Poll: Should You Apply for The Chase Ink Bold & Ink Plus For an Extra 10,000 Points? [EXPIRED]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.

Blog traffic and clicks on the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus credit card links have increased a lot since Sunday!

That’s because the sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink Bold increased to 60,000 points after spending $5,000 within 3 months.  This offer ends this Saturday on June 22, 2013.

I ended the post by writing:

I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for the Chase Ink cards if you weren’t going to apply for them. 

If you were going to apply for the cards, the extra 10,000 points on the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus and the extra 5,000 points on the Chase Ink Cash and Chase Ink Classic could make it worth applying before this Saturday on June 22, 2013.

Some commenters asked why I wrote that you shouldn’t go out of your way to apply for the cards.

JMM commented:

Why wouldn’t you g[o] out [of the] way to get this card -60k points is a great sign up bonus.

Sure, 60,000 points is a great sign-up bonus on an already great card.  But it is only 10,000 more Ultimate Rewards than the regular offer of 50,000 points.

Here’s what you get with an extra 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points from the Ink Bold or Ink Plus:

  • $100 extra in cash back
  • $125 extra if redeemed through the Ultimate Rewards portal for travel
  • $167 if transferred to Southwest
  • $150 to $200 if you transfer the points to airline or hotel partners (assuming you value 1 Ultimate Rewards point at 1.5 cents to 2 cents per point)

You earn an extra $100 to $200 for by applying for the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus before Saturday June 22, 2013.

I can’t tell you what to do because you have to do what makes sense for you.

But just like you shouldn’t buy miles and points just because they are on sale (you’re still usually paying more than what they are worth), you should carefully evaluate whether you should apply for a credit card with a higher sign-up bonus just because the bonus increased.

How To Evaluate Limited Time Credit Card Offers:

Here are a few ways to think about limited time credit card offers.  As always, you should also be aware of the 5 Dangers of Applying for Credit Cards:

1.  Is The Increase Large Enough?   Is the increased sign-up bonus large enough to make a difference?  For example, Southwest frequently has 50,000 point offers which are MUCH better than their usual 25,000 point offer.

More importantly, will the increased sign-up bonus make a meaningful difference to YOUR travel goals?

2.   Does the Card Have a History of Higher Bonuses?  Some cards like the Southwest card frequently have 50,000 point promotions.  Other cards like the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus usually never have 60,000 point promotions.

3.  How Often Is the Higher Sign-up Bonus available?     If the card does haver a higher sign-up bonus, how frequent is the higher sign-up bonus?

Is the increased sign-up bonus available every few months like with the Southwest 50,000 mile offer.  If so, you’re better off waiting for the higher sign-up bonus.

Or is it like the mega bonuses on American Express cards which usually last  a much shorter time?  If so, you’re probably better off applying sooner rather than later.

4.   Were You Going to Apply for the Card?   If you were going to apply for a card because of the card benefits in any case, it could be worth it to apply when the card has a higher sign-up bonus.

For example, let’s say that you were going to apply for the Chase United Explorer with a 30,000 mile sign-up bonus because of the free checked bags and priority boarding.

Of course you should apply for the United Explorer card if you get a 50,000 mile targeted offer because you were going to do so in any case, so why give up the extra miles?!

What do You Think?

But enough of what I think.  I’m curious to know what *you* think.

So let’s have a poll!

Will you apply for the 60,000 Point Ink Plus or Ink Bold?

  • Yes, I will apply for the 60,000 point Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus card before Saturday for an extra 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points! (59%)
  • No, I will not apply for the Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus for an extra 10,000 points. (38%)
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64 responses to “Poll: Should You Apply for The Chase Ink Bold & Ink Plus For an Extra 10,000 Points? [EXPIRED]

  1. I vote yes. I called the reconsideration line yesterday and was told they wouldn’t fast track anything. “you must wait to get your approval and denial by mail”. First time this happened. Has any one else gotten approved by calling this week?

  2. I vote yes as well. I’m going to apply for the Ink Bold card later today – fingers crossed. Also, Daraius, can you unlock the results of the poll so we can see the responses, or will you wait until later today? Thanks!

  3. Well, since I just finished my $5K spend on an Ink Plus and already have an Ink Bold, my answer is no. If I’d known the deal was going to be sweeter in a month I’d have waited, but that’s life. I might drop into the branch and see if my Chase banker can get me the deal anyway – I’ve not even received my first bill on the new card yet, after all. If not – I won’t sweat it.

