Reader Question: No, You Can’t Transfer Southwest Points To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass!

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Million Mile Secrets reader Pat emails with a question:

Do you know if we can transfer points into our southwest account to get the 110,000?  I am thinking that I could transfer points from my husband’s account into mine. 

Reader Question Can I Transfer Points To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass

Transfering Southwest Points From One Southwest Account to Another Won’t Get You This!

Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   Southwest Credit Card

Link:   How to Get the Southwest Companion Pass

Pat is referring to having 110,000 Southwest points post to your Southwest account within a calendar year (January 31 to December 1) to earn a Companion Pass.

Pat can save thousands of dollars on airline tickets with a Southwest Companion Pass because her companion gets free (just pay ~ $10 airport tax) unlimited travel – on both points or cash tickets – for up to 2 years!

The easiest way to earn Companion Pass points is to get the 50,000 point Southwest credit card.

Up to October 30, 2013, all 4 versions of the Southwest credit cards currently offer 50,000 Southwest points after spending $2,000 within 3 months.  Pat can redeem 50,000 Southwest points for ~ $710 to $850 in Southwest flights or for ~$500 in gift cards.

Here’s a post on everything you need to know about the Southwest Companion Pass.

Southwest Point Transfers

Pat can transfer Southwest points from her husband’s Southwest account to her Southwest account, but she has to pay a transfer fee.  It isn’t worth paying the transfer fee because you can book tickets in anyone’s name with Southwest points!

However, it could be worth paying a transfer fee if the points counted towards earning the Companion Pass.

But transferred points don’t count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

In September when Southwest was offering a 30% discount on transfer fees, I did a test to see if transferring points would count towards the Companion Pass.  I paid a $7 transfer fee and transferred 1,000 points to Emily, but it did NOT count towards her Companion Pass point total.

So Pat can transfer points from her husband’s account to her account but it will NOT count towards her Companion Pass point total.

Ultimate Rewards Points

But she could transfer other points and those would count towards the Companion Pass!

Usually the best way to transfer points to Southwest is to buy Choice hotel points or Wyndham hotel points and then transfer them to Southwest.  These transfers currently count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

Pat may also have Chase Ultimate Rewards points with a Chase credit card which earns Ultimate Rewards points like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, (no longer offered) Ink Bold, or Ink Plus or by shopping at the Ultimate Rewards portal.

Reader Question Can I Transfer Points To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass

Transferring Ultimate Rewards Points to Hyatt or Marriott and then to Southwest Counts Towards the Companion Pass

Unfortunately, Pat can’t transfer her Chase Ultimate Rewards points directly to Southwest at a 1:1 ratio and have them count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.  That would be too easy!

But there is an indirect way to earn Companion Pass points from Chase Ultimate Rewards points…

Marriott and Hyatt Transfers

Pat can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt or Marriott hotel points and from Hyatt or Marriott transfer to Southwest.  Currently, transfers from Hyatt and Marriott count towards the Companion Pass status, but that could change at any time.

Pat will lose some Ultimate Rewards points in the transfer because the transfer ratio is NOT 1:1.  But it could be worth it to top-off her Southwest account for the Companion Pass!

1.  Hyatt Transfers

Pat can transfer, 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to 5,000 Hyatt points i.e. a 1:1 transfer ratio.

Pat can then transfer 5,000 Hyatt points to 2,400 Southwest points.

But you get a bonus of 6,000 points for transfers of 50,000 points.

So Pat will get 30,000 Southwest points (which count towards the Southwest Companion Pass) if she transfers 50,000 Hyatt points to Southwest.

Reader Question Can I Transfer Points To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass

You Can Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points To Hyatt And Then To Southwest

It could take up to 4 to 6 weeks for the miles to appear in Pat’s Southwest account, but in my experience they transfer within 1 week.

2.   Marriott Transfers

Pat can also transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Marriott points in a 1:1 ratio.  Here’s the transfer ratio from Marriott points to Southwest.

Pat gets more value transferring her Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt instead of Marriott because the transfer ratio is worse with Marriott points (unless she uses a Marriott vacation package).

With Marriott, Pat gets a better transfer ratio the more points she transfers.  So Pat could combine her Marriott points with her partner and then transfer points.

  • 10,000 Marriott Points = 2,000 Southwest points
  • 20,000 Marriott Points = 5,000 Southwest points
  • 30,000 Marriott Points = 10,000 Southwest points
  • 70,000 Marriott Points = 25,000 Southwest points
  • 140,000 Marriott Points = 50,000 Southwest points

It could take up to 6 weeks for the miles to appear in her Southwest account, but in my experience they transfer within 1 week.

