The Best Deal for US Travel (~ $710 to $850 in Flights Or ~ $500 in Gift Cards) Ends Tomorrow!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

The Southwest credit cards are my favorite cards for domestic travel and are a great way for many folks to have Big Travel with Small Money within the US!

Southwest 50000 Point Card 710 To 850 In Flights Or 500 In Gift Cards Ends Tomorrow

2 Cards & A Few Extra Points Got Us a Southwest Companion Pass!

2 Cards Will Almost Get You a Companion Pass

Link:   Southwest Credit Card

Link:   All You Need To Know About the Southwest Companion Pass

All 4 versions of the Southwest credit cards (scroll to the bottom of the link to see other offers) currently offer 50,000 Southwest points after spending $2,000 within 3 months.  You can redeem 50,000 Southwest points for ~$710 to $850 in Southwest flights or for ~$500 in gift cards.

Emily and I travel almost exclusively on Southwest within the US.  I earned a Companion Pass valid through the end of 2014 which lets Emily fly with me for free ($2.50 security fee per segment) on both paid and award tickets!

We earned the Companion Pass – for the 2nd time – in January 2013 and it is valid until the end of 2014.  Our last trip was a quick visit to Key West in Florida.


Our Last Trip With The Companion Pass Was To Key West

Check out this post on how to time the minimum spending to get up to two years of travel for your companion with the Southwest Companion Pass

You have to earn 110,000 points (within 1 calendar year from January 1 to December 31) to qualify for the Companion Pass.  And currently the 50,000 point sign-up bonus is counting towards the Companion Pass.

Here’s how you can get the extra 6,000 points for your Companion Pass.

Only 1 Day Left

The Southwest 50,000 points offer officially ends – according to the application – on October 30, 2013 i.e. Wednesday (though sometimes a few links do live on, so check the Southwest website if you can’t find it on the blog!)

The Southwest 50,000 points offers comes and goes every 3 to 4 months (sometimes FlyerTalk has links sooner), so it should be available again.

But now’s the best time to get the cards if you’re looking to get the Southwest Companion Pass as early as possible i.e. in January 2014, so that you have almost 2 years of the Companion Pass up to December 31, 2105.

That said, I don’t know for sure if the 50,000 point offer will still be available on ALL 4 cards (personal and business Plus & Premier versions).

If you’ve already got 1 Southwest card in 2013 and need another Southwest card to get the Companion Pass in 2013 (which will be valid until the end of 2014), you should apply for the card now.

That’s because if you apply for the card now, and complete the minimum spending as soon as possible, you should have the 50,000 points post to your Southwest account in 2013.

Remember that your Companion Pass points resets to Z-E-R-O points on January 1, 2014, so you have to start from the beginning!  Here’s an easy way to see how many Companion Pass points you have in your account.

If you don’t have any Companion Pass points, you’re better off having the points post to your account in January 2014, so that you can get the Companion Pass up to 2015.

Bottom Line

The Southwest 50,000 point offers ends tomorrow.  This is my favorite miles and points deal for travel within the US because Southwest makes it much easier to redeem points for flights than other airlines.

And because we have the Companion Pass means that I only redeem points or pay for ONE ticket instead of two!

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48 responses to “The Best Deal for US Travel (~ $710 to $850 in Flights Or ~ $500 in Gift Cards) Ends Tomorrow!

  1. Just as a data pt, yesterday I applied for 2 personal cards for my g/f. I did two browsers at the same time and they both went through with duplicate 2k credit limits. She didn’t want to do a business card to mess with her actual business accounting.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Darius. I applied for an got approved for the personal card through your link based on your great analysis of the deal. I didn’t have a Southwest RapidRewards number previously so I chose to have them assign one on signup. I now want to apply for the biz version of the card but I don’t have my new number (haven’t received the new card yet) to put on the application. Do you think there will be a problem consolidating the two accounts if they put the bonus points under 2 accounts, or updating the RR# on the biz card after it arrives?

  3. What gift cards can these points be redeemed for and at what rate?

  4. Thanks for your wealth of info here! I applied for the biz card a few days ago so I called today to find out the status. I was approved for the personal but the biz was not. Had to close one credit card and move some credit around. She asked the questions you mentioned in another post so I was pretty prepared. Not too many questions thankfully. Approved for the biz card. Thanks for your help!

