Today Only – Buy Airline Miles for 1.35 Cents Per Mile or Top Off For Southwest Companion Pass!

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Today, July 2, 2013 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time, you can buy Wyndham hotel points via the Discover America promotion for about 0.60 cents per point with an extra 10% discount for using an American Express card compared to the regular price of 1.1 cents per point.

Daily Getaways has the following offers for Wyndham points for 0.6 cents per point.  There is an extra 10% discount if you pay with an American Express card.

Except for the 14,000 point offer (you can buy 2), you can only purchase 1 points package per person, but there is an extra 10% discount if you pay with an American Express card.

Daily Getaways Wyndham Points for Sale

75,000 Wyndham Points for $450

Here’s how you can use these cheap Wyndham hotel points:

1.   Earn Cheap Airline Miles

2.5 Wyndham points convert to 1 airline miles (US Air, American Airlines, and United being the most interesting transfer options).  You also get a 10% discount for using any American Express card.

For example, you can buy “2 nights at a Days Inn for only $192.”  But you would not get 2 free night certificates, but would instead get 32,000 points in your account.

Of course, you don’t have to redeem the points for your free night, but can transfer them to other airline partners.

In the above example, you are buying 32,000 Wyndham points for $192.  But you can transfer these 32,000 points to 12,800 airline miles (32,000 Wyndham points/ 2.5 Wyndham points per airline mile).

The end result is that you’ve bought 12,800 airline miles for $192 or 1.5 cents per mile.  And the price reduces to 1.35 cents per mile (1.5 cents per mile – 10%) if you pay with an American Express credit card!

Note that you have to transfer in Wyndham points to airline miles in increments of 8,000 points.  1.35 cents is a great price to pay if you use your miles for first or business class travel, but isn’t a great deal for coach travel.

2.   Top off for Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest Companion pass is one of the best deals for domestic travel.  Many folks earn 100,000 points out of the 110,000 points required for the Companion Pass with the Southwest credit cards and use these 10 ways to get the extra 6,000 points needed.

You can transfer Wyndham points to Southwest airlines (8,000 Wyndham Points = 2,400 Southwest points)

But you could get the Wyndham hotel point package (32,000 Points for $192) and convert those points to 9,600 Southwest Airlines points to top-off for your Companion Pass!

9,600 Southwest points are worth ~$160 (9,600 Southwest points X 1.67 cents per point), so you’re effectively paying $32 to get 9,600 Companion Pass points.

Remember that transfers are in increments of 8,000 Wyndham hotel points, so you’d only be able to transfer 72,000 Wyndham hotel points for 21,600 Southwest points if you bought 75,000 Wyndham points.

You don’t have to transfer the points immediately, but can save them for transferring later.  But you have to transfer them before they expire four years from buying them.  You also need activity in your account every 18 months to keep your points from expiring sooner than 4 years.

Do note that technically hotel transfers are not supposed to count towards the Companion Pass, so this could change anytime.

Keep in Mind

Wyndham points purchased via Discover America will expire in four years from when you buy them.  Unlike other hotel programs, earning or redeeming points will not extend the expiration date.

But your points will expire sooner if you have NO account activity during 18 months.

This won’t be easy

I do NOT expect it to be easy to get these points because a lot of folks will be after them!

If you do decide to participate, be sure to be at your computer a few minutes before the offer starts (1:00 pm Eastern) and to either click refresh or press “F9″ to refresh the page to see when the offer is available.

You can set your watch to and start browsing the Daily Getaways page a few minutes before noon.

And don’t worry if you’re not able to get the points in you cart at first.  There are always point packages which get returned since folks don’t buy them.  Don’t give up until it says “Sold Out.”

Sign-up for a Wyndham account BEFORE you attempt to buy the points packages, because you will be asked for your Wyndham account number.

Bottom Line

Buying Wyndham points through the daily getaways could help you in having Big Travel with Small Money in many ways.  But there are limited packages and lots of folks will be after them.

Good Luck!

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13 responses to “Today Only – Buy Airline Miles for 1.35 Cents Per Mile or Top Off For Southwest Companion Pass!

  1. So wait – the 17,500 and 30,000 transfer options are gone? A little bit of arithmetic made it possible to usually zero out an account or leave only 500-1000 orphaned points. All were a 2.5 to 1 ratio just as 8000>3200 is.

  2. If I didn’t buy $550 of Choice points last week, I would be all over this promo. With the changes to Club Carlson’s airline transfer ratios last night, I would recommend transferring these points out ASAP or your points might be worth less later on.

  3. I am looking to sell 216k choice points. I just bought them but my plans fell through.. any ideas on where i can sell them?

  4. does anyone know if transferring from UR to Southwest counts to CP?

    • @ArizonaGuy – They definitely “enhanced” the offerings. The transfers starts at 8,000 Wyndham points.

      @John – Selling points is usually against the terms of most points programs.

      @dee -Transferring Ultimate Rewards points to Southwest doesn’t count to the Companion Pass.

  5. You neglected to answer my question.

    They Wyndham transfers have started at 8000 points for some time, have they not? What about higher options? Anything at all besides multiples of 8000? Since it still says starting at 8000 and you confirm this, I assume there are higher options as before, namely the 17500 and 30000 point levels. I cannot check because I have a meager 200 points so it won’t let me select any airline to view options.

    If there are, people need not worry about having multiples of 8000. It’s very easy to zero out a 75,000 point balance. But I know blog readers are typically too lazy to do simple searches for questions answered ad nauseum so I wouldn’t expect them to be able to do simple arithmetic either. They’d need big red arrows to know 8000 x 4 plus 17500 x 2 would zero that out.

  6. @ArizonaGuy, according to milevalue:

    The transfer rate is 2.5 points to 1 mile, but the transfers have to be one of the following three quantities:

    8k points to 3,200 miles
    17.5k points to 7,000 miles
    30k points to 12,000 miles

    All of the packages for sale can be completely transferred to miles except the 14k points. Here’s how to transfer the other packages:

    32k point package: four 8k points transfers to get 12,800 miles
    40k point package: five 8k point transfers to get 16,000 miles
    60k point package: two 30k point transfers to get 24,000 miles
    75k point package: two 17.5k point transfers and five 8k point transfers to get 30,000 miles

  7. @John, if you are still intereted, let me know . . .

  8. Already SOLD OUT!!

  9. So my points transferred from Wyndham to Southwest and I didn’t get Qualifying points towards companion pass. Have others gotten the same result?

  10. Do you know if it’s possible to transfer the points to several different United Airline accounts?

  11. @Newman — I transferred 8000 Wyndham to 2400 Southwest on 7/8, and they showed up in my RR account this morning & counted for CP. Are you sure yours didn’t count? They only count towards CP, not Tier status, even though SW calls them both “Qualifying Points”

  12. Is it possible to transfer to airline accounts not with the same name as the Wyndham account?