6 Days Only: Chase Ink Plus & Bold Sign-Up Bonus Increases From 50,000 Points to 60,000 Points (~$600+)! [Expired]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.


On Friday, I wrote that the Chase Ink cards will have a higher sign-up bonus between June 16, 2013 to June 22, 2013.

The new offer is live on the Chase website, and I wanted to share it with folks as soon as possible (I added my affiliate links to the post later).

The sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus® and the Chase Ink Bold® is increasing to 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points – from 50,000 points – after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months.  The $95 annual fee is waived for the 1st year.

There was a 60,000 point offer for the Chase Ink Bold® in April last year, but it didn’t last long.  And the sign-up bonus at one point for the Ink Bold was $10,000 within 3 months, so the special offer this week for 60,000 points after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months is a good offer!

Emily and I both have the Chase Ink Plus® and the Chase Ink Bold® and they are among our favorite cards!

The economy is doing well so it is unlikely that we will we see mega credit card sign-up bonuses soon.  Most credit card executives tell me that 40,000 to 50,000 point offers are likely to remain the norm for some time.

60,000 points on the Chase Ink Plus® or Ink Bold® will get you:

  • Gift cards or Cash Back – $600 value
  • Travel through the Ultimate Rewards Portal – $750 value
  • Transfer to Southwest – $1,000 value
  • Transfer to hotel and airline partners – $750+ value

The Chase Ink Plus® & Ink Bold® are among my favorite cards because:

  • You earn 5X points for cable/internet/telecom purchases and for purchases from office supply stores

You Earn 5X Ultimate Rewards Points at Office Supply Stores & Internet/Cable/Phone With the Chase Ink Cards

  • You earn 2X points for gas & hotel purchases
  • There are NO foreign transaction fees
  • Points never expire and can be transferred to United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, Ritz Carlton, Korean Air, Southwest, and Amtrak

The main difference between both cards is the Chase Ink Plus® is a credit card while the Chase Ink Bold® is a charge card.  This means that you have to pay the balance on your Chase Ink Bold in full (which you should be doing in any case!), but can roll over the balance on the Chase Ink Plus (not recommended because of the high interest fees).

You can also use your Chase Ink Bold® or Chase Ink Plus® to:

  • Buy Amazon.com or Kindle gift cards, with NO purchase fees, at Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max and earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back for all your Amazon.com purchases

Buy Amazon Gift Cards at Office Supply Stores to Earn 5X Ultimate Rewards Points or 5% Cash Back!


You Can Get Up to 20% Off Southwest Flights


The sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Cash® and the Chase Ink Classic is increasing to 25,000 Ultimate Rewards points – from 20,000 points – after spending $3,000 within the first 3 months.

 The Chase Ink Cash® and Chase Ink Classic have NO annual fee, but you get 5X Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back at office supply stores and for cable/internet/telecom only for $25,000 in annual spending per year at Office Supply stores.

The Ink Classic offers 2x points for spending at gas stations and hotels  and the Ink Cash offers 2x points for spending at gas stations and restaurants.

You can’t transfer points from the Ink Cash or Classic directly to airline or hotel partners.  But you can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to the Chase Sapphire Preferred®Chase Ink Bold® or the Chase Ink Plus® card and from there to airline or hotel partners such as Hyatt or United.


You don’t need to be incorporated to apply for a business credit card.  You can also apply for a business credit card as a sole proprietor and even as a start-up business with little to no revenue.

But don’t lie on the application form!

Not sure if you’d qualify?  Read my posts on 3 Ways You May Qualify For A Business Credit Card and How to Fill Out a Chase Business Card Application.

Bottom Line

I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for the Chase Ink cards if you weren’t going to apply for them.

If you were going to apply for the cards, the extra 10,000 points on the Chase Ink Bold® and Chase Ink Plus® and the extra 5,000 points on the Chase Ink Cash® and Chase Ink Classic could make it worth applying before this Saturday on June 22, 2013.

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85 responses to “6 Days Only: Chase Ink Plus & Bold Sign-Up Bonus Increases From 50,000 Points to 60,000 Points (~$600+)! [Expired]

  1. Hey Daraius! Thanks for the post. Definitely want to sign up for the ink plus since I already have a bold.

    I’d like your advice though. My next AoR I wasn’t planning for a few more weeks but this offer is too hot to ignore. I picked up two chase cards (Ink bold / CSP on 3/30) , would it be wise to attempt the newest 50k MileagePlus United card & the Ink Plus so soon? If i remember correctly, generally you’d want to 91 days for Chase apps but wasn’t sure if this was just a suggestion or a necessity.

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Angelo Rivera

    I currently have a lot of ultimate awards points from other chase cards. My question is am I able to transfer my ultimate rewards points to the chase bold cards ultimate rewards? By doing this I would then be able to transfer to partner airlines and hotels. Thanks

  3. Hi Daraius! Thanks for the heads up! My dad applied for the Chase Ink Bold a couple weeks ago, using the normal 50,000 bonus link. How should he go about asking Chase to match towards the new higher offer? Do we just call the reconsideration line? Or is this something you request online? Thanks!

