3 Mistakes That Won’t Get You a Southwest Companion Pass

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All 4 versions of the Southwest credit card have come back and folks are asking lots of questions about the Southwest Companion Pass!

That’s because 2 Southwest 50,000 point cards and a few extra points will get you a Southwest Companion Pass valid until the end of 2015.  Emily and I got our 2nd Companion Pass about a year ago and we love it!  It has saved us a lot of money on domestic flights.

3 Mistakes That Won’t Get You A Southwest Companion Pass

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Getting Your Southwest Companion Pass!

And the 110,000 Southwest points which you earn are worth ~$1,837 (110,000 Southwest Points X 1.67 cents per point) if you book your flight before March 31, 2014.  But you’re actually getting twice that in flights or $3,674 ($1,837 X 2) if you add a companion to all your bookings!

If you book your flights after March 31, 2014, the 110,000 Southwest points are worth ~$1,562.  But you’re actually getting twice that in flights or $3,124 ($1,562 X 2) if you add a companion to all your bookings!

1.   Transferring Southwest Points From 1 Account to Another does NOT Count

Million Mile Secrets reader Melissa asks:

Daraius – if I transferred 50,000 points to my husband’s Southwest Rapid Rewards account, would those count toward the Companion Pass?

This is a very common first question, but I wouldn’t suggest transferring points from 1 partner’s Southwest account to another partner’s Southwest account for 2 reasons.

First, you have to pay a fee to transfer points.  So you’ll pay $500 to transfer 50,000 Southwest points from one Southwest account to another Southwest account.

3 Mistakes That Won’t Get You A Southwest Companion Pass

Don’t Pay $500 to Transfer 50,000 Southwest Points!

Second, and more importantly, the transferred points do NOT count towards the Companion Pass even if you bought points.  So save your money and don’t transfer Southwest points from 1 Southwest account to another Southwest account.

2.   Don’t Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points Directly to Southwest

Million Mile Secrets reader CG asks:

Do you know if miles transferred to Southwest via Chase Sapphire Preferred count towards the Companion Pass? Thanks.

You earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points with a Chase credit card which earns Ultimate Rewards points like the Chase Sapphire PreferredInk Bold, or Ink Plus or by shopping at the Ultimate Rewards portal.

You can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to many airlines and hotels such as Southwest, Hyatt, etc. in a 1:1 ratio.

3 Mistakes That Won’t Get You A Southwest Companion Pass

Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfers 1:1 to Southwest, but it Does NOT Count Towards the Companion Pass!

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points directly to Southwest at a 1:1 ratio and have them count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.  That would be too easy!

But you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt or Marriott hotels and from there to Southwest and get them to count towards the Southwest Companion Pass!  There is no fee for transferring Hyatt or Marriott points to Southwest.

3 Mistakes That Won’t Get You A Southwest Companion Pass

You Can Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points To Hyatt & Then To Southwest

But note that you will lose ~half your points in the transfer.  See this post on more details on transferring Hyatt and Marriott points to Southwest.

3.   Don’t Apply for 1 Card in Your Name & 1 Card in Your Partner’s Name

James emails to ask:

Can we –  wife and I – apply for 1 Southwest card each with the 50,000 point bonus and earn 110,000 points between the two of us?

No.  You have to earn the full 110,000 Southwest Companion Pass points in ONE account within 1 calendar year (January to December).

You can’t earn the 110,000 points across 2 accounts.  And you can’t transfer points from 1 Southwest account to another Southwest account (see #1).

Bottom Line

The Southwest Companion Pass is the best deal in domestic travel!

So don’t let these 3 rookie mistakes stop you from getting a Southwest Companion Pass.

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124 responses to “3 Mistakes That Won’t Get You a Southwest Companion Pass

  1. Thanks for the head’s up. Is a possible rookie mistake #4 opening 2 personal cards (same person though)? I’ve heard conflicting reports as to whether or not you’d get the 50k 2x. I know I could open one of their business cards but haven’t yet and was hoping to not have to go that route. Keep up the incredible work!

  2. Thanks for all of the good info. I have applied for both the business and personal card and am hoping to get them both soon. Between our business and home remodel I can meet the spending requirement in about 4 weeks!

