50,000 Miles Virgin Atlantic is Back!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Bank of America reintroduced the Virgin Atlantic credit card as a Mastercard in August, but only had a sign-up bonus of 25,000 miles.

I suggested waiting until the 50,000 mile offer came back.  And the 50,000 mile offer is back!

This is marketed as a 65,000 mile offer, but it really is only for 50,000 miles.

Virgin Atlantic Bank of America

Link:  Virgin Atlantic 50,000 miles 

  • You get 20,000 miles after your 1st purchase
  • Another 25,000 miles after spending $2,500 within 3 months
  • 5,000 miles for adding 2 authorized users to the card

The $90 annual fee is not waved for the 1st year.

The ad copy suggests that you will get 15,000 extra miles “upon anniversary” but doesn’t mention that you have to spend $25,000 to get them!

You can transfer Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton hotel points in a 1:2 ratio, so you’d get 53,750 Virgin Atlantic miles or  ~107,000 Hilton points after meeting the $2,500 minimum spending requirement.

You have to call Virgin Atlantic at 800-821-5438 and ask to transfer your miles to Hilton (have both your Virgin Atlantic and Hilton number handy).

It takes about 7 to 10 days for the transfer to go through (in my experience) and you have to transfer a minimum of 10,000 miles and transfers have to be in multiples of 5,000 miles.

That’s enough for 2 nights at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.

Hilton recently increased the number of points required for their top hotels, but 100,000 Hilton points will still get you 1 night a top category hotel like the Hilton in Bora Bora or more nights at the lower category hotels.

Virgin Atlantic Bank Of America

The Virgin Atlantic Signup Bonus Can Get You Two Nights At The Hilton Waikoloa Village

Virgin Atlantic charges fuel surcharges on their awards, but they charge less for coach awards.  This could help to get to the UK especially since Virgin Atlantic may have more than 2 seats available on some flights.

That said, you’re looking at paying $450 + 35,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for a return coach-trip from the US to London.  It isn’t a great deal, but could save you some cash over the retail price ($800+) for tickets to London.

Virgin Atlantic Bank Of America

35,000 Miles + $450 in Fees for a Coach Award from New York to London

You can search for Virgin Atlantic awards online.

You could also transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic, but I use my Ultimate Rewards points for United, Hyatt, and Southwest.

You’ll earn 3 miles for every $1 spent on Virgin Atlantic and 1.5 miles for every $1 spent elsewhere.

Bottom Line

The Virgin Atlantic card from Bank of America now has a 50,000 mile bonus.  Virgin Atlantic points transfers in a 1:2 ratio to Hilton so you’re getting ~100,000 Hilton points with this card!

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46 responses to “50,000 Miles Virgin Atlantic is Back!

  1. any idea how long the offer will be good? thanks

  2. Annual fee is $90 and is not waived.

  3. Can I transfer Virgin Atlantic miles to Chase Ultimate Rewards Points?

  4. If you have the Amex version, can you get this version too?

  5. Are Virgin Atlantic points the same as Virgin America points? Can you use one type to fly on the other?

  6. So what’s the miles good for except transfer to hilton? Award ticket within eu? Thanks

  7. @Sandy
    I’m pretty sure that’s a no.

  8. Daraius, don’t forget that Virgin Atlantic partners with Delta, so you can use Virgin Atlantic miles for Delta flights and avoid fuel surcharges. Also, this card probably is churnable. I heard a report from another blogger that you don’t even need to cancel your old card to sign up for another one.

  9. @ Wade You can redeem Virgin Atlantic points on Virgin America flights . Actually its a very attractive option for some. Check Virgin Atlantic website for info.

  10. I read an older post in 2011 that said these rewards worked with no fuel surcharges AND 6k miles per ROUND TRIP ticket on Hawaiian Airlines. Do you know if this still applies? I am interested in going to Hawaii and I plan to island hop a little.

