Should You Get The Southwest Companion Pass Now…Or at The End of The Year?

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Link:  How to Get the Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest credit cards have a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $2,000 within 3 months up to August 6, 2013.

Emily and I have a Companion Pass and this is perhaps the best miles and points perk which we have.  

Why?  Because it lets a companion travel with you for free whenever you travel on Southwest.  It doesn’t matter if your flight is booked with points or paid for with cash – your companion flies free (~$10 in taxes and fees)!

The Southwest Companion Pass Got Us Here!

The Southwest Companion Pass Got Us Here!

Currently the 50,000 point sign-up bonus from the Southwest credit cards count towards the 110,000 points needed within 1 calendar year (January to December) to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.  So 2 Southwest cards will get you almost all the way to the 110,000 points needed!

Here’s a post on everything you need to know about the Southwest Companion Pass.

Even if you don’t want the Southwest Companion Pass, 50,000 Southwest points will get you ~$850 in travel on Southwest!

The downside of the Southwest Companion Pass is that you will travel more than you expect because you only have to pay for one ticket.

Should You Get The Southwest Companion Pass Now…Or at The End of The Year?

I’ve done it both ways.

1.   Companion Pass For One Year

I once earned the Southwest Companion Pass in December 2011, so Emily would get to fly for free (~$10 in fees) with me for one year – up to December 2012.

The Companion Pass is valid for the year in which you earn it AND up to the end of the next year.

Sure, I could have timed it better and earned the Companion Pass earlier in 2011, but for whatever reason, I didn’t do that.

It was better for me to earn the Companion Pass in 2011 and have Emily fly as my companion for 1 whole year than to waste the ~50,000 Companion Pass qualifying points which I had already earned in 2011.  I have no regrets in earning the pass for only 1 year instead of 2 years.

2.   Companion Pass For Two Years

I’ve also earned the Southwest Companion Pass on January 22, 2013 which means that Emily is my companion up to the end of December 2014 – or for close to 2 years!

The Companion Pass is valid for the year in which you earn it AND up to the end of the next year.

This was perfect timing, because I’d get maximum use from my Southwest Companion Pass – almost 2 full years!

How to Decide What to Do?

1.   Already have Companion Pass Points 

If you already have 50,000 Companion Pass qualifying points, you’re better of earning the Companion Pass in 2013.  Your companion will get to fly with you until the end of 2014.

Sure, it would have been better to earn the pass earlier, but 1 year and ~3 months of free flying is nothing to scoff at!  And there is no point in letting the Companion Pass points which you’ve already earned go to waste.

2.  Have No Companion Pass Points

If you have no companion pass points in your account, you could either apply for the cards now and get ~ 1 year and 3 months of free flying for your companion (up to the end of 2014).

So you can apply for the cards at the end of 2013, but complete the spending in 2014 so that the points post to your account in 2014 (and not 2015).

The only drawback with waiting is that it isn’t clear if points from the credit card will continue to count towards the Companion Pass.

If you have heavy travel coming up in 2013 or if you want to lock in the Companion Pass sooner rather than later, you could apply for the cards now.  I can’t tell you what makes sense for you.  You’ve got to do what is most comfortable for you.

I once earned my companion pass in December so Emily could fly free for only 1 year.  But 1 year of free flying was much better than NO free flying with Emily!

Bottom Line

The Southwest 50,000 point cards ends on August 6, 2013.  But they almost certainly will come back towards the Holidays at the end of the year.

If you’ve already got companion pass qualifying points with 1 card, you’re better off earning your Companion Pass in 2013.

If you don’t have any Companion Pass points, it could be better to wait until later this year to get the Southwest credit card (assuming the points still count towards the Companion Pass!)


But let’s have a survey to see what you think!



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93 responses to “Should You Get The Southwest Companion Pass Now…Or at The End of The Year?

  1. Courtney Crook

    Great post! I still need 60,000 points for the CP, so I’m going to apply later in the year in hopes of getting the two years 🙂

  2. Given the history of the program and the consistency of the card sign-up bonus, I would definitely wait. I know it’s a great offer, and I myself enjoy using the companion pass on a regular basis, but timing is everything. I got my companion pass last February, leaving me with 23 months of use. The idea that the sign-up bonus may not count towards it has been out there for some time. Can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain Southwest is aware and is more than ok with it. Again, be patient and wait.

