IHG Rewards “The Big Win” Promotion

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IHG Rewards (formerly Priority Club) is offering a tailored promotion, “The Big Win,” which allows members to earn 50,000 points or more through December 31, 2013.

This isn’t a particularly lucrative promotion because you have to complete lots of different tasks to get the big bonus.  But it doesn’t hurt if you already had hotel stays planned at IHG Rewards hotels.

IHG Rewards Tailors to Members with "The Big Win" Promotion

What is Your “The Big Win” Promotion Offer?


IHG hotels include Candlewood SuitesCrowne Plaza,  Holiday InnHoliday Inn ExpressHotel IndigoInterContinental Hotels & Resorts, and Staybridge Suites brand hotels.

The Promotion

You have to register for the promotion.

The promotion is customized to individual members, so the number of points which you can potentially earn will vary.  Regardless of your offer, you earn at least 1,000 points when you stay at any IHG hotel:

IHG Rewards Tailors to Members with "The Big Win" Promotion

The Big Win Promotion Offers Multiple Ways to Earn Points

Here’s what a non-elite member was offered:

  • 1,000 Points“Try one and done” –  Stay at any IHG hotel
  • 2,000 Points“Book with us” – Book 2 separate stays
  • 4,000 Points“Stay more & earn more” – Stay 4 nights at IHG hotels
  • 8,000 Points“Win in a weekend” – Stay 2 Saturday Nights
  • 10,000 Points“Explore our brands” – Stay at 3 different IHG hotels
  • 25,000 Points“Win big” – Complete all of your personalized offers

So 50,000 points is the maximum number of points that you’d earn if you completed all the tasks to earn the 25,000 point bonus.

In addition, you can choose to earn airline miles instead, at a rate of 500 miles for every 10,000 IHG points.

You may get a better offer if you have IHG Rewards elite status, and you get IHG Reward’s top-tier Platinum status if you have the IHG Rewards credit card.

Putting the Points to Use

Priority Club points can be transferred to a number of different airlines at a 1:5 ratio.  This is not a good deal and is an expensive way to earn miles.

Using the points for hotel stays, though, can be a good value.  Here’s IHG Reward’s award chart which start as low as 5,000 points for a PointsBreak award.  and cost 50,000 points for a top-end InterContinental hotel.

Terms & Conditions

You will earn points for eligible stays completed between September 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.  You have to register for the promotion before you complete any stays. The full Terms & Conditions are found here.

Bottom Line

IHG Rewards’ “The Big Win” can be useful if you have hotel stays planned and can switch them to IHG Rewards hotels to take advantage of their “Big Win” promotion.

If you do not have any stays planned, it doesn’t seem worth it to “mattress run” i.e. check-in and check-out of a cheap IHG Rewards hotel just for the points.

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28 responses to “IHG Rewards “The Big Win” Promotion

  1. Any idea if Chicago counts at one of the cities for the Big Win? It is in the cities listed, but is missing from the T and C in the fine print? Thanks.

  2. Mike, the cities are different for different accounts. I have seen a list including American cities, but my personal list included only European cities (which ticked me off, because now I can’t complete the challenge), and another person got an offer of only Japan and Australia.

  3. I have platinum status and my offer is just mission impossible…it wants me to stay 30 nights between Sep and Dec. I’d rather get the non-elite offer.

  4. My Big Win offer allows me to make a total of 130,200 points with only 5 stays if done correctly.

    I guess the offer varies per individual.

  5. I’ve had PC/IHG Plat status for almost 1 year from the Chase card, and I only got the 50K offer. That’s not too bad, because the higher point offers seem to have higher requirements.

  6. The offer does vary from member to member. My wife got 99.7k offer and has never used her account to book/stay. I on the other hand had at least 10 stays this year and only got offered 75.8k.

  7. It does look like you can easily get 30k points just for booking 2 Saturday stays on IHG using your IHG card.

    Spend it to get it – Book and pay for 1 stay with your IHG® Rewards Club Visa® or your Priority Club® Visa® and receive 1,500 Points.

    Win in a weekend – Stay 2 Saturday nights and receive 4,800 Points.

    Explore our brands – Stay at 2 different IHG brands and receive 20,000 Points – This is to me the best bang for the buck

    Book with us – Book 2 separate stays through an IHG® hotel website or mobile device to get our best price guarantee and receive 4,000 Points

    Try one and done – Stay at any IHG® hotel and receive 1,000 Points.

    Now the nice thing is I don’t have the Live the city life on mine as opposed to my wife. So I would just need 2 more stays to get the “stay more & Earn more” to get another 6400k and the “Win Big” – 38k for me.

    I’m going for it.

  8. Sorry Darius, feel free to delete my last post as since I saw both my wife and I had the same point totals for the ones above, I assumed they were the same. My above comment is YMMV as it looks like number of stays vary form account to account. Hate to be the one that had to program all the different variables.

  9. I got offered a total of 158,000 points with only 4 stays. I will be doing 4 mattress runs. Three locally and one in NJ where friends live to get my NYC stay in. For $350.00 I will get three nights in an Intercontinental somewhere at over hopefully $300 per night. I am looking at the Intercontinental in Bali. It is not a screaming deal but it will be useful to have those points in the future.