  11. Btw, it should be ~53750 instead of 52500 right?

  12. I applied for the Virgin Atlantic CC today and was unapproved.
    I called the numbers for reconsideration but all were leading to a recorded message: “you have reached a non working number for credit services, good bye”..
    So I called the status check phone number ad instead of putting my info I just waited until it forwarded me to an agent (there was no option to dial to go through directly to an agent!). The agent verified my info and the denial of my application at this time and instructed me that a letter will be sent to me in the mail with the reasons behind it. I politely asked if he could provide me with a number to call for reconsideration, but he told me this: “there has been a new change in the bank policy and you have to wait for the letter for an explainations and “possibly” instructions for sending reconsideration letter back to the bank”.
    So Darius:
    Do you have any info regarding this matter?

  13. Hey D,

    I’m new to the game- Let’s say I got the 52,500 points and transferred them to Hilton. Do I need a Hilton rewards card to transfer them to? I don’t have one of those and am not a member of any Hilton rewards club. This seems like a great card and would like the Hilton benefits. What would you suggest? Thanks, you’re the best.

  14. Oh, FYI, when I click on your link it brings me to the 25k offer. I found the active link on another site though. Just thought I would let you know.

  15. @Chance – Welcome! you should sign up for a free membership online either before or after you apply for the card. You’ll need to have the Hilton account ready when you are ready to transfer your signon bonus.

  16. Adam~

    I got the exact same run around you did. It appears FIA Card Services & Bank of America are really cracking down on the churners after they pulled the Virgin Atlantic Amex and both Hawaiian Airlines Visa cards.

    We’ll see what the denial letter says about the reconsideration process, but I’m not optimistic at this point. I’ve had the Virgin Atlantic Amex 3 times in the last two years and without being able to talk to a live person I don’t think I can convince them to approve me again.

  17. frequent churner

    It appears also that there’s a partnership with VAustralia. Has anyone called to see what their taxes and fees would be on an award from US to Australia? At least in coach, it looks like a reasonable deal at 94k miles.

  18. are Virgin Atlantic miles useful for travel to S America from the US? I know BA Avios are supposed to be, wondering if that is true of Virgin as well…

    • @Sandy – Unfortunately, you can only transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic and not the other way.

      @Valeria – I believe so.

      @Wade – Virgin American and Virgin Atlantic have different points/mile systems, but you can use each other’s miles/points for flights.

      @Lesli – That still works!

      @Wj – Thanks!

      @Chance – You would need a Hilton account before you transfer Virgin Atlantic miles into that account. If you want Hilton benefits, the Citi Hilton Reserve is a better choice because you get free Gold status which means free internet and free breakfast for your stays. You also get 2 free weekend nights in any Hilton, and you could get both cards if you’re looking to stay in a Hilton. I’d do “dummy” searches for awards and availability on the different hotel websites to see what hotels are in the locations which matter to you and then apply for the card.

      @ Lesli – The link works for me! Which link are you clicking on?

  19. Update~

    I found a number to talk to a live reconsideration specialist and was approved after the usual questions about my inquiry and account history. This is my 4th Virgin Atlantic card in 2+ years now.

    (866) 865-7839

  20. Wade and D-

    Thanks Bosses! Gotta keep up enough flier miles to cart my women around. 😉

  21. @Chance Just to be clear, it’s best to sign up for the Hilton rewards program before you apply for a Hilton card. It’s free and easy to do. Just go to Hilton.com. At the top of the page there is a small link that says “join”. Fill out the info, and they will give you an HHonors member number. Put that number on any applications for Hilton credit cards. You do not need to transfer anything, the cc companies will post the points directly into your HHonors account, combining all points you get from as many ccs as you acquire over time in the same account.

    Sadly, HHonors devalued their points last year, and it now takes many more points for most locations that it used to take. But still, if you get the Citi 50K HHonors card, then the Citi Reserve card D mentioned above, the B of A Virgin Airlines card where the Virgin miles transfer to Hilton points at a ratio of 1 miles becomes 2 HHonors points, and eventually the AMEX HHonors card and a year after that the AMEX Surpass HHonors card, you will end up with a huge number of HHonors points.

    If you apply for both of the Citibank HHonors cards, do not apply for them at the same time. The new Citi policy is that you will be turned down if you apply for 2 Citibank cards of any kind within 7 days, or 3 Citibank cards of my kind within 65 days. So spread out those applications. Good Luck !