  3. I’ve rearranged my churning schedule in order to apply in November/December, reach the spend in Jan, and have 24 months of use. I didn’t fully appreciate the power of this pass until I started looking at how flexible SWA is when it comes to changing flights and taking advantage of fare reductions on already booked award travel. I’ve already had one SWA card and did nothing with the 50k miles until a family member asked for Disney help. I booked 3 r/t flights for under 37k. I I live half-way between PVD and BOS so have nice flight options. All I want for Christmas is for Chase to have these card offers avail in 2013 Q4.

  4. Keep in mind, any offer is subject to CHANGE!!! I truly hope the offer extends indefinetly as it has been around for over 2 years, but nothing is guarenteed into the future. If you can achive the 104k points from the bonus/initial spend this year then just do it. I would hate to see people earning the points and holding off on the final amount until next calender year and they pull the offer before year end. Just a thought out there to think about.

  5. I’ve really struggled with this decision as of late. You make a very good point about the fact that we don’t know if the credit card bonuses will count toward qualification in the near future. Another consideration for those of us in SWA’s hometown of Dallas is to consider is the Wright Amendment preventing flying nonstop further than a couple of states out of Love Field. That law expires October 2014, hence why I’m thinking of waiting until 2014 to jump on this to make better use of it. Honestly though I only use SWA for short haul anyway so it’s not too big of a deal, but sure makes it harder for me to pull the trigger on this.

    • @Courtney Crook – Just remember that the points have to POST to your account before December 31, 2013.

      @Steve M – I”m sure Southwest reads FlyerTalk and the blogs, so perhaps they are okay with it!

      @Acker – They almost certainly will be around later this year.

      @Jeff – That’s true which is why I got it the first time for only 1 year. But everyone has to decide what is right for them!

      @Scott – It doesn’t hurt to wait.

  6. readytotravel

    I just got approved for both cards!! (After calling reconsideration line twice. Thanks for that tip Darious!)I already had some points from a January flight.. Are you saying if I hold off getting aprox.3,000 pts still needed until january 2014 then I would have CP for 2 full years?? Hmmm quite the gamble.Any idea how long once those points reach my account until I actually get to use my CP. Days, weeks, months??

  7. @Readytotravel, since you got the cards this month, you have 3 months to reach the minimum spend, if you wait until January to use the card, you will be outside the minimum spend bonus time frame. So the only thing to do now is reach the minimum spend as fast as possible, get the extra 6,000 SWA points, and get your companion pass.

  8. We thankfully got the companion pass earlier this year. I have a question for Daraius. Once we get the companion pass is it ok to cancel my SW Business card visa and the SW Personal card visa? I already have the Chase United visa card and the Chase Marriott visa card so I want to close out some of my Chase cards to get some capacity for other Chase bonus cards.

  9. Every time I see this stuff about the companion pass it bothers me. I had no idea about it when I got my first SW card and didn’t know about manufactured spend either. I had 96k miles at the end of last year with only 1 card, but didn’t end up getting the pass. I would have been so easy to get up to the 110k.

    Question: Can my wife get a card and have her points go towards my FF#?

  10. @ grant.. you are so right! I forgot about that min spend duh! I will reach that by the end of July. I have 68,000 points already so with the last min spend + 50k pts I should get the pass? How long until i actually get pass. Is it a card or certificate? Also can I use points for flights in the meantime? I need to y in September. Txs everyone!

  11. “Fly” in September..I already have a flight flightbooked and paid for early august which will give me a lot of points as I bought them with SW card. I wanted to start flying at least with points. I am confused on how and when to use points.yikes

  12. Does anyone know if transferred points from a Chase Sapphire card into a Southwest account qualifies towards points for the companion pass? I’ve got about 55,000 SWA points and can transfer 55,000 from my Sapphire to SW, but I’ll do it only if those points will count towards the pass. Thanks!