  3. I signed up for the plus personal card back in October. Now that the 50,000 point offer is back I am trying to decide if I want to signup for the premier card, or if I should redeem marriott points for a vacation package to get a 7 night stay and 50,000 points. As the 7 night stay is restricted to category 5 and below, I’m not crazy about it. My reasoning for going that route would be to save the second personal card bonus for 2016 so that I can qualify againusing sign up the sign up bonus. I dont think i could qualify for a business card.

    What do you think is the better option? Could I potentially cancel a card and requalify for it in 2016?

  4. I received the Comp Pass Feb 2013 (got the two cards, have since kept them open to be a good Chase citizen… for now), so I’m good through Dec this year. We’ve used it 5 times, wish it was more but… I figured the value of the pass in RRs to be about 140,000 RR miles. I can earn URs faster than RRs. Later this year my debate will become if transferring URs to Hyatt at a 1:1, then to SWA at 2:1 is the right value. I use URs for Hyatt, Brit Air on AA domestic and for transferring to SWA. So is 200,000 URs worth another year of comp pass (the difference would be made up on some other transfers in, surveys, etc)? I assume if I renew December 2014 I would only have it until Dec 2015, so then do i wait until Jan 2015 to make it happen and keep through Dec 2016? Assuming the program is unchanged.

  5. THANK YOU so much for this post. I am waiting for my 100,000 miles (+ my miles from the required spending) to post this month and then I was going to transfer directly from Ultimate Rewards to meet the Companion Pass requirement. Changing my strategy now thanks to this reminder!

  6. @Elizabeth – Readers have reported getting the bonus on both personal cards, but the terms say that you get the bonus on only your 1st personal Southwest card.

    @Dr. JLo – You should get them pretty soon. Good luck with the remodel.

    @Ryan – 2016 is 2 years away, so it could be possible. But do what you’re comfortable with.

    @Mike H – If you do transfer points, wait to do it in 2015, so that the pass is valid until the end of 2016. Or you can save the Ultimate Rewards points and have your companion apply for the cards in 2015.

    @Vicki – Glad it helped!

  7. Would 1 premiere card + 1 business premiere card + 10,000 points from spending/Hyatt do the trick

  8. We have had the plus card in the past and now received the premier. Two different personal products. I thought it was ok. Guess I will find out soon. Happy New Year Darius!

  9. Re: #4 – yes, but if you and your spouse each applied for a card and used the same rapid rewards account, wouldn’t that work? No points transfer would be needed to achieve the initial 100,000 points after hitting the spending requirements in a single account.

  10. I just re-qualified for CP, good through the end of 2015. (Unexpected good news – I was able to add the name of my companion as soon as I qualified, and successfully booked travel for her a few hours later. When I first qualified in late 2012, it took 10-14 days before I could actually book companion travel.)

    Bob Nelson – I got the Premier Biz card in early 2012, the Plus Biz card in late 2013. I got the 50,000 point bonus for both.

    Another “mistake” – assuming miles will count toward CP on posting date. I made a hotel points transfer in late 2013; miles posted in 2014 but counted toward 2013 CP. It’s the activity date (not the posting date) that matters. (Of course this can be useful for someone who needs points near the end of a calendar year.)

  11. Thank you so much for all the helpful information. I got our companion pass early last year. My wife and I may have been an anomaly though because I applied for two cards, one under her name and one under my name (different card numbers) but both associated with the same Southwest Rewards account. We received the companion pass when the account reached 110,000 points?

  12. So just to be sure I’m playing this right: My wife earned a pass last year and named me her companion (She’s sweet that way!) My strategy should be to wait till 2015 to accumulate SW points – since this year I’ve got free flights anyway. Yes?

  13. So, of course my 50k bonus points posted on one card and *not* the other that I signed up for back in OCT despite completing the min spending on both. I have flights booked for the end of Jan that I was counting on having the companion pass for. Do you have any ideas how to get Chase to post my 50k bonus points ASAP? The next statement won’t close until after my flight…so I’m getting a little anxious about this….ugh

  14. oops, subscribe.

  15. @Christine – That should be fine.

