Credit Card Updates – 50,000 Mile American Airlines, 30,000 Point ($300) Citi Thank You Preferred (Expired) & 30,000 Mile Delta Gold

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 1.   50,000 Miles American Airlines Business Card

Thanks to DWG for sharing a link with a landing page to the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®!  You get 50,000 American Airlines miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months, which makes it one of the best business cards currently available.  This is a much better offer than the 30,000 mile offer (which pays me a commission).

You also get Group 1 boarding and 1 free checked bag with the card.  However, you don’t get the 10% of your redeemed American Airlines miles back like you do with the personal American Airlines card which also has a 50,000 mile sign-up bonus.

Instead you get 1 companion certificate for coach travel for $99 after spending a ridiculous $30,000 within 1 cardmember year (the 12 month period from when you get the card).  The certificate is valid only in the contiguous 48 states, so I don’t see much benefit to this.

2.   Citi Thank You Preferred

Update: The 30,000 Citi Thank You offer has expired.

You can get 30,000 Citi Thank You points with the new Citi ThankYou Preferred card.  You get 20,000 points after spending $1,500 within 3 months and another 10,000 points after spending $1,500 within the next 3 months.

This card doesn’t have an annual fee so it is a good Citi card to keep for a long time and to increase your credit score.

You can redeem 30,000 Thank You points for $300 in gift cards or for 1 cent towards airfare or travel through the Thank You portal.

If you have the Citi Thank You Premier card, you can redeem for 1.25 cents towards airfare, so 30,000 points are worth $375.

You can use these points to buy flights up to any value, just as you would if you pay cash.  This is great for those occasions where you can’t use miles and points (inter-island flights in French Polynesia) or where you have no flexibility with your travel plans (school schedule, sick family members etc.)

3.   American Express Delta

The Delta Gold card now has double the minimum spending requirements of $1,000 (instead of $500) within 3 months.  In return you get 30,000 Delta miles and a $50 statement credit after a Delta purchase.

You also get your 1st checked bag for free and priority boarding.  I don’t see this as a great offer and would rather wait for something higher.

Delta is sending targeted emails for 50,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months as well so keep a look out for those as well!

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38 responses to “Credit Card Updates – 50,000 Mile American Airlines, 30,000 Point ($300) Citi Thank You Preferred (Expired) & 30,000 Mile Delta Gold

  1. Last time Citi did the 50,000 American Airline miles sign up bonus, I was able to sell 55,000 AAdvantage Miles miles to rewards2cash for $660

    The company has positive reviews on yelp, facebook, fatwallet and slickdeals.

  2. Hey Darius I have a question. Love your blog so far, just started all this stuff!

    I’ve had the Citi ThankYou card for about two and a half years. Before I had a regular CitiCard and they just sent me the ThankYou card when the CitiCard expired without me applying (so I didn’t get a bonus). So far I don’t love the ThankYou card, I only use it for gift cards, from what I’ve understood it’s the best value (and only value worth it, am I wrong?). I’ve got about 40k TY points over two years.

    But if I can upgrade it with no annual fee I might as well hold on to it. Can I upgrade to the ThankYou Preferred and still get the bonus? Also- if so, it would not count as a new credit card right?

    Still pretty new to this, thanks!

  3. Unless they have recently changed their policy, Citibank will report the value of any miles you earn for opening a credit card account to the IRS and send you a 1099. That means that the 30,000 miles could cost you a significant amount of money in income tax. The card is probably still worth more than it costs, but it surely isn’t free.

  4. With citi master card, can you purchase vanilla reloads @ CVS and it will be considered a charge?.

  5. Noooo! I just applied for the 30,000 AA card on Friday. (I did use your link)

  6. Hi Darius! Thanks so much for your always helpful information! Question about the Citi AA M/C – I currently have the Citi AA Visa (opened 2/28/12) from your experience could I sign up for the M/C as a different product and receive the 50k bonus? FT has had some news about Citi changing the “churn” rules so any help is appreciated!!

  7. @ Jason – I have bought the VR’s in the past and it’s always come up as a purchase for me and not a cash advance.

  8. Hi,
    Any chance citi will match the 50k offer on the business card if I applied for and got.the the lower 30 k level?

  9. Are there any limits and or restrictions when it comes to a business card? At this point, I only have one Citi AA, Chase United and Amex SPG as a sole proprietor. What about my own company with EIN plus a firm I’ve been working for???

  10. @Delmar – Citi only issues a 1099 for checking accounts, not credit card accounts.

  11. @Delmar Sam

    I believe you are wrong and cannot give one example, personal or otherwise where someone you know has been sent a 1099 for earning miles or even any other rebate on a credit card. Checking and savings accounts are not part of this discussion.

  12. Hey Darius,
    Big fan of your blog..what is your take on the reduced benefits for the CITI preferred card holders starting Oct 20? They are taking away the flight points earned on airline tickets purchased with the card, points redeemed for airfare through thank you network now worth 25% more versus 33% more earlier. Few other changes..the flight points used to be the biggest draw for me to own this card for the last few years as the family trips to India (16,000 miles round trip per person) could add up the thank you points in a hurry. It is going to be tough to pay $100+ fees for this card.