  13. @Readytofly, D said it should show up in your accounts a few days after you have more than 110k qualifying SWA points. I always use SWA points when I fly, regardless of the price of the ticket. Some people like to earn SWA points when they fly, but I like to redeem SWA points when I fly. I think both options are good.

    @Linda, you can’t directly transfer points from UR to SWA, but there are a few ways to go from Hyatt and Marriott. I think MMS has an article about that somewhere.

  14. @Grant, thanks for the reply! I may be confused, which is highly likely, LOL, but I’m in my Sapphire Preferred UR account right now and under Transfer Points, there is 1:1 transfer available to Southwest Airlines. Wondering if these transferred points qualify towards the SWA Companion Pass? You would think so if they allow for the 50,000 credit card bonus sign up points to count, but want to make sure before I move all those points over. Thanks!

  15. @Grant.. my concern is if I use SWA points to fly before I actually reach 110k for the CP, Then will that keep me from getting the CP?. Or do the points accumulate and “show” up as accumulated? I thought I read where I can go ahead and book with points and they will still count toward the companion pass.


    Can I Transfer Points From Chase Ultimate Rewards Towards Companion Pass Requirement?

    You can transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Southwest in a 1:1 ratio, but those points do NOT count towards the Companion Pass.

    But you CAN first transfer points from Chase Ultimate rewards to either Hyatt or Marriott hotels, and then you can transfer Hyatt or Marriott points to Southwest Airlines. However, the transfer ratio is NOT 1:1, so you will “lose” some Ultimate Rewards points, but this is totally worth it to get a companion to fly with you for free for close to 2 years!

    For example, you can transfer 12,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and from Hyatt transfer them to 6,000 Southwest points.

  17. @Grant — thanks for the info and your patience!! 🙂 Knew there had to be a catch somewhere, LOL.

  18. @readytotravel, in that case, I would use the SWA CC to earn SWA points on all flights. I don’t have a SWA card and am not going for the companion pass, so I always redeem SWA points for flights.

  19. I signed up for the Southwest Visa Card (through Chase) a few months back and got my 50,000 bonus points. So far, I’ve accumulated about 53,000 points. How do I get the other 57,000 points? Do I just open up another card in my name again? If so, how do I merge those points? Where would the extra 7,000 points come from if opening a second card only gives me 50,000 points? I don’t have $7,000 worth of expenses between now and the end of the year. Please advise!

  20. I currently signed up for both cards last August and would like to close the cards and re-open later in the year. Is it advisable? How soon after closing can I apply for them again?

  21. Flying Southwest is boring, flying international and business class is more fun, but whatever floats your boat! 🙂

  22. Can one individual hold both the Premier personal and the Plus personal cards? Can you apply for both on the same day? Thanks!

  23. We have enjoyed the CP for most of 2012 and all of 2013. I am going to gamble and apply this winter so that we can have it for 2 more years. The problem is that I need the offer to be for the Plus cards since I already had a Premier personal back in Dec 2011 (before I knew what I was doing). Hope it works!!

  24. If you have a ton of UR Pts and want the SWA Companion Pass, you can move 5,000 UR Pts to 5,000 Hyatt Pts, which can be converted to 2,400 SWA points.

    If you have 1 SWA CC, you should have 52,000 SWA Pts. You need an extra 58,000 SWA Pts. There is a special transfer ratio where 50,000 Hyatt Pts = 25,000 SWA Pts. So 100,000 UR Pts = 100,000 Hyatt Pts = 50,000 SWA Pts. You are 8,000 SWA Pts short.

    20,000 UR Pts = 20,000 Hyatt Pts = 12,000 SWA Pts. So with 1 SWA CC + 120,000 UR Pts = SWA Companion Pass. If you really take advantage of the SWA Companion Pass, you can do quite well.

  25. I have had the CP for the last 6 years, due to flights with SW, I have 4 cards between myself and my wife, Her CP expires Dec 31, 2013. We have probably used it 30 plus times in the past 6 years, We are going to San Juan Puerto Rico in Dec for our last trip on the CP

    My question as others have asked ….how long after cancelling before I can reapply with Chase for another SW card ??

