Chase Freedom Bonus Increased to 20,000 Points [EXPIRED] & 5,000 Extra Points for Adding an Extra User to Chase Sapphire Preferred & 40,000 to 50,000 Point Bonus!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Link:  Chase Freedom with 20,000 Points

Link:  Chase Sapphire Preferred

Quick Update:   Thanks to Kevin for sharing a link to a BETTER offer for up to 55,000 points on the Sapphire Preferred in the comments.  This is better than the link which pays me a commission, which I’ve removed from the post.

1.   Chase Freedom Bonus Increases to 20,000 Points

You now get 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points or $200 in cash back, instead of 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points or $100 in cash back with the Chase Freedom.  You get the 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $500 within 3 months.

This is one of the best public offers for the Chase Freedom in the last year!

The Chase Freedom is one of my favorite cards to keep for a long time because it has no annual fee, which means that you can build a long relationship with Chase (which has the best miles and points cards) and also build your credit score.

Each quarter, there are different bonus categories, so you can earn an additional $300 cash back or 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points a year (7,500 points per quarter X 4 quarters in a year) assuming you spends $1,500 in each quarterly bonus category.

You can either redeem the points earned for cash back (5% cash back isn’t too shabby and some folks prefer cash back).

Or you can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to the Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Plus cards and from there to airline or hotel partners such as Hyatt, Southwest, British Airways, or United.

Chase Freedom 20,000 Points

We Transferred Points From a Chase Freedom to a Chase Sapphire Preferred and Then to Hyatt When we Went to Maui!

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to transfer points from the Chase Freedom to a card which allows you to transfer them to hotels and airlines!

2.   5,000 Points for Adding an Additional User to the Chase Sapphire Preferred

Quick Update:   Thanks to Kevin for sharing a link to a BETTER offer for up to 55,000 points on the Sapphire Preferred in the comments.  This is better than the link which pays me a commission, which I’ve removed from the post.

The current sign-up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $4,000 within 3 months.

And now you can get an extra 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points for adding an authorized user and having your authorized user make a purchase within 3 months!

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card, in my opinion, is one of the best credit cards for earning miles and points because you get double points for all travel and dining and because there are no foreign transaction fees (usually 3%) for using the card for transactions in foreign currency.

With the Chase Sapphire Preferred you get:

  • 2X Ultimate Rewards points per $1 spent on travel and dining
  • 1X Ultimate Rewards points per $1 spent on everything else
  • No foreign transaction fees

You get a value of 1 cent per point if you use your Ultimate Rewards points as a statement credit.  

You get a value of 1.25 cents when you use your Ultimate Rewards points to book travel through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.

Chase Freedom 20,000 Points

Your Ultimate Rewards Points Are Worth 1.25 Cents When Redeeming For Travel Through The Ultimate Rewards Mall

But many folks get the best value when they transfer Ultimate Rewards points to airlines or hotels.  I like transferring my Ultimate Rewards points to Southwest, Hyatt, and British Airways.

You can almost instantly transfer points to the following airlines and hotels on a 1:1 ratio:

  • British Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Hyatt
  • Southwest
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Mariott
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Korean Air
  • IHG
  • Flying Blue

The 5,000 point bonus for adding an authorized user isn’t unique to the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  

You can also get a 5,000 bonus mile offer when you add an authorized user to your United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

Bottom Line

The Chase Freedom card has increased the sign-on bonus from 10,000 points to 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points.  This is one of the best offers for the card in the last year!

You also get an extra 5,000 bonus points when you add an authorized user to your Chase Sapphire Preferred card within the first 3 months of having your card and having the authorized user make any purchase.

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60 responses to “Chase Freedom Bonus Increased to 20,000 Points [EXPIRED] & 5,000 Extra Points for Adding an Extra User to Chase Sapphire Preferred & 40,000 to 50,000 Point Bonus!

  1. There is typo,
    The current sign-up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $4,000 within 3 months on the.

    It should read $3000 instead of $4000.

  2. Hi there, can I get the 5K points for adding an extra user if I already have the card? Or is this for new applicants only?

    Thanks =)

  3. If i added a user previously, would i qualify for the additional 5K bonus?

  4. Darius,

    You have always maintained that “Chase does not (Or it is very difficult) give bonuses for the same product again”. But I read of a person from flyer-talk who got United miles by cancelling and reapplying for the same card after 2 years. Is this true at all? Is this possible at all?
    So does the Clock Reset for Chase at 24 months, CITI at 18 months and AMEX at 12 months.