  4. Would it be realistic to apply for 1) Ink Plus, 2) Sapphire Preferred, and 3) Ink Bold all at one time? I already have an old Chase Freedom card. My wife would also like to apply for all three, and she doesn’t have any Chase accounts right now. Thanks.

  5. I applied for two personal Chase cards on 5/8. Ink Bold on 1/9.

    Shall I pull the trigger on this one?

  6. now we know chase closes credit cards, blacklists you for abnormal perk abuse spend and for having many card accounts to many of us and these reports are everywhere . One blogger was brave enough to share his side of the story. Chase suddenly closed three of his credit cards, when asked why, they told him that he has too many open credit cards and we see risk..

  7. Just applied for the Ink Plus (60k) and was instantly approved. I already have the Bold. The 5x’s on these cards are no brainers plus the options for the UR program is one of the best in my opinion.

    Thanks for the heads up on this offer.

  8. Hey Daraius, thanks for the timely post! I have some similar questions to what others had. I had applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card in April 2013, so wondering whether it’s fair game to apply for this now or if I’ll get dinged. Also, I hadn’t been planning on applying for any of the Ink cards, but now that you mention the extra bonus, it sounds very enticing. Not sure what you meant by “not going out of your way,” but filling out a quick application form doesn’t seem like too much brain damage. Thanks for the post!

  9. Well…I just applied for the Ink Bold and got “the e-mail” that they will let me know within 30 days. This makes me incredibly nervous. I have never in my life been denied credit, but I just applied for 3 new cards at the end of April. (I am relatively new to hard churning) Oh well…I will wait a couple days and then call and see what’s up. (and the thought of calling makes me more nervous)

  10. I applied for a card a couple mothes ago do you think chase will match the offer

  11. Dumb question, but is it any easier or harder to get a business card over a personal card? My credit is mediocre right now, so I’m wondering if I even have a chance. Also, would calling reconsideration even be worth my time? I’ve got nothing derogatory on my credit, just not very much history and a lot of inquiries! Can I still argue with a lowerish score?

  12. @Mike, send Chase a secure message referencing the new, higher offer.

    @Laura, unless you have a EIN, 99% of the time, you will need to call Chase and answer some more questions about your business. Even if you have $0 revenue, Chase will still be able to approve you since your SSN will be used instead.

    @KG, any other chase cards? Big credit limits? More than likely, they will be able to approve you so just apply.

  13. I wish my crystal ball told me these things, I just did my app’o’rama and was approved for Ink Bold. I’m definitely going to call to try to get approved for this higher bonus. Any thoughts on whether I should call the reconsideration line or customer service first?

  14. @Nathan, send a secure message to Chase.

  15. Hey guys, I already have the Bold and the Plus cards. My annual fee perhaps is coming up for the Bold. Can I ask Chase to downgrade my Bold to the Classic and get the 25k points? Or does downgrading only give me the Classic without the signing bonus (sorta) of 25k pts? Anyone done so or doing it? I figure a lot of yous who are not newbies already have both Bold and Plus.

  16. @ Angelo Rivera – I just transferred 4K points from my wife’s UR Sapphire cc to UR Ink card.

    Also, it looks like UR points get missing when I used mypoints.com account at the same time of a purchase throudh UR 🙁

  17. Hey Darius, why would you say, “I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for the Chase Ink cards if you weren’t going to apply for them.”?

  18. @Thanh, apply for the Ink Cash or Ink Classic, call up Chase and have them close your Plus and move credit to get the other card approved. Might be a tough sell, but good luck.

  19. @Grant, my last Chase application (last month) was denied even though I offered to move credit+close another personal card through several calls. No luck. My previous Chase card was opened in March. I think it’s a bit aggressive to apply for the Ink Classic now. Was just wondering if there’s a way to convert them without filling out another application.

  20. Thanks Grant, I will send a secure message. Do you mind if I ask, are you helping Darius or just very knowledgeable and willing to share?

    • @Eric – If you have a business and need the Ink Plus card for the benefits, you could apply for the card. 91 days is a good rule of thumb, but there are always exceptions. But only you can decide what to do.

      @Angelo Rivera – You sure can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points from your other Chase cards to the Chase Ink Bold/Plus or the Chase Sapphire Preferred and from there to airline or hotel partners.

      @Phil – I wouldn’t apply for more than 2 at a time – 1 business and 1 personal card. But only you can decide what is right for your situation.

      @KG – Only you can decide what is right for your situation. If you are fine with the possibility of being denied, you could apply…

      @MaxSalvo – You’re welcome!

      @Roger – I meant that you shouldn’t apply for the card if it never interested you, just because of the special offer. If you do apply, you may have to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