    Anyone , have an answer to that question

  26. @Jerry My understanding is once you’ve received the bonus for that particular Chase credit card, you won’t get the bonus again, though you may be approved for the card again. BTW, I just got back from SJU a couple of days ago. You’ll love it there. This was my second visit to SJU. First time was almost 20 years ago.

  27. This is all new and exciting to me. I just found your blog in the last week. Thank you Daraius for all of the information and tips. I am learning so much and I’m excited to start traveling again.

    If I receive both of these cards, do I transfer 50,000 of the points from one of the cards to the other card to get to 100,000 on one card? Or are the accounts somehow linked, even though they are separate credit cards? Travel credit cards and rewards are completely new to me. I’ve stuck with minimal cash rewards for years. It makes me cringe to think what I could have earned following these techniques!

    I appreciate the help.

  28. Courtney Crook/ Darius – Courtney it sounds like you already have 40,000 points. Don’t the points reset to zero at Jan 1? So, either get the 60,000 this year, or get the SW Credit card at the end of this year and start over at 0 in January, then adding your bonus points which will post early in the year. I would think that if you’ve already for 40K, then you’d want to finish up and get it this year.
    I am probably going to go for the companion pass this year. I have 1 SW card, and if I get another one at my next churn I’ll almost have the pass. If I have the pass, then I would think we would get quite a bit of the way there by flying, so I would maybe be able to qualify again in 2014 to get it for 2015.

    • @readytotravel – No, you have to earn the 110K points in ONE calendar year, so earn them in 2013 otherwise you will start from 0 companion pass points in 2014.

      @Mark D. – Her points can’t go to your account, but she can earn the Companion Pass and add you as her companion.

      @Linda – Points transfered directly don’t count, but you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and from there to Southwest.

      @Tommy Z – THe points would go to your same Southwest account if you included that in the application. See this post for more information on how to get the extra companion pass points needed.

      @Kevin – Yes, you can have both versions.

      @Nora – The points go in the same Southwest account if you included the Southwest account number in your credit card application. So you don’t have to transfer the points.

      @jamie – That’s correct. The companion pass points resets to 0 in January 2014, so you have to start from scratch then.

  29. How can you get the CP so early in the year? Apply for both cards in December and make sure your first statement closing in January is the one where bonus points post?

    I’m trying to figure out how my wife can get a SW Biz card but she’s an elementary school teacher so no chance of a 2nd business there.

  30. readytotravel

    @Ken… D has a great post on “businesses that you don’t know you have”… You probably have some kind of a business.. you just didn’t know it..turns out I have 2!… One because I “manage” my properties, and another because I cleaned out my garage and now I have a ton of vintage “stuff” to sell.. I got rejected at first, but followed D’s advice on his reconsideration line link and Chase was not even concerned about what the businesses were, but about some other Chase cards I have and the credit inquiry was flagged because I signed up for 2 cards, but after talking with them and they took another look at my payment history ext… well… they WANTED me for a customer has I had good credit and great history.. They were great and very nice. They do want you to use the card for business expenses, but that is not hard. We all even need paper for a business.. It will actually even help me at tax time keep everything straight… BTW… I signed on with my name as my “company name” and as a “sole proprietor”.. Everything I said was the truth too.

  31. Hello, quick question. I called the SWA customer service line and they said the sign up points don’t count towards companion pass. Ever had troubles with this?

  32. readytotravel

    Yesterday CHASE customer service/reconciliation told me that THEY, not Southwest, have the decision on who gets the 50k points.. It is Chase’s application you fill out and they have CODES for the type of application/award you signed up for. They gave me my code and application number and assured me when I reach the minimum spend then I will get the points and they will send those to SWA..So far those have been applied to the companion pass..
    BUT remember, if you read the posts, you will see all over the others requests for us to NOT call SWA or any reward programs about some of these “deals/loopholes” for fear of “making them go away” for sure, as you can bet SWA and all airlines read these blogs:)

    So the answer is SWA will tell you no, but at this time we are still going to get them if you apply and are approved for the card and you reach the min spend under a certain code.. You can call CHASE and they will look up your application and code #.
    I will let you know in a couple of weeks if this is true:)

  33. @Kip – Why did you even call them in the first place? The #1 rule of price mistakes, exceptional deals, loopholes, etc is DO NOT CALL.