  5. I only see 3 offers: the premium offer at top of page, then a business and plus personal at the bottom of page.

  6. Can you explain the ‘Calender year’ part? I already have one personal card with 50,000 miles from June of this year. If I get the second card and meet my spend in November, will they post those miles by Dec 31st so that I would qualify for the companion pass (if my total is 110,000)? Thanks.

    • @Jonathan – One option is to have to have Southwest merge the two accounts if you apply with separate Rapid Rewards accounts. I’m not sure if the Companion Pass points will merge over as well (I’d guess they do, but don’t have any personal experience). I’d just call Chase once you get the cards and have them update the Rapid Rewards number on the business card and make a small purchase to test that the points are both going to the same account.

      @Jason – I believe you could get Target, Amazon etc. at 1 cent per point, so 50,000 points will get you $500 in gift cards.

      @Roger – Click on one of the cards at the bottom and it should open a new page with the other cards.

      @Jay – Your 50,000 Companion Pass points will become ZERO points on January 1, 2014. You have to earn the 110K points BEFORE December 31 to get the Companion Pass. If you apply for the card now and complete the minimum spending at least 10 days before your 1st statement closes, you should get the points in December and get the Companion Pass in 2013. Otherwise they will post in January 2014, and you’ll be short of points again. Remember that you have to complete the spending at least 10 days before your 1st statement in November closes because otherwise the 50,000 bonus points will post in the next statement which is in January 2014.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve been following million mile secrets for a while and finally decided to jump in with the rest of you in my quest for a million miles. I applied for 2 chase southwest personal cards and got approved for both (had to call the reconsideration line to provide verification for the second one). However, I just noticed this “footnote”:

    2 Bonus Points
    To qualify for your bonus points, you must make Purchases totaling $2,000 or more during the first 3 months from account opening. Government fees as low as $10 are not included. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus points to post to your Rapid Rewards account. (“Purchases” do not include balance transfers, cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, any checks that access your account, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.) To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Credit Card cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. Note: the bonus may be earned on one first-time personal and one first-time business Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card new account

    It says the one time bonus is only available on one personal and one business card and that too if you have not previously had a southwest card, which I have had. Does that mean I won’t receive the points even after making the required minimum $2k spending in 3 months?

  8. Had the Southwest Premier, applied for the Southwest Plus as well as the Southwest Business Plus through your link. Had to call re the personal card, closed the Premier and was approved for the personal card. Called about the Southwest Business Plus and was declined because 8 total apps in the last year, 7 cards issued (not all Chase). Asked about moving credit from Ink, said they couldn’t because different type of card. Should I call again later and talk to another representative or just wait until next year? As always, thanks for all of your help!

  9. I want to find out once I receive my companion pass for this year and it expires next year on 12/31/2014. Can I reapply for another 2 different Southwest credit card in 2015 and receive another companion pass once I get 110,000 Southwest companion or this is a 1 time deal?

  10. Applied for the Plus SW card for my wife and she was instantly approved. Is it possible to apply for the Premier for her too? Since we got married she hasn’t mailed in the forms to SW, but since she had a zero balance I just left the RR# blank on the application. If she can apply for both personal cards right now what should I enter for the RR# on application #2? Or should I just leave it blank and deal with it once the cards arrive?

  11. Hi,
    I applied, and was approved last month for the Chase Ink Bold business card.

    I applied yesterday for the Chase Southwest Plus card, and was approved after calling in to change my credit limit around ( I also have the Chase Freedom and canceled the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, leaving only the Freedom/Ink Bold Business and the new SW card).

    I am trying to obtain the additional 50K sign up bonus from the SW business card to get the Companion Pass in early 2014. When I called the reconsideration line today for the Chase Southwest Business Card, I was declined bc the rep said that I had just opened the Ink Bold last month, and that my ‘revenue’ for my business is not high enough to require two business cards. I was trying to argue that I wanted a travel / SW card to get points, etc, but he stated that because I am a Sole Proprietor, I could use my personal card with no problems. He stated that I would need a sharp increase in my revenue (ie thousands of dollars in revenue annually) to qualify for 2 business cards, and that it would likely be reconsidered in 3-6 months?!
    Do you have any recommendations/thoughts on how I should proceed next?

