Home Improvement Card No Longer Working at Other Stores

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A few days ago, I wrote that the Home Improvement gift card was working as a debit card at stores which are NOT Home Improvement stores.

But, yesterday evening, I could not use the Home Improvement card as a debit card outside of Home Improvement stores.  I wasn’t able to use it at Wal-Mart, grocery stores, or gas stations.  But I was able to use it at Home Depot which is a home improvement store.

I’m not sure if this is temporary or not, but I would NOT buy any Home Improvement cards unless you want to use them at Home Improvement stores such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Sears etc.

This is a good example of why you shouldn’t buy large quantities of gift cards and why you should only use gift cards for legitimate purchases or bills.

In my original post, I wrote:

The Home Improvement card is supposed to be used only at Home Improvement stores. It is VERY possible that at some point you will NOT be able to use the Home Improvement card elsewhere.

What to Do?

Besides using the card at certain Home Improvement stores, you can use the Home Improvement card to buy gift cards to other stores  (such as Amazon etc.) at Lowe’s.  And you can also use the card at Sears.

Bottom Line

I’m not upset that I can’t use my Home Improvement gift card anywhere else.  This is a good reminder to do what you’re comfortable with and that not all deals end in your favor!

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42 responses to “Home Improvement Card No Longer Working at Other Stores

  1. Being abroad might have saved me from myself!

  2. goals^n^dreams

    I am stuck with $3,500 HIG. I hope Darius can find a way to cash out these cards. Then your blog will be more popular ^_^

  3. Topped off two INK cards 47.5k of HIGC’s over past month.Stuck with 4k, guess ill be buying that shead in time for winter 🙂

    47.5k ÷ 500 = 95 HIGC’s 95 x $.68 Local Walmart MO = $64.6 or 237,500 UR!!

    To bad I can’t go to the club and make it rain all over the GOGO dancers, they would think I’m a total nerd!

  4. You can use it for online shopping as well as at th gas station to pump gas..

  5. Hey Chris – 47 k of HIGC cards? Seriously! This is why things get screwed for everyone. I buy one or two a month to actually buy things at home improvement stores like home depot and Menards. Now can’t even find one at OD and they say when they get them in it will be cash. Another good thing lost by abusers!

  6. Congrats on another slayed deal, MMS. You must take great pride in killing them off.

    I like how you play it off as having done everyone a favor (“those who don’t read MMS are dumb and much worse off!”).

    Nice try, but those who don’t read MMS are the ones who gave you this deal.

  7. I’ll give anyone 35 cents on the dollar for these giftcards.

  8. Darius,

    You didn’t answer the most important question. Can the cards be used everywhere Discover is accepted as a credit card? (you said debit) ….. if they can be used as a discover credit card, then it would be a way for those with the Ink Bold card, to make everyday spend at 5 X.

  9. Traveling Momma

    I scheduled a run to the only OD in my hood that sells these and was going to load up at $5K. This hobby is not for those who don’t have liquidity. As you can see it can dry up fast leaving you stranded and looking for home projects to complete.

    As always Darius, thank you for your good work.

  10. Thanks Darius for your thorough and honest coverage. I got a safe 15,000 UR in the short stint and ended with an empty hand. Thanks!

  11. When did this happen? Because I went to WM Super Center yesterday afternoon and loaded 2 HICG into my birdie without any issues.

  12. “Alan” I was doing this for well over a month. I never bragged kept low, I have 7 Office Depot’s within a 18 mile radius and always spread around my spending. Also the wife went in at different time’s as well.

    I’m sorry for being a “Abuser” but I had to top off my UR points for my upcoming anniversary to Sydney.

    I booked my 7 nigh stay at the Hyatt Sydney over looking Sydney harbor for new years. Now with the extra 237,000UR I just booked our flights from US – SYD First class and Back!

    Who wouldn’t take advantage of that!

  13. I’m stuck with 3K. Guess it’s Marriott gift, amazon and southwest gift cards for me. Not like they won’t get used someday. Anyone else see a card at Lowes worth buying?

  14. Glad I didn’t participate in this brief three day stint but well done to those who knew about this for ages. To those who have extras, why not buy GCs to places like amazon at Sears/Lowes? If you’re needing the liquidity you can always sell the GCs to sites like cardpool and not lose too much. Not amazon as their rates generally suck for some reason but selling Safeway, Walmart, or gas station GCs can get you 92% back. More if you click through topcashback which could end up resulting in a cost per point of about 1 cent.

  15. I was going to feed the trolls. Thank you for alerting us ASAP both of this deal and when it is dead.

  16. I felt very funny about this one and withheld the urge to run out and load up on these. To anyone stuck with them, at least they can be converted to amazon gcs, and if you really have a handful you could buy stuff for resale.

  17. I chose to sit this one out, for this very reason. But for those “stuck” with high values, can’t they buy Amazon GCs at Lowes, then cash them out thru Amazon payments?

