60,000 Points Chase Ink Ends Soon [Expired] – 55,000 Miles Delta Platinum, 50,000 American Airlines Miles & 40,000 Frontier Miles

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1.   60,000 Points Chase Ink Bold & Chase Ink Plus Ends Monday

Update:  This offer has ended.

The 60,000 point sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus® and the Chase Ink Bold® and the 25,000 point sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Cash® and Chase Ink Classic ends very soon.

You have to spend $5,000 within 3 months on the Ink Plus and Ink Bold and $3,000 on the Ink Cash & Ink Classic to get the sign-up bonus.

I don’t know the exact time when the offers will end, so apply by tomorrow (Saturday) if you’re interested in the offer.  See this post on how to evaluate limited time credit card offers to see if it makes sense to apply for the cards sooner or later.  Banks are offering limited time offers and increasing and decreasing sign-up bonuses because they don’t want to be predictable.

An extra 10,000 points on the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus are worth ~$100 to $167+ depending on how you value Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  And 65,000 Ultimate Rewards points are worth at least $650 to $1,085.  Here’s a post on what to do with 65,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

You don’t need to be incorporated to apply for a business credit card.  You can also apply for a business credit card as a sole proprietor and even as a start-up business with little to no revenue.

But don’t lie on the application form!

Not sure if you’d qualify?  Read my posts on 3 Ways You May Qualify For A Business Credit Card and How to Fill Out a Chase Business Card Application.

2.   55,000 Miles Delta Platinum

Rapid Travel Chai links to a 55,000 mile Delta Business Platinum card (offer expired).  You get 25,000 bonus miles (5,000 are also elite qualifying miles) after your 1st purchase and 30,000 miles (15,000 miles are also elite qualifying miles) after spending $5,000 within 3 months.

As always, I updated the Airlines credit card tab with this offer, which is the best offer I’ve seen on the Delta Business Platinum card.

The $150 annual fee is not waived with this card, but you will get 20,000 elite miles and 55,000 regular Delta miles which you can redeem for a Delta flight.  Delta’s Silver elite status requires only 25,000 miles, so you’d only have to earn 5,000 more elite miles to get Delta silver status.

The terms say that you can’t get the sign-up bonus again if you have ANY Delta business card open within the last 12 months.

3.   50,000 Miles Citi American Airlines

dhammer53 emailed me yesterday with a new link for the 50,000 mile American Airlines Visa card after spending $3,000 within 3 months.  Citi has been cleaning up the 50,000 mile offers quite aggressively, so I’m not sure how long this will last.

This is better than my affiliate link which offers only 40,000 miles for the MasterCard version.

4.   40,000 Miles Barclaycard Frontier Airlines

Million Mile Secrets reader Samuel links to a 40,000 mile Frontier Airlines card after spending $500 within 3 months.  This is better than the regular offer fro 35,000 after spending $750 within 3 months.

Unlike other banks, Barclaycard sometimes will let you submit an application for a credit card but will later tell you that the offer had expired.  Keep that in mind if you don’t hear back from Barclaycard ~2 weeks after you applied.

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74 responses to “60,000 Points Chase Ink Ends Soon [Expired] – 55,000 Miles Delta Platinum, 50,000 American Airlines Miles & 40,000 Frontier Miles

  1. LOL!

    I commend you on the amount of shameless pimping you have done this week. The amount of greed you have is clear with the sheer amount of posts you have made this week because of what? the extra 10k UR points? Geez

    Look at Frequent Milers Posts and learn some responsible ethics from him.

  2. Keep up the good work Darius. I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. just so tired of the chase ink blogs spams

  4. I currently have 11 inquiries but have not “churned” for over 6 months. I have not had the Ink Plus card. Do you think my inquiries would preclude me from getting this card?

  5. Anyone know whether the Citi AA cards are churnable? I’ve had two for over a year.

  6. Man haters gonna hate. Sheesh.

  7. Can you put back up the link for the Personal Delta Platinum Amex as well? Not all of us can apply for business cards…Thx

  8. if you are occasional (twice a year) Delta flyer, would this Amex Delta Plat Biz be worth it? or would i be better off with Amex Gold Biz or Biz Plat? Keep up the good work man. I always enjoy your blogs.

  9. Can you please put up a ticking countdown to when the ink offers will end. That will help me with my decision process.

  10. the more often u call the less we will approve.

  11. @Ganta — Why are you still reading this blog? Comments like yours in every thread get old and tiresome. Move on if you don’t like this blog.

    By the way, while I like FM, he has had three Ink posts in the past six days. Even his “this deal is just OK” post was pimped with links about how to apply. I don’t have any issue with that, but you’re fooling yourself if you don’t think that FM isn’t promoting Ink. “Responsible ethics”? Seriously, you hold FM on a little bit too much of a pedestal.