  4. @ Rob-

    Just SM – You will get it as long as it is within 90 days.

    i was denied but that is because my account was opened 7 months ago 🙂 & they told me 90 days is the cut off in the response
    never hurts to SM

  5. I’m on the fence 🙂
    I always wanted either an ink or a Sapphire…for the “points transfer ability” that I get with it… and of course the signup bonus itself.

    I’ll think about it over the next couple of days and decide

  6. Yes. (I tried to vote on the poll, but it wanted me to sign in, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to sign in with)

    Anyway…I applied on Sunday. I got an e-mail telling me I would receive my response via US Mail. I (nervously) called the reconsideration line yesterday. I looked at all the questions people said they were asked and had all my answers prepared. But all she asked me was the type of business and my income. Then she said I would receive approval or denial by mail. Call took about 5 minutes. They must be getting lots of applications.

  7. I had applied for my 1st business card and applied it as a sole owner with $0 income. I was approved yesterday over the reconsideration line.
    I have some consulting plans in the future for which I planned to talk about the business but to my surprise not a single question was asked except verifying me.
    This is my 2nd card with Chase and I never had such a cake walk before.

    Thanks a lot Darius !

  8. I actually signed up for the Chase Ink Bold card last week when it was still 50,000 points – got instant approval. Haven’t even gotten the card in the mail yet, so I called to ask if I could be considered for the new public offer of 60,000 points. They said they put in the request and I should hear by letter soon.

    In short, YES. I went for it because I had already gotten the card! 🙂

  9. @Sharon, I was approved from a call to the reconsideration line yesterday around 1pm. I think right after that, they started telling people they could not make a decision over the phone.

  10. I tried to vote no but it asked for admin credentials.

    Anyhow, I will not be getting them because I already have them 🙂

    I asked for a match and they declined. 90 days is the cutoff.

  11. I’d love to sign up for these cards and get the extra 10k bonus but I just applied for a Barclay’s Card last month – do you think it’s too soon to apply since it hasn’t been 90 days since my last application?

  12. I vote yes as well.
    And same thing as Laura R (I tried to vote on the poll, but it wanted me to sign in, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to sign in with)
    I called the line too and was told the same thing to just wait. I wasn’t asked any questions at all. She mentioned as long as you applied between the dates, and if/when you are accepted, you are good for the 60k.
    I am starting a friend with getting CCs and he received the same email to wait 30 days for a decision.

  13. I called around 6:30pm Central time

  14. If a family member, who actually owns a business and doesn’t mind applying for another card, gets the card and fulfills the spending requirement, would they be able to transfer the point to my british airways account? I don’t see why it would be a problem, but thought I’d ask anyway

  15. A Very Wise Man Once Said

    Don’t jump
    When you read about exciting offers like these, and how great they are, and how valuable the points are, it’s hard not to get carried away and jump in. Don’t do it. If you’re not ready to sign up for new cards or for these particular cards, then don’t feel bad about saying no and missing the opportunity. If history is any guide, there will be many more great opportunities in the future. Bide your time until you are ready, and the opportunities will come.

  16. Crispus Buttocks

    You can add me as a “yes”, this is an amazing deal these days. For those who vote no, are you still living in 2011?? I tried to vote in the poll but it asked for a username and password (?).

  17. I’m undecided. I got the Arrival MC last month, but no others. I’ve had a SW RR Biz Visa for over a year, so maybe that will help my chances of being approved. Or would already having a Biz card hurt them? I was planning on getting an Ink at some point, just hadn’t planned on it for this summer. We’re working on minimum spend for a couple of my husbands cards right now. I don’t want to over do it. 5,000 is a chunk to add to the spending we’re working on already. Thanks for being a lone voice of reason right now. I really need that and no one else is really doing it! 🙂

  18. I’ve read many good things about Ink Bold/Plus and Ultimate Rewards so I’ve been planning to get one for the super cheap rental car portal Daraius wrote about. And now Friday will be the magic 91 days since my last Chase app, soooooo HELL YEAH I’m going to click on one Captain D’s links to apply for the 60,000 point offer!

    • There was a glitch with the poll set-up, but you should be able to vote now!

      @Sharon – They are swamped with applications, so best to wait.

      @Roger – It should be unlocked now, and you may have to vote again since it wasn’t accepting votes earlier.

      @rob – Chase has great customer service and you may be able to get matched to the 60K offer.

      @Laura R @Cardman @Adam @Crispus Buttocks – You should be able to vote now!

      @Srini – The points transfer ability is a great feature of the premium Ultimate Rewards cards.

      @Erica @Nvtech – Congrats on getting the better offer!