    @Randy – No point getting an overlapping Companion Pass for just 1 extra year, unless you’re worried that they won’t offer the Companion Pass in 2015.

    @ Gabriel – You have to complete the minimum spending 8 to 10 days before the statement closes, to get the bonus on your account. Also make sure that you haven’t included the annual fee in the minimum spending requirements.

  16. Have any readers had approval for both the premiere business and personal in the same day?

  17. Thanks for explaining *why* the bonus didn’t post on my Jan 6th statement…but are there any ideas on how to get chase to post the bonus pts before Feb 6th? I’m *well* over the $2k min spend, FWIW.

  18. Darius,

    Did you an Emily got the companion pass at the same time? Is there Advantage to that? Or staggering better? (obvious I think)..

    If 4 people traveling. Is there any trick to use companion pass in way to use less miles?

  19. Dear Darius,

    Thank you for this great resource!

    We had my wife apply for the personal and business cards from chase with the goal of getting the companion pass. However, we ended up now with two chase online accounts. I understand that the cards can be combined under a single online account (we have to call chase customer service). We should still be able to have our combined points from the two accounts count towards the companion pass, correct? Or can she just keep the two cards under two chase website usernames and still get the companion pass once the points from the accounts amount to 110k points?

    Thank you!


  20. Can the companion pass be used on AirTran flights?

  21. Yes I was able to get the business and personal on the same day.

  22. @Gabriel – You could call, but unlikely to get it to post sooner.

    @rubu – Emily didn’t get it, since we’re staggering when we get the pass.

    @Tom – If you put the same Southwest number in both account, you will get the points in the same Southwest account.

    @Rob d – Only on domestic Air Tran flights which you book through the Southwest website.

  23. Darius,
    So, I currently have a companion pass based on a personal and business card bonus point earnings. It expires Dec 2014. I would like to get a new companion pass for 2015/2016 by applying for new cards later this year. My concern is the fine print on the SW credit card offers. Subscript 2, indicates that the 50,000 bonus points will only be awarded to first time credit card holders. Have you or any of your readers had an issue with this?

  24. can you keep rolling over the minimum of 110,000 points each calendar year and be eligible for the companion pass each time by doing this?

  25. tl;dr: Can I apply for a third card of these four cards and get the 50k points?

    I applied for these 50k bonus offers in October. I assumed because I signed up for both the same day that the billing statement would close the same day. I was wrong and met the $2k spending limit for one in December and the other January 1. Since I’ve now only earned 50k plus points for 2014, I would love to get another one of these offers, as you said they were 4 difference products. Can I sign up for another one now or is it limited to one Premier and one Plus once per year (business/personal disregarded)?

  26. @TJ – You can’t roll over the points

    @Tache – You may be able to get another card if it is a different product.

  27. I’m thinking of waiting until 2015 to try for the SWACP. Any thoughts on the possibility of this deal evaporating? I’m new to the points game, so I’m unsure how long these deals tend to last.

    I’m seeing that I could start saving points in another program in case I need them to hit the 110,000 miles (which would only happen if I get denied on the 2nd card). Any advice on which program(s)?

  28. Following up to the ‘roll over’ question. You mean the points have to be earned in one year, so old points wouldn’t count, right? Not that SWA points expire? Just double checking.

  29. I just got the personal card 2 weeks ago. Normally I wouldn’t apply for another card within 90 days (to limit the hard inquiries on my credit report) but is it worth applying for the business card in order to get the pass a.s.a.p. vs waiting until April? I wasn’t aware of the strategy when I applied for the personal card alone.

  30. @Haley – You can’t roll-over points from 1 year to another to get the Companion Pass. Southwest points expire if there is no activity in your Southwest account for 24 months. But it is easy to have activity in your account. I can’t say if this will last until 2015.

    @MikeRA – If you have travel planned, it could be worth it. Otherwise, you could wait a few months before applying for the business card.

  31. Simply a thank you-I have told this story many times-you have taught me so much. Because of you I once again have secured the Southwest companion pass for two more years. I think this is a record 1/22/14 and I have the pass. So happy! Big travel with little money!!!!

  32. @Christine @Ed Z – Congrats and thanks for sharing! You have almost 2 years of the Companion Pass so hope you use it a lot!

