$400 Amazon Blog Giveaway

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Thanks for being the best blog readers!  This week we’re giving away two $200 Amazon gift cards.

Normally I buy Amazon gift cards with my Ink card from an Office Supply store to get 5x Ultimate Rewards points.

But, this quarter, I bought them online with my Chase Freedom card and earned 5x Ultimate Rewards points.

Ink Plus Amazon

Win Amazon Gift Cards!

This helps me max out the quarterly 5X category bonus on the Chase Freedom card for shopping at Amazon until December 31, 2013.

And I can then transfer Ultimate Rewards points from my Chase Freedom to my Chase Sapphire Preferred or Ink cards and from there to airlines or hotels such as United, Southwest and Hyatt!


1.  Leave a Comment

Please leave ONE comment telling me why you used or didn’t use the 5X category bonus for shopping at Amazon with your Chase Freedom card from October to December 2013.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who wins a $200 Amazon gift card after the post closes at 10:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, December 14 (today).

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Follow Million Mile Secrets on twitter, and tweet once to @MilMileSecrets and tell me why you used or didn’t use the 5X category bonus for shopping at Amazon with your Chase Freedom card from October to December 2013.

Don’t forget to include the hashtag “#MMSGCGiveaway”

I’ll pick 1 tweeter who wins another $200 Amazon gift card after the post closes at 10:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, December 14 (today).

Good luck!

Fine Print:  The maximum value of this giveaway is $400.  I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.  I’m not getting anything from Amazon and I’m giving away $400 in gift cards, so don’t make this hard for me!

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951 responses to “$400 Amazon Blog Giveaway

  1. I used my Freedom on Amazon cuz I buy a ton of stuff on there and the 5x bonus helps rack up the points!

  2. I just got the Freedom card recently and this 5x bonus categories are awesome! Love it especially on Amazon cuz I do a lot of holiday shopping on Amazon!

  3. I did Christmas shopping at Amazon to get 5X points.

  4. Only because I don’t have a Chase freedom card, although I’ll likely be signing up soon!

  5. I do not have a Freedom card (though I plan to get one very soon!) and so I couldn’t take advantage. I will not miss out in the future with these promotions!

  6. I just got the card today and plan to use it on amazon for gift cards!

  7. I used the Freedom card to do my Christmas gift-card shopping! Much easier to do this than to pick a gift!

  8. Don’t have that card in my wallet yet…just getting started in the frugal travel game…this would be a good incentive!

  9. I just got the card last month to take advantage of the quarterly bonuses.

  10. I do not have the card yet, still new at all this

  11. The 5x value with the Freedom card is great!

  12. I used my Chase Freedom to buy $100 Amazon giftcard and will be using it to buy more gifts this holiday season. Recently, I also took advantage of the AMEX Amazon promotion and bought $75 Amazon giftcard for a $25 statement credit. I got my $25 statement credit a few days later.

  13. I used my Freedom card for Christmas gift purchases from Amazon to get extra ultimate reward points!

  14. Bought my daughter’s college text books on Amazon.

  15. I don’t have a Chase Freedom card.

  16. I used Chase freedom for purchasing most of my Holiday gifts on Amazon

  17. Because I don’t spend that much money on amazon in 3 months, and it is stupid to increase spending and buy things I don’t need just to earn points

  18. I didn’t take advantage of the deal with Chase, as the Freedom card is still on my to-get list. That said, I was able to use my Discover IT card’s 5% cash back with online stores (including Amazon) for Q4.

  19. i didn’t use the 5x bonus because i don’t have a chase freedom card!

  20. I don’t have a Chase freedom card

  21. Chase Freedom is a holiday shopping card for sure !

  22. I don’t have that card so I could not use it

  23. I didn’t use the 5X bonus at Amazon cos I don’t have Chase Freedom, I only have chase sapphire preferred & ink bold. Wow no annual fee sounds so good. It will be my next card from chase.

  24. Alright Daraius, I think I may have a winner here… 😉

    I did NOT use the 5% at Amazon from Chase Freedom this quarter because I have a better deal to share. This is currently my favorite savings scheme!