  13. Just got the AA visa a few months ago. Can I still get the bonus for the MasterCard if I apply now? I remember a while back when you did your churn you got the AA visa and a few days later got the MasterCard.

  14. @Donnie

    I got the 30k bonus a while ago then I saw this promotion. I emailed Citi and asked if I can get in on this promotion and they said sure and gave me the full 50k without meeting anymore spending requirements =]

    Very nice of them

    • @Justin – Welcome! The Thank You Preferred is a different product than the regular Thank You card, so you should be able to get the bonus for that. You usually don’t get the bonus if you just upgrade the card, but will get to keep your credit history with the old card. If you have the Thank You Premier you can redeem Thank You points for 1.25 cents towards air travel which is how I usually redeem them.

      @Delmar Sam – Not for bonuses from credit cards.

      @Donnie Law – I haven’t had the 30K link on the blog for a LONG time! It was to the 50K offer without a landing page.

      @Andrea @Doug – I’d wait at least 20 months before applying. Note that business cards and personal cards are different, so if you have the Visa personal card, you can get the MasterCard business card.

      @karl – Doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @AK – If you liked flight points, you won’t like the change. But flight points were hard to use, so I’m not surprised that it was removed. I like using Thank You points with my Citi Thank You Premier for air travel.

  15. Here’s a link with landing page to a Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express with 35,000 Bonus miles and a $100 statement credit.

  16. Easiest way to get a business card when you don’t run a business?

  17. I recently had the citibusiness aadvantage visa card but cancelled it —
    would applying for the citibusiness aadvantage Mastercard qualify me for the point bonus????
    Are they considered different – the rules specifically exclude citibusiness aadvantage Mastercard but does not mention Visa…

  18. I got a targeted offer from Amex Delta Gold that offered 50,000 miles AND a $50 statement credit after spending $1,000 – my friend called into Amex applications and got them to match this target offer. So you can definitely get this “best deal” on the Gold Delta Amex if you just spend 5 minutes calling into American Express and have them match the targeted offers floating around out there.

    • @matthewD – Thanks for the link!

      @Joe – You have to have a business to qualify, though even a start-up business qualifies.

      @Gil Roeder – Unlikely, but if you wait ~2 years it may be possible to get it again.

      @Will – Thanks for the update!

  19. Hi Daraius,
    I have a Citi AA MC since 2007. I closed both a personal AA visa (opened in 2010) and an Amex AA cards in March.

    Do you think I will be approved if I apply for a new personal AA MC?

  20. Hi Daraius,
    Can I apply for 30,000 Citi Thank You points credit card, if I have Citi AA cards?

  21. American Airlines Admirals Club folks convinced me to switch from my Amex Platinum to the Citi Executive card promising 50,000 miles. Months and many emails later – no miles. They’ve tried every trick and trap door in the book to avoid honoring their commitment. Avoid!

  22. Darius,
    I have the citi AA Visa and the citi AA mastercard and AAdvantage points.
    Are the fees on aa trips to europe always around $300-350 per ticket?
    I’m trying to plan august 2014 travel and have points but looks like best i can do is 60k rt points plus 350$
    Can I do better – should I try another airline???
    Any thoughts on this.
    And Happy New Year to you !

  23. The link to the 50k AA offer doesn’t bring you to the landing page you show in your example. Any other link you know of? How long between the time I apply for a personal and business card? TIA!!!

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  25. Thanks Darius,
    as you suggested, as soon as I removed the British Air from my choices my fee for the one-way to Paris on American went from $350 to $2.00!!!
    You rock!!

    • @Kadence – I’d wait ~8 days between a business and personal application. The links above work, based on reader feedback, as long as the application page loads.

      @gil roeder – You’re welcome. Do note that sometimes it is better to leave all the search results because it doesn’t cost much for a short distance British Airways flight from London to Paris (which won’t show up if you remove British Air from your choices).

  26. Daraius,
    When I was about to apply for this, the link to Citi AA Mastercard Business ( doesn’t show that there is 50k sign-up bonus anywere in the application screen……I am worried if I applied and they won’t honor it …. if there is one with the 50k bonus written on screen it would be great as I want to take a screenshot before applying just in case.
    By the way is there any Visa version for business and personal as well, if so can you please share the link? thank you.

  27. Hi Daraius,

    I just applied for the Citi Business for 50k miles. I applied with information about myself and the company is a startup, but because it’s a startup there is no previous history on the company, so they wouldn’t approve me. Any tips? Thank you so much!

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  29. Hi,

    I believe the offer below is a better deal right now because it gives you the same benefits plus 2 admirals passes. Notice the new design for this credit card.

    Thanks for all the great info you provide!

  30. The Terms & Conditions have changed for this card, it says: “*This CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Card offer is not available to you if you already have a CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® card account. Additionally, this offer is valid only for first time CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Card cardmembers who apply pursuant to this offer for an account.”

    ‘valid only for first time’ – does that mean once per lifetime? like Amex CCs? Does anyone have any experience with getting this card recently if you’ve had it before in the past?