    Thanks, Amy

  12. So can I apply for two personal cards to get to the 100,000 points with the appropriate spend? One Plus card and one Platinum card? Also, just using one Southwest rewrds number?


  13. Hi Darius,

    I got personal and business Southwest CC approved last week. Is it safe not to activate the cards until I’m ready to use them, maybe sometimes in the mid of December? I remember 2 years ago, my husband activated the cards in January 2011 (even though he got the cards a month before that) and spent the required amount after he activated them in January 2011. If I activated the cards now and not using them until mid of December (after closing date in December), is it perfectly fine? Thanks!

  14. I just got a promo email from SW with an offer not ending tomorrow but on the 24th of November. Just FYI. 🙂

  15. I would like to find out can a person receive a second companion pass if a person already received a companion pass in the previous years? Meaning just say I already had a 1 year companion pass by applying on the Premier Southwest personal credit card and Business Plus Southwest credit card. Now I’m thinking to apply for the Plus Southwest personal credit card and Premier Southwest Business credit card. Can I still get another Southwest companion pass once I reach 110000 southwest companion or this is a 1 time deal?

  16. I would like to find out can a person receive a second companion pass if a person already received one companion pass in the previous years? Meaning just say I already had a 1 year companion pass by applying on the Premier Southwest personal credit card and Business Plus Southwest credit card. Now I’m thinking to apply for the Plus Southwest personal credit card and Premier Southwest Business credit card. Can I still get another Southwest companion pass once I reach 110000 southwest companion or this is a 1 time deal?

  17. @Norbert – For which version of the card?

  18. Here is my experience applying for the personal SW premium and business SW plus. I applied for the personal last week and immediately got a webpage that said “decision pending – call xxx number”. I called the number and spoke with a rep. it was just a matter of moving credit limit from one card to the SW card. Today, I applied for a SW business card and got the “decision needs more time – we’ll get back to you later”. I then called the business reconsideration line and there was MUCH more interrogation. Early on, I established my extensive relationship with chase (credit, checking etc.) and that I have a high business credit limit that I would like to shift over to a SW business card. Then, the interview started. He knew a lot of my credit history and asked why I have applied for so many cards in the last year, why my name is associated with so many active cards and why I need another card. Then many questions about my “business”. I told him I sold items online, that my business was doing well and I planned on traveling with Southwest. Lots of questions about how many employees I have, my gross and net revenue for the past 3 years. Even questions about where I buy my inventory and the reasons why my business profits have increased the last two years. He sounded like a serious businessman and seemed motivated to determine if this was a reputable business or not. After several minutes on hold, he returned to decline the application. The reason he cited was that I have many recent applications, my name is associated with many active cards, and my current credit limit is sufficient for my needs.

    I do have a question to Darius and others about having lots of credit cards. The Chase rep. stated that since 2012 my name is associated with 16 credit cards. (I assume that includes those in my name as well as those where I am an authorized user on my spouse’s card). This was clearly his biggest concern and he asked “Since 2012 you have many credit applications, 16 credit cards associated with your name and a substantial credit limit. Last week you were accepted for a SW personal card. Why do you need another card”. I was not sure of the best way to answer. I told him that my spouse and I travel a lot, so we both have several airline cards to maximize our benefits. I also said my business profits have been increasing and I planned on traveling with SW and wanted to separate personal and business expenses.” This was clearly the main reason for my application denial. So, how “bad” is having your name associated with 16 cards since 2012? Is this denial a fluke? Should I close some accounts? Remove my authorized user status on my spouse’s cards? Just chillout and not apply for 6 months?

  19. @Ken Premier Visa.

    “Apply for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card before November 24, 2013”

  20. Hey D!
    Need some advice. I was instantly approved for the Sapphire 3 months ago, and instantly approved for the Southwest Premier yesterday. However I was declined for the Southwest business card. I called recon 3 times and they logged every one of my calls and wont budge on giving me any new credit based on the business is too new and not enough credit history with Chase to give me more. Im really tempted to apply for the SW plus, people are reporting success with getting both personals. I know its utimately up to me, but any suggestions for me?

  21. Do you have the reconsideration # close by??

    • @Grant – Should be possible if the cards still offer 50K and the points count towards the Companion Pass.

      @Ken – See my response to Jonathan above.

      @Amy Le @Jason – I’d wait for the bonus to come back in a few months.

