Southwest 50,000 Point Cards Still Active – You Can Still Have A Companion Travel With You up to December 2015!

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

The 50,000 points offer on the Southwest credit cards was supposed to end on October 30, 2013, but thanks to readers for writing in that the links are still active!

This is my favorite travel perk and is the number 1 offer on my Hot Deals list!

Southwest 50,000 Point Card

Emily With Our Southwest Companion Pass!

50,000 Points Offer Extended

Link:   Southwest Credit Cards

Now’s the best time to apply for the Southwest credit cards, because just 2 cards and a few extra points will get you a Southwest Companion Pass which is valid up to December 31, 2015.  This means that your companion can fly on Southwest tickets (both paid and award tickets) for only $2.50 per segment!

Check out this post on how to time the minimum spending to get up to two years of travel for your companion with the Southwest Companion Pass.

You have to earn 110,000 Companion Pass points (within 1 calendar year from January 1 to December 31) to qualify for the Companion Pass.  And currently the 50,000 point sign-up bonus is counting towards the Companion Pass.

Here’s how you can get the extra 6,000 points for your Companion Pass once you complete the minimum spending on 2 Southwest cards.

All 4 versions of the Southwest credit cards currently offer 50,000 Southwest points after spending $2,000 within 3 months.  Note that the Plus versions (at the bottom of the page) have a lower annual fee ($69) compared to $99 for the Premier version of the card.

You can redeem 50,000 Southwest points for $710 to ~$850 in Southwest flights or for ~$500 in gift cards.

Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   Everything You Should Know About the Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest Companion Pass is one of the best ways to save money on airline tickets for travel in the US.

Why?  Because your companion flies with you for free when you fly Southwest.  You can book your flight with points or pay for with cash and your companion flies free (~$2.50 in taxes and fees)!

Southwest only offers economy seats, but in my opinion, Southwest is the best domestic airline.  They have more non-stop flights, 2 free checked bags, friendly flight attendants, and large comfortable planes (no regional jets!)

It’s easy to redeem points for flights on Southwest because if a seat is available, you can book it with points!

Southwest 50,000 Point Card

It is Very Easy to Book Multiple Award Seats on Southwest!

You have to earn 110,000 Companion Pass qualifying points within 1 calendar year (January 1 to December 31st) to earn a Companion Pass.

However, the 50,000 point bonus from the Southwest credit cards are currently counting towards the Companion Pass (though this could change at any time).

Bottom Line

The 50,000 points Southwest card offer is still active.  I expect it to last until the middle of November based on the offer expiration date in the targeted emails which Southwest has sent to readers.

Now is the best time to apply for the Southwest credit card so that you can get the Companion Pass for the longest possible time – i.e. close to 2 years of almost free flying!

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42 responses to “Southwest 50,000 Point Cards Still Active – You Can Still Have A Companion Travel With You up to December 2015!

  1. Good post about the companion pass as usual D!

  2. Do you know if points that you earn before hitting the $2000 mark will count towards the Companion Pass for 2014-2015 if they are earned before the end of the year? Thanks

  3. Is it possible to be approved for all four of the cards? I have two of them and have enjoyed the companion pass. I would like to earn another. Can I apply for the other two cards?

  4. I have 2 versions of the card and only see 2 to apply for. What are the other 2 versions of this card?

  5. @Maury – Points have to be earned in the same calendar year. So any points you earn in 2013 only count towards 2013. You’re better off waiting until 2014 so that those points count towards your 2014-2015 pass.

    @Chris – Some people have been approved for all four cards and been able to get the Companion Pass a second time. But with everything, your miles may vary.

    @Kaui – The Premier card has a personal and business version. And the Plus card has a personal and business version.

  6. TheBigEasyTraveler

    Good morning. Currently have CP until end 2014. Is it possible to earn 2 CP’s? Thanks for a great blog.

  7. I currently have the business card with the $69 annual fee. Can I get the business card with the $99 fee now or do I have to cancel the other one first. I have had it for almost a year.

  8. Hi Darius,
    Thanks for your Companion pass related replies in the other SW thread. I have 58K points in my account. Once I meet the $2000 spending by November 18, will I get the 50K bonus points + 2K points (for the spending) by November 28 2013 (statement closing date)?

  9. Applied for the card, but Chase rejected one for the business card – received a letter in the mail.

    Any advice on how to get this decision reversed?

  10. Just got my companion pass last week but only good through the end of 2014. I’m confused on how you’re getting one now that’s good through 2015.

  11. Trying to figure out the best way to push the $2,000 over 3 months purchase into 2014 to help with the 110,000 points for the CP. Just got the 1st card, the 1st payment due date is 12/5/2013, which means the closing date is around 12/10/2013. What will be the end of my 3 months? Also, applied for the business card, got the denial letter and called the reconsideration line. We own rental property so they want proof of that then said it should be approved. That one shouldn’t be a problem getting the points all in 2014.

    Thanks so much for all of your information! I never knew about the companion pass before!!!

