! That is the best deal I’ve seen as of now since it includes the 10,000 anniversary miles.

  35. Any guess on whether (& when) the 35k +NoAnnualFee might come back around?

    I’m looking for a card now and trying to load up on what will become AA miles for a big trip. I would love to save the $89.


  36. hi,
    I wanted to apply for 35K with no annual fee but I guess that promotion is no longer available. they approved for the 40K but with 89$. I also have American Airlines card, that I will close soon, do you know if it is possible to merge the miles already?

  37. Hi,
    If I sign up for the card with the 40k reward miles, acquire the miles, and then cancel the card (so effectively paying $89 for 40k miles), do I lose the miles?

    I suppose I have the same question with any of the Chase cards. If I transfer the rewards points to an affiliate (United for example), then close the card before my year anniversary, do I lose the miles that were transferred?

    Thanks! Great site.

  38. I got an email from US Airways to share the offer for the 50K $89 annual fee card. I can share that link. I made a tinyurl. http://tinyurl.com/US-airways-50K-offer-BDD

  39. I received the 50,000 US Air Credit card offer on 4/2012. and cancelled the card 4/2013. Have you or any readers re-applied for this card (offer) and received the 50000mile again?

  40. What number should I call for reconsideration and to check on my application?