Get 10% to 50% of Your Redeemed US Air Miles Back!

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Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader concertjunkie, I checked Emily’s promotion folder in her Gmail account and found an email from Barclays (which issues the US Air credit cards) offering 25% of her US Air miles back for making an award booking!

Here’s what the email looked like.

US Air Redeemed Miles Bonus

Did You Get an Offer for 25% of Your US Air Miles Back?

The subject of the email was “Get More for your Miles: Limited- time Offer”  Search your email for this phrase in case you’ve received a targeted offer as well!

I have a Barclays US Air card, but didn’t receive the offer.

This FlyerTalk thread & reader comments suggests that folks are getting offers of between 10% to 50% of their US Air miles back!

The good news is that this discount is also valid on US Air partner airlines (such as Lufthansa, Thai Airways, etc.).

This is a terrific deal!

The terms say that you have to:

  • Redeem US miles between October 1 and November 30, 2013 AND
  • Complete your travel before March 31, 2014
  • Redeem a minimum of 20,000 miles in order to get part of your miles back

You have to redeem miles from the PRIMARY cardholder’s account ( so you can’t book a trip from an authorized user’s US Air account) and have to pay the FULL price in miles when you make the booking.

You can only get up to 30,000 miles back with this offer, so the maximum amount of miles which you can redeem is 120,000 (if you get the 25% offer) and get 25% or 30,000 miles back

But you’ll get 25% of your miles back 3 to 4 weeks after you COMPLETE your travel.

US Air also has a 100% share miles promotion, where you can effectively buy US Air miles for 1.14 cents per mile.

You can get a terrific deal if you share miles with someone who has received an offer to get 25% to 50% of their redeemed US Air miles back (assuming you’d travel before March 30, 2014)!

US Air has a 3 tier chart with low, medium and high awards, but a 25% discount could make the medium level awards more affordable particularly for coach travel within the US or to Hawaii!

I’ll write more later, but 25% of your miles back means that you could fly to Europe for 45,000 miles in coach or 75,000 miles in business class round-trip!

US Air is part of the Star Alliance (Lufthansa, Swiss, Thai Air etc.), so you can search for flights on and if you find Saver awards on, you can call US Air and book those same awards by feeding the agent those flights segment by segment!

The US Air website won’t show you any flights on partner airlines!

PS:  I’m traveling and won’t be able to get to the comments soon!

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26 responses to “Get 10% to 50% of Your Redeemed US Air Miles Back!

  1. only got 10% back on mine…

  2. I only got the 10% and my wife didn’t get anything. We both have a lot of miles, opened account the same time, have nearly the same exact miles in our accounts…not sure how they decided who got what. I also only got the 2x bonus for spending on gas/resturants/toys and she didn’t get anything. I am getting some crappy offers but at least I am getting them unlike her. I wonder how in the world they are deciding who gets what. At 10% I am in no hurry to book, but if I would have received the 50% I would have found somewhere to go for Christmas. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing as I missed the email. I got a 50% offer back but I have to complete travel before March 31, 2014 and it is maxed out at 30K back. I have to think about this as I had plans for all of my miles for travel next July.

  4. Just checked. I got the offer for 25%. I have never flown on USAir and the only miles I have are the initial 40k I got from the credit card bonus.

  5. I received the 50% offer. Question. With the Barclay’s card, one of the benefits is that a flight that costs 25k miles should only cost 20k miles. Does that mean that I should get 50% back of the 20k miles? A round trip flight booked under this promotion would only cost me 10k miles. That sounds too good to be true and I would think that it will cost me 12.5k miles (which is still great).

  6. What if I have the us airways cc and that gives me 5000 points off each trip? Then will I not qualify for the 25 percent off?

  7. charles alan satterwhite

    @ Scott. Amen brother. I feel jipped with my 2x extra points and 10% off offer hardley worth doing anything special but if I’m going to use the miles before then great i might as well get 10% back.

  8. Hey, Charles, at least you got something. Nada for me. I hate these offers like the IHG one where you can see that other people clearly got a much better deal. Instead of building loyalty, it builds resentment.

  9. I went and found the 50% off in my deleted file. Thank goodness I found it 🙂

    • @Scott – Emily and I have similar profiles, but she got 25% and I got 0, so not sure how they are targeting the offer.

      @Jerry @Paul – I don’t see any exclusions, so that should be possible. The 5K discount is only for flights on US Air, but not on United (which you could book since they are Star Alliance partners).

      @Hans – Thank goodness! 🙂

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  11. It’s my lucky month. I got the 50% offer AND won 5000pts on the SPG Spin contest. Woot. So I guess I need to plan a trip before March. Wish I had more than 44,000 in my US Air account.

  12. @Jerry You get the 5,000 automatically deducted from your award cost on Please note that you have to book all segments on US Airways metal (no partners). The best deal if you got the 50% off is to go to Europe in Coach during the reduced awards period Jan-15 thru Feb 28. I just checked online and it typically costs 35k miles. If you have the Barclays card and you search the award logged in to your US Airways account, it will automatically price out at 30,000 miles round trip. After you complete your travel, you should get 15,000 miles back so basically you can go to Europe for 15,000 miles each. The best way to approach this would be to book 2 tickets from the same account and max out the 30,000 miles back. Hope this helps!

  13. Thanks for this, the email was going unnoticed and I am looking to plan a vacction soon, so these miles may come in handy. No combine that with the 5K bonus for redeeming miles we get for having the card a round trip to Hawaii can be 35K miles and 25% less on that.

  14. Thanks, I got 50%, I wish I could sell my points since I am not using it anytime soon.

  15. Data point. My wife and I both received 25% offer on one card each which were both more than. 6 months old. No email on more recent cards (I have a 1.6 year old “Platinum and a new World (and have cancelled 2 World cards). My wife has two World cards presently.

  16. For those that didn’t receive an email, don’t lose hope. I received a 50% back offer via mail today and nothing was sent to me via email.

  17. Thanks guest for that tip to watch snail mail too.

    I’m with Lisa above…. her quote is spot on, and I hope USAirways folks read it and my echo:

    “Nada for me. I hate these offers like the IHG one where you can see that other people clearly got a much better deal. Instead of building loyalty, it builds resentment.”

    My wife and I both have USAirways cards via Barclays. On one we carry a balance, a card I’ve had for 5+ years…. The other, newer, paid off each month. Perfect credit records too.

    This capriciousness is quite irritating, and yes, breeds deep resentment. Think I’ll call them later today.

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  19. I searched my email box but don’t see that this was offered to me! Is there any way we can get this discount on US Airways miles redemption without the email offer?

    Thank you!

  20. Hi everyone, just curious, I got this promo and booked a trip to Asia. Since it’s an international ticket requiring partner airlines, I need to ticket through phone. Does it mean that I won’t get the 5000 miles off by paying with my US Airways MC card?

    All I have done is just use the US Airways MC card that I received the promotion on to pay for tax and fees for the award ticket, is that all I need to do to get the award redemption bonus? Anything more? Just want to make sure I will get the bonus. Thanks for all the help and good luck on the bonus.

    • @Kalboz – You could call Barclays to ask for it, but I don’t believe they will extend it to everyone.

      @docomo – You won’t get the 5,000 miles off b/c it involves partner airlines (but you never know). I believe that’s all you need to do to get the rebate.

  21. Do you know what happens if you ended up changing your flights? I know you would pay a $150 change fee, but I complete travel before 3/31/14 will I still get the rebate?

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