Only 1 Day to Get Your $25 Amazon Credit & 5X Points on Your Chase Freedom

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Tomorrow is the last day to get a $25 Amazon credit for spending $75 at Amazon, provided you registered your American Express card for the promotion.

And tomorrow is also the last day to get 5X Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back for shopping at Amazon with your Chase Freedom card, provided you registered your Chase Freedom card for the 5X bonus.


$25 Amazon Credit Ends Tomorrow

But I Don’t Have Anything to Buy on Amazon?

Here’s how to get the $25 statement credit even if you don’t have anything to buy on Amazon by December 31, 2013.

If you don’t have anything to buy on Amazon by tomorrow, but if you usually shop on Amazon, it could make sense to buy gift cards with your Chase Freedom card to take advantage of the 5X Ultimate Rewards points bonus.

If you don’t shop regularly on Amazon, it likely does NOT make sense to buy gift cards just for the 5X Ultimate Rewards points bonus.

1.  Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Link:   Amazon Gift Cards

You can buy a $75 Amazon gift card before December 31, 2013.

Buy $75 Amazon Gift Cards & add Them to Your Balance!

Buy $75 Amazon Gift Card to use Later

You can add the gift card balance to your Amazon account and use it later because the balance in your Amazon account never expires.

This means that you could add the $75 Amazon gift card balance to your account today and use it AFTER December 31, 2013.

The $25 statement credit will post to your American Express account within a day.

You can use your Amazon gift card balance to buy anything on Amazon except other gift cards.

2.  Buy Other Gift Cards

Link:  Gift Cards to Other Stores

You can buy a lot of things on Amazon.  And you can also buy gift cards to other stores on Amazon.

For example, you could buy a restaurant gift card from Amazon and take your partner out for a surprise meal.

Amazon Sells Gift Cards To Other Stores

You Can Buy PF Chang’s Gift Cards on Amazon

Here’s a link to all the other store gift cards you can buy from Amazon.

Or you could stock up on gift cards to use later and save $25 now!

Bottom Line

The $25 Amazon statement credit for every registered American Express card ends tomorrow.

And so does the 5X Ultimate Rewards points for your registered Chase Freedom card.

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11 Responses to Only 1 Day to Get Your $25 Amazon Credit & 5X Points on Your Chase Freedom

  1. If you have an Ink card, can’t you always get 5x at Amazon by buying Amazon gift cards at office supply stores?

  2. Can I use the Chase Freedom card to purchase gift cards (to use it later) and still get 5x points? I haven’t used more than $200 of the category bonus, so you think buying $1300 in gift cards will qualify me still? I shop a lot at Amazon but haven’t done this year since I was out of country for a while.

  3. I just got the Chase Freedom and am already enrolled for the first quarter bonuses, but not for the Amazon bonus of this month. Am going to put in a large order today. Can I still register for the Amazon bonus? I thought it had closed.

  4. Never mind, I just found out I missed the boat on this one.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I had enrolled 5 cards and only used 3 for Christmas gifts/gift cards and was waiting to see if we needed anything else once Christmas was over… I would have forgotten and missed the deadline if you hadn’t posted this! Just ordered a Staples gc on one (was planning on ordering printer ink this week) and 3 $25 restaurant gcs on the other. They’ll come in handy when I need a quick birthday or thank you gift for someone and you can’t beat the 33% off! I don’t usually buy from Amazon as their prices always seem to be more than at Target, Kohls or BBuy etc. but this was a great deal and completely made up for the disappointing $10 instead of $25 Small Biz Saturday promo. I used a few of the other offers this season as well. They are making the decision to hold or cancel my Amex Plat card more difficult than I expected.

  6. I had registered 4 AMEX card (2 are mine; other 2 my husband’s) and purchased 4 $75 Amazon GCs accordingly when this promotion first came out. 3 of the cards posted the $25 credit immediately, the last card has not. Anybody experience this as well? It does say “Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 12/31/13″ but I just find it odd that I had purchased all at the same time in the same manner yet all but one got posted.

  7. I learned about this promotion on your website. Thanks to you I saved $150 on my Christmas shopping through I registered 6 AX cards. I also registered for Amazon Prime free 30 day trial and my shipping was free! Thank you Million Mile Secrets!

  8. If I purchased the Gift Cards today, December 31, and the shipment will not be until January 2014. Do I still get the $25 credit from Amex?

  9. @Tom – You certainly can buy Amazon gift cards at office supply stores for 5x points with an Ink card.

    @bhavin – That will work as long as the charge posts by December 31, 2013 and you registered for the 5X bonus.

    @Anne – You have to register by the deadline to be eligible for the 5X points.

    @Xina – It has to ship by today to get the $25 credit. If you buy an Amazon e-gift card online, it should ship immediately and qualify.

  10. In regards to shippment, I was told by #askamex tweeter account that as long as it post to AMEX you will get the credit.

  11. On Dec 31 I visited Chase and applied for a Chase Freedom card with a $200 signup bonus. AND if you have a Chase checking acct, the annual bonus is 10% not 5% . No Chase checking? No problem. They’ll pay you a $200 bonus to open a checking acct providing you have a direct. I believe this offer is only available in a branch and not online

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