Up To 50,000 Miles From Fidelity

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Update:  Readers have reported not getting the full amount of miles if they use or withdraw any part of their initial deposit.  So don’t withdraw or use your deposit until the miles have posted to your account.

Fidelity Miles

You can earn up to 50,000 American Airlines, Delta, or United miles when you open and transfer money into a non-retirement brokerage account with Fidelity.  You can even get the miles when you add money to an existing Fidelity account.

You can also apply for either the same offer or a different offer 12 months after you finish depositing the money to get your miles.

Fidelity says that it can take up to 8 weeks to get the miles in your account.

Fidelity Miles1

Fidelity Gives You Miles For Your Money

You earn miles based on the amount you deposit in your account:

  • 15,000 miles for a $25,000+ deposit
  • 25,000 miles for a $50,000+ deposit
  • 50,000 miles for a $100,000+ deposit

When the offer was first introduced, you could get the 50,000 miles by making one small deposit and taking the money out of your account and redepositing the money.

This meant that you could deposit $10,000 and then withdraw and re-deposit the $10,000 until the total amount deposited into your account was $100,000.

But Fidelity no longer allows you to cycle funds in an out of your account.  You have to deposit the FULL amount to get the miles.


Your investment decisions are MUCH more important than earning extra miles.  There is NO point in opening a Fidelity account if it will make it harder for you to manage your investments or if you will make riskier investments just for the miles.

The amounts involved are large, so please do your own research and talk to your financial planner before signing up for a Fidelity account.

1.   Up To 50,000 Delta Airlines Miles

Link:   Fidelity.com 50,000 Delta Miles

You can get up to 50,000 Delta miles when you open and transfer money into a  non-retirement brokerage account with Fidelity or add money to a current account by February 14, 2014.

Open An Account With Fidelity And Get 50,000 Delta Miles

2.   Up To 50,000 American Airlines Miles

Link:   Fidelity.com 50,000 American Miles

You can get up to 50,000 American Airlines miles when you open and transfer money into a  non-retirement brokerage account with Fidelity or add money to a current account by September 30, 2014.

You Can Get 50,000 American Miles From Fidelity

You Can Get 50,000 American Miles From Fidelity

3.   Up To 50,000 United Miles

Link:   Fidelity.com 50,000 United Miles

You can get up to 50,000 United  miles when you open and transfer money into a  non-retirement brokerage account with Fidelity or add money to a current account by October 31, 2014.

Get 50,000 United Miles When You Open A Fidelity Account

Get 50,000 United Miles When You Open A Fidelity Account


1.   New Money

You must deposit new money (money from outside of Fidelity) within 30 days of registering for the offer AND the money must remain in your account for 6 months.  If you use “old” money or withdraw the money before 6 months, Fidelity will take back the miles and you will likely not be allowed to participate in the promotion again.

This thread from Flyertalk recommends transferring stocks, bonds or mutual funds instead of depositing cash in your Fidelity account.   Cash could be considered “old” money and may not get you the sign-up bonus for the second time.

If you are applying for the offer for the first time, you should be fine with depositing cash.

2.   Once Every 12 Months

You can only participate in one promotion every 12 months.  The terms and conditions say:

Promotional offers are limited to one per individual per rolling 12 months.

You can get 1 bonus every rolling 12 months per social security number.

So you could either get the same offer every 12 months, or you could choose a different promotion.

3.   Exclusions

Unfortunately, retirement accounts are excluded from this promotion, so it is hard to find the money to deposit with Fidelity.

Certain types of accounts are excluded:

  • Business accounts
  • Trust accounts
  • Mutual fund only accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Fiduciary accounts
  • 529 college savings plan account
  • Fidelity accounts managed by Strategic Advisers, Inc.
  • Institutional Wealth Services (IWS) clients
  • Clients of registered investment advisors working with Fidelity Investments
  • Annuities
  •  Stock Plan Services accounts

Bottom Line

Getting up to 50,000 miles for opening a non-retirement account is a good deal.  But make sure that you are NOT doing anything silly with your money just to get the miles.

Your money and investment decisions are much more important than earning miles!

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36 responses to “Up To 50,000 Miles From Fidelity

  1. I haven’t checked the details in a few years; but may not be possible to get your money out of Fidelity without substantial account closure fees.

  2. Over the last 4 months, I have transferred in new $85K and was planning on sending in another $15 in a day or so. I never registered for the offer. Do you think I can register now and get credit for the money I have already sent in or I am out of luck on this? Thanks!

  3. Fidelity has also offered Apple gift cards under a similar arrangement. We received a $100 gift card for maintaining (as I recall) a $75,000 balance for six months. During that time we purchased new CDs from Fidelity with no commission charged. So, besides the airline miles or Apple gift cards, your funds can still earn a little something and not just sit there.

  4. Please keep this in mind regarding Fidelity:

    I might be wrong, but I think Fidelity might “target” people who get too many bonuses from them for what they will call a “Patriot Act Fund Freeze.” If you get such a freeze, they absolutely will NOT tell you what flagged your account as a possible money launderer, but they WILL require you to visit a Fidelity Account Center IN PERSON in order to unfreeze your account.