      @cj – Only you can decide if you should apply or not, but one card one month ago should be fine.

      @Michael – There are guidelines to whom you can transfer the points including employees and certain family members, so it should be possible.

      @A Very Wise Man Once Said – I agree. Only apply when you’ve done your research and know that it is the right offer for you.

      @sam – No point applying now if you’re not ready for it.

      @matthewD – Thanks for using our link!

  19. yes, I had intention of switching my ink bold to plus. Wanted to wait till year over but 60000 is sweeter than 50000 so had to get it now. Good thing I did not cancel my sapphire card otherwise had to redeem all my points. phew!

  20. I already have the Ink Plus. Can I still apply for the Ink Bold?

  21. I applied on Sunday and called the reconsideration line today and yesterday to ask what extra information I had to provide. On both occasions, my application was not approved for various reasons such as my business was not a business and too many applications this year. I am not sure why because I tried to follow MMS advice when calling and my last card was approved on 12 March. I would appreciate some advice on how to proceed next. Thanks.

  22. volleyball mom

    I’d be so grateful if you’d please explain to a rookie like me how this (or any) points card works. I’m a single mom special education teacher on a tight budget. My teenage daughter is a top ranked national volleyball player. She and I fly at least 3-4 times/year to tournaments, mostly on AA and Alaska. I’ve been using miles on all flights except for those with ticket round trip prices under $250. I have only 20k miles left. Go for the Chase Ink or another AA card?

  23. Nope. Too close to my last AOR and a month after that was over went for the United 60K offer, so I need to let things rest for a while. Have a Bold and will eventually do a Plus to replace it but doesn’t have to be now. Probably won’t do my next churn until early August. Not enough of a bump to push it.

  24. I got 3 cards on May 3rd – Alaska Biz, US Air Biz and Delta Am Ex. My score is high, I have multiple bank accounts with Chase and 5 open cards with Chase – I could offer to close my Fairmont … What do you think my chances would be? I always follow the 91 day rule.

  25. No. I just did a 5 card apporama 3 weeks ago I need to hit $9000 minimum spend on (got my 5th personal Chase card, btw). And I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a business card, although this might have been the one if the timing had worked for me. Too bad it’s only a week.

  26. To the people who called the recon line and got the “not expediting” answer, call the automated line 1-800-432-3117 (press #, 2, 1, enter SSN). I applied on Sunday morning, called Monday to get that answer, called the automated line today and found I was approved.

  27. I vote NO. No reason to jump and lie about a business I dont have. Chase has plenty of cards that make up for this one . And it is NOT for personal use. Last thing I need is to get blacklisted by the best card company out there. Yes the chances are slim, so I go for other personal cards. I would never transfer points to Hyatt (too expensive), Avios (Amex gets you bang for your buck), or Priority Club ( low redemption). United is the only candidate, I have the U Mileage card and will apply for Saphire soon. 10K extra points are not that much anyway.

  28. I applied 30 days ago and just finished my minimum spend… I sent a secure message and boom…. they added an extra 10,000 points! So much nicer than AMEX who refused to match me when I signed up 1 day prior to the promotion. Go Chase!

  29. I vote yes. I applied at lunch and then waited for a response.
    I called the consideration line at about 6:15 and they told me my application was in “verification” and he could do nothing until it came out of verification.
    I might try and call again tomorrow morning but it does seem that we will have to wait for the snail mail response.

  30. Just applied via one of your links Daraius! Thanks again for all of the detailed information regarding this offer. It said my application was pending and needed further review (same response I got when I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card).

  31. It seems most people who have recently opened an Ink Card at 50,000 miles have had the opposite experience I had when I tried to get the extra bonus 10k miles. I opened my Ink Plus about 2 months ago and have already completed the 5k spend. Sent a SM to Chase asking them to match the extra 10k bonus and was denied. They said it was for new accounts only. Strange that they denied me when everyone else seems to be getting the extra 10k. Guess it’s just a case of YMMV

  32. Wow…now jason’s reply has me worried. I agree with everything he said about fibbing about a business you don’t have. But the benefits of this card are so good – the 5x points. I was planning to get a Sapphire at the end of the year, so if I don’t get approved for this one, I will just let it go. I don’t feel comfortable applying for business cards, though I know people do it all the time. I probably won’t do it again. My nerves can’t take it. 😉

  33. volleyball mom: do u use southwest? if u do, go for swa 50k personal/biz for 100k after 2k spend x 2. Spend 10k and get companion pass.

