Our Anniversary to Italy: Part 9 – Eating in Strasbourg

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Emily Jablon:  Daraius and I went to Europe in September to celebrate our 2nd anniversary for ~2 weeks.  It was my first time in Italy so I was very excited!  In Italy, we visited Varenna on Lake Como, Milan, Venice, and Rome.

Since we were in Europe, we visited a friend in Strasbourg, France and also spent a night in Zurich.  We started our trip with a one day layover in Chicago to see friends!

Strasbourg Restaurants

Daraius and Emily at Le Tire Bouchon

Our Anniversary to Italy – Trip Report Index:

Eating in Strasbourg

Daraius and I tried several different restaurants while in Strasbourg.  We enjoyed all of them, but our favorite was Le Tire Bouchon.  We read about most of these restaurants in the Rick Steves’ France guidebook (our Amazon link) and some of them were also recommended on Chowhound.

Note that the prices below include tax and gratuity (though you could round up the check with a few euro if the service was great).

1.   Winstub Le Clou

On our first night, we went for dinner at Winstub Le Clou for traditional Alsatian cuisine.

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Went to Winstub Le Clou for Dinner

In Strasbourg, the regional food includes foie gras, bone marrow, steak tartare, sausage, pork, sauerkraut & spaetzle (a type of pasta).  I love the chicken or veal cordon bleu with a cream sauce and spaetzle.

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Winstub Le Clou Menu

It was about 8 to 18 euro (~$11 to $25) for an appetizer and about 15 to 20 euro (~$21 to $27) for a main course.

We ordered foie gras…

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Ordered a Foie Gras Appetizer

and an onion tart for our appetizers.

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Also Ordered an Onion Tart

Daraius is clumsy so half ended up on his shirt!

Strasbourg Restaurants

Daraius Spilt a Little Wine on his Shirt

We shared a chicken with mushroom cream sauce and spaetzle for our main course.

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Shared a Chicken With Mushroom Cream Sauce and Spaetzle Entree

I had a Riesling and Daraius had a Gewürztraminer.  The wine was served in cute flower themed glasses.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Our Wine was Served in Cute Glasses

We liked the foie gras the best, and then the chicken, followed by the onion tart.

There were a lot of choices for dessert.  Dessert cost 6 to 8 euro (~$8 to $11).

Strasbourg Restaurants

Winstub Le Clou Extensive Dessert Menu

For dessert, we had crème brulee…

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Ordered a Creme Brulee

and fresh blueberry tart.

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Also Ordered a Fresh Blueberry Tart

Both desserts were very good!

2.   Le Tire Bouchon

We went for lunch at Le Tire Bouchon, which also served Alsatian cuisine.  This was our favorite meal in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Restaurants

We had Lunch at Le Tire Bouchon

Gaetan made reservations here and said it was one of the best in town.  He said he and his friends went there when they graduated from medical school.  It was also on Chowhound and in the Rick Steves’ France book.

The menu is posted outside the restaurant so you can decide if you want to eat there before you go in.

Gaetan said that the restaurant is filled with tourists, but since they were mostly French tourists, the food quality doesn’t suffer!

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Menu for Le Tire Bouchon is Posted Outside

They had an extensive menu.  The set menus ranged from 23 euro (~$31) onwards.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Le Tire Bouchon’s Extensive Menu

The prices were a little high with most main courses starting at 18 euro (~$25).

Strasbourg Restaurants

Main Courses Started at 18 euro or ~$25

Le Tire Bouchon was a tiny and cozy restaurant.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Daraius and Emily Enjoying Lunch at Le Tire Bouchon

We ordered a bottle of wine, and bone marrow to start.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Our Bone Marrow Appetizer

Daraius had veal kidneys in mustard, spaetzle, and the vegetable of the day.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Daraius Got Veal Kidneys in Mustard

I had veal cordon bleu with cream, vegetable du jour and sautéed potatoes and spaetzle.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Emily Choose the Veal Cordon Bleu

The portions were HUGE and we could have shared our main dishes.

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Portions Were Very Large – Traditional Alscace Choucroute Garnie

We were so full from lunch that we did not have any dessert.

3.   Cheaper Options – La Corne D’ Or & Others

There are lots of cheaper options for food including supermarkets, doner kebabs and hot dogs!

One evening, we went to La Corne D’ Or, a doner kebab restaurant for a kebab.  You’ll find quite a few of these diner kebab restaurants in Europe.

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Menu at La Corne D’ Or

I ordered the doner frites which came with French fries.  It was good snack for 5 euro (~$7).

Strasbourg Restaurants

Emily Ordered Doner Frites

If you walk around, you can find cheaper options for food.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Small Cafes Offered Inexpensive Meals

We bought macarons.  They were almost as good as the macarons in Paris!

Strasbourg Restaurants

We Bought a few Tasty Macarons

We also went into a supermarket.  Daraius loves the chocolate aisle.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Checking out the Candy in the Supermarket

You could buy a baguette from Les Mains Dans La Farine or other bread shops and make your own meals.