However, Marriott has vacation packages which are terrific deals if Pat has a LOT of Marriott points.

Reader Question Can I Transfer Points To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass

Marriott Vacation Packages Are A Great Way To Get A Southwest Companion Pass & Free Hotel Stays

So Pat can redeem 270,000 Marriott points and get 120,000 Southwest points (enough for the Companion Pass) AND 7 nights in a Category 1 to 5 Marriott hotel!

Pat can’t redeem these packages online and has to call 800-321-7396.  Marriott also lets you transfer your Marriott points to your partner and then redeem them for an airline transfer or for a vacation package.

Bottom Line

Pat can pay a fee to transfer Southwest points from her husband’s Southwest account to her Southwest account.  But those points do NOT count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

Nor does transferring Ultimate Rewards points directly to Southwest.

But Pat can first transfer her Ultimate Rewards points to Marriott or Hyatt.  And then transfer Hyatt or Marriott points to Southwest and those points currently count (though this could end at any time) towards the Companion Pass!

This may not be the best use of your Ultimate Rewards points, but could be worth it if you need a few points to get the Southwest Companion Pass.

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41 responses to “Reader Question: No, You Can’t Transfer Southwest Points To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass!

  1. @D, I am glad you pointed out the UR > Hyatt > SWA transfer. I had originally thought 50,000 Hyatt points = 25,000 SWA RR points, but it is good to know that you actually get 30,000 SWA RR points.

    The Marriott transfer is terrible compared to the Hyatt transfer. 70,000 Marriott points = 25,000 SWA RR. But 50,000 Hyatt points = 30,000 SWA RR,

  2. Does Sapphire preferred point consider as part of the companion pass point? since on the website it says

    Transfer points to participating frequent travel programs with no transfer fees and at a full 1:1 value – that means 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points equal 1,000 partner miles/points. Travel programs include British Airways Executive Club, Korean Air SKYPASS, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards®

  3. Does transferring SW miles to Airtran credits still work?(example want to go to Aruba but can’t book on SW) if so will that cost more miles after March 31st,2014?

  4. Thanks! So the trick if you want to call it that, I’ve seen posted multiple places still works but have to be cognizant of blackout dates. 1. are those visible online when you search AirTran awards? 2. If I transfer and can’t use the credits, can I transfer back to SW without penalty?

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  6. Do the Hyatt transfers count as qualifying points towards A List? What about year end bonuses?

    • @Devon – You can transfer the credits back to Southwest without a penalty, but you have to use them as credits (still subject to blackout dates etc.).

      @James- I don’t believe that transfers count towards A-List status.

  7. Could I transfer my Rapid Rewards points to my Marriott Rewards Account, then call Marriott for a “Reward Redemption” and have then transferred to my domestic partners Rapid Rewards account, thereby transferring my Rapid Rewards to his Rapid Rewards account at a 1-1 ratio, and have them count towards Companion Pass status?

    The Marriott website says ”

    You can transfer your points to your legal spouse or domestic partner at time of reward redemption provided he or she is also a Marriott Rewards member.

    To transfer points, please contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support at 1-801-468-4000.

    Other limits apply, see Terms & Conditions”

  8. I know Ultimate Rewards does not allow transfer to another person’s airline account. Will transferring via Hyatt then to another person’s Southwest Account be a viable option?

  9. Artemio Herrera

    Hey Daraius,

    Do you know if you can transfer Air Tran credits to SW and have the converted points count towards the companion pass?

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  12. Hi, I don’t fly southwest but I am a diamond Hyatt member and place a high value on GP points. I read that I can transfer hyatt to SW Rapid Rewards but can I do the reverse? Can I get the CC for 50,000 rapid rewards and transfer to Hyatt? Peace…

  13. Dear Million Mile Secrets,

    What is the process in transferring my Chase points to Marriott points?
    Has anyone done that and does it make sense to do. Thank you!!

  14. could you transfer southwest rr points to marriott to top it off and redeem the air & travel package?

  15. If I have 70000 Marriott points and my husband has 70000 points can I , on the day I want to trade 140000 Marriott points to 50000 southwest points, call up Marriott and have them transfer his 70000 Marriott points into my account and onto to my southwest account? I know you can transfer Marriott points upon redemption but I don’t know if Marriott means hotel room redemption or if redemption includes southwest. I am trying to get a companion pass and I need more qualifying points.