  33. I just wanted to share, I got approved for both a business and personal card. Initially I was denied the business card, but ended getting it after calling the reconsideration line twice! They took my 13K credit line and split it 5K and 5K.

  34. Hi, Are you allowd to use the 50K bonus points for free travel AND still have them count to the 110K total needed for a companion pass or do the points have to not be redeemed?

  35. Would converting Airtran points to SouthWest count towards companion pass?


  36. #3 is technically right, but pts go to acct used in app.. So 2 ppl + same rr = 100k pts + 4k spend = 104k.. It’s no diff than putting ur rr with a bus. app.. It does work but if it’s about luck then ur luck may vary

  37. raymond mcmanus

    I just received my chase premier card. I called their customer service and was told I was not eligible for the 50,000 mile bonus as I already had their lowest level card. Promotion just for first time applicants. I cancelled the card and will not be charged the $95 fee.

  38. @emilee bonds – You can use them for travel and they still count towards the Companion Pass.

    @Vik – You can’t transfer Air Tran credits to get the Southwest Companion Pass.

    @FYI – True, but it is ymmv.

    @raymond mcmanus – Thanks for the update.

  39. I have 61k Ultimate Rewards Points in my Sapphire preferred account. If i sign up for the 50k credit card offer and spend 2000 in 3 months then transfer my points to southwest, will those points work towards companion status?

  40. @Brad B – Unfortunately, transferring points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred directly to Southwest doesn’t count towards the Companion Pass. But you could transfer them to Hyatt or Marriott and then to Southwest to count towards the Companion Pass.

  41. Darius – what’s the deal with the new language on the chase SW card site about bonus only counting for 1 personal and 1 business card? Previously I thought the premier and the plus were able to earn bonuses even if they were both personal/business.

    “Note: the bonus may be earned on one first-time personal and one first-time business Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card new account.”


  42. @Paul H – It is unclear what is happening in practice, but it appears that the terms are written to suggest that you can get the bonus on only 1 personal/business card.

  43. Thanks for answering my previous question! Can you also advise how quickly SW/Chase typically applys your promotional points? I recently got the personal credit card this past month, have spend the $2K+ to get the 50K points, but am unclear of how quickly they will post. We have a trip planned the 1st week in April and are getting pretty inpatient waiting to book. Our 1st statment end date is 2/5/14, i’m hoping they will apply once that statement ends, but am unsure of how long it could take. PS- our business credit card application is currently pending, we are crossing our fingers we get that too so we can accumulate enough for the companion pass as well.

  44. If I do not yet have a SW rewards number, can the 750pt bonus for starting a new account and receiving e-mails count towards the 110k requirements? What about points earned through other promotions, such as the 3k points for 2 month membership to freecreditscore.com or the 1k points for using TurboTax? Or is credit card spend only eligible?

  45. @emilee bonds – The points usually post a few days after the statement in which you completed the payment closes (as long as you completed the minimum spending 8 to 10 days earlier).

    @Brett – Unfortunately, the 750 points doesn’t count.

  46. Right now I have 244,000 points total in my Awardwallet.com and after returning from New Zealand and Aus we will have a lot more air miles. Is it worth the effort to save untitl the end of the year and then sift the needed points into my SW account to try to get the CP if we mostly travel from BUF to RSW about 4 times a year? With the points I build up using my premium card we can normally fly for under $100 for both of us after fees and early bird charge. The only other big yearly trip is to SXM but SW doesn’t go there and we normally fly US Air.

  47. You only talk about transferring from Hyatt and Marriott, does the IHG/priority club work for transferring to Southwest as well for the companion pass?

  48. When is the best month to apply for the two Southwest credit cards to maximize the time that the Companion Pass is valid? I’ve all ready lost 1.5 months of 2014.

  49. @Doreen C – It may not be worth it if you fly just a few times in the year.

    @kristi – I don’t believe you can transfer IHG points to Southwest.

    @Robyn Dowd – Now is still a good time. You could also apply in November, complete the spending in January, and have the companion pass for almost 2 years.

