50,000 Alaska Air Miles!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Via Million Mile Secrets reader Kent, you can get 50,000 Alaska Air miles with the Alaska Airlines credit card after spending $1,000 in 3 months!

You get:

  • 25,000 miles on approval
  • Another 25,000 miles after spending $1,000 within the first 90 days

50,000 Miles Alaska Visa

Link:  50,000 miles Alaska Air Card 

This is a great offer for 50,000 miles!

But note that Bank of America may approve you for a different version of the Alaska Air card and give you less than 50,000 miles.

You’ll get

  • 25,000 miles if  approved for a Visa Signature card
  • 5,000 miles if approved for a Platinum Plus card
  • 3,000 miles if approved for a Preferred card

Also note that you don’t get the extra 25,000 miles if you’re approved for a Platinum Plus or Preferred card.

I really don’t like it when banks reserve the right to give you fewer miles, but don’t tell you upfront which offer you qualify for!

There is a $75 annual fee which is not waived with this offer.  And there is a 3% foreign transaction fee so you shouldn’t use it outside the US.

This 50,000 miles offer may be targeted because the landing page states, “Through this exclusive invitation only offer.”

So even if you apply and are approved, it is possible that you may not get the bonus miles if you were not targeted.  That said, Bank of America usually honors applications which have an active landing page!

But I don’t know how long this offer will last.

The offer also states that it’s for new customers and is not valid for customers who have “applied for this product in the last 12 months.”  In practice, many folks get the bonus again on Bank of America cards.

50,000 Alaska Air Miles

Terms say That the offer is No Valid for Customers who Applied in the Last 12 Months

Companion Ticket

You get a $99 companion ticket (plus taxes and fees) every year with the Alaska Air card.  So someone can fly with you for $99 + taxes to any destination which Alaska Air flies.  The companion ticket is only valid in coach, but it can be a good value depending on how you use it.

For example, if you wanted to fly from Austin to the Big Island of Hawaii in June 2014, a coach ticket costs ~ $1,162 for 1 person.

50,000 Alaska Air Miles

1 Alaska Coach Ticket Costs $1,162…but You Can Take a Companion!

Using your companion ticket you can get 2 tickets for $1,326 ($1,162 for the ticket + $99 Companion Ticket + ~ $65 taxes for the Companion Ticket) or $663 per person.  And both you and your companion earn miles on the ticket!

You can also use Alaska Air miles on partner airlines such as American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Air France, LAN, etc.

Bottom Line

You can get 50,000 miles and a $99 Companion Ticket on the Alaska Air card.  This is the best offer which I’ve seen on the Alaska Air card!

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45 responses to “50,000 Alaska Air Miles!

  1. Hi Daraius,

    Is Alaska Airlines miles transferable to AA or Hilton?

  2. Where will this 50k promo will take you? enough for international round trip travel to asia?

    Or any transfer partner?

  3. When churning the various versions of this card, should you leave your Mileage Plan number blank after the first app, and then merge accounts later? I’m wondering if it matters when churning if you keep adding the same MIleage Plan account number to your app. Thx for your input, those who have successfully churned this card!

  4. I know this isn’t your link…but do you have any idea how long this offer will be around?

  5. Excellent offer after zillion years. Thanks.

  6. @Preacher7 How do you churn this card?
    @MMS What are the companion certificate terms? Like USAIR requires a certain paid fair. Or is it unrestricted, even available on awards?
    @Everyone How funny is a bullet point NO MILEAGE EARNING CAP. Laugh

  7. Bank of America hates me. I never get approved for the Alaska card, including this offer! Uggh!

  8. FYI, The reports from flyertalk are that people who live outside Washington are getting approved for this offer. Seems like this one should be good to go for anyone using the link. Daraius, pardon me for being one of those bloggers who butts into answer your reader’s questions.