  34. With Chase, Can i apply for a personal and business card on the same day?

  35. Do points earned for balance transfers in the introductory 90-day period count towards the companion pass? That would mean 6,000 points could be obtained for $180 transfer fee. And do balance transfers count toward the minimum spend requirement?

    • @Kip – They do currently count, but that could change any time.

      @Mark – You can, but there are tightening up the critera for business cards.

      @Lauren – I believe they do, but you pay interest charges starting from when you transfer the balance. Buying Choice points and transfering them could be a better option.

  36. “You can, but there are tightening up the critera for business cards.”

    Daraius, can you elaborate?

  37. Hi Daraius!!
    THANK YOU.. I received my companion pass today …… all because of you and MMS… !!!!!You have opened up a new exciting world for my new husband and I…I can not THANK YOU enough..
    FYI, #1. When I reached my (low) business spend on my new card… then my 50,000 rewards miles went right into my rewards and I received the message under my rewards that I had achieved the pass. That answers a question on this thread.
    #2. I did not believe that I could use my rewards AND still keep accumulating for the CP so sadly I did make some reservations without using points and wasted some dollars.. However, SWA, happily helped me add my husband onto my reservations as a companion and he is flying free. Meantime they also put those “paid for” tickets into the “travel account”… so we will click on “apply funds” in the future.He will be flying without me sometimes and now he will have a couple of trips already paid for..:)

  38. :).. .. Yes, I did verify funds must be used and travel must be within 1 year of DATE FLIGHTS WERE MADE… this means May on one of the not even a year.
    And I looked high and low for where the “funds” were listed.. I finally had to call and they showed me where it was in the tiniest little print by the original confirmation number.. that is a big tip! and saves a lot of headache and research later on.. Thanks! I now have a file on all this…. I may need a secretary:) but it is worth it!

  39. Hi I applied for two Southwest personal cards and both of them are approved. One of them I reached my $2000 spending before statement closed(24th) and I received 2100 points however I have not received bonus points as of 7/30. Please let me know how long does it take and who should I contact. my other statement has not closed yet(8/5), but I have reached $2000 goal as well. I have also opened Chase Shepphire card and transfer points to Hyatt and to Southwest(has not come in yet). Hope fully I will get these by end of August as I am planning trip during labor day.

  40. @Rakesh – You were approved for both the Premier and Plus Chase Southwest cards at the SAME time?

    BTW, if you complete minimum spend too close to the statement date with Chase the bonus points do not post till the next month’s statement. And normally they will post to your SW account a day or two after the statement showing the bonus.

  41. @Ken,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I did apply both card within 10 min of each other. 10k+ limit on both. I hope I would get points on 8/5 closing statement card since I met this requirement week ago. and my other card will have 8/22 statement cut off. Do you think I should go ahead book flights with my own money and then cancel it when I get points and rebook flights. Also I should get companion pass which I would need since me and my wife are traveling from CLT to DTW.

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  43. I applied for the personal card and got approved, at the same time I applied for the business card and they said we will let you know in 10 days. Is there any phone number I can call for consideration of the application soon.

  44. @Vikram – Chase – 800-453-9719 – Reconsideration (Direct to Human for Business Cards)

  45. hi darius,
    i am confused. i’m almost at the 110,000 points, but thought that if i waited until january to get the last 5000 points, that i would have the companion pass for all of 2014 and 2015. now i’m seeing that i should finish up the 110,000 in 2013 or all my points won’t count in 2014.

    should i get 110,000 in 2013 and not wait until january?


  46. Thanks Darius
    I did call them and finally after debating they approved the business card. Now once I get the card and spend $ 2000 I will have about 104000 points so what are the ways I can get other six thousand points which will count towards companion pass without having to fly for the points.

    • @Rakesh – If you book with cash and cancel, you will get a credit which you have to use within 1 year.

      @jerri – You have to get the 110K points in ONE calendar year. You’ll have ZERO companion pass points on January 1, so get the remaining points before December 31, 2013 and your pass will be valid until the end of 2014.