    If I were anyone considering using Fidelity and getting mileage bonuses from them, I’d check to make sure there is an account center close enough to your residence where you’d be willing to travel there to show your driver’s license, passport, social security card, and a utility bill or you really might be SOL on ever withdrawing your funds. They told me after going up several levels of management that there is absolutely NO WIGGLE ROOM if your account gets flagged. You must go in person to one of their centers.

    In my case, I did nothing strange–I deposited funds from a bank account that I’ve used for over 20 years via direct transfer. I was attempting to move funds back to that very same account when they told me that my account had been flagged over 4 months prior and that I could not move money out of my account (although I could still trade with it and give them commissions!). They NEVER called, mailed, or emailed to tell me I had been flagged. It was only when I tried to move funds from one account to another.

  5. I have done this three times with Fidelity and if the program is still operating next year I will go for another on the anniversary date. Great program!

  6. I opened an account, deposited cash. I purchased some of the iShare ETFs that Fidelity offers for no fee. I received the miles.

    Over a year later, I signed up again for United miles and transferred ETFs that I held at another brokerage to Fidelity. I received an e-mail notification that I was not eligible. I spoke to a Fidelity representative who determined that their computer system rejected anyone that had received this offer within the last 3 years. But, that I should be eligible. It took a few days. But I did get the miles. I’ve always found Fidelity’s customer service to be very good.

    I believe there is a $20 fee to close the account.

  7. FYI – If you have a securities license and or work for a brokerage firm you’ll likely have the bonus/app denied as it looks like a “pay to play” type thing and they won’t accept it (I tried about a year ago, no dice).

  8. VM: few years ago, I opened A Fidelity a/c and deposited 100k+. After that, I found out the mileage deal and called customer service, they were able to credit me with the bonus miles. Give them a call and good luck!

  9. If I deposit 100k. and get the above named airlines miles, is there any way to transfer them out, to say, Hilton rewards, then back into southwest miles? I am looking to get southwest miles as that my carrier of choice out of BWI….and the miles wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

  10. I have $80K cash lying in non reterement account. I can transfer another $100K now and after that can I withdraw $80K ?

  11. I did the united promotion back in Nov 2011. I want to do it again, as i have extra cash lying around earning nothing . ‘Im ready to commit cash for 6 months but dont have equivalent amount of securities to transfer. I see there is a warning in your post that cash might be considered old money. Is this the case if i have closed down my fidelity account and now opening a new one, how can cash be considered old in that case. Anybody denied for bringing cash from outside source ?

    Also if they say they will give miles in 8 weeks and i withdraw funds after that will be they revoke the miles which are already transferred to mileage account. Has this happened to anybody ?

  12. Does Fidelity issue a 1099 for the miles ?

  13. Can I move funds out of Fidelity then claim the promo and move them back?

  14. One more question, can you double dip? It looks like if you have $50K to transfer you can get 30K miles if you can do the offer twice for $25K to two different programs?

    How long does the money have to stay in Fidelity. How do they figure it out “net transfers” as I use my Fidelity brokerage account as a transactional account as well to pay credit cards, bills etc.

    • @fidelity user – You used to be able to move funds in and out of Fidelity, but they are asking for new funds now. I don’t know how they calculate the net funds and you can do only 1 promotion every year.

  15. Can you do it for all 3 airlines at the same time? or is the promotion only available ONCE a year for one airline?

  16. If I deposit $25,000 and wait several weeks until the 15,000 miles have been deposited into my account, and then deposit another $25,000, would I receive another 15,000 miles for the second deposit?

    Or should I just deposit $50,000 all at once to get only 25,000 miles.

  17. I did this once in 2012 and I moved the money out too quick for their comfort. They got spooked and closed my account promptly saying they did not want my business 🙂 No matter how I explained it, they did not budge. In the same period, my wife did get the bonuses by doing transactions at slower/acceptable pace. Even TDAmeritrade had great bonuses then. Now, 100K for 50K is good but I dont have the patience to lock 100K for 6 months and dont want the hassle of trying to find out what they would do if I walked out in 30 days with my cash.

  18. If I just wanted to keep this as cash and not necessarily invest, will it be FDIC insured?
    Would I have to transfer it to a The Fidelity Cash Management Account?

  19. Does the money need to be invested, or can it just sit in the Fidelity account?

  20. Hi Daraius. Thank you for all the great info. I just applied for three cards through your site for the first time.
    Regarding the Fidelity promotion, just a clarification. The information states one promotion per 12 months, but, in a response above, you state “once per year per airline.” So, would it be possible to open an account now for one airline, say UAL, and receive miles, and open another account in a few months and receive miles for another airline? If it’s once per 12 mos for any and all airlines, I’ll wait, but if it’s once per 12 mos per airline, I can transfer a lesser amount now for one airline, another account later for another airline. Thanks.

  21. Questioned answered by Fidelity: No. One account per client per 12 mos, can’t open different accounts and receive miles from different airlines within the 12 mos.

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  23. Like all good things, this deal has ended a few weeks ago. One can only apply for it once per SSN- no more recycling $ every 12 rolling months.

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  25. Really, Chister? The terms still say “Promotional offers are limited to one per individual per rolling 12 months.”

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