Strasbourg Restaurants

You can get Bread From Les Mains Dans la Farine Bakery

Another shop sold cakes & breads.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Chocolate Cakes From Les Mains Dans le Farine Bakery

We went past Fritz Lutz, a butcher shop and charcuterie.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Fritz Lutz Specializes in Charcuterie

There are also many cafes and bars that have cheap food from 3 to 8 euro (~$4 to $8).

Strasbourg Restaurants

A Cafe With Cheap Food

Food is much cheaper at these locations, but the food is usually take-away only.  Which means that you walk and eat!

Daraius tried a French “Hot Dog” which was just a sausage in a baguette!

Strasbourg Restaurants

French Hot Dog!

There were also cheap sandwiches and focaccia.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Sandwiches and Focaccia To Go

4.   Café de l’Opera

For brunch, our friends took us to the Café de l’Opera.  It is located in the opera house.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Cafe de l’Opera is Located in the Opera House

Every Sunday’s brunch has a different theme.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Buffet Brunch at Cafe de l’Opera

This week, it was American themed, and our friends hoped we’d like the popcorn, waffles, and sweet corn!

Strasbourg Restaurants

Waffles and Popcorn Were Included in the American-Themed Brunch Buffet

There was lots of other food including French cheeses, cold meats, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms…

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Buffet Included Cheeses and Cold Meats

french fries, chocolate and pear tarts, breads, Nutella, crepes, tea, and coffee.

There were bowls of pears, cantaloupe, and other fruits and a juice machine to make your own fresh juice.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Juice Machine and Fruit to Make Fresh Juice

I really liked my fresh melon juice!  I also enjoyed eating my Nutella crepes, cheese, and baguette.

Strasbourg Restaurants

There was Even Nutella!

5.   Chez Yvonne

One evening we went for more Alsatian food at Chez Yvonne.  Appetizers are 5 to 22 euro (~$7 to $30), and main courses are 14 to 25 euro (~$19 to $35).

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Exterior of Chez Yvonne

Chez Yvonne was decorated in an Alsatian theme.

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Restaurant was Decorated in an Alsatian Theme

I was looking forward to my chicken with Riesling which was on the menu (and is one of my favorite meals).  But first we ordered an Alsace wine flight, which came with 3 different kinds of Rieslings!

Strasbourg Restaurants

Daraius With an Alsace Wine Flight

I love the Alsace region of France for their delicious wine!

Strasbourg Restaurants

Delicious Flight of French Rieslings

We noticed that the wine glasses were almost three times the size of a water glass!

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Wine Glass Was MUCH Bigger Than the Water Glass!

For our appetizer, we ordered foie gras, which came with a foie gras macaron, 3 different types of foie gras, and foie gras crème brulee!

Strasbourg Restaurants

Foie Gras Appetizer Served 5 Ways

I really liked the various flavors and textures, and thought the foie gras macaron and crème brulee was very imaginative!

We also had a munster cheese puff pastry, but I thought the cheese was too salty.  Munster smells, so be careful if you haven’t tried it before!

Strasbourg Restaurants

The Munster Cheese Pastry

For our main course, Daraius had a meat-a-thon with sausage, pork, sauerkraut, and boiled potatoes.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Daraius Ordered an all Meat Entree

I had coc au vin, which was chicken served in a Riesling sauce…

Strasbourg Restaurants

Emily Ordered the Coc au vin Riesling Entree

and I also ordered spaetzel.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Emily Also Ordered a Spaetzel

I enjoyed my dinner, but it did not come with enough sauce and was a little bland (though the chicken was very tender).

Dessert was the best part of the meal.  We ordered one scoop of pear sorbet.

Strasbourg Restaurants

Dessert was Pear Sorbet

It tasted like they had plucked the pear from the tree that morning and made it into a sorbet in the afternoon.  It was so fresh!

Bottom Line

The food in Alsace is very hearty & tasty.

You don’t have to eat in restaurants all the time and there are lots of options for cheaper food!

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31 responses to “Our Anniversary to Italy: Part 9 – Eating in Strasbourg

  1. One of my earliest, and best, food memories is of eating “un hot dog” in Paris when I lived there as a child. Unlike the rather sad specimen you encountered in Strasbourg, this was two frankfurters in a split baguette, slathered with dijon mustard, and covered in gruyere cheese. The entire thing was then toasted so that it was hot through, the baguette crispy, and the cheese melted. So, so, so good.

  2. Is that a foie gras macaron?!? Awesome.
    And BTW there’s a difference between “macaroon” and “macaron”. They’re both meringue based, but “macaroon” is a lumpy cookie with shredded coconut, and “macaron” is the cookie sandwich you’re talking about, made with almond flour.

  3. Really, you wore t-shirts to restaurant dinners in France? Really? At least try a little.

  4. WOW foie gras 5 different ways ..the way to go..how much weight did u gain there i gained 5 pounds looking at it….

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