  12. To Andy C: you should call Chase at the phone number in the letter. Tell them the card would be a big help to your business and ask them if they’ll reconsider. I did this and it was pretty straightforward. They just wanted some details about my business and how I planned to use the card.

  13. Hi, so if I am getting 2 different Southwest cards now, but I completed the spend requirement in 60 days (which will take me to early January 2014), will that count towards fulfilling the obligation to get the sign up bonus points?

    • @Maury – They won’t count if they post to your account before January 1, 2014.

      @Chris – I believe each version is a different product, but your partner can also apply for the card and add you as the companion.

      @Kaui – There is a Plus and Premier version each having a business and personal version.

      @TheBigEasyTraveler – You can only have 1 Companion Pass at a time. But you can have your partner or someone else earn the pass.

      @Greg – You can call and upgrade from the Plus version to the Premier version, but you won’t get the sign-up bonus. If you reapply, you’d get the bonus. The Premier version has no foreign transaction fees and offers more points at the end of the year when you renew the card.

      @Jay – Yes, as long as you complete the spending at least 10 days before the statement closes.

      @Anne – If you earn the Companion Pass in January 2014, it will be valid for 2014 and then end of the next year (2015).

      @Stacie B – You have ~3 months from when you are approved to hit the minimum spending. You can complete your spending in early January 2014, to make sure that the points post to your Southwest account in 2014.

      @Bob – It sure will!

  14. Daraius – Do you know how long this offer will last? I just completed a credit card churn and would love to take advantage of this early next year. Thanks for the great work as always!

  15. Hi Daraius,

    I need some advice. I applied and was approved for the Chase United MileageExplorer Card last month. I applied two weeks ago for the Southwest Plus personal card and received a letter saying that I was denied because I applied for too many cards. A quick call to reconsideration and a transfer of some of my credit line allowed approval for the Southwest Plus card.

    I was wondering if I should wait a bit before applying for the Southwest Plus business card or if I should just go ahead and apply and call reconsideration if it doesn’t go through. I do some freelance work on the side and made over $6000.00 last year.

    Thank you!

  16. Would points transfer from UR points count toward companion-pass qualification?

  17. Amex > Chase > Citi > Everyone Else

    with everyone attempting to get the CP early in 2014 its probably going to be much more difficult to find VRs in January…

  18. Darius,
    I have tried clicking on every link you have posted for the Southwest rewards credit card. However, I just see a blank webpage with no info. I would like to sign up for this card. Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • @TraveilngVeggies – It should be around until the middle of November. But it comes and goes every 3 to 4 months, so I wouldn’t worry.

      @ Justin – If you have a legitimate business, you can apply for the card. But you could also wait until next year and apply for the card then.

      @ Cmoz – Unfortunately it does not count.

      @SS – The links work for me. You can try the banner ad on the side of the post or in a different browser.

  19. So just to re-iterate, if I complete the spend requirement and reach the 110K points on January 2014, I would be eligible for the companion pass for which year? Just the calendar year 2014 or both calendar years 2014 and 2015?

  20. I applied for Ink Plus, Sapphire Preferred at Southwest Card at the end of June. I was approved for Ink Plus and Sapphire Preferred and denied for Southwest. I was instantly approved for Mileageplus Explorer at the end of October. I want to get the companion pass for 2014 & 2015. My plan is to apply for one of the Southwest cards this month and wait until January to meet spend and apply for another one in January (assuming it is still 50k bonus) and get the companion pass. I also have the following cards… Amex Surpass (June), CITI AA Visa (July), Citizens Bank (August), Amex SPG Business (September), Navy Federal (October). Am I pushing my luck with my strategy?

  21. Hello Darius! You are always quick to answer our posts… I always appreciate that about your site! Question: I’m looking at applying to two of the Southwest cards to hopefully capitalize on the 50K miles promotion. However, I’m looking at the 3 cards that seem to be available… and they seem SO similar that I’m not terribly clear on what the differences are (with the exception of some have a $99 annual fee and others have a $69 annual fee). Is there an article that breaks down the differences? Or can you tell us what the key pros vs cons? TY!

    • @Bob – Both 2014 and 2015.

      @Josh – It depends on your personal profile, but that could be possible. I can’t say for sure.

      @Seth – Thanks for reading! The main difference is that the Premier cards don’t have a foreign transaction fee and get you more points when you renew the card, but have a higher $99 annual fee. The Plus versions have a lower $69 annual fee.

  22. Ok, so I think that I understand. I should apply for BOTH the plus and premier cards at same time, under MY nameand then I will get 100,000 miles with the correct spending by a certain time. THANK YOU!

  23. Darius, you’re the man!

    QQ: if I already have the companion pass for 2013-2014, and I earn another 110k points in 2014, will Southwest extend my existing companion pass to the end of 2015 or issue me a new companion pass that expires EOY 2015 to replace the old one that expires EOY 2014?

