The Difference Between The Ink Bold & Ink Plus Cards

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Update:   The Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available for new sign-ups.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Readers have been asking what’s the difference between the Chase Ink Bold® & Chase Ink Plus® cards?

Chase Ink Plus & Chase Ink Bold

The Chase Ink Plus® and the Ink Bold both have a $95 annual fee which is waived for the 1st year.

  • In return for the $95 annual fee, you can transfer points from your Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus to airline or hotel partners such as Hyatt, Southwest, United etc.
  • You earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points – up to $50,000 or 250,000 points per year – for cable/internet/telecom purchases and for purchases from office supply stores


  • You earn 2X points for gas & hotel purchases up to $50,000 or 100,000 points per year
  • There are NO foreign transaction fees for purchases in foreign currencies

The main difference between both cards is the Chase Ink Plus is a credit card while the Chase Ink Bold is a charge card.

Chase Ink Bold

A charge card, like the Chase Ink Bold®, has no set spending limit, but you must pay your balance in full each month with a charge card.  Of course, you *should* pay your balance in full, and if you don’t pay it in full each month, you’re better off without a miles and point credit card.

Note that no set spending limit doesn’t mean that you get an unlimited credit line.  You do have an upper limit above which you won’t be able to charge transactions.  But the spending limit increases (or decreases) based on your spending patterns.

The Ink Bold is the better option if you know that you will pay your balance back in full each month, but want the flexibility of having no pre-set spending limit to charge large purchases.


The Chase Ink Plus® is a credit card which allows you to carry a balance on your card.  Which I hope that you never do because you’ll pay a lot more in interest than what the points are worth.  You’d be better off not earning miles and points, but paying a lower interest rate with a different card.

That said, the Ink Plus could be a better option if you’d like the flexibility of knowing that at some point you could carry a balance on your card.  Perhaps your  business is growing and it is easier to finance equipment for a month on your credit card, than applying for a loan from your bank and hoping the loan officer had a good day when he processes your loan application.

I have both the Ink Plus and Ink Bold for my businesses.  I got a $20,000 limit on my Ink Bold and a $3,000 limit on the Ink Plus.  I prefer using the Ink Bold for larger purchases because I don’t have to worry about hitting the limit with it, and I use my Ink Plus for recurring telecom, internet, and smaller transactions.

Read my review of the Chase Ink Plus and my review of the Chase Ink Bold to learn more about the cards.

Bottom LIne

The on the Chase Ink Plus® and the Chase Ink Bold® cards offer the same sign-up bonus and benefits but the Ink Bold is a charge card with no spending limit (up to a point) that you must pay off in full every month.

The Chase Ink Plus is a traditional credit card with a fixed credit line but you can carry a balance (but should not!)

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19 responses to “The Difference Between The Ink Bold & Ink Plus Cards

  1. Thank you Darius for the good info! Nice and clear.

  2. Hi Darius, I have had a Ink Plus card and will keep it for long. Now I want o apply a Ink Bold card. I don’t know what shall I say when asked with I want Bold when I have Plus. So far the only and true reason is that I want the signup bonus, but I wonder if there is other better reasoning. Thanks!

  3. Never mind, I re-read your article with my question and find the answer: Bold has the “flexibility of having no pre-set spending limit to charge large purchases”. This does true as my Plus have a low CL so very inconvenient for large purchase such that I have to pay multiple times within a month when there is a large purchase. Great article, thanks!

  4. @D, what do you think is the future for the Ink family? I think the Ink Bold will be gone within a year and the Ink Classic will go too. In the end, I think the Ink Plus ($95 annual fee) and the Ink Cash (no annual fee) will be the 2 sole survivors. Having 4 cards is too confusing for the average person and the move will mirror the Chase Sapphire and Chase Sapphire Preferred comparison.

  5. we applied for the chase ink; you said to apply for another chase card so that they would not pull your credit twice. What was the other credit card?

  6. Have applied about one year ago for InkBold and closed last month. Am I able to re-apply and get the 60K sign-up bonus?

  7. I just applied for the Chase ink plus. When I called the the reconsideration line (800-453-9719) the lady advised me that they were not taking calls in regards to new credit cards and that it would take 14 days to process my application. I told her that I have called reconsideration many times within the last couple years and that they always approve or deny me over the phone. She stated that they are receiving so many applications that for the time being they are not doing it over the phone. Kinda sucks.

  8. John, same thing happened to me…and seems to be happening to others as well. Any advice Daraius?

  9. Same question here as yyyccclll. I closed my Bold to get a Plus earlier this year. I SMed customer service to ask if I could re-apply for Plus. Got this response:
    “you can close your Chase Ink Plus card, pay off balance and apply for a new card. However, the eligibility for the 60,000 bonus points for new application will be based on your credit approval.”

    I thought you could not qualify for bonus points if you already have received them in the past with Chase. So is the service rep’s response incorrect?

    • @misty – You’re welcome!

      @Grant – I can’t comment specifically, but there could be changes.

      @John @Ritish – They are swamped with applications so I’d just wait about 10 days to receive an email or letter.

      @Arby – You may be able to get another Ink card for a different business, but not for the same business again.

  10. the more you call the more you ruin it for those of us that actually do it the right way. you people are pathetic

  11. I applied on Monday and still haven’t heard back yet. Seriously considering just applying for the Amex bus plat offer I just got. It seems they actually wn me opposed to chase.

  12. Thanks for the graphics, those always confused me. I wonder if I can link this chase card to my other chase accounts?

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Ink Plus have a minimum limit of 5k? How is your line 3k?

  14. Thinking about applying for the Ink Bold via your link. I travel overseas a lot so the card looks great. I was wondering if I can use the Bold to buy gift cards at office supply stores overseas too (like Staples in Canada and the UK). Would they be coded as office supply and earn the bonus 4 points? [do foreign office supply stores even sell retail gift cards????]

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