      @Vikram – Here’s a post on how to get the remaining points.

  47. Now that they fly to Puerto Rico, it is an even better deal. My wife is flying on my companion pass to Puerto Rico and my flight was on points. 2 free tickets to Puerto Rico during Xmas break! That is value.

  48. Does the companion pass work with Air Tran? If not I assume at least the rapid reward points work to get Air Tran tickets. The Caribbean is screaming….

  49. If cards were received in 2012 so companion pass ends Dec. 2013, and cards cancelled early 2013, can I reapply for both personal and business cards in early 2014 or is it likely I would not receive them because we just had them?

  50. While I have collected Hhonors points for quite a while, I am relatively new to this hyper mode of collecting points and miles. I have learned a lot in the past couple of months on your website as well as others. I see the need to take several (5-6/year) domestic flights over the next couple of years, and I have a goal of getting the SW Companion Pass in early 2014. I know that the 50K bonus for the SW cards are not guaranteed to be there later this year, but I am hoping. My question is in regards to the credit cards that I want to pursue by the end of this year – please advise if this is too ambitious or not:
    CURRENTLY: I have the Hilton Hhonors AMEX (2002), Citi Hilton Hhonors Visa Signature (2002), Barclays US Airways Premiere World (2008), and my newest card the Chase IHG Rewards Club Select (5/15/13).
    PLAN: I would like to apply for Barclaycard Arrival World MC, Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, and (US Bank Club Carson or SPG Amex) later this month (>90 days past obtaining the Chase IHG card back in May).
    DECEMBER 2013: get two SW cards (hopefully with the 50K mile bonuses).
    Are there any concerns with this schedule/strategy? I’m not sure if I can qualify for a business card, but I have had a rental property for over 15 years – do people get business cards when rental property is their business? If not, would I be able to get both versions of the SW personal cards at the same time?
    Sorry for such a long post, and thank you for your advice!

    • @Deb – You won’t get the bonus for the same cards, but there are 4 versions of the Southwest card available.

      @WJ – I suspect they will be back around Thanksgiving, but no guarantees. Yes, you can get a credit card for your rental property expenses as a sole proprietor (if that’s how you have your rental property). I’d get the SPG AMEX instead of the CLub Carlson because of the 5K higher bonus which comes only once a year. I’d skip the Sapphire Preferred until you get both the Southwest cards if you want the Companion Pass (just to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to get the Companion Pass). Good luck!

  51. Two questions… My wife has one of the two personal cards, but I don’t know which. Is there an easy way to tell so we can try for the alternate card?

    Also, We have used some of the points from that bonus. Does that mean we lose those points in our accumulation? or because we had 50,000 points at one time during this year… if we get 60,000 more, will that still count for the companion pass?

  52. Thanks for the feedback – very good points that you make. I will forego the Chase Sapphire Preferred for now to increase my chances for the Chase SW cards later in the year. Would it be too much to go for the Barclaycard Arrival World MC, SPG Amex, and the US Bank Club Carson cards later this month – the main question is would that many cards hurt my chances for the SW cards (1 personal and 1 business) in Nov/Dec? Also, I file my rental property using Schedule E when I file my taxes. Is that ok for getting a business card (when I apply for the SW Business)? Thanks!

  53. Thank you so much for your suggestions – they have been most helpful. I believe I am ready for a round of cc applications later this month as I will go for the US Bank Club Carlson, SPG AMEX, and the Barclaycard Arrival World MC. This is the first time I have applied for more than one cc within a year. I just need clarification on one more point – no pun intended! You mentioned that I should start with the Club Carlson. From what I have been reading, I was thinking that I needed to apply for all 3 in the same day so that the banks would not see the other inquiries on my credit report. So do you mean that I should just hit submit on the Club Carlson earlier in the day than the other 2, or did you mean that I should apply for the Club Carlson on one day and the the other 2 some day later (maybe a week later)? Thanks for your diligence in answering these questions that must be mundane to you!

  54. I signed up for the credit car. I got my 50k bonus miles on 8/15 but it did not change my tier status.. Any ideas.? Do the bonus points no longer count? Thanks for any input.

