Blog Giveaway – 22,000 Hyatt Points, $500 Gift Card, 2 Show Tickets & 1 MGM Experience!

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I wrote earlier that Hyatt and MGM hotels in Las Vegas have teamed up and that you can earn and redeem Hyatt points at 12 MGM hotels on the strip in Las Vegas.

Well, those benefits start from today!


You Could Win 22,000 Hyatt Points, $500 Gift Card, 2 Show Tickets & 1 MGM Experience!

Hyatt & MGM are very graciously offering one Million Mile Secrets reader:

Million Mile Secrets readers are – by far – the best blog readers ever, so I’m also including a $500 gift card from my personal stash of gift cards to make it easier for 1 lucky reader to get to Vegas!

How to Enter

You have to be a Hyatt Gold Passport member, and a M Life member to take part.  You also have to be 21 years or older to enter.

Please leave ONE comment  – on this blog post – on how “You’re In Luck” when you visit Las Vegas.

I will close the comments at 9:00 pm CST on Sunday, June 23, 2013, so please leave your comment before then.

Good Luck!

Fine Print:  You have to comment by 9:00 pm CST on June 23, 2013.  I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.  I’m not getting anything from Hyatt or MGM and I’m giving away one of my $500 gift cards.

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961 responses to “Blog Giveaway – 22,000 Hyatt Points, $500 Gift Card, 2 Show Tickets & 1 MGM Experience!

  1. I’m in luck when I finally get to unwind in Vegas…
    I ndulging
    N ightlife

    L etting go
    U nwinding
    C asinos
    K A!!

    Now can I go???

  2. I am in luck when visit Las Vegas where I never been and never could dream off.
    I would be a happiest person in a world!!!! Please show me what it is!!!!

  3. I’m in luck in Vegas when I dine at all the great restaurants there. Especially, Picaso at Bellagio. On top of that winning this awesome prize package.

  4. “Your in luck” when you meet a man in your sixty’s and fall in love after you thought love had passed you by.You take a chance and change your life completely by moving to Arkansas where you end up loving it, elope and get married which makes your 91 year old dad exceedingly happy, you start following million MMS, learn how you can fly free to see the friends and family you left behind…and then WIN this prize so you can end your amazing year by surprising your new husband with a honeymoon in Vegas courtesy of MMS and “your in luck” !! 🙂

  5. I’m in luck when I stroll down the strip in Vegas, there are so many shows I would enjoy, so many places I could stop by and so many authentic food I’d like to try. Yes, for me, Vegas is a dream playground that I never get tired.

  6. You’re in luck when a bachelor party weekend connects with a work-paid-for trip to Vegas.

  7. You’re in luck when you win at the Black jack table.

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. I am in to try my luck.

  9. I’m in luck in Last Vegas when I don’t pass out from the summer heat!

  10. I’m in luck in Las Vegas when my room is upgraded to suite!!

  11. Great blog. Nice giveaway

  12. Holly Clemens

    You’re in Luck in Vegas when you go to the Bellagio on a company team-building trip and you are NOT pregnant!!

  13. “You’re In Luck” when you visit Las Vegas and follow all the great money-saving travel tips on Million Mile Secrets.

  14. You’re in luck in Vegas when as soon as you walk out the airport, there is a complimentary limo service awaiting your exquisite arrival, you approach a lavishing hotel world -class services and you never want to leave. You get an upgrade to a luxurious suite overlooking the oh so charming Vegas Strip. You get an amazing offer that you cannot simply resist of two complimentary show tickets that leaves a champagne taste in your mouth.

    Now, you’re even getting luckier, you get an astounding top of the line resort experience in the world’s best hotels in Las Vegas and just when you couldn’t ask for anything else a gift card with incredible value arrives at your room.

    You’re in extreme luck if any or all of this happens to you when you’re in Vegas.

    No broken mirror, upside down horse shoe , walking under a ladder , hell even if a black cat crosses your path In Vegas, if you’re that lucky, nothing can stop that “winning strike”

  15. Let me count the ways when I’m in luck in Vegas…
    1) All you can eat shrimp buffet – in the middle of the desert. Score!
    2) Cirque du solei, Celine, and soon Britney – all vying to entertain me. Awesome!
    3) Tour New York, Venice, Egypt and Paris – while walking around in my pajamas. Score again!
    4) Up all night to get lucky – at blackjack, baccarat and love. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    5) Best hangover ever because I get to relive it the adventure all over again and again. High five!

  16. I’m in luck when I’m in Las Vegas because I have red hair, and I’m putting all my money on red!!! #RedHairDontCare

  17. you are in luck if you aren’t staying at Circus Circus.

  18. Nancy Weigel

    There’s something for everyone! Vegas is one of those places it’s very easy to convince family, spread across the US, to rendezvous in as truly there is something for everyone and we all have a great time together and splitting up, experiencing what Vegas has to offer at that moment.
    Luck is having the ability to have family and friends all meet, spend time together and be entertained!

