Win 20,000+ IHG Points With the Big Win 2014 Promotion!

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You can now register for “The Big Win” 2014 promotion from IHG Rewards Club.

IHG Rewards Club (formerly Priority Club) is one of the largest hotel loyalty programs.  There are over 4,600 InterContinental Hotels Group hotels around the world.  Emily and I stayed at the Inter-Continental Thalasso in Bora Bora on our second honeymoon.

IHG's "The Big Win" Promotion is Back!

“The Big Win” Promotion is Back!

IHG Rewards hotels include Candlewood SuitesCrowne Plaza,  Holiday InnHoliday Inn ExpressHotel IndigoInterContinental Hotels & Resorts, and Staybridge Suites brand hotels.

With some Big Win offers, you have to complete lots of different tasks to get “The Big Win” bonus.  So it’s not the most lucrative promotion or one that’s mattress run worthy.  But some offers are quite lucrative.

A “mattress run” is when you book a cheap night at a hotel not because you need a place to sleep for the night!

But because you need to get elite status credit in a hotel’s loyalty program, or to earn extra hotel points, or to complete a promotion like “The Big Win” which requires you to stay a certain number of nights in a hotel.

That said, “The Big Win” could be lucrative, if you already have hotel stays planned at IHG Rewards hotels.  Or if you get a very good offer!

IHG Rewards

Link: IHG Rewards “The Big Win” 2014 Promotion

You can earn at least 20,000 points or more with IHG Rewards’ “The Big Win” promotion up to April 30, 2014.  Emily’s targeted offer was for 121,600 points (more details later!)

You Could Earn at Least 20,000 Points!

You Could Earn at Least 20,000 Points!

You get a customized list of tasks to complete based on your IHG hotel stay history.  If you complete all the tasks, you “Win Big” at the end and get bonus points.

Regardless of your offer, you earn at least 1,000 extra points when you stay at any IHG hotel.

New Member Offer

"The Big Win" Promotion Offers Multiple Ways to Earn Points

“The Big Win” Standard Offer is for 34,000 Points

The default offer for new members is 34,000 points.  We tested this with an account for a new member.

  • 1,000 Points“One night win” –  Stay at any IHG hotel
  • 2,000 Points“Book with IHG” – Book 2 separate stays through an IHG hotel website or mobile device
  • 3,000 Points“Stay more and earn” – Stay 3 nights at IHG hotels
  • 3,000 Points“Change your view” – Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels
  • 7,000 Points “Explore our brands” – Stay at 3 different IHG hotels
  • 8,000 Points“Win in a weekend” – Stay 3 Saturday nights
  • 10,000 Points – “Win big” – Complete 5 of the offers

You’ll earn 34,000 points if you complete all of the tasks.  This isn’t a particularly great offer in my opinion.

My Personal Offer

My personalized offer was for 76,00 points, but Emily’s offer was for 121,600 points.  I stayed at more IHG Rewards hotels than Emily last year, so IHG Rewards is assuming that I don’t need an incentive to stay in their hotels and is giving me a lower targeted offer.

Emily's Big Win

Emily’s Big Win is for 121,600 Points!

But they’re wrong since I’ll book all our IHG Rewards hotel stays from Emily’s account. 🙂

We’d have to pay for 5 nights to get the full 121,600 points.  We’d have to stay at least 5 nights, but can split them into 2 weekend visits at 2 different Holiday Inn brands + 1 extra night.

  • 12,600 Points – “Stay more and earn” – Stay 5 nights at IHG hotels
  • 14,400 Points – “Explore our brands” – Stay at 2 different IHG hotels
  • 2,300 Points – “Spend it to get it” – Book & pay for 1 stay with the IHG Rewards card
  • 7,200 Points – “IHG mobile app booking” – Book 2 separate stays with the IHG mobile app
  • 100 points – “Survey the win” – Complete a survey
  • 12,000 Points – “Win in a weekend” – Stay 2 Saturday nights
  • 12,000 Points – “Change your view” – Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels
  • 61,000 Points – “Win big” – Complete 7 of the offers

I value IHG Rewards points at about 0.5 to 0.6 cents per point, so I’d value these 121,600 points at:

  • $608 (121,600 points X 0.5 cents for 1 IHG Rewards point) to
  • ~$730 (121,600 points X 0.6 cents for 1 IHG Rewards point)

Let’s say that Emily and I complete our Big Win by staying 2 weekends at 2 different Holiday Inn hotels & 1 night at another IHG hotel.

Our total out of pocket cost for 5 nights is ~$500 (5 nights X $100 per night).  But we will get 121,600 IHG Rewards points which are worth $608 to $730!