  34. @Sahil. Try it and was prompt to enter CC number. No luck. Also apply on Monday still waiting

  35. Chase is matching the new offer. Simply email customer service.

  36. Jennifer Allen

    Hi Daraius-
    Enjoyed meeting you and speaking to Emily at the FTU in DC. My goal is to get the SW Companion Pass toward the end of this year by applying for a personal and business card. I am also considering applying for the Ink Bold or Plus now. I dont want to hurt my chances of getting a Chase SW business card later in the year. I have had the SW personal card in the past, but do not have any open Chase cards at this time. Do you have any experience with this?

  37. I’m going to pass. With my current card holdings with Chase, I’m fairly confident I would have to close my Bold card to get the Plus card. I already have 7,000 points coming on this current billing cycle, which doesn’t end until early July. I would lose those points if I close the card in the middle of a billing cycle, so this is really only a 3,000-ish net gain for me.

  38. I voted no. I acquired the Chase Bold card 6 months ago. Also I am making minimum spend on a couple of other cards right now. So I will wait until the Bold card annual fee is due, close it, and then pickup the Chase Plus later.

  39. I Voted No, Look at the offers that are currently available. SouthWest 50k each card. 1 Personal and 1 biz gets you 100k, just another 10k and you can get a companion pass just like D says!! Thats a total of 4 roundtrips with a friend. With a min spend of 4k for 2 cards BTW!!! ok 1 draw back on sw is the annual fee its not waived, but for $168 you can fly 4 roundtrips

    Now lets compare chase biz 60k each card. On the chase you have to do 5k min spend on 1 card and you only get 10k extra rather then normal. 6ok points not bad bc it gives you options to choose from airlines.

    Everyone’s needs are different for me im going SW way, makes more sense. BTW I wish I could do all 3 but I dont know if I could make the min spend without doing vanillia and getting introuble. I rather not gamble and just lose that 10k on chase. It’ll come back sooner or later.

    • @Jean – You can have both the Ink Plus and Ink Bold for your business. But get the one which makes the most sense for you!

      @inkman @Donald – I’d wait until the Small Business Week promotion is over, because they are getting lots of applications.

      @volleyball mom – I emailed you!

      – Thanks for using our link!

      @Laura R – I agree. Don’t lie if you don’t have a business or aren’t starting one.

      @Jennifer Allen
      – I can’t comment specifically, but it should be possible to get another Chase card 5 to 6 months after your previous one. But do what makes sense for you.

  40. I phoned recon yesterday morning and received the – no decision as well, hasty rep at that. They must be getting killed, she couldn’t hang up on me fast enough.
    On the flip-side I got my Freedom approved on the personal side when I closed an older SWA card that was sitting dormant. My only hopes, beyond approval, is that they don’t make choices on slicing or dicing lines or open cards to make the Plus work. I’ve read plenty about them closing cards without informing users to allow for new cards to open then informing them in writing only. That wont fly with me, I have a 50k anniversary bonus coming to me on my Brit Air card… they touch that and I’ll go GRRRRRR

  41. @D I need some advice on BA cards. In the past I have held multiple cards of the same type: Hawaiian Air, Bank of Hawaii, Virgin Atlantic. I used to get instant approval for a new card, even though I had gotten one of the same type 91 days earlier. Not this time !

    I applied for a VA card last week, and had to call in. Despite having canceled my last Virgin card 6 months ago, and my FIA BH card last month, the CSR insisted on moving credit from one of my existing cards {2 Hawaiian Air ccs, and 1 Alaska card}. This despite my credit limit on each card being a paltry $5K, whereas most of my Chase cards start out at $13K. So I closed my 9 month old HA card, {keeping the 3 month old one}, and transferred all of the credit limit on the former to the VA card.

    As a result of this heightened scrutiny by the CSR, I’m guessing I cannot get another Alaska or VA card until I cancel the ones I have now. I know the old advice was wait almost a year to cancel a card, and that was fine when I could have multiples of a card. Now that it seems I will only get one at a time, waiting a year to churn a card of course seems like “forever”… 😀

    Any advice on canceling earlier than a year? As long as I put generous spend on the cards when I have them, will they overlook the shorter time frame? Or do I risk getting blacklisted by BA for churning?

  42. Hi D,

    I know Chase matches the best offer if you’ve applied in the 90 days previous to the new offer, but does this policy also apply if someone gets the CC within 90 days after the offer, i.e. if I apply after this week’s offers have ended?