  18. @Chris: May I ask how are you re-liquidize the $47,500 back? Through Bluebird right? But then aren’t you limit by the $5000 per month to send out paycheck from BB?

  19. @DaveL BB limits you to 1k load per day and 5k per month PER BB *Account* 😉

  20. @DaveL: I believe he mentioned he was buying Money orders with a small fee of each one, so basically cashing out these cards at Walmart taking advantage of it working as a debit card.

  21. @DaveL I didn’t quite get to $47.5k ($25.8k here), but in addition to the BB $5k per month per account (2 accts, one for me and one for wife) I was able to liquidate by purchasing money orders at WM from the kiosk. Not as good as no charge to load on a BB, but paying $.64 per $500 to liquidate isn’t too bad. In theory you could have purchased money orders from supermarkets, gas stations, or anywhere that would accept debit with PIN for money order purchases.

  22. “A few days ago, I wrote that the Home Improvement gift card was working as a debit card ” Actually, just yesterday.

  23. Darius, I bought my first Home Improvement card yesterday $50. Got it loaded onto my bluebird so I went for $500. Got stuck with it. Can you give us some advice on the best way to get value back?

  24. So much for this deal LOL !!

    @ DaveL Using his imaginary accounts and 237k points out of thin air. Wonderful world of liars LOL !!!

  25. I just used straight money Orders. Been using my bluebird to cash out 10k a month in vanilla reloads past two months. Have to top out all the 50k 5X and 2X limits. I wouldn’t be bothered if ever flagged for suspicious activity. I pay my taxes and not doing anything illegal.

  26. I am stuck with $3,000 HIG. I should have listened to you. Help me! Darius

  27. Darius, are you ashamed of what you did? Frequent miler is a decent man. But you….

  28. Nice job on killing this deal too. Your mother-in-law must be proud of you. Is there something you won’t do to get more readers?

  29. Trying To Help

    For those of you stuck with cards that you can’t afford- If you read the T&C posted both in the pamphlet that came with your cards & on their website, it gives you a number to call so that you can request a refund on your card. I hope that helps those of you who were unfortunately caught with more than you could handle. Blessings.

  30. For people got stuck with this card, a FT thread is allover about getting refund from InComm. They blame you for this deal getting killed, but in the end, they are the one who killed it. And, evidently, they didn’t learn a thing. I’m sure they are happy they can keep the UR points doing this.

  31. I went to OD today to buy a HIGC. The manager told me someone came in and bought all ten HIGC and loaded $500 each. He notified corporate about it because he thought it was suspicious.. He also mentioned people were buying the Visa GC’s before for miles. This is a perfect example how deals die quickly when people abuse it.

  32. @Rick

    The FT crowd would say $5k isn’t abuse. Nonsense to me, but that’s what they believe.

  33. I’ve always wanted to try doing this game but they are now so short lived its not worth taking the risk.

  34. Can these cards be used online?

    • @Robert Hanson – You can’t use Amazon gift cards on Amazon payments.

      @Tim @Sandy – Buy a gift card from Lowe’s to other shops which you will use. Or research which gift cards sell for a good portion of their retail cost and buy those and sell them online.

      @Daniel @Pam – I’ll continue to share deals which are publicly posted on the internet with appropriate warnings. And I suspect you’ll continue to read the blog! 🙂

  35. Thanks for “sharing” D. All the noobs getting caught with thousands they can’t float – and they thank you for it. Pathetic.

  36. Hopefully this will make you think twice about such postings. You’re blog seems to be the main culprit for causing people to push deals to the extreme. This leads to people getting screwed over in two ways. 1) The deal is killed. 2) People getting stranded with thousands in cards they can’t liquidate. You really need to reevaluate how you handle things. You can claim that you just provide information all you want, but you need to be more responsible on how you handle things.

    Also, you might want to actually think of original and interesting content yourself for once. Have you ever written an original blog post or do you just steal content from others?

  37. You’re a hypocrite. You provide detailed information about the exploit. Then you state, “This is a good example of why you shouldn’t buy large quantities of gift cards and why you should only use gift cards for legitimate purchases or bills.”

    This isn’t a blackhat/whitehat convention that exists purely for informational purposes. You’re lying to yourself if you think your readers aren’t intending to put information into practice to exploit the system. And people get burned. No, you’re not responsible for the greed of anyone else but you do your readers a disservice by providing them a method to clearly end up holding the bag to the tune of thousands of dollars potentially.

  38. I have one of these cards, and tried using it the other day and wondered why it didn’t work. The deal is killed now, people always abuse the system. Its unfortunate but it’s true.

  39. You can take an HI card to Lowe’s and buy most any GC Amazon Friday’s Apple the list goes on, and on.

    I have an LR card good for 5% off and pay the card off with the HI bought from OD, once a month.

  40. The HI card works, if used and not abused…200,000 miles last year from INK