Blog Giveaway: 10,000 Hyatt Points!

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Thanks for being the best blog readers!  This week we’re giving away 10,000 Hyatt points.

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

You Could Use 10,000 Hyatt Points Towards a Stay at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

Hyatt’s new award chart goes into effect on January 7, 2014.  So you should book your Hyatt award stays now if the hotel you’re interested in will cost more.


1. Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment explaining why you like to comment on blogs.  I’ll pick 1 comment who wins 10,000 Hyatt points after the drawing closes at 10:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, December 28, 2013 (today).

BUT you have to have an image or Gravatar next to your comment to be eligible to win!

Here’s my post on how to sign up for a free Gravatar.

Good luck!

Fine Print:  The maximum value of this giveaway is $240.  I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.  I’m not getting anything from Hyatt and I’m giving away 10,000 Hyatt points, so don’t make this hard for me!

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386 responses to “Blog Giveaway: 10,000 Hyatt Points!

  1. I like to comment on blogs to help other commenters, or to ask a question in hopes that other commenters (or the blog author) will help answer my question.

  2. Merrily Matthews

    Because I love to win!

  3. Knowledge is power…

  4. I need a break at the Key West Hyatt and the 10,000 points would go a long way to making that happen. Love the Blog and keep it up!

  5. One word, engagement. That’s why I like to comment on blogs. I like the interaction and expressing my opinions in an appropriate way.

  6. I too also set up my gravitar, but it didn’t show up. Rats.

  7. For the lulz 🙂

  8. I comment to share my point of view and to actively participate in the conversation.

  9. I comment on blogs to share some insight or make a clarification.

    Happy New Year MMS!

  10. I comment on blogs to share some insight or make a clarification.

    Happy New Year MMS!

    (prev post did not have a gravatar)

  11. to win free stuff!!

  12. I like thinking my opinions are unique and helpful to others…..although I’m sure they’re not. Thanks!

  13. The more we share the more we can travel for free!

  14. I comment when I have questions, answers or kudos…and once in a while, to enter a contest!

  15. I like to comment on blogs so I can contribute to discussions I am interested in and follow comments.

  16. I enjoy interacting with the travel community, but I really love to win… 🙂

  17. I comment on blogs because when I was a newbie, it everyone else’s comments and “you can do it too” spirit that helped me get started. I didn’t have to figure it out all by myself. Sharing incredible success stories and experiences is all part of the fun in this hobby. Plus, it wouldn’t be bad to win a few prizes along the way 🙂

  18. Comments usually give a lots of tricks and tips (and also chances to win 😛 )

  19. I think of blogs as a conversation, and commenting is a great way to continue the conversation!

  20. So I can win cool giveaways!

  21. For the win!

  22. I like commenting on blogs (especially travel blogs) because I learn so much from them and in return like to help others with what knowledge I may have that can help them out. I certainly appreciate the helpful comments people made when I was learning all this travel stuff and hopefully people will appreciate mine as well. Currently I am in Singapore and going to Maldives on 1/1/14 all on points, not even a penny spent on flights and hotel (even covered all taxes with points!), thanks to these awesome travel blogs and all the helpful people out there! =)

  23. Bloggers are continuously looking for new ideas to write about and better ways to write blog posts. Comments is the best medium to give feedback to the blogger while still engaging with other blog audience to come up with even better ideas.

  24. Going to the Grand Hyatt in February for valentine’s day. I’d use the 10,000 points to top off the amount I need for a room for 3 nights!

  25. I like to give back to the travel community with whatever experiences I have but its also a good place to ask questions.

  26. I like to comment on blogs to either add value or give my opinion… Winning contests dont hurt either… Haha.

  27. I like to comment to share ideas and experiences. I’ve gained some great insight from others!

  28. Nandan Dasgupta

    BLOGS are for exchange of ideas, tips, and valuable suggestions; I enjoy participating in BLOGS!

  29. I comment generally because I need a question answered and I suspect that others have the same question but are reluctant to ask.

  30. Pankaj jethlia

    It’s good way to learn about various offers !!

  31. I recently discovered your blog and thanks to your advice, I’m well on my way to getting a Southwest Companion pass sometime in February. I would love these points!