    @Loong, the miles cannot be transferred to AA or Hilton. The miles however, can be redeemed on AA.
    @Jim, 50k can take you to a few places such as europe or asia, if you take advantage of off peak awards.
    @preacher, I’ve churned this card and used my mileage plan number on each application. I’ve churned the AS card in as little as 90 days. Note however that the T&C of this offer state there is a 12 month limit. But you should be able to apply for the 50k offer and then in 90 days apply for one of the 25k offers which does not have the same restriction.
    @Sho, companion ticket is $99 plus taxes. The great thing about this companion pass is that it can be used for anyone and you don’t even have to fly with them. The only major restriction is that it is only valid for coach.

    This offer is great and I think everyone should take a shot at it. I wouldn’t worry about the $75 annual fee because what I have done in the past is offer to use my companion pass for my parents or friends. I will book their tickets for them with my companion pass and they pay me for the cost of the flights plus the cost of my annual fee. I get miles for booking the flight with my AS card and get my annual fee covered and they save good money so everyone is happy.

  9. I just did an AOR about 3 weeks ago but would love to get this card. I’ve never applied for a card less than 31 days since the last round of applications before. My AOR did not include BofA, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a card from them. Do I have a shot, or do you think they will deny me because I have some really recent pulls on my record?

  10. Can the AA points be transferred to Skymiles? If so, how? Last summer I couldn’t transfer my Skymiles to Alaska Air, there was some exception with them. Darn, because it would have been cheaper.

  11. I was just approved for the Signature Card last week @ 25k + $100 statement credit. Would BOA change the bonus miles if I called them?

  12. @Kim – I am wondering the same. Darius? Any experience with Bank of America matching new offers to recent applicants?

    • @Loong – Not transferable, but you can use them for flights on American Airlines, Delta and other airlines.

      @Lively – This is the highest offer on the card and was supposed to be targeted to folks in Washington, so I’d expect it to be gone sooner rather than later. That said, The 50,000 point Citi American Airlines cards have lasted a long time.

      @ShoNuffHarlem – You can use the Companion Pass on any fare except when you book an award.

      @Scott – I’m lazy, so I look forward to it!

      @Val – I can’t really say because it depends on your personal profile with them. But you could give it a try and call if not approved.

      @Nancy – You can’t transfer them to Delta, but you can redeem them for flights on Delta.

      @Kim @Matt – They are more likely to approve you for a new card than to match your bonus!

  13. Thank you!
    Question: Any idea if I currently have an active Alaska Air Platinum Plus Visa (from years ago) if I can apply for the Signature and it will count?
    Thanks again,

  14. @ Kim and Matt,
    This may help. I received the 25k $100 off offer/card 3 weeks ago. After discovering this 50k offer a few days ago, I called BofA and asked for a match to 50k. She said no, but recommended I reapply for the 50k card. She said this even knowing I already had the card. I reapplied on-line a few minutes after getting off the phone with the rep, was denied BUT I called the reconsideration line (see Daraius reconsideration phone numbers). I was honest, explained why I applied for a 2nd card and suggested we cancel the other card so I could be approved for the higher offer. He said no need to do that. He shuffled the credit line around and said I could have both cards with both promos. Now YMMV and I have yet to see the 50k bonus from the 2nd card but I’ve got a feeling I’ll end up with 75k points and a $100 credit. The only upfront costs will be the $75 x 2 annual fees which after the credit nets me a cost of $50 for 75,000 miles.

  15. Update- I tried it anyway and got approved (within 60 seconds), but it did not say which card type, but I’m guessing it will be the signature since my credit rating is above an 800. I should get the card in 7-10 days, just enough time to cancel my old one before the renewal date at the end of year. Thanks! I fly to SE Alaska a lot and 25k miles if often worth about $600+ to me. 🙂

  16. Thanks, Daraius, for posting the info…. First time app with Alaska card… Instant approval; Though confirmation did not say if it was Signature card or not… Keeping finger crossed and expecting card before X-mas! Cheers!

  17. @Cmoz: As far as I know about BofA, you’ll get a signature card if the limit on the card is greater than or equal to $5000.