  22. When I use any of the links on this page it redirects me to the 25k offer. I tried every single one of them.

    • @Lesli – That is very strange because they go to the 65K offer for me! Perhaps try clearing cookies? The terms say that you have to book a round-trip flight, but one-ways are allowed. They’ve recently updated the pricing for those awards. Thanks for letting me know.

  23. Ohh, so I meant to also say that I called Virgin yesterday after I posted that comment and they said that an award is 7500 miles one way and you must buy a round trip ticket equaling 15k. I had to call the number. What do you do to get the 6k fare?

  24. thanks daraius,
    got mine approved. Does the Virgin America card transfer to hilton to as this card? Also I heard I can you the points to ilsand hop one way for 3000pts? thanks

  25. @RobertHanson-

    You’re a credit card beast; thank you. =D

    Seems like you enjoy your Hilton rewards. Could 100,000 rewards points get you a decent hotel in Hawaii for 5-7 days? Or would I need more than that after the devaluation?

  26. Hey Daraius,

    Could you do a post on how to best use Virgin Atlantic points for Virgin America/Delta flights? Also, I thought that since the DL partnership, I’d be able to book a flight within the US (i.e. on DL flights) from the Virgin Atlantic website using my VS points. But it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to do that yet. Any ideas?

  27. Thanks for sharing this golden information on transferring points from Virgin Atlantic to HHilton.

    Although this is a great new strategy for building HHilton points, I’m getting nervous about the redeem-ability/ availability of HHilton award stays. I’ve got a few thousand HHilton points in an account saving towards a stay in London next summer (2014). When I look to see room availability, I keep getting a message that indicates that award stays are not possible at that time of year try different dates.

    Have you written before on blackout dates/ award availability using HHilton’s two free award certificates or award stays? If not, maybe this could be a topic for the future. If yes, please point me in the general direction.

    • @Sahil – I’ll add it to my list of things to research. I believe you have to call Virgin Atlantic to book flights on Delta and Virgin America.

      @ Joanne – Log out of your Hilton account and search for awards. If there is a room at the standard price, you can book it using the Hilton Reserve free weekend certificates.

  28. Darius-

    Will transferring Virgin Atlantic miles to HHonors Points count toward Hilton Diamond status. I need 112k more miles for Diamond Status so if Transferred 60,000 VA miles to Hhonors would that do it for me? Also, I have the Hilton reserve card and have completed $23,000 in spend since August. Would it be better to keep the VA miles and complete 40k in spend on the Reserve card by next August to get diamond status?

    • @Henry C – Unfortunately, transferring points does not count towards Hilton Diamond status. But you can get it by completing $40K in spending on the Hilton Reserve card. Note that you have to spend $40 within 1 calendar year i.e. Jan to December of a year and not just any 1 year period. So you have to complete the balance 17K this month!

  29. I think this is a great program for going TO London from the USA, where you only get hit by I think $110 estimated taxes and fees. Virgin Atlantic has wide open availability – and one way fares can be SUPER expensive. If you start a trip to London, but are coming back from elsewhere in Europe – use this for outbound, and for coming home to USA use other airline miles to come back.

  30. Does anyone know if the annual fee counts towards the minimum spend? Thank you in advance….

  31. I transfered my 50,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton points. I then sold my 100,000 Hilton points to rewards2cash for $460.

    http://rewards2cash.com/Hilton Rewards?tracking=4f8fb6a3e7219

    The company has positive reviews on yelp, facebook, and slickdeals.

  32. All my bonus miles have finally posted 🙂 I found the chart which shows the redemptions on Delta, it does not have any flights US – N. Asia or Europe – N. Asia, only flights within Asia or to Europe. Does anyone know if you can redeem for JFK-TYO-JFK on Delta using Virgin miles?

  33. I think the posts on VA to London are missing one point. You can book one-ways, and the value One way US-London of these points is very good. The high taxes are on the exit taxes, and those exist on ANY award booking with any airline. Yes, you can get roundtrip to London cheaper for cash in economy on Virgin Atlantic, but if you are going one way to London (which I am actually doing), and coming back from somewhere else in Europe – these points are great. Using United points for way back from Germany.

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