  10. @Darius: Seems there is a typo “a rate of 500 miles for every 1,000 IHG points”, should it be 10000 points? Also do you know if worldwide properties are included?

  11. Does anyone know if stays booked with the Friends & family rate and points will also count towards this promo?

  12. Here is my offer and evalution:

    Stay at any IHG® hotel and receive 1,000 Points.
    Stay at 2 different IHG brands and receive 30,000 Points
    Book 2 separate stays through an IHG® hotel website or mobile device and receive 6,000 Points
    Stay at 2 of the following locations below and receive 18,000 Points
    Stay 2 Saturday nights and receive 12,000 Points.
    Stay a total of 4 nights and receive 9,600 Points
    Complete a simple survey and receive 100 Points
    Complete all of your offers and receive 77,000 Points

    So if I stay a Saturday night at the at one of the locations listed for the 18,000 points & then another Saturday night at one of the locations listed for the 18,000 points but a different brand and booked both on the IHG® hotel website I would get 67,000 points?

    Book two more nights anywhere get 9,600 points.
    Complete the survey get 100 points.
    All offers completed get 77,000 points.

    Lets say the rooms are $150/night x 4 nights = $600 spend = 153,700 points = 3 nights at any top-end InterContinetal hotel.

    For me that sounds like a great deal. Does that look like it is correct?

  13. When they say “Stay at 2 different IHG brands” are they saying I need to complete a “tay”, which they define as consecutive nites ,or is one nite per hotel adequate?

  14. For the requirement “book with us”, does it count if I book through a shopping portal (like Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall)?

  15. Surprised in re-reading this again that you didn’t see this as a particularly lucrative promotion. For me, it seems to be when as I’m combing it with the many other IHG promotions that are readily available for “qualifying stays at qualifying rates.” (what others have dubbed IHG rewards on “steroids” — and thus the famous “mattress runs” with thousands to tens of thousands of points per separate stay — thus I anticipate my first 4 stays for 50,000 points have the potential to be worth twice that…. will see come January)

    Yet having fussed with the details over the past month, the biggest frustration is figuring out just what constitutes a “qualifying rate.” To whit, I have a stay at Holiday Inn Resort which has a “saver rate” (booked via the IHG web site) and about 25-30% off regular best available rate, using the “Disney Saver” rate. (My reservation seems to indicate that yes, I’ll be getting at least the “base” rewards points, but phone and net reps have now contradicted themselves about whether this discounted paid stay will or won’t count for “the big win.” ) I’ve learned that with IHG, it’s a bit of a crap shoot….. one rep will often contradict another. Maddening waste of time — endeavoring now to get it in writing, one way or the other. (don’t want to find out after promotion ended that never mind my rational interpretation, I could get…. denied)

    Ah, maybe you were right, this wasn’t worth the hassle.

  16. I was told today that Holiday Inn Resort is NOT a brand for the Big Win, and the “brand badge” in the Big Win site is only for decoration and it is not a valid stay. I certainly remember why I don’t normally stay with IHG!

  17. I stay at Holiday Inn (now IHG) hotels 100+ times per year, am a Platinum Member and am REALLY disappointed by this promotion. It seems to be solely focused on capturing new members (which is fine) and penalizing long term high volume travelers like me (which is not fine). My “specially taylored” Big Win promotion allowed me to obtain 180,000 points – which sounded great, but after staying 24 times and at 5 different brands, I have obtained a whopping total of 1000 points! I cry foul! I could have earned 50,000+ points just through normal accumulation at any other competing hotels (Hilton, for example). Whoever designed this promotion has a serious problem with understanding customer retention.
    I havn’t stayed at anything but Holiday Inn for over 10 years (over 1000 stays) – maybe IHG is trying to tell me that it is time to move on…….

  18. My total award is 84,400 points. I had business trips already planned, so timing is fine. Only problem, no Saturday stays. I was considering booking/paying for 2 inexpensive rooms somewhere in the US but not actually staying at the hotel. Anybody tried this? I found cheap rates, around $65/night. Could I book 2 rooms on the same night and get credit? Are the 42,000 points worth this effort? Thanks to all-

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  20. Great website Darius. Keep up the good work.
    Being about halfway through my Big Win qualifications, I signed in today, to check out the points I had earned for participating in The Big Win. They had been listed separately from other fulfilled offers. I also wanted to see how much time I had left to complete the one more stay required. I clicked on “my offer status” and lo and behold “The Big Win ” is no longer listed, even though the end date is/was Dec. 31st.
    I was going to book a local place this week to fulfill the required stay and qualify for all the bonus points I had registered for, but that doesn’t seem worth the effort now. I’ll give them a call tomorrow to see what the scoop is.

  21. We completed all our Big Win challenges on 12/31/13. I’ve been keeping an eye on the IHG site to watch for our bonus points to post. So far our qualifying stays are all there, but the Big Win site is only showing bonus credit for our first stay. Terms & conditions say we should allow 4-6 weeks for them to post, but advertised T&Cs always seem exaggerated. Can anyone confirm whether your bonus points posted promptly after your final Big Win qualifying stay? Thanks–I’d like to push this item off my plate and not have to spend any more mental energy looking over IHG’s shoulder. 🙂

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  23. Hello,

    Looking for a cheap holiday inn to finish Big Win.. Found one in Arkansas for $68 but there has to be a $49 out there. Help?