  50. I’m disappointed that I didnt know tht you cant apply for two personal cards and get the bonus. Not sure how I missed that detail on this site :( my friend applied for both on the same day and got the points. I have now already made the min purchase on both in one month and have received the bill on one. Has anyone had luck with converting a personal premier/plus to business? Daraius, do you think that will work?

  51. david hasenbank

    I signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Southwest Premier credit cards. I have met the the bonus requirements on each and have received the bonus points. I called up Southwest today and asked if I transfer my Chase Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt and then transferred my Hyatt points to Southwest Rapid Rewards, would they count towards the companion pass? The woman on the phone said they would not but I’m not sure she knew exactly what she was talking about.

    Has anyone transferred points from Hyatt to Southwest recently and can confirm you still get points that qualify for the companion pass?

  52. When you receive the companion pass do you get the 110,000 PTs that you have accumulated or do they disappear, like a companion pass costs 110,000 PTs?

  53. Keep*

  54. @Maf – Sometimes the points post in the next statement period if you didn’t complete the minimum spending 8 to 10 days before the statement closing date. So please keep us posted if the points post.

    @david hasenbank – It worked for me in January

    @Zachary Pitts – You also get to use the points for flights in addition to getting the Companion Pass!

  55. Sorry to shout, but :
    I found this out in the nick of time. My wife only works part-time, so while she was approved for a personal card (50k RR Points after 2k spend in first 3 mos), the credit line on her card is $2k! So we’ve been using the card and paying it very precisely. We logged into her account after her statement closing expecting to see the bonus points (and figuring we’d spent $2005.00) – so I called. I was informed that we had spent $1940 (2005-65 annual fee) and that we had 10 days (she’s had the card for 80 days) to spend $60.

  56. Another quick tip we’ve been using that can help with budgeting : if you have a Chase branch convenient to you, you can pay credit card bills for any Chase card at them. I’ve done it numerous times and it helps to keep things straight. There have been plenty of occasions where I would have used cash to pay for things – but the purchases on one of my Chase cards instead. Then, stop by the branch on my way home and pay for what I just spent with a personal check.

  57. Exactly what does it take to qualify as a “business” for the Business Card?

    Thanks for all that you do!
    Er :0)

  58. I’m planning on start getting into this and now I’m planning to apply for Barclay Card Arrival before they (may) increase their minimum spending. I read somewhere that Barclay could be hard to get approval if you have too many inquiries or credit cards. Is that true? Since I’m planning on getting Barclay Card Arrival as well as 1 Personal and 1 Business Southwest cards, I’m concerned that I will get rejected from at least one of them. Do you recommend applying for Barclay first and then maybe two Southwest? Should I do it all on the same day or should I wait for certain days/weeks?

  59. @ER – This may help.

    @Rose – I’d apply for the Barclays card first and then the personal Southwest card. You could apply for the business card on the same day or in a few months.

  60. Thanks for the info very informative

  61. I would like to apply for SW for bonus points.. Cant find your link to apply or can I do it at home at the same time on different browsers as another website suggest. Also no one answered the question-what is considered a” business”

  62. Can anyone confirm that you can still receive the 50,000 bonus for the personal Premier and Plus cards? Or does one of them have to be a business card? Or did they change it to only 1 bonus per person?

    Thanks for the help

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  64. I just earned the companion pass – thanks to you!!! I applied for the personal premier card in mid-January – and then applied for the personal plus card in late-January. I met the spending limits in two weeks on each and yesterday they credited my account for the second personal plus card and I have over 111,000 points and earned the companion pass. Waiting for the email. I was worried due to others saying they didn’t earn the bonus on both cards, but I did and I’m super excited and can’t wait to start traveling – even long weekend trips are a possibility now with all the points and my wife flying free.

  65. @Josh – Congrats and thanks for the update!

  66. Scott Gustin

    My Companion Pass expires at the end of this year. If I no longer have the Chase cards active, can I apply again in 2015 and attempt to earn a companion pass? Would I be eligible for the 50,000 bonus points again?

  67. @Scott Gustin – Many readers are able to get the bonus on different versions of the card again. But 2015 is too far away to know for sure!