  16. I just signed up for the Southwest Credit Card and plan on getting 50,000 southwest points this way. Can I transfer 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points through Hyatt for the additional 60,000 southwest points required for the Companion Pass? Has anyone tried making this transfer recently to see if it is still valid? The website does state that transfer points do not count… Thanks!

  17. I fly SW and have 140k Marriott points, but already have the companion pass until the end of 2014 🙂 My question is in terms of earning 110k RR points within the calendar year for the companion pass, would SW count them toward the year they are transferred, or original earning date of Marriott points? Thanks!

  18. Has anyone tried the Ultimate Rewards -> Hyatt -> SWA transfer recently? I’ve finally gotten my 50K UR points and want to apply them to the Companion Pass, but I don’t have the 1000 points to spare to try the transfer first. Thanks!

  19. Brendan…I did the transfer UR to Hyatt to SWA and it worked.

    HOWEVER, I tried to transfer from my husband’s Hyatt account to my SWA account…and even though the email from Hyatt had my SWA account number clearly listed, the points went to my husband’s SWA account.

    I am waiting on a verdict from Hyatt as to why they transferred my points to a SWA account that I did not designate.

    We will wait to see what happens.

    But simply, if you transfer from YOUR Hyatt account to YOUR SWA account, you should not have a problem…and the points transferred within 7 days even though the email from Hyatt said 4-6 weeks…but I wouldn’t count on that.

    If I would have been thinking about what I was doing, I should have transferred my husband’s Hyatt points to my Hyatt account…it’s free…you have to do it manually with a facsimile but that’s what I should have done.

  20. In follow-up to my post. No, you cannot transfer from your husband’s Hyatt card to your SWA account.

    What you do first is transfer your husband’s Hyatt points to your own Hyatt account and then transfer the points to your own SWA account.. It’s not hard to do, it’s an offline form you quickly fill out and fax to them. It’s easy, I’ve done it before with no problems at all.

  21. Another follow-up….

    If you can believe this….Southwest (I called the headquarters b/c Rapid Rewards customer service via the website couldn’t help and they suggested I do this) reversed my Hyatt transfers so I could 1) transfer my husband’s Hyatt points to my Hyatt account and then 2) transfer my newly transferred Hyatt points to my OWN southwest account and finally 3) have enough points for my companion pass. Wa La!

  22. Do you know if the Marriot transfer of points to SWA still counts toward the Companion Pass at this time? I’m hoping so because I just did in the hopes of satisfying the 110,000 miles needed for a trip in July. Crossing my fingers….

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  24. I saw another one of your posts, and had a quick question. If I were to apply for both the Plus and Premier card, and got the two 50000 sign bonuses, could I transfer the credits from one of THOSE if they’re both in my name and then have 100000 towards the Companion Pass? Or is that the equivalent of transferring credits from my husband to myself? Thanks!

    • @Beka – If you get approved for both cards and put in the same Rapid Rewards number in the application, you’ll get the points in the same account. Which will count towards the Companion Pass.

  25. If my husband applies for a card, can I use my RR #?

  26. If my husband and I both had the chase Marriott cc, can we each transfer our 70k (not from UR, but straight from Marriott acct) to his SW acct and get 50k miles to count towards the comp pass? 1) Does this still work 2) Can we each transfer to his acct

  27. UPDATE! They don’t count. Signed up for Sapphire Preferred spent and got 40,000 UR points. Transferred 20,000 to Hyatt. From Hyatt I sent them to SW. Lost 10,000 points because of this post! Thanks a lot.

  28. Obinna… did you read the post correctly? It says hyatt to southwest is not a 1:1 ratio…. “Pat will lose some Ultimate Rewards points in the transfer because the transfer ratio is NOT 1:1. But it could be worth it to top-off her Southwest account for the Companion Pass!”

  29. Has anyone done the Hyatt points transfer recently (2015)? When I called the Rapid Rewards # they said transferred points do not count towards Companion Pass, which would be the only reason I would transfer my Hyatt points.

    Can anyone verify in 2015 if they Hyatt points converted to SW definitely count towards Companion Pass rewards? I know it’s not a 1:1 ratio and am ok with that.

  30. I have 100,000 miles from southwest that I do not need at this time. I want to Transfer Southwest Points to other places like Hyatt can I ?