  32. I like to comment on blogs because I feel that they are an important vehicle for sharing knowedge and experiences!

  33. To win! And share & aquire more knowledge

  34. I comment to keep the author on their toes!

  35. I like to comment on blogs when I need clarification or if I need help with planning a trip or something travel/points/miles related. I also comment when there’s a wonderful chance to win 10,000 points!!!! 🙂

  36. I would comment on blogs to appreciate the help and information they provide and also to provide my inputs and additional helpful information on the topic for helping fellow blog readers

  37. I comment on blogs to learn, share or just pitch in.

  38. Love sharing my thoughts

  39. I like to comment on blogs to find out answers to questions and learn more about topics I’m interested in!

  40. To help others with my experience regarding this or that deal.

  41. To give positive feedback!

  42. I comment on blogs to help answer questions or ask my own.

  43. Why? Because blogs are an AMAZING source for anything and everything one might want to know and learn about! Of course I especially like those related to travel (that’s my thing!). It’s also nice to have a community of likeminded people who you can turn to with questions and share thoughts and ideas. Blogs (and the bloggers behind the scenes!) are awesome because they’ve taken the time to share what they know and help others!!

  44. I like to comment on blogs just to ask questions and learn more from the insiders.

  45. On, comments = sweet prizes

  46. I like to comment because it enables direct communication with blog authors and other like-minded readers.

  47. Donald Sakiyama

    I like to comment on blogs because sharing knowledge benefits all.

  48. I like to try to share tips or answer questions related to the post topic. Comments can also be a useful way to ask questions and receive timely answers.

  49. I believe its important to connect with people, thats why we were put here. Commenting gives someone a glimpse and possibly a new way of thinking and resolving problems.

  50. I have never commented before but I love to read them to learn all I can. I would love to win the points. I love Hyatt and MMS.

  51. I like leaving comments because everyone can share information!

  52. Blog comments help me win contests for free travel!

  53. I comment to learn more about the post!

  54. I’m commenting on this blog for a chance to win…keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  55. To express solidarity!

  56. I like to comment on blogs because I learn so much from reading them. Though I never have won anything from these comments, I enjoy reading them (such as this one). Thanks so much for the great content. By the way, it was nice to meet you in Chicago.

  57. I comment to help other travelers. We are a community.

  58. To win free travel

  59. I like to comment on blogs to bounce ideas back and forth. I have found the whole points and miles community to be very welcoming to this.

  60. Hey Darius, I like to comment on blogs to be able to gain and spread knowledge and ideas.

  61. I comment to share ideas, learn from others with different experiences, take advantage of “group think,” and enter contests like this one!

  62. Comments sometimes let you learn more then original post

  63. Matthew Justice

    I like to comment on blogs to contribute to the conversation.

  64. I like to comment to win points! Pick me!

  65. Blog comments help me win contests for free travel! Never won anything before !

  66. I like to comment on blogs to give authors feedback on their posts… and to win prizes!

  67. Learn and share experiences. Group of minds work better than one.

  68. I love to comment on blog because I love to share ideas and thought with people in the community. And I really love this community !!!

  69. It’s a great way to add additional information to the post and nice to read others’ thoughts on the post or additional recommendations.

  70. To raise the numerical feedback level of the blogs.

  71. Love, love to win!

  72. I like to talk…responding to bloggers presents another avenue for me to run my mouth.

  73. Sometimes to share my thoughts, sometimes just to win!

  74. Bruce Detweiler

    I like to express my view on a topic and add to the conversation.

  75. I like to comment because comments are cool, just like Dr Who’s bow ties. 😀

  76. I comment when I have questions or insights to share.

  77. Why I like to comment on blogs? Generally I don’t but if there is an incentive like now I will do it … Sometimes I do it when I feel that my comment would make a difference.

  78. Really would like to win those points PLEASE

  79. I love commenting on blogs as reader engagement creates a more personal experience!

  80. This is one of the best blogs I’ve seen. Thank you!

  81. Usually to share an insight or experience.

  82. Good to share!

  83. I like to comment, because nobody can interrupt me. They must wait their turn. 😉 Happy Holidays!

  84. As a former blog writer, it is important to get feedback!

  85. Comment is a way to share thoughts and ideas

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