    I am an avid Amazon shopper (Prime member with over 200 orders last year) for everything from diapers to socks. I buy my Amazon gift cards from Kroger where I get fuel points for their gas station. The typical deal is 2x fuel points on gift cards, but about every 6-8 weeks or so they run a promotion for 4x points. 100 points can be redeemed for 10 cents off per gallon, up to $1 per gallon (1000 points). I should note that other grocery chains in my area have similar programs (Tom Thumb, Market Street, etc).

    The fuel discount can be used for up to 35 gallons in a single transaction. Thus, my wife and I coordinate our fill-ups to occur on one transaction. I also should mention that I have Amex Blue cash (the old one, but the new one would work too) for 5% back at supermarkets. So lets do the math…

    $250 gift card purchase netting 1000 fuel points (during 4x point promo)
    Redeem 1000 points for $1/gallon off and fill up two cars (avg of 30 gallons for us)
    5% cash back from Amex

    $250 x .05 + $30 = $42.50 savings
    42.50/250 = 17% effective Amazon discount!!!!

    Even if you use the standard 2x points offer, the math works out to an 11% discount! (I guess it also neglects the credit card rewards earned on the gas purchase, but I don’t think that should be included.)

    I hope this is useful to some of your readers. Merry Christmas!

    PS – I had hand surgery yesterday and typed this by hunting and pecking with my non-dominant hand. That has to count for something. 🙂

  25. I used my Freedom at Amazon a lot this quarter… and at the end of December I’ll probably buy an Amazon gift card to last me the next few months.

  26. I don’t have a freedom card, I need to get one!

  27. I’ve been saving a lot lately… So no shopping for me, even with 5x bonus…

  28. I used very little of the 5X on both my Freedom Visa and Freedom MC. The reason I didn’t use more is because of the 33% off from AMEX Sync on my five AMEX cards. Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. I will be getting the card in the next week. That is my story and I am sticking to it your honor.

  30. I don’t have a Freedom card to use, but I did register my AMEX and get $25 off of a $78 Amazon purchase for my husband for Christmas.

  31. Amex sync seems to have better promos than Chase Freedom.

  32. I don’t have the Freedom but will definitely get it in 2014!

  33. I didn’t use my Chase Freedom because I don’t have one yet. We are looking to buy a house soon so no new apps.

  34. I used it to get baby diapers and wipes on amazon this time. had a great saving!!

  35. did not use my freedom card due to having 17 American Express cards and got $425.00 FREE bucks!!!

  36. I want to use it for amazon purchase because of the 5x rewards.

  37. no freedom card yet, will be signing up this week!

  38. This card is on my to get list but I’m buying a house soon and can’t open more lines right now. So that’s why!

  39. To be honest, I didn’t use the 5X bonus at Amazon. But I will, now that I know. (Whoever said “Ignorance is bliss” is crazy, and obviously doesn’t know Daraius!)

  40. I have used my Chase Freedom Card for all my Amazon purchases this Christmas!

  41. Natasha Pazdzerskaia

    I didn’t use Freedom card as I registered for Amazon.com credit card that offered $50 off my first transaction!

  42. “mmsgcGiveaway”

    Need to get a Freedom card, maxed out with my Chase Cards getting the SW companion pass and chasing status with United.

  43. I am a Prime member, so I really like to shop at Amazon. This quarter, ever better with 5%! I used Chase Freedom card already for shopping at Amazon.

  44. I used amazon to buy my new computer this quarter. It was nice to get the extra 5% back.

  45. Can’t get a Freedom card yet…. but I will. Thanks for your efforts!

  46. I used it to buy a $5 gift card on Amazon just to keep my Chase account active. It’s not a card I normally use, but it’s my oldest card and I don’t want it to be closed due to inactivity.

  47. I bought all my Christmas gifts on Amazon with my Freedom card!

  48. I didn’t use 5X on Amazon most of the time unless I was buying electronics. This is simply because there were so many opportunities to buy amazon gift cards for 20% or more discount. Example: $10 off $50 at lowes, $25 off $75 at staples and so on. Worst case 10% off with $25 off $250 at best buy!

  49. Live in Australia so card unavailable to me

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