  5. Is the freedom offer also good using the referral link? Thanks!

  6. HEY D i just signed up for CSP today and had added an AU when signing up will that count when i get card or will i have to SM chase to ask for it? what are your thoughts

  7. prem .

    i have got the British Airways after a cancel and an 18 month wait…. last time 100000 miles this time only 50000 but hey every one counts 🙂

  8. I just signed up for this card last week. Will I be able to add an authorized user now and request a “bonus bump”?

  9. Stop applying for the inferior links posted here. Go to and get the 50k + 5k for autho user offer that is publicly available. Don’t apply for these lower offers being pushed.

  10. @Kevin Voisin Thanks for the better link. It’s actually 55k with AU. Mother-in-law approved!

  11. thanks for updating your post to note the 50k + 5k AU offer. i was really confused at first because one blog wrote about the 50k and then i read yours with the 40k. i thought they were different cards at first, but realize they are now the same. i also noticed that the 50k one has an annual fee of $125 vs the 40k with an annual fee of $95. so is the extra $30 a year in annual fee (after the first year is waived) worth the extra 10k bonus points?

  12. I applied for, and was approved for the CSP and Chase IHG card today! Do you think I can also apply for the Freedom? Do you know if 3 personal applications with Chase is too many for one day?
    Thanks for the heads up on these offers.

  13. I just recently was approved for the CSP–can I also apply for the Freedom and expect to get both bonuses?

  14. Anyone know if Chase will also waive fees for military members like American Express does under the SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act)?

  15. I just signed up and was approved for the CSP 40K. Haven’t got my card yet. Is there a good number to call to have them match the the 50K reward?

  16. When I married my husband he had very little credit history, so I added him as a joint card holder on my Chase Freedom card. He currently has a great credit score and has 2 cards on his history, Amex gold and Chase united. If I remove him as a joint card holder on my Freedom, when would he be able to sign up for the bonus himself?

  17. fyi… anyone who has an AmEx card may get “Offers for You”. One such offer is to spend $75 at staples and get a one time $25 statement credit. This can be used on, you betcha!, $75 in gift cards to the store of your choice based on their available cards. You can also get $5 off $25 gas purchases at BP so if one tank is >$50, >$75 then you just stop the pump, process the card and pay again.. you may have to switch pumps though since it can be challenging to pay with the same card at the same POS.

    you have to register for the offers to utilize them..

  18. Interesting that the authorized user has to make a purchase to get the extra 5000 miles. I have never noticed that requirement before (by Chase for the United card, for example). I usually just leave the extra card in the drawer. Have I missed bonus miles this way, or is this a new requirement for Chase?

  19. @Kevin V: Holy crap – you rawk! I have been (err, my wife has been…) patiently waiting for over a year as I knew someday this day would come. Instant approval!

    @MMS: Thanks, as always, for the coolest travel hacking blog on the web. I hope you and Emily are doing well.

  20. Hi Daraius,
    What are the chances of getting the bonus for the Sapphire preferred if I’m upgrading from the normal Sapphire card? Would it better to cancel this wait for a while and then apply for the preferred to be on the safer side? Thanks! Love your blog and FB page!

    • @kay @Jeff @David – I believe this is only for new applicants and you can’t ask for the 5K extra points.

      @Lynn – I don’t believe you get 20K (only 10K) if you use the referral link from your existing Freedom account.

      @Kevin Voisin – That’s a much better offer. Thanks!

      @Drew – If you applied for the offer with the promotion for an additional user, you should get the bonus. If not, you can SM chase if the points don’t post.

      @MA @Slow Roller – I removed my affiliate links in the post and point out the better offer in my post within a few hours of finding the better offer. I don’t understand the snarkiness.

      @ang – Many folks would gladly pay $30 for an extra 10K points.

      @JS – I suspect 3 applications may be too much, but it depends on your credit profile with the banks.

      @Andrew James – The Freedom and CSP are different products, so you should be able to get the different bonuses.

      @Unrea – I don’t believe they waive the annual fees like AMEX does. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @Jon – Wait until you get your card.

      @olivia – I’m not sure. You can’t get the bonus if you’re a joint holder, but it could help if you remove him as a joint holder and he applies again.

      @JonCski – I actually have post on the BP offer coming up soon!

      @Rachel – Looks like a new requirement, but a very easy requirement to meet.

      @David – We’re doing great and hope you are as well!

      @Goker – You don’t get the bonus for upgrading cards, but should get it if you apply.

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  22. I just got my sapphire card and called today to get the extra 5K miles and succeeded! Thanks for the tip!

  23. I already have the Freedom Card. If I cancel it can I apply for it again and can I get the new bonus? Would this be considered a new product?

