Credit Card Updates: Lufthansa 50,000 Mile Card Ending, American Express Hilton, and Chase Freedom

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1.   Barclaycard Miles & More World Elite MasterCard – 50,000 Miles

Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

The 50,000 mile offer on the Barclays card ends on Sunday, June 30, 2013.  Read my post on 18 Ways to Use Lufthansa Miles for all you need to know about Lufthansa miles.

You can get 2 roundtrip coach awards within the US on United or US Air, 1.5 roundtrip business class trips within the US on United, or a 1-way business class award from the US to Europe with ~50,000 Lufthansa miles.

Lufthansa miles are also great for Swiss and Lufthansa First Class awards, but you’ll pay 85,000 miles for a 1-way award and $250 to $400 in taxes and fees.

2.   American Express Hilton – 50,000 Points

Thanks to a reader for sending me a link to a 50,000 point American Express Hilton card after spending $750 within 3 months.  This is better than the usual offer for 40,000 Hilton points and is valid until August 31, 2013.

Note that you can’t get the bonus on BOTH this card as well as the American Express Surpass card.  But American Express does sometimes give you an incentive to upgrade the regular no-fee Hilton card to the American Express Surpass card.

That said, I still prefer the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card to the American Express Surpass card because the Citi Hilton Reserve gets you Hilton’s Gold elite status (free breakfast and internet!) for as long as you have the card and also has no foreign transaction fees.

3.   Chase Freedom Bonus Categories

The 5X or 5% cash back category bonus on the Chase Freedom ends on June 30, 2013 for Restaurants, Movie Theaters, and Lowe’s.

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19 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Lufthansa 50,000 Mile Card Ending, American Express Hilton, and Chase Freedom

  1. Can you get both the Citi Reserve Hilton card AND the AmEx Hilton card, or do you have to choose one?

  2. I recently got in on the no fee citi hhonors signature for 50K points after $1000 spend. That seemed to be a little bump from the regular offer. My question is will I be able to avail myself of any Reserve bonuses that pop up if I later decide to get that card. I plan to keep the no few signature but don’t want to miss out on any lucrative offers later on. Thanks!

  3. MM,
    If I buy restaurant GC from CVS or OD/OM with the Freedom card will it be treated as “5x bonus” category for the Freedom Quaterly bonus category? If not, where would u purchase these restaurant GCs?

  4. There are so many bad things with BARCLAYS many bloggers are hiding.

    there are 3 cons, 1 they won’t approve you if you have too many inquiries, 2 they pull from all three bureaus ,
    3 if you call recon to rethink after denial, they will do do hard pull again .


  5. @Sam, agreed, Barclays is way too stingy. They have a few good cards worth getting, but they are impossible to be approved for. I hope they loosen their requirements in the future.

  6. I applied for and received the Hilton Amex back in April. Do you think I can still get the 50,000? I just passed the $750 threshold but my bill has not yet generated for July.

  7. If you can go across the U.S. in business class on United with Lufthansa miles for 17,000 miles one way, how did you calculate that you can only go 1.5 trips across the country in business class on United with Lufthansa miles with 50,000 miles you get from the card? If one way is 17,000 miles, round-trip is 34,000 miles.

  8. Actually, I got the no-fee Amex Hilton in February and just got the Surpass at the end of May. My first spend bonus points from the Surpass have already posted. I hadn’t heard that wasn’t supposed to be possible.

    Sam and Grant – Barclay’s is definitely YMMV. I have a lot of inquiries, but just got instantly approved for a 2nd USAirways card. I found US Bank to be much worse.

  9. I’m working on a single goal right now: Business/First Class airfare from JAX to Hawaii (probably OGG). I’m currently working on a 50k Chase Ink Plus bonus, which I’m planning to transfer to United. Can you tell me if this Lufthansa card could help me with my goal? I’ve done a lot of reading, but I’m very unsure if it’s useful or now :-s

    My current cards:
    Chase Freedom
    Chase Sapphire (NOT preferred)
    Chase Ink Plus
    Discover IT
    AMEX Blue Cash Everyday (NOT preferred)

    I’m looking for a new opportunity for United miles, but I’m fearful I’m going too “Chase-heavy” if I apply for the Chase United cards. Thoughts?

  10. Although I appreciate you posting the AMEX 50K HH card deal, this is hardly a fabulous deal! I wouldn’t waste a credit inquiry for S250 worth of travel. This is good if you are topping off an account and have a redemption plan in mind.

    • @N – Yes, you can get both those cards because the Hilton Reserve is from Citi and the AMEX Hilton is from American Express bank.

      @Heather @ pass the dressing – Citi will let you get both the regular non-fee Hilton card as well as the Hilton Reserve.

      @ff_lover – You have to buy the gift cards from restaurants for them to count towards the restaurant category bonus.

      @sam – They don’t pull from all 3 bureaus, and they sometimes (but not always) will pull your credit during a reconsideration call.