      @xina – That’s fine, but remember to complete the minimum spending from when you are approved for the card and NOT from when you activate the card.

      @Norbert – Very good to know!

      @Grant – You can earn the Companion Pass for each year in which you earn 110K Companion Pass points or more. I’ve got the Companion Pass twice so far.

      @Roger – I’d wait for some time and spend on the cards you already have to show the banks that you use their cards.

  22. @Roger- same thing for me. approved for the personal, denied for the business. i already have an ink card and they said i had too many apps in the last 12 months.

  23. @ roger @ Darius – This was my experience too – although I ultimately got it approved after 6 different calls/reps.

    I believe going forward the best option for Chase especially when it comes to Business cards – one should close a card or 2 before hand to lower the outstanding credit with chase. They don’t simply approve by transferring from the existing account anymore.

    I have proactively closed a card bringing my available crdit down by 10k to around 45k (more than enough!) & will probably bring it down more before I apply for Chase cards again.

  24. Whew! Just had a gestapo on the business lending line. Reading about some of the nice agents…this was not that!! My personal card was immediately approved, business card came up with need additional information to process. I called them proactively and was told the account was declined. Eventually with many questions on my end and probably 30 minutes on the phone it was approved.

  25. Is it possible to get both the Plus and Premier versions of the card on the same day?

  26. Has anybody had success in getting 50k miles each from both personal cards (premier and plus) in the same year?

  27. I called the business recon. again and a very different experience. This time I addressed the many active cards issue early on. I said over the last few years, I have had several work promotions, salary increases at my main job and profits for my side business have been increasing. I have been traveling more and my spending has increased. I have several cards from Amex, Discover, and Citi for the benefits they offer. Yet, in recent years I have shifted my finances toward Chase. I have opened a checking account with direct deposit and have consistently use my Chase personal and business cards. I said Chase is out-competing the other cards and I would like to shift even more of my spending to Chase with a new SW business card. I requested that some credit limit from my Ink Business be shifted to a new SW business account. This seemed to go over well. However, she was concerned about my high balances on my Discover, Amex and Citi cards. They each have several thousand dollar balances. She said “How are you going to pay that off on your salary?”. This was her big issue and could have been avoided. I have been manufacturing spend to meet minimum spend and 5% cashback via Visa GCs and Bluebird. The funds are in my Bluebird to pay off the cards, I just haven’t done the bill pay yet. So, it appeared that I have a high balance. I obviously didn’t want to say I am manufacturing spend. So, I just said that I have never been late on a payment, I pay off my balance in full each month and I have the funds in my bank and will pay off at the end of the month (all true). She seemed to be checking this over for a while. Then she put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back and APPROVED!! Yet, she did say that a “Senior Analyst” will give final approval. Is that just a rubber stamp or do “Senior Analysts” often over-rule “junior analysts”?

    One piece of advice: if you manufacture spend, make sure your credit card balances are low before you call the recon line!

  28. @Amie – My experiences were similar. I too had recently applied for the Ink less than 30 days before.

    I was instantly approved for the Southwest Personal card but had to call the reconsideration line for the business. After asking about my business, which only makes about $4,000/year. They said they could not approve me outright for more credit but they could move credit from my Chase Ink Plus to the new Southwest Business card. I agreed.

    I’ve heard this works for many people and I would try calling the reconsideration line again with this in mind. The only downside to this is if you have the Chase Ink Bold card, as it is a charge card, you won’t actually have any credit to move around. When I called the specialist on the phone made it sound like he would only move credit from a business card to another business card and this seems to be consistent with what I’ve read of flyertalk forums. So it seems fairly no go to move credit from a personal chase card to a business one. Anyways, I hope this helps!

  29. If I do not have any SW points, should I apply the cards now and then wait till January to spend the min spending requirement ? If I spend now, I will earn 50K points in 2013, then they will reset in 2014, hence the ask. Thanks

  30. @roger – I had a “approval” & told the same thing that a senior analyst has to fully approve. status line changed from 7-10 days to 2 weeks. was hopeful & guess what – did not happen & did not get approved called back & someone (6th time) put it through for instant approval by simply shutting down one ink business card to open this.

    Why the other analysts did not want to do this I have no idea & why he was able to “fully” approve I guess it depends who answers.

    If yours goes through great but in a week if it is not approved dont give up just call back!