  24. The link to the Chase Preferred card mentions nothing about bonus points.

  25. If i apply though my friends referral link for thefreedom will chase match the bonus to 20000 later

  26. OOOPS…I meant the Chase Freedom card.

  27. I have the CSP in MasterCard version and husband has the CSP Visa. Chase is now starting to issue the Visa version as Chip & Signature. I called them about getting a chip card, and they told me if I wanted that, they would convert my MC to Visa. So the big question, do you think I could apply for the CSP Visa and make a case for needing the Visa version and get the bonus? I already have the United Explorer and Marriott Visas from Chase, so I guess I could give up the Marriott one, but I wonder if that would work to get approved? I always have to call reconsideration due to fraud alert on my account (necessary to keep at the moment). Any ideas or suggestions? Would love extra UR points.

  28. when does the CSP offer end (so that I can plan my spending)?

  29. +1 for Marilyn B question
    Cancelled SP mastercard card a year ago.
    Can i get bonus if i apply for the SP visa version?

    • @Gail – I don’t believe so.

      @jim – I don’t know.

      @Tucsonbabe – It is in the 1st bullet on the application page. They say $200, but they actually give you 20K points which you can redeem for $200.

      @Danny – Not sure, though I’d expect soon.

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  31. Thanks for the info. Got the Sapphire Preferred a month ago and just ordered the Freedom. Between those two cards, we’re looking at 60K miles!

    You run a great blog!

  32. Will offer from give the referred friends offer for $200 cash back as well?

  33. Chase didn’t “bump the bonus” on the new and improved CSP offer mentioned above. A friend of mine applied for and was instantly approved for the standard 40k CSP offer just a day or two BEFORE seeing this new 50k+5k offer. When requesting to bump the bonus via Chase secure message, they replied with only granting the 5k for the additional cardholder as a “courtesy” but wouldn’t honor the other part since they say the annual fee is higher on the higher signup bonus offer. However, with both offers, they waived the first year fee AND the minimum spend requirement was exactly the same and we are of course talking about the exact same card. Quite disappointing to say the least… I guess they can be happy to have at least gotten the slightly better 45k offer instead of the standard 40k offer. However, it is a tough pill to swallow when one knows that if they had just waited a couple days and seen the new link, they would have had 55k points without spending even a penny more. Like many of these things, YMMV. It never hurts to try asking Chase for the increased bonus. However, they claim this is a consistent policy applied to all customers in their reply. Perhaps it is, but perhaps it isn’t. At least they didn’t say this other offer is by invitation only. It apparently wasn’t.

    The silver lining of this sad story- at a minimum, you might at least get the 5k secondary cardholder bonus by asking politely.

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  35. Just wanted to say thank you again for the great posts! Still using our companion pass and will be going to paris on points only soon.

    You rock!

  36. Darius,
    Can I cancel my Chase Sapphire Preferred card (had for a year) where I am the primary and my husband is additional user and then have him apply for a new card with the current sign-on bonus of 50K and then have him add me as an additional user for the extra 5K points ???
    I really need the points to instantly transfer to Marriott to round out our upcoming trip to Hong Kong. I need these points ASAP (rather than buying 50K points from Marriott).
    Thanks and we LOVE your blog and read it daily.

  37. is the 50k offer still available

  38. I had applied for the Chase Freedom card last month, but have not received my 10K signup bonus. Is there a way I could convince them to give me 20K miles, since that is the current bonus?

  39. Is the $200 link dead?

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  42. @Million Mile Secrets — Few months before I have ordered chase freedom card and now I have accumulated 20,000 bonus points from chase freedom card. So, now if I order chase sapphire preferred and accumulate 45 bonus points (40k + 5k), then is it possible to add up both the bonus miles (20 k from freedom and 45k from sapphire = total 65k). Can I transfer these total 65k to united mileage to get a total of 65k miles in my united a/c. I want to use use that 65k for an international round trip flight. Please answer queries. Thanks a lot!

  43. Is this dead? All I could find was 10,000 for 2014. Tx

  44. Oops. Nevermind. I just saw Expired at the top. Duh!

  45. Want to start a flyer miles card. We will be traveling to Australia/New Zealand by next Oct. I have been told that Chase Sapphire provides the most points and has no foreign transaction fees. Also when on line, Chase was in both countries. We deal with Wells Fargo and AMEX normally but do not have a flyer mile card. And I do not want to use my regular account overseas. (I created a separate account at Wells Fargo when I went to France and Italy in 2009.) What is the best way to go to get flyer miles and have a card for cash at ATM’s?

    • @Jodie Kromroy – Flights to Australia are some of the toughest awards to get. I’d consider the Barclays Arrival card which earns ~2.2% towards travel and has ~$440 as the sign-up bonus. Or the Chase Sapphire Preferred or United cards.

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  49. I’m a little late to the party here, with this being originally posted November 2013. But, does this offer still exist? There are no links anywhere on the page to the mentioned Chase Freedom card.