  12. @Nick

    And, some people are tired of comments like yours. Since Darius seems ignoring comments like his/hers, why can’t you do the same?

  13. Darius,
    I hope that your readers get approved for the AA card offering 50k. I was happy to share (see #3 above).
    I’m glad that Darius takes the high road when he promotes links that don’t send him a commission.

  14. Hi Daraius:

    I just activated my citi AA card with 40k miles :(.

    Is there any way to get Citi to match the 50k offer?

    Thanks as always to bringing up all the nice offers. I just applied for AA and Lufthansa cards using your links.

  15. The Citi AA Visa terms state that the offer applies to “new accounts only.” Does anyone know if this means new Citi accounts? New AA cards? I have other Citi AA cards but not the Visa.

  16. Hi!

    I really enjoy reading your blog and have learned a lot from it. Now I’m thinking of getting a Chase Sapphire Preferred card and combine it with my freedom card. Just wondering if you think at some point something like this 60K promotion will happen to CSP? Or do you think the 40K offer won’t even last? I plan to apply for the card in the fall b/c my credit score just reach 700 so I wanna give it an extra few months to grow. What’s your suggestion? Thanks!

  17. Just started reading your blog. Thanks for all the great info.

    If i have the AA Platinum Select Mastercard, will i get the bonus for the Visa? Sorry stupid question but i’m new to this. thanks!

  18. Hey Daraius,
    I haven’t decided yet if I will pull the trigger on the Ink; I just got the AMEX gold personal and business and the AA Visa two months ago (all using your links!). There are so many great offers right now! If I decide to apply, I will use your links for the AMEX Delta Platinum and the Ink. Thanks to you and Emily for all you do!

  19. Does Citi ever match current offers? I applied for the 40k AAdvantage Biz card a few weeks ago.

  20. It is hard not to promote the ink links. Each approved application net the blogger a THREE digit referral fee.

  21. FYI, your Ink Bold link does not work.

  22. Dang you have three more days of ways to think how to keep these ink offers at the top of your page. Did they increase the affilate payout for this week too? Im sure you and Emily will be heading to the Maldives or somewhere grand soon, with all the new commissions from the ink offers. You can post it as a trip report and remind us how you got there with UR points. Your blog has really gone down hill fast.

  23. @Sven You seem to not understand that this is a miles and points travel blog. The ultimate way to get miles and points for inexpensive aspirational travel is in fact to sign up for ccs, the higher signup bonus the better. So when travel bloggers highlight a short term better signup offer, what exactly is your problem with that?

    I, like many of the readers here, will soon be off somewhere exotic like the Maldives, and the trip reports help us decide where we want to go. But if you don’t have it together enough to do this for yourself, why keep reading here, getting more and more envious? You might want to check out http://occupywallst.org/ you will fit right in there. Have a nice day. 😀

  24. Robert Hanson

    For those new to applying for Citibank credit cards and wondering if you will get approved for an American Airlines card:

    The “new cardholder” clause does not apply to any Citi credit card, it only applies to Citi AAdvantage credit cards. If you have not applied for a Citi AAdvantage card in the last two years, the best information the blogs have is that you can get approved. The fact that you may already have a Citibank Hilton card, etc doesn’t matter.

    However, do not try to apply for more than one Citibank card regardless of type on the same day, and do not apply for more than 2 Citibank ccs within 61 days. Once you have applied for a Citi AA card, you need to wait 2 years before you apply for another AA card. But you can still apply for a Citi Hilton card, just not on the same day you apply for an AA card. Hope that helps…

  25. The 40K Frontier offer is currently the one on Frontier’s website, so there should be no problem with it.

  26. Joselyn Contreras

    It’s 3:15 pm central time on Saturday and I just applied for the Ink card and was approved immediately!! Thank you Daraius for all the tips on how to fill out the application.

  27. Thanks for all the wonderful info and details. The current Chase offer made me do a AOR of 5 cards. I business 4 personal. AA Citi card was just an icing on the cake and was unplanned.

  28. Ok, this is a newbie question. What kind of card is Chase Ink Bold – a VISA, Mastercard, Am Ex, or none of the above? I want to use it to pay my tuition but the school only takes VISA or Mastercard. THANKS for helping me get started in the game!

  29. @SoosieL – Mastercard. I am very sure it will not be Amex.

  30. @Ram

    It’s not just a regular Mastercard. It’s World Elite Mastercard. And, if I understand correctly, merchants have to pay premium processing fee due to World Elite. Not sure if the schools like that.

  31. @Yvonne
    You don’t have to use MMS’s links; the offer is available on Chase’s website.

  32. Just applied for the Delta Platinum and got a pending status. I’m guessing because it’s my first business card I’ve applied for? My credit score is 700+ and I only have one AmEx account. My guess could be that I put that I’ve been in business for less than one year… Hope all goes well.