  19. I’m in luck always having a good time at the resort pools… What else to do when 100 degrees. Also never lose more $ than a plane ticket home

  20. I get lucky when the lady I am talking to at the bar doesn’t ask me for money!

  21. I Am In Luck when I am in Las Vegas: Having a good time, seeing world class shows and enjoying time with my wife.

  22. I’m in luck always! Luck doesn’t exist bc everything happens for a reason!

  23. Planing a trip to vegas. Lucky to be the winner.

  24. Right now my odds are 1 in 922 😉

  25. I’m always in luck, whether I’m in Vegas or not – but it’s more fun in Vegas.

  26. Going home with cash!

  27. I’m in luck in Las Vegas when I “break even”!

  28. You’re in luck in Vegas when you meet your sister’s married boyfriend after your 21-year old cousin’s wedding… Wait. Did you ask for good or bad luck?

  29. Jennifer C.

    When in Las Vegas, you’re in luck when you remember to bring your swimsuit.

  30. When in Las Vegas, you’re in luck when you remember to take a drive and enjoy the desert scenery nearby.

  31. I’m in luck in Las Vegas when its for free

  32. I was lucky in Vegas on my last trip when after i kept loosing money on gambling, I finally made it all back in a lucky shot… And best of all, I had the good sense to stop right there and then…..

  33. You’re in luck in Las Vegas even if you’re just breaking even!

  34. I have already made plans to stay at the Aria and earn Hyatt Points while losing money to the vegas MOB. LOL

  35. Great giveaway!

  36. Ferian Juwono

    “You’re In Luck” when you visit Las Vegas, play golf at Wolf Creek and the Wynn, hit a hole-in-one!

  37. I’m in luck in Las Vegas when I am sitting at the poker table.

  38. You’re in luck when you’re in Vegas with friends.

  39. I’m in luck when my wife tells me she’s ready for another trip to Vegas!

  40. I’m in luck when I break even at the blackjack tables!

  41. Im in Luck when I get ahead on the slot machines!

  42. Your in luck in Las Vegas when you leave with more money than you came with! Looking forward my first trip to Las Vegas this year!

  43. I’m always lucky in Las Vegas when I’m there to spend time with my husband and live it up!

  44. You are in luck when you meet Elvis!

  45. I could use some luck especially in Lost Wages!

  46. I’m in Luck because I read Million Mile Secrets! Smart too.

  47. You’re in luck in Vegas when you get to spend the entire afternoon poolside, drink in hand, at the MGM Grand!

  48. You’re in luck when you visit Las Vegas when you are drunk, hungry, it’s 7:00 am, and you find a McDonalds in your hotel.

  49. You’re in luck when you bet on red!

  50. You’re in Millions of Luck with learning from D & E on Million Mile secrets and all their smart and loyal posters. ……and I would consider myself lucky to pull a trifecta with Hyatt having stayed in their Dallas and French Quarter Hotels this year and then try for my good fortune at an MGM Hotel in Las Vegas…Daraius & Emily…join us for dinner?

  51. You’re in luck when you board the plane for home with more money in your pocket than when you arrived.

  52. “you’re in luck” when you go to Vegas because the city has it all. Amazing restaurants, great hotels, unbelievable service, unparalleled nightlife and pool scene, unbelievable shows and entertainment, great golf and so much more. There is nothing you can’t do in Vegas!!

  53. Amanda Hall

    I’m in luck in Vegas because it is a chance when I get to unwind and let loose from my regular lifestyle of taking care of my 3 llttle boys. It doesn’t happen often but it sure is nice to escape reality for a bit!

  54. I am in luck when I visit Vegas with my fiends and while in the midst of a fire bet on a craps table, Johnny Cash’s, “Ring of fire” comes over the speakers. Good times.

  55. You’re in luck when you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile, Is the man who can smile, When his shorts are too tight in the seat. [Caddyshack]

  56. Richie Rich

    You’re in luck when THE winning comment entry comes up like a slot machine…. first wheel…Jackpot, next wheel Jackpot, and the last wheel….wait for it, wait for it…AND J A C K P OT!!!!!!!!! Lights and sirens going off. Everyone around looking on in excitement.

  57. i’m in luck in vegas because some of the best restaurants in the world are there…plus buffets!

  58. Dale Rausch

    Vegas is the best place for shows!

  59. I’m in luck when I visit Las Vegas and come out with my dignity, respect, and cash.

  60. I’m in luck in Vegas because there’s always something to do, around every corner.

  61. You can take in the sights and the scenic views,
    Hit the casino floor though you’ll probably lose,
    Enjoy a desert vacation with your love and some booze,
    You’re sure in luck when it’s Vegas you choose!

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week 🙂