  55. Can my husband get one of the southwest card and transfer points to me to go toward companion pass?

  56. Can I use Air Tran credits to fly SWA and the Companion Pass for a companion on the same SWA flight? Does it work on Ait Tran flights?

    Thanks again, as always. Such great info.

    • @jim s – You have to book the Southwest flight from the Southwest website to add a companion. If you use Southwest points to book the Air Tran flight from the Southwest website, you should be able to add the companion.

  57. I know you have already somewhat explained this but I am still confused. Do the 110k Pts for the companion Pass have to be earned by or actually posted on my last statement of the year?? I am close to 110k and will spend enough to be there by Dec 31 but am worried they all will not post till my Jan 2014 statement?? Thx……

  58. How long do most folk wait between applying for one of the personal cards and then applying for one of the business cards? hours, days, week, longer?

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  62. Hi, I have a question. I’m currently short of 7000 points from getting a companion pass. I still have time till December 31st,2013. So, Say for example, if I buy the remaining points on December 31st using my southwest credit card. Will I get the companion pass for 2014 and 2015? Please advise what to do.

  63. So, on the Southwest website, it states that Bonus/promotional points do not qualify for Campanion Passes. So, I’m not sure how this would work? Is it a glitch in thier system? Also, if you get 50k points from your Personal CC and then 50k from your Business CC, do they allow you to transfer those points to help meet the 110k point requirement? What about points from a spouse’s account? Ca nthose be transferred too?

  64. Ack… that’s what I get for reading too quickly. I completely skipped over the part that states “(with the exception of the Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase).” So, never mind the first question. I did not see anything that restricts combining points from multple accounts. Is there a rule against that?

  65. I have the Southwest personal and business credit cards as well as the Chase Sapphire credit card. My sole purchase for getting the Southwest cards was to acquire the Companion Pass which I acquired in March good through December 31, 2014. On my December statement I was charged $99 for the Southwest personal credit card annual fee. Would there be any problem with cancelling the card to forego the fee since I don’t use the card? Will my Southwest miles remain in tact as long as I keep the Southwest business card? Can you keep the Southwest miles in tact without having a Southwest credit card? If so, what’s the strategy? Thanks so much for allowing me to pick your brain!

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  67. My CP ends December 2014.,thank You D for a year and 3 months!!. I just churned and got Chase Sapphire and Chase Ink Plus last week….I was going to cancel my 2 SW cards so I can apply for the other 2 SW cc’s for companion pass in Nov and have the points count in 2015. Since I will still have the 2 Chase cards I just got..and the Barclay arrival plus, what chance do I have of getting the 2 new and diffe entire SW cc from Chase? ( that is if they have the end of the year promotion again I know)

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  69. please help D! .I applied for ( on MMS link:) and received the US Airways MasterCard, the Sapphire card, an ink Plus Card from Chase 2weeks ago. I did have to call the reconsideration line about the ink plus but did get it. Do I now cancel both Southwest cards and the Fairmont chase so I can reapply January 2015 to get the CP again with 2 diff SW cc? My current CP expires this December 2014.
    What are my chances since I will still have 2 chase cc? ( sapphire and ink) The CP is really important to me since I moved across country. ANY tips to make it happen and increase my chances? THANKs…MMS has changed my life! ( I understand things can change too..and MMV)

  70. Lily Marshall

    I signed up for both SW business and personal in Mar. this year. I have met the min. spend for both accounts (50,000 points each giving me 100,000 in total)
    1st question – In order for me to qualify for the CP, I would need to spend another $10k. Right?
    2nd Q – How long do I have? Since I signed up in Mar., would I have until end of the calendar year or next Mar. to earn the CP?
    3rd Q. – Can that $10k be accomplished via transfer?
    Thank you for your advice!

  71. Please D… Could you please, please answer my question above on closing my 3 cards??
    Thank you

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  74. Thanks D.. Unfortunately my husband can’t apply for cards right now.. The CP has been a lifesaver for getting back to California to help my mother after my dad passed away 6 months ago… I really need it again. So I think I will cancel 2 SWA cards I have and hope I can get the other two next January.

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