  33. I agree with Ganta and we should all go to his blog for the amazing information we get from Daraius from now on! ….. Oh wait………… yes I forgot – he has NO blog with amazing information. He is just a whining loser with nothing better to do than express his jealousy on OPB. I always use links from bloggers that I get useful information from. I make it a POINT to use MMS links as a thank you and small token of appreciation for the information that he has provided to me over the last few years. My family and friends have enjoyed significant benefits from this blog and I for one am actually HAPPY that I can do a little something to return the favor.

  34. Agree 100% with smay, a lot of the people complaining and whining have no idea about the amount of work and effort that goes into these posts, while some might seem redundant, MMS still has done lots of work researching various topics for which I am appreciative.

  35. Just applied for the Plus with your link, decision pending, fingers crossed. Thank you Daraius for all you do!

  36. @smay and longroller +1

    • @DBest – Ooop, I’ll do that.

      @sam – Thanks! The Delta gold card also gets you 1 free bag, but with a lower annual fee, so perhaps a cheaper choice for an infrequent Delta flyer. You can also get the AMEX Platinum and select Delta to get reimbursed up to $200 per calendar year for travel incidentals including checked bags.

      @dhammer53 – Thanks for the link!

      @Nick @Robert Hanson @smay @longroller – Thanks!

      @Sara @Ken – Thanks for using our links. Unfortunately, Citi is not very good with matching offers,but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @Lita – What Robert Hanson said…

      @Gary – I really can’t say for sure, but they could very well have a limited time promotion for the Sapphire Preferred, but I have no inside information.

      @jeff – You can usually get 1 Platinum Select AA card and 1 “Gold” MasterCard, but it is unlikely that you will get approved for 2 Platinum Select cards.

      @Mike U – THanks for reading! There is no point in applying if you can’t meet the minimum spending requirements for the bonus, so do what makes sense for you!

      @yvonne – They work for me. Do they still not work for you? If not, you can just google for them.

      @SvenS – We’ll be in the Maldives next year and you can look forward to that trip report!

      @Robert Hanson – Did you get my email in response to your question on BOA?

      @Gary Steiger – FreeFrequentFlyerMiles.com – Thanks! In that case everything should be fine with the link.

      @Joselyn Contreras @Rob P – Thanks for using our link!

      @Soosie – It is a MasterCard.

  37. I tried again and again and still your link did not work. Interesting that Rob P was successful. I even tried the link with other travel blogs (those you noted), and still was unsuccessful. I even tried using different browsers, but no luck. I tried using my husband computer, and still no luck. I really wanted to use your link (as I love your blog), and thank you for all your work. I was successful using the direct link with Chase.

  38. Does anyone have suggestions for my problem – I’m trying to help a relative get miles for an AA award. He applied for and was approved for the platinum Visa, but the Gold MC card link had disappeared before he could apply. He went for the platinum Amex platinum version instead and was denied. If the MC Gold card link is back, can he now apply for that and get the miles, or does his denial for the other platinum card mean he will have to wait awhile to try for the MC Gold card?
    The SPG card would be another option, but the landing page for the personal version is only showing 10k miles on first purchase, with no mention a further 15k with spend. Don’t see a link on the FT sticky for Starwood offers either. I’ll propose to him the SPG business card as a possibility, but I think he would be more comfortable with a personal card.
    He needs a further 20k miles for his award ASAP. Any suggestions?

  39. It certainly does not hurt to ask Citi to match offers. I asked yesterday and was told that they cant change the promotion on my card. But they promised to post 10k miles when the statement closes as a one time courtesy! Hope the miles actually post.

  40. @ Val – I believe that you can only get 1 platinum card now every 18 months, but can also get the gold card. Since you’ve already done 2 cards, you need to have 60 days inbetween applications with citi. For most of their cards, you can do 2 every 60 days. I didn’t know that the personal SPG is only giving 10000 now, but I can’t find any more than that either.

  41. Can I still apply for this card and get 60,000 Points? The website link https://www2.chase.com/online/business-credit-cards/ink-card-sbw.htm still says its from June 16 to June 22. Where does it mention that its extended? Can anyone Confirm ?

    • @Val – The SPG personal card offers 25K points after spending $5K within 6 months, but be sure to check when you are logged off from your AMEX account or use a different browser. Sometimes it only shows the 1st 10K points. But you still have to wait for the card, complete the spending, and transfer the points which could all take from 1 to 1.5 months so it isn’t ASAP.

      @Sara – Very nice to know!

      @SaRa – If the links work, you almost always get the bonus in the application page. It could end anytime, so apply sooner rather than later.

  42. @longroller

    All of the info on this blog or any other blogs is available @ FT without Darius doing own research.