  31. @kl. Thanks for that info. Did you call back a general recon. line – then get transferred to a senior analyst? Or did you call a direct number to a senior analyst? If so, what was the number?

    If I don’t get “final approval”, I’d rather not call another “junior analyst”. I’m sure they would be reluctant to overturn a “senior analyst”.

  32. Hey all,

    I just got approved for the SW rapid reward plus card ($69 annual fee). This is my first SW card but my 3rd with Chase. Do I need to go on the SW website and set up a RR account or will it be preassigned to me with the CC and the packet of terms?

  33. I applied for the personal SW Premier and Plus card yesterday. The Premier card was instantly approved, but for the Plus card, I got a “call us as soon as possible” message. After calling, the representative was going to approve it by moving the credit from my other cards. But when he was finalizing the application, he came back and said that their system shows that I have multiple applications and he cannot approve this one because the other one has been approved. (He kind of thinks I applied for the same card twice. Don’t know if Premier and Plus considered the same for Chase?) Is it that you cannot open two cards on the same day with Chase? Since he said he has to decline my Plus card application, is there any chance that they will approve it if I call the recon line? How long should I wait before applying for another Chase credit card? Just thinking if I can’t get the Plus this time, I’ll wait for the 50000 points promotion to come back next year and apply the Plus card again. Thanks for any advice in advance.

  34. @Agnes – I applied for both the SW premier and plus personal cards together. I got approved for the premier card instantly but with the plus card got a message saying that my application was under review and they would let me know in writing in 30 days. I called the recon number the next day, they asked me about a 3rd card I had with them (credit limit, where I used it etc.) and approved me soon after. I wasn’t asked why I wanted two cards and I’ve heard of others getting both cards. I would recommend calling the recon line.

  35. Hi Darius, Thanks for your reply to my question. I applied using your link today and was approved for a personal SW card!

    I had purchased Choice Hotel points using one of your previous deals. How many days will it take to transfer those points to SW miles? I am hoping that those converted points will still count towards the Companion Pass. Please let me know.

  36. @Abe: Thank you sooooo much!!! After reading your reply, I called again and explained that I actually applied for two different credit cards and the agent this morning probably thought I applied for the same card twice and had to declined the 2nd application. This agent said yes she can see the log and after further review, she approved my application and didn’t ask why I want 2 SW cards. I had to move credit from my other cards to this one but it is totally fine with me.

    P.S. I applied both cards using Darius’ links 🙂

  37. It turns out that my application “received” times are on Oct. 31. However the 50,000 mile promo was still being advertised as I applied. Any thoughts on whether I am likely to get promo miles and whether it might be easy to get them to extend the promo a few hours if not?


  38. P.S. Contrary to a comment above, Chase moved some personal credit line ($5k) to the business one to approve it after I called.

  39. I got my southwest credit cards in the mail today and activated them. I was looking through the literature and found no mention of the 50,000 point signup bonus. Is there somewhere (on the website maybe?) I can look to make sure I am signed up to receive the bonus?

  40. Hi Darius, I received my personal SW card a few days ago and my first statement closing date is November 28th. Based on what you suggested, If I complete the minimum spending at least by November 18th, will the bonus points post before December 31st and will I get the Companion Pass in 2013?

    I asked this question to the Chase SW card rep and he said it won’t post by December 31st, even if I change the closing date to an earlier date. Should I be concerned? Thanks.

  41. Hi Darius,

    I just received my Southwest credit cards and is it normal that neither of them mention the 50,000 Bonus when spending $2,000 in the first 3 months? Additionally, can you confirm that I can pay down my bill each month, as long as I just reach the $2,000 TOTAL spend in January? I don’t need to have an open balance to pay back in $2,000 in January right? I just need to have spent that much leading up to that point correct?

    Appreciate you helping everyone with all of these questions!!

    • @Forrest – You’ll get the bonus for the cards which you applied for!

      @Viktor – You can confirm the bonus when you call to activate the cards. It usually isn’t mentioned in the literature you get with the card.

      @Jay – Yes, if you complete the spending by November 18, you will get the bonus points by November 28 2013. Assuming you have the remaining 60K points in your account, you will get the pass in 2013.

      @Jaime – That’s normal and you can confirm the bonus when you call to activate the card. You’re right that you should complete the $2K spending by January 2014. It doesn’t matter what your open balance is.

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