  18. Again Thanks, Darius
    and Kent, and the many readers who share their experiences.

    I had rec’d my Alaska 25k bus card 2 weeks ago, applied & approved for this 50K just now. My 15th card in 12 months since I discovered MMS. My wife and I have rolled up more than 1,000,000 miles, thanks to you and your readers. Next month we head out SFO-LON-IST-JRO & return, flat beds for us old fogies who can’t sit up for that long in an 18″ seat.

  19. THANK YOU so much! I just got approved and am over the $5,000 limit so I should get the 50K. Am really excited to start planning a trip.

  20. Btw, if you are approved for multiple Alaska cards in a year, do you also get multiple companion tickets?

  21. @Ashker

    yes, for every personal or business card you get one companion pass.

  22. Both my Husband and I applied and were approved for this offer yesterday (high credit limits, so assuming the Visa Signature). We live in Oregon and have our fingers crossed for the bonus, because we fly Alaska all the time here! THANKS!

  23. i don’t know the value of the 50k alaska miles. Can it be transferred to aadvantage or hotel account? I’d like to apply for this but if I have 50k alaska airline miles but it is not enough for where I am going, it may sit there for ever. What can 50k alaska miles get me? round trip domestic? one way or round trip europe or asia? Thanks

  24. @Kent C

    same boat i am in. just got rejected for 2nd card. lol. please share reconsideration line number. i’ll share the same story.

  25. @scott
    what do you mean you dont even have to fly with hem for the companion ticket. I believe that was part of the resteiction, to have same itinerary as the primary account holdrer

  26. @scott

    I believe for companion tickets the itinerary must coincide with the primary account holder.is that not true?

  27. @abhishek

    Daraius has a comprehensive reconsideration phone number section, http://millionmilesecrets.com/2011/08/15/credit-card-reconsideration/

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  29. I was just approved for more than double a 5000 limit. I feel fairly safe, but is there a way to confirm which bonus you get without waiting for the card or calling? Also, does BoA allow you to set 0 cash advance limits? Thanks!

  30. My wife was going to apply for an account today. He is a homemaker with $0 income. I contacted Bank of America and they said their applications list the “individual” income, not “household” income. I always list total household for amex, citi, chase, etc and have never had a problem. I was told my wife would have to enter “Homemaker” and income of $0. Has anyone else run into this?

  31. The landing page appears to be dead already. Too bad, I applied yesterday and was instantly approved and was waiting to apply today for my wife. Should have submitted her application yesterday too.

  32. Link is no longer active!

  33. ..DOH! another case of …YOU SNOOZE..YOU LOSE! Link is no longer active!

  34. Offer gone.

  35. link is working for me. even refreshed the page to ensure that it was not pulling from browser cache. i’m not applying for any cards now though. just thought that the info may be useful to someone.

  36. I tried the link that most all blogs were giving and it didn’t seem to work either. I then found this link… https://www.applyonlinenow.com/USCCapp/Ctl/entry?sc=VAB3E9#apply and gave it a shot. I clicked submit and it turned the wheel once and gave me the “We apologize for any inconvenience” message. Hoping I didn’t get the worst of both worlds (no card, yes to inquiry), I called on it right away to the number given. They said no app came through. They asked if I wanted to do it over the phone. I said only if I could have the 50,000 offer. They asked what code I used. No idea since I was only using the link on the blogs, but I gave them the last 6 digits in the URL link (VAB3E9). It worked! Ended up getting approved. Not sure if anyone else is trying this, but maybe still active if you give it a little extra work!

    • @Jim – It depends on which state you live in. You can also usually put an amount in the “other” field when filling up the application.

      @ Brian @Maury @Ozaer N. @Steve L. – The link was updated to a working link, but it didn’t last long.

  37. Hey thanks for the link darius. I just got in last night and now it’s gone!

  38. Is the offer expired? or if somebody who has the promotional code could please kindly share?

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  40. (Remove my previous post – I had the wrong credit card company!)

    An operator from BofA just told me that the offer is no longer available – even as a one-off deal – because their computer systems have been re-programmed as of December 17th so that it cannot be offered.

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