  43. Thanks for the advice @Sahil regarding the automated reconsideration line. (1-800-432-3117 (press #, 2, 1, enter SSN). I applied on Monday for my first business card and got the dreaded pending review. I have been nervous about it and have even called the standard recon line twice just to be told it was pending. I noticed a credit alert on my Credit Sesame account and my Protect My ID account today and noticed Chase had placed an inquiry for my credit report. (2 days after my application). So i took your advice after seeing that Chase had inquired and called the automated recon line and found out I was approved.

  44. Interesting that most folks are considering only the 10,000 point difference between the current promotion and the regular sign up bonus.

    In my opinion the regular INK 50,000 point sign up bonus will not be around by the end of 2013. The consumer version of this product (Sapphire Preferred) was downgraded to 40,000 over a year ago and it seems logical that the INK Bold/Plus will follow suit at some point (it is actually overdue for the downgrade).

  45. Chase honored the 10k as I had JUST received my new card. Yay.

    Any idea when I can apply for Ink Plus (just got Bold)?

    As for people concerned about business – read the tips, open an eBay account, it’s not that hard. You can, for example, buy a bulk lot of pretty much anything and sell it at cost & there’s your business. Or, simply go through your closet, get rid of junk, make some extra $$ and feel guilt-free about the points.

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  47. Mitch Cumstein

    Kris, thank you for the 800 number to check app status. I applied late last night for the INK BOLD, and when I called first thing this morning I was approved with a $30k credit line. Yipeeee–kay-aye!!!

  48. So quick question. For those of us who applied and got the “call again next week” line…let’s say that we are approved next week, or denied, but successfully call reconsideration and get it approved (after the 60k promo is over). Since it was technically approved AFTER the promo was over, would that mean that the bonus would drop to whatever it reverts back to (50k?) instead of the 60k when you applied for it? Just wondering because in AMEX’s T&C’s there’s something to that affect. I wasn’t sure of how it works with Chase and this particular product.

  49. Yes, i would like to get it. But i have 2 open business accounts with chase, one is a ink plus (15.5K limit) since Feb 2013 , i got my 50K bonus already and I have an old chase ink business exclusives account maybe opened back in 2008 with 15k limit… the question is can i transfer my old account to a new Bold account and get the 60k offer and also keep my old open date to keep credit history good? or should i just apply online for the bold? thank you in advance!

  50. Timbo, I didn’t think business accounts show up on your personal report unless you default. Is that wrong?

  51. I say yes. Just applied online and was approved instantly. I have been thinking about getting this card for some time Even got a 50k mail offer at my business 2 weeks ago, and oddly enough, when I first called using the invite #, they said they couldn’t match the 60k offer….so I used your link. Thanks. FYI I’ve had a chase card for 10 years , have a high limit, and a high credit score.

  52. Tammy Horvath

    Daraius, So it seems like this offer will come around probably once some time next year??? I am deciding if my husband should go for it. I got my pers. explorer and this one so I will meet the $7,000 spend and I’m not sure we will need to spend another $5,000 in the same 3 months. It will be close.

    Also, when does the timeframe start for the 3 month spend requirement, on approval date? I know it could possibly take them up to a month to approve this card and that may be a benefit to us. Thanks for always helping. We live the dream!

    • @lone cedar – Thanks for using our link!

      @Tammy Horvath – THe 3 months starts from when you are approved, but no point in applying if you can’t meet the sign-up bonus requirement. There will always be new offers coming and going.

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  54. Tammy Horvath

    My husband got his letter for his Ink Plus app asking him to provide name of co, verification of tax id #, and proof of current bus physical address. We have rental apartments and they mailed the reply to the business address (not a big deal) where we do not receive mail so I’ll have to correct MAILING address. But, which do you think I should mail in for the info requested. Taxes that show both home address and rental address, along with income, water or sewer bills that show both or ALL of the above. They want the info to reinstate app. Since it is a partnership we don’t have tax id or bus name. I just wanted an opinion before submitting. Would you try calling or just mail info??? Thanks in advance for advice.

  55. Tammy Horvath

    Daraius: Per you suggestion, we called in and they approved my husband’s card on the phone and they are over-nighting it! I met my $5,000 spend on mine already and have 2 months to spend the other $1,000 needed on my personal United Explorer card and we will have tons of United miles. ALL thanks to you. You are AWESOME! Thanks for all you do.

  56. When I called to activate my INK Plus card (60K per your link), the Chase rep said that the 3 month spend started when my account was approved. BUT that I have a grace period of an additional 10 days to allow for processing and mailing of the card. I’ll still aim for 3 months just in case she was wrong.

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