    You people just love canned goods to rack up the points–nothing more. You people just love take from others use it for your own benefit without returning anything back.

  43. Darius, how much did you make from this $60k? That’s secret, right?

  44. When getting a pending decision response from Chase, are there particular steps to take to get approved like calling a reconsideration line or emailing an certain email address? Or is it just a wait and see thing with Chase?

  45. Loves reading your blog.

  46. Don’t fall for the naysayers, they will always hide behind a screen, and spit hatred. Love your blog!

  47. Ok, I was informed the following about Chase Ink Bold: “It’s not just a regular Mastercard. It’s World Elite Mastercard.” How often is the card not taken?

    • @seth – There has been a lot of interest in this offer and they are swamped, so I’d wait a bit before contacting them.

      @khee @abie – Thanks!

      @Soosie – It is accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted.

  48. It has been little over 18 mo since I was approved for AA visa. I downgraded my AA visa about 4 mo ago to a free(no-annual fee) version.
    Would I be eligible for this 50k offer? since it has been over 18 mo.

  49. It was a little misleading to say the offer was extended until today June 24th, is there a number or a specific link you can send me? I can’t find the offer anywhere and calling a general number doesn’t get me anywhere


  50. And by paying school tuition with World Elite, with many of ‘students’, raising of tuition is inevitable then. Good advice, Darius.

  51. As long as you do not suffer, who cares, right? I seriously considered talking about EO offices of Chase & AMEX, what you do is ethical.

    I have to pay tuition on credit cards nonetheless. I am very grateful for your website so that I can keep myself educated and make well-informed decisions. Financial literacy is an important issue.

  53. guys, I called the reconsideration line and was told 2 weeks for a decision…I fished around and found another # and they gave me my approval immediately!!! the number is 1-888-382-5968…good luck!!!!

  54. I applied althought I have a few Chase cards. Is it advisable to close the Chase Freedom (rarely used) to open a business Ink for bonus plus the 5X UR points on Southwest?

  55. Thanks again for the tips–always appreciate your keeping us in the loop for the best offers out there!

  56. When did this 60K deal expired?

  57. When did the 60k deal expire?

  58. Anyone else have trouble with the Delta Platinum? I’m out of the country and received a message at my home number to call AmEx about the application and was given a reference number. I find this a little aggravating having a 700+ credit score. The last thing I want to do right now is call them…

  59. Wow! That was fast. Already got the card in the mail. Didn’t get immediate approval either. It took less than a week from application to activation.

    • @Michael – I like the Freedom because you can get up to 30K points a year with their 5X category bonuses! But do what makes the most sense for you.

      @rick – It got over on Monday morning.

      @Ben – Sometimes it is just to make sure that you applied for the card (and not someone else). But you can always call when you come back.

      @Patrick – That’s good to know!

  60. Pingback: Bits ‘n Pieces for June 25, 2013 - View from the Wing

  61. @Daraius Thanks for your email ! It was quite helpful…

  62. Signed up for the 50k last night and I will ask if they can match the extra 10k offer! Chase is pretty good @ matching and they have good customer reps. Will keep ya updated!

  63. I received the Chase Ink Plus on yesterday (I called on Monday – a week after applying – and was informed that I was approved. However, the sign up bonus points are not mentioned anywhere in the provided documents, nor in the online account summary.
    Is this normal?
    At the time of application the sign up bonus was 60K…

  64. @Jason – this is normal. You can confirm bonus when you call to activate your card or just call the number on the back of the card to confirm.

  65. I got the 50000 AAdvantage points following the flyer talk link. Via chat, the CSR confirmed I’ll get the 50k points for spending $3000 in 3 months. I’m taking my baby to the beach! yeah!

  66. Tryingtotravel

    BUSINESS INK DENIED!!!!! Ouch……. no success with the reconsideration line. He was not budging………. I went ahead and closed my Southwest business card which I had offered to do. I was very nice…… even though he really wasn’t……… “just HOW many cards will satisfy you ma’am?” I said I wasn’t really sure as I really maintained cards for a variety of purposes.

    Guess I better avoid Chase for quite some time……………

  67. My Business Ink application was DENIED as well. 🙁

    The reasons on the letter are:

    Too many accounts opened in a 12 month period. (this is odd because, compared to most of you, I am a VERY light churner. In fact, in the past 12 months I have only applied and been approved for 4 cards. 2 of them were Chase though)

    Too many recent requests for credit or reviews of your credit (obviously ^ see above)

    Business too new.

    Like Tryingtotravel, I am going to leave Chase alone for awhile. And I am definitely not calling for reconsideration. Just gonna lie low for awhile…..

    Still disappointed though.

  68. @pauly Pretty sure Obama is doing more unethical stuff than Darius ever will and Obama is pretty much the reason why tuition continues to increase.

  69. Informative as always, please keep it up!