Count me in!

Worth it or Not?

Top-tier InterContinental hotels cost 30,000 to 50,000 points, whereas Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inns go for 10,000 to 25,000 points a night.

Let’s say you get the base offer for 34,000 points.

34,000 points would get you 1 night at the Holiday Inn Express New York City Fifth Avenue and you’d have 4,000 points leftover!

You can buy 34,000 IHG Rewards Club points, directly from IHG Rewards, for 0.115 cents each.  So 34,000 points would cost $391 (34,000 points X 1.15 cents per point).

But you can also buy Priority Club points for 0.7 cents using the Cash & Points Trick, so 34,000 points is worth $238 (34,000 points X 0.7 cents per point).

To get 34,000 points, from “The Big Win,” you have to stay at 3 different IHG hotels (2 Holiday Inns + 1 other IHG hotel).  

This could make sense if you have to book stays up to April 2014.  But it likely doesn’t make sense to book a hotel which you don’t need just for the points!

On the other hand, you could get a very lucrative offer where it could make sense to book a cheap hotel room just for the points.

You can also earn airline miles instead of hotel points.  But you earn 500 miles for every 10,000 IHG hotel points.  So a new IHG Rewards member who completed all their Big Win tasks would earn 1,500 airline miles for 30,000 IHG Rewards points.

Stacking IHG Rewards Promotions

Don’t forget that you can earn lots of extra points for each paid IHG Rewards stay.  That’s because you can register for a lot of promotions and earn thousands of extra points for each stay.

See this post by Bart Lapers for more information on how to stack IHG Rewards promotions.

Using IHG Points 

IHG Rewards points can be transferred to several airlines at a 5:1 ratio.  This is not a good deal and is an expensive way to earn miles.

But using the points for hotel stays can be a good value.  Here’s IHG Reward’s award chart which start as low as 5,000 points for a PointsBreak award  and cost 50,000 points for a top-end InterContinental hotel.

Emily & I stayed at the InterContinental Thalasso in Bora Bora for 50,000 points a night!

InterContinental Thalasso Bora Bora

50,000 Points Gets you a Night at the InterContinental Thalasso Bora Bora

Terms & Conditions

You will earn points for eligible stays completed between January 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014.

An eligible stay usually means that it has to be a paid cash rate on the IHG website for it to count towards the Big Win promotion.  Discounted IHG Friends & Family rate & award nights do NOT count towards the Big Win promotion.  And rooms booked on Orbitz, etc. do not count towards the promotion.

You have to register for the promotion before you complete any stays. Here’s a link to the complete Terms & Conditions.

Bottom Line

IHG Rewards’ “The Big Win” promotion is tailored to your IHG stay history.

This means that you could earn more points based on how many times you’ve stayed at IHG hotels last year or based on your elite status with IHG.

Some targeted offers are worth pursuing, but not all of them will be lucrative.  So do the math before deciding whether to take part in the Big Win for 2014!

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23 responses to “Win 20,000+ IHG Points With the Big Win 2014 Promotion!

  1. To me it’s definitely worth it if you’re going to be making enough of the stays anyway, and in fact doing parts of the promotion are worth it for just about anyone if you’re going to be (or could in the natural course of travel be) making any stays at all. I don’t see the numbers working for the full promotion for me, since one of my tasks is two nights at InterContinentals. I don’t pay that much for hotel nights, so unless I see really unusual InterContinental offers, I’m not doing the whole promotion.

  2. Hi Darius,, do AAA or Govt rates qualify for the eligible rates?

  3. My big promo offer was 138k!!!

  4. Thanks as always for a great headsup – Darius

    Just signed up and got the 125k offer!
    Question: Do some of the offers combine —
    i.e. like if i book a stay and qualify for the best flexible rate w breakfast – i get the 3k bonue
    does the hotel I stay at count as one of the 2 hotels for the “stay at 2 different brands” 24k offer

    So my question is if I stay at the Holiday Inn Express and qual for the 3k offer
    then stay at a candlewood — would I get 3k + 24k points?

  5. Hey Darius,

    Question: I need to book some IHG rooms for some upcoming travel. It is a 3 day trip. If I book it as two reservations (1 for 1 night and 1 for 2 nights) will that trigger the bonus of book two different reservations?