  68. Thanks for the post. I’m in my second year of using the Companion pass and I’ve already used it a many times. My question is this: do I have to maintain my balance of 110,000 or so miles or can I now transfer them, through Ultimate Rewards, to another carrier (in this case, United). I would have thought that Southwest would have deducted the miles after I earned the Companion Pass but they haven’t. Thanks.

  69. @Jamie – You can use your points, but will get the Companion Pass as long as you have earned 110,000 points in a year. However, you can’t transfer Southwest points to another airline, though.

  70. Uh-oh; I goofed and did Rookie mistake #2.

    I got a Chase personal card, spent $2000, and got 50k points.
    I got a Chase business card, spent $5000, and got 50k points.

    But I goofed and transferred the business card (Chase Business Ink) points direct to SW.
    (It took me a couple of months to get the points on both cards, and during that time I forgot about this part!)

    Any fix you know of? (I doubt I can transfer from SW to Hyatt or Mariott; and then back to SW again?)

    Maybe my best bet is to cancel my personal card (I think it was a Plus),
    wait for the next round of 50k offers and then sign up for a personal Premier card?

    The good news is I have accumulated a lot of points…..
    The bad news is I didn’t get a Companion Pass out of it. (yet!)

  71. Hello, I applied a southwest card last October, and timed it so the 50k get credited to my account this Janurary and I will get the 6k anniversary bonus this year also. My question is, will it count towards the 11k?

  72. @Wolfe – Once you transfer them out of Southwest, you can’t transfer them back.

    @Kun – Not sure if it will, but I’d earn the remaining 11K points before then!

  73. I signed up for the Premier card in November and earned my 50k points in Jan, then signed up for the Plus card soon after, and ultimately earning my companion pass in April 2014 which I will have until the end of 2015. I have been averaging about $3-4k between both cards each month, so figured I will accumulate an additional 42k more points this year alone which i can use toward free travel for myself (we have already taken 3 trips this year, and by the end of this year my 110k points will be gone). My friend said that its more valuable for me to cancel my two credit cards, and reapply at the end of 2015 so I can earn the companion pass for 2016-2017….how long do you have to have a card cancelled before you can typically reapply for the same card(s)? Id prefer to stretch it out so I can still earn points in the meantime…

  74. @Nikki – There are 4 versions of the card, so I’d apply for another version. Or have your partner apply for the cards.

  75. My husband and I both earned the companion pass for 2013 & 2014 (so our kids fly for free with us) and I am already distraught over the fact that we won’t have it after this year. We have since closed all but one of the 4 Southwest cards that we opened, do you think there is any chance of getting the cards and sign up bonus again at the end of this year or beginning of next year and requalifying for the companion pass in 2015 & 2016? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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  78. Hi,
    My husband has a southwest Rapid reward account and I do not. If we both apply 2 Southwest credit card separately . How to make the bonus point from these two card posted in my husband Southwest Rapid reward account . I contacted Southwest customer service . I was told I must have my own Rapid reward account.

    If someone already done that, please confirm and give me advise of how I can achieve that . Thank you

  79. @Sarah – I’d wait until the end of the year to see if the card are available (I suspect they will be!)

    @ Linda – Your husband should apply for both cards in his name!

  80. Captain Hooks

    Question. If my buddy books a flight for me with his points, can I then add him a my companion? he only has enough for a oneway and wont be getting anymore points in the near future and I would like to use his points on one leg of the trip versus mine.

    Thanks in advance

  81. @Captain Hooks – You sure can (as long as he is listed as your companion!)

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  83. I am thinking about getting a southwest credit card for the companion pass. They currently have an offer of 50000 pts. Is the companion pass still available?

  84. @Elaine – The Companion Pass is still available.

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  86. usednavyman

    As of yesterday Southwest Airlines reduced there Bonus points to 25k for new credit card applicants.

    If you are interested email me at patomaha@yahoo.com I will send you the promo info to still get the 50k.

    I have an offer from Southwest for the Plus Credit Card. You will get 50000 bonus points. The annual fee is $69.00. There is no blackout dates and you can use the points to book someone else a flight if you want. This offer is good till Sept 30, 2014.

  87. I’m working toward a Companion Pass and I think I’ll have 110k by August. My question may be naive: When SW awards us the pass do they deduct the 110k pts from our account? or does SouthWest let us keep the 110k pts? The latter seems too good to be true.
    Yet all the posts I’ve seen say we just need to earn 110k pts in one year, and they do not mention spending the pts. on the pass. Thanks in advance.