  24. So, if applied and approved today, does that mean I have 3 months, until end of February statement to spend 2,000?
    Thank you

  25. Christopher Burton

    I was last approved for the Chase Southwest Visa personal on Nov. 2011 and Canx it in 11/2012. In your opinion, could I churn this card or would I only be eligible for the business version?

  26. D- Already used your link and was approved for the plus card. I was concerned about hitting 2 minimum spends (for the plus and the premier) in 3 months so I held off. My car is now in the shop and the minimum spend will be of no issue anymore.

    I’m going to apply for the premier card right now (using your link of course). This should put me at a little over 100k points in January/February 2014.

    Here is my question regarding the other 10k points I need for the CP:

    I currently have 40k Marriott points… Could I transfer them over to southwest and have them count towards the CP? I realize the transfer rate is garbage but if that’s all I need to do I would be more than happy to!

  27. Need help!! I got my business and personal SW card back in July of 2013–Now around 108,000 points towards Companion pass. Do I need to achieve 110K by Dec of 2013 to get a companion pass, but that will only last till Dec of 2014–correct? What is the best strategy to get more date time on the companion pass in this case? Super thanks!

  28. Darius,

    in previous articles you have warned about over-applying to chase. Would applying for the SW premiere AND plus card set of any warnings or concerns w / chase.? I’m hoping by doing both at the same time … This should help… But I’m not sure? what do you think?

  29. I applied for, and was, approved for, both the Southwest Premier and the Standard version. I had to do some credit reallocation with my other 4 Chase cards to make it work. Now I can get all 4 of my family on a flight for the cost of a Companion Pass ticket. Thanks.

    • @Chance – Thanks for using our link. You can certainly transfer points from Marriott to Southwest as long as you are comfortable with the transfer ratio. Here’s a post on the other ways to transfer points to get the extra points needed.

      @SteveM – You need an extra 2K points to get the companion pass in 2013 which is valid until 2014. See this post for more ways to get the points. You have to get the remaining 2K points in your account by December 2013, so I’d get them quickly.

      @Seth – I can’t really say because it depends on your credit profile etc. with the banks.

      @Chris Burton – Safe travels!

  30. Does the annual fee count toward the $2000 spend required to get the 50k points?

  31. Can’t you just but Vanillas to meet the spend and get the extra 10k miles for $100

  32. Hi,

    Thank you for nice informative article.

    About spending and to get companion pass.. There are changes, which you are unaware about.

    1. Already earned Southwest rewards points of 2013 wont count towards companion pass if you try to use those points in 2014.
    2. If you get companion pass July 1st on-wards .. it will be valid for that year and the next year.
    (for example
    1) if I get companion pass in Jul2013 or Dec 2013, it will be valid for 2013 and 2014.
    2) If I get companion pass in Jan2014, it will be only valid for 2014)

    3. Annual fees or 99 or 69, does not count towards $2000 spending.

    I confirmed this by calling Southwest and Chase, so I am going ahead with my spending in 2013 and getting companion pass in Dec2013, as else I will lose my existing rapid rewards point (excludes credit card point 50k+50k, which was option for me to get in Dec2013 or Jan2014)


  33. We had recently canceled our SW Chase cards, and I assume we’ll lose out on this one due to normally needing to wait a period of time before reapplication would be eligible for a sign-up bonus.

    Does this sound correct, and if so, do you happen to know how long Chase requires for a “hold-off” period?

    Thanks again for a great find, Daraius!

  34. Long time lurker, first time posting – I’ve had an interesting experience with Chase. I’ve been travel hacking for just about 2.5 years now and never go overboard. Generally 2 applications 2 or max 3 times a year. None of my cards carry a balance, and after a year I reevaluate whether I downgrade the card to no fee or roll the credit line into another card.

    Late october I applied for the SW personal and business cards at the same time. Both went to review. While the personal card was approved within the week. I got a letter saying I’d been declined for the business card due to ‘too many applications’ I called the number listed and clarified that one was a personal card and one was for business.

    Then I was absolutely grilled (or so it seemed to me!) on my business. Estimated net revenue, profit this year versus last year. What are my business expenses and why do I want a business card. Definitely 5 full minutes of questions not just one or two. I thought I handled it alright – I mean it’s a minor side business of editing – no huge profits or anything. But I was then declined because ‘my profits aren’t high enough to extend me further credit. Eek! I have had a chase ink card for about a year, so that must be the reason.

    But I was still surprised! I’m not a risk at all, my credit is great and I always pay on time. Chase must be cracking way down on business credit cards. I’m thinking of calling back and trying to get someone else to reconsider/ask to move some of my Ink credit to a SW account. If that fails I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of months/maybe cancel the ink and try again! Crazy! Any recs/advice would be helpful.


  35. Hi,

    I recently got a notice form Chase that I am not eligible to receive the bonus points for SW b/c of this:

    “The terms and conditions associated with the new account state that the premium is only available to new cardmembers. Since our records show that you have taken advantage of this offer or a similar offer within the past two years, your account is not eligible to receive the premium…”

    I called 2x already and I was not able to get them to credit me with the points. Please advise if there is a way around this and if you have seen this before.