      @Billy D – AMEX usually will not match offers, but it doesn’t hurt asking.

      @mileswhore – I meant 1.5 roundtrips in business class

      @Lisa – Very interesting. Please let me know if you get the full bonus!

      @Zach C – It is 70K Lufthansa miles for a roundtrip in business class on United from the US to Hawaii. If you can find low level availability on, you should be able to call the Lufthansa call center and book the same flights with Lufthansa miles. That said, the Chase United cards offer 55K miles (targeted offer) which is quite good.

      @Kalboz – I agree. Just because I write about it, doesn’t make it fabulous. It was just to let folks know that there was a better offer for that card.

  11. @ MMS, thank you 🙂

    @ sam, all your 3 points mentioned above happened to me.

    Also, according to many reports out there and it did happen to me personally, the US Bank will not issue you the Premier-type of Club Carlson card you applied for but the less prestigious one with less points (-20K points) & less benefits (no Gold status) but with the same spending threshold.

  12. Robert Hanson

    @Kalboz None of those things happened to me. I have a slew of inquiries, and a pile of current ccs, and I was instantly approved for the Lufthansa card. US Bank took 10 days to think it over, but eventually gave me the 85K Club Carlson card too. I guess the banks just don’t like you. 🙁

    @ Daraius I too got a 60K Surpass card, two weeks ago, while still holding the no fee AMEX HH card. It took a little work to not be logged on with AMEX, to keep the app from switching to the 50K “upgrade” page. And yes, my first use 40K points have already posted. I used your link for the Surpass app, but your current link for it takes me to a page that looks different from the one I used. Maybe they changed it recently?

    IMHO There are some very nice Hilton and Hampton properties in Europe that go for 20K a night. So the 50K cc is good for 2.5 nights, at an average cost of $30 a night, with free breakfast and internet from being Gold. That may not be “fabulous”, but still, I’ll take as many of those cards as Citi will give me…..

  13. @sam – In response to points 2 and 3: TU was the only bureau pulled for me, and when I called reconsideration there was no additional hard pull. Not saying those two things don’t happen, but it’s not guaranteed.

  14. Looks like the Lufthansa deal is still active, or at least the page is.

  15. Robert Hanson

    The LH app is indeed still active, with 20K after first purchase. But the additional 30K after spending $5k in 3 months is gone. I’m glad we got ours last month. 😀

    • @Kalboz – That’s correct about US bank, but the business card gives you the same bonus. In general, US Bank is tough to get approved from, but there are ways…

      @Robert Hanson – That is nice to know, but I also get emails from readers on how they didn’t get the bonus on the Surpass card, so perhaps it is a ymmv situation.

  16. @Robert Hanson, attaboy for getting the card on the first try! Your comment, however, does come off rather condescending and rude. I am trying to get others to understand that this is not an easy card to get, and MMS agreed with me. I too can brag about my A-O-R successes, the many cards/miles/points I hold, and my FICO score … but offering a realistic input here or elsewhere is more helpful to others in avoiding unnecessary hard credit inquiries.

  17. Robert Hanson

    @Kalboz Yes, my comment to you was undeservedly harsh. Sorry….

    I didn’t comment to brag. I would prefer not to mention all my apps here, even though I doubt the banks can trace my comments back to my accounts with them. I commented to counteract some of the bad advice going around, like Sam’s statement: “STAY AWAY IF YOU HAVE MANY INQUIRIES IN LAST 12 MONTHS”. That will discourage people from even trying to get a very good cc. I had to mention my own experience to disprove that.

    IMHO: Apply for Barclays cards. If you get turned down once, don’t think that means you will never get one. Barclays is totally irrational in it’s approvals, and you may be turned down one time, and approved the next. Wait 3 or 4 months and try again. They have approved me for 3 cards, and denied my apps 3 times.

    I don’t think hard inquiries count as much as everyone seems to think. Barclays is the only bank to ever deny one of my apps, and I have lots of inquiries. I think keeping your credit usage as low as possible is much more important. I don’t try to take advantage of the credit float. I consider all of my cards as charge cards, not credit cards. In fact, I don’t just pay off all of my cc bills each month, I pay all of my cc bills off early. Sometimes even before the charges get officially billed. And of course, the more cards you get, the lower your credit usage score will be anyway.

    If you do get one Barclays card, put some regular spend on it. When I read about the LH card, I quickly started putting more spend on my Frontier card than the benefits of that card deserved, so that when I applied for the LH card Barclays would view me as a desirable client.

    When you do a churn, make the Barclays app your first one of the day. I know they are supposed to only check with one little used credit agency, but I don’t think anyone knows for sure that they always limit themselves this way.

    Put some at least a small amount of spend on all of your cards every month. And a more substantial amount on at least one card from every bank you have a card from. No telling who will issue the next “fabulous” card, and you want to be viewed by them as a good customer, not a churner.

    Good Luck on your next churn….