  88. @Charlie – You get to keep the 110K points to use on flights! You have to earn the pass by December 31!

  89. Hi, I currently have companion pass until end of 2014. For renewal, can I apply for 2 cards under my wife’s name and provide my RR#?
    Will the points be posted and count towards my CP?

  90. @Heman – I’d put your wife’s name in the application if she’s applying so that she can get the points.

  91. Just called tonight and played dumb about an expired 50k points offer I got in the mail and they looked up available promos, I got the 50k. This is for the Personal Premier card. So the offer is potentially still out there. Can anyone confirm if they’ve applied for more than one of the Personal cards at the same time and received 50k bonus points for both? The people on the phone have been very quick to say that’s “only for first time cardmembers”, but I really thought I was taking the quick route to 100k points! I don’t want to apply for the Plus card if I’m not going to get a bonus out of it.

  92. Hello! I just got my personal SW card and got another offer for 50K miles in the mail. Should I (a) get the business card now that it’s been a month and use it for the remainder of 2014 and then the entire year of 2015 or (b) is it possible to wait until January 2015 to get my second SW card (under a business account) so I can get my Companion Pass to last all of 2015 and 2016?

    Thanks for your time, great post!

  93. @ Sailu – You have to earn the full 110K points in 1 calendar year.

  94. Darius – thanks so much for the website and for answering so many questions! I have the Companion Pass through 2014 and also now have about 40% of the 110K miles for another Companion Pass that I think would be good through 2015 if earned before this year. My question is whether it is worth gunning for the CP again now or wait for early 2015 (with points that count resetting to zero) to try again and get the extra year through 2016. I guess I would have a gap for early 2015 without a CP.

  95. I need to accumulate 110k qualifying points this year to get the Companion Pass.

    Question: Do I need to reach a balance of 110k qualifying points, or can I start drawing down my current points for flights while continuing to accrue towards the 110k?

  96. New to this site.. quick question:

    If I can find a 50k offer.. should I sign up for 2 cards before the end of 2014, or wait until 2015?

    And is it as simple as signing up for 2 cards, spending $10k, and thus receiving a companion pass?

  97. Captain Hooks

    I would wait until next year. you will have it for 2015, and 2016. If you get it this year you will only have it until the end of 2015.

  98. @GregS – Depends on how easy it is for you to earn the full 110K points in 2015. If it will be easy, you can go for it. Otherwise, you could just get it this year.

    @DanielB – You can use the points as long as you earned 110K points within 1 calendar year.

    @Jon H – I’d wait until November or December of this year and apply for the cards and let the points post early next year to get the Companion Pass for up to 2 years!

  99. If I have a companion pass for 2015 does all companion travel have to be completed in 2015, or can I use it to book travel in 2015 that will be flown in 2016?

  100. Hi. I was mailed an offer through southwest & if you are looking to get 50,000 bonus sign up points ( for either southwest visa) i can help you. Currently , southwest visa is only offering 25,000 sign up points. They sent me ” refer a friend & they will get the 50,000 sign up bonus points (which DO count towards the sw companion pass) & when the persin spends the needed amt to qualify for the 50000 bonus points ( spend $2000 in the first 3 mo of opening account/ card) i will receive 5,000 RR points for referring you. If you are interested in the 50,000 bonus dign up points, please contact me at vadad123@aol.com. Thank you

  101. Thanks for helping us earn 2 companion certificates for 2014 & 2015. Now that our 3 chase SW cards (each) are approaching the 1-yr mark and we don’t want to pay the annual fee, can we cancel all 6 visas and will the companion certificates still be valid through end of 2015. Thanks! Wendy

  102. @Anne – You have to fly in 2015.

    @Wendy – Congrats! The pass will still be valid since it isn’t associated with the credit cards.

  103. is the calendar year always from january to december? or if i were to sign up to get the SW card this month, would i only have til December to earn the 110,000?

  104. @keri – Yes, that’s correct!