  6. My Big Win offers are worth 140,200.

    14,400 – Stay 8 nights
    28,800 – Stay at 4 different brands
    3,000 – Book a stay using the best rate with breakfast rate
    8,400 – Stay 3 Saturdays
    8,400 – Book 3 stays using the mobile app
    7,200 – Stay at 2 Holiday Inns
    70,000 bonus for completing all offers

    Thats a lot of stays, but I think I’ll go for it for 140,200 pts! Those points will go a long way as we’re trying to save up IHG points for a 2016 trip to Tahiti and rooms upwards of $600-900 per night for standard redemptions would probably make it worth the cost of 8 nights now.

  7. What kind of stay counts as a visit. I am assuming booking a rewards night doesn’t count. Does booking one where you pay partially with rewards and partially with IHG credit card?

  8. I have only had 1 stay at Holiday Inn (or any IHG brand) in the last 2 years (maybe 3?) and received the base offer of 34,000 points.

    Is there a “reconsideration” option or any suggested way to broach the subject with customer service? I know with Marriott sometimes when there are tiered offers you can sometimes call and have them “manually” sign you up for the better promotion – wondered if there was something similar with IHG?

  9. Just quick info in regards to “Bart Lapers for more information on how to stack IHG Rewards promotions.” as mentioned above. The stackable codes may not work. They show as redeeemed once entered but most will not appear in your account. Just tried it again myself. 2 codes showed in the account but no others. Will have to wait and see if they actually work. Doesn’t hurt to enter them though just in case but last year they all showed up in the account list. See this for more info,

  10. I’m signing up for the rewards club now. It asks if I want to accrue points as points or as airline miles. Can anyone explain how this works?

  11. Think you mean you can buy IHG Rewards Club points for 1.15 cents each. 0.115 cent each would be quite a bargain if they are valued at 0.5 to 0.6 cents per point.

    • @DaveS – Yikes! 2 InterContinentals make it tough, unless you have business travel or find some cheap rates.

      @PK – The terms say “special discounted contract rates” don’t apply. I know that AAA rates count, but not sure about govt. rates. If you’ve received points and stay credit for a govt. rate before, it should count for this promotion.

      @gil – Yes, the offers combine. Yes, you can use 1 hotel to meet the requirements for more than 1 task!

      @ Matt – I’m guessing not if it is for the same hotel. But it should work if you switch hotels.

      @Cheri – That sounds like a good plan, but remember that IHG Rewards almost certainly will increase the amount of points needed for hotels by 2016.

      @ Cameron – You have to pay cash and usually book through the IHG Rewards website for it to count.

      @Jeff – You could call customer service, but I doubt you’d get a new offer.

      @Kent C – That’s true. Not all of them will count for everyone. But you usually get 1 or 2 to stick and count.

      @EL – I’d suggest accumulating points as hotel points, because the conversion rate to airlines is very low.

      @Nelson – You’re correct! Post updated.

  12. Like EL mentioned… I’m confused as to why ALL of the Terms & Conditions when you click on any of the Offers repeatedly state that you must be signed up with an airline alliance partner to get the points.

    Aren’t the Big Win points supposed to be awarded as IHG points? I’m not sure why all of the Terms mention the airline partners at all. They even give the list of them at the bottom. What does the Big Win promotion have to do with airline points?

    Note that it doesn’t say “if you’ve chosen to receive airline miles instead” or anything. It just says: “You must be a miles collector with a preferred alliance in order to collect miles. Frequency/ partner credits may be issued in credits other than miles. Click here for a list of all participating airlines.”

    Just seems odd to me.

    – John…

  13. Actually, reading the Terms further, it actually says this:

    “IHG® Rewards Club members who collect airline miles with participating airlines will receive the number of miles as communicated in the offer.”

    That almost implies that you’d get the actual points as miles (i.e. NOT at the poor 5:1 ration).

    That can’t be what they mean though. I think it is just poorly written Terms, right?

    – John…

  14. So I got 91,600 offer, will it be lucrative to go for it?
    In addition, so I need to book all the nights through IHG website or App, right?
    If not, can I book it through other website and show the hotels my reward card when I check in?


    • @John… – The terms aren’t clearly written, but I interpret it as saying that you should have an airline frequent flyer number if you want to collect miles through this promotion.

      @Lorri – You usually have to book from the hotel website to get credit. It could be worth it if you have hotel stays planned and can get an extra 91,600 points by taking part in the promotion.

  15. Artemio Herrera

    Hi Daraius,

    Do you know if IHG will increase the reward program or match other offers similar to what chase does when a new offer is better than a previously offered offer? My bonus can potentially earn me 140k IHG rewards whereas my wifes account shows a maximum of 34k points. I was considering having my wife send them an email and asking them to match her offer. Do you think that will work?

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  19. Any news on whether they’re running a new promotion after the end of April?

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