  105. I earned the companion pass in november 2013 using the SWair premier and personal cards. My companion pass is expiring Jan 2015. I currently need 49000 points to get the companion pass renewed -according to my account. I was wondering if I sign up for a business card (plus or premier) would the bonus points promotion count towards the points needs to renew my companion pass? … basically I need to get 49000 points by the end of December 2014 so I can renew my companion pass. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  106. In October my credit card renewal, I receive the annual 6,000 bonus point for having a Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit card. Do these 6,000 points count toward earning the companion pass?

  107. In October our Rapid Rewards Anniversary we receive the bonus points of 6,000. Do these points count toward earning
    the companion pass.

  108. TomS – yes, they do. (Basically all credit card activity that posts points to your Rapid Reward account count toward CP.)

  109. Hey Darius,

    Posting on an older post because it has to do with Southwest points. Can you transfer Southwest points to Ultimate Reward Points? I know you can transfer URP to SWP but I’m wondering if you can do the opposite.

    Thanks for the info!


  110. @KeolaL – You can’t do the opposite.

  111. Hi,

    There are invitations for SW cards expiring tomorrow.

    Would the following strategy work (credit to saverocity article):

    – You get the card now & activated in a few days..so it’ll be early Oct. You call & have closing date changed to 5th of each month..so it’ll be starting Oct 5.

    Oct 5 – Nov 5 is 1 billing cycle
    Nov 5 – Dec 5 is 2nd billing cycle
    Dec 5 – Jan 5 is 3rd billing cycle (spend the $2k after Dec 5)

    any points for purchases after Dec 5 will post to account on Jan 5, thereby counting toward 2015/16 Companion pass?

    Would this work? Or is there a chance of the points posting in 2014 somehow, thereby not counting toward CP?

  112. @USS – It would work, but could be cutting too close. The 50K offers should be back by the end of the year.

  113. I’m 19,000 short of my companion pass. I transferred enough from some the hotel accounts I don’t use anyway. Do those transfers have to show up in my account by 12/31. It says it can take up to 6-8 weeks??

  114. Flash – you should be OK. Last year I transferred points from my Choice Priveleges account in late December 2013; they posted in 2014. They counted toward 2013, the transfer date.

  115. Hi,
    If I open 2 Southwest credit cards, and I add an authorized user to both these credit cards (still one account, my own account), can we both help spend money to reach the 110,000 pt threshold? I just opened a personal premier credit card – what do you recommend/suggest I open for my second southwest credit card? Should I just get the Plus card as I do not own a business? Thanks!

  116. Charles Swihart

    I opened a Chase SW VISA in my name for our business (that my wife and I own). I added a card for her of course. I’ve earned a companion pass and she went to use it to fly with some of our children and was told only I can use it. She travels more than I do, can it be put in her name some how? Other suggestions?

  117. @ charles Swihart

    If you haven’t already figured out, you can not change the holder of the companion pass, only the companions. Since it’s in your name, you will always have to travel

  118. Can you get a business southwest credit card and a personal one and have the points apply to a companion pass.

  119. So in order to maximize the pass, it needs be got as early in the year as possible, ideally early January. Is there a way to get two credit cards this year (to get 104,000 including min spends) and meet the 110,000 goal January Next year ?

  120. My wife and I both applied for separate southwest premier credit cards in February using the SAME rapid rewards number. One of us got the 50,000 points and the other was denied (even though neither of us have received ANY southwest/chase promotion for many years). My question is why?? The terms of the offer make no mention of eligiblity being tied to the RR account # only cardmembers. “This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months. ”

    So should one of us have been denied? How do people beast the system to get the double 50,000 point bonus? Do you have to apply for two DIFFERENT credit cards? i.e. plus and premier?

  121. Can I apply for both Plus and Premier to get 100k points, and then the business card to get enough points to qualify for the companion pass?

  122. My companion pass expires the end of Jan. 2016. I earned my last sign up bonus at the end of January 2014. The airport chase sales man says that if I sign up now and poinst post after the end of January it will count toward my 2nd companion pass. However, the sign up rules states that if I have received a bonus in the last 24 months I do not qualify. Which is it? Sign up now or wait till day after last bonuses to sign up?


  123. Which is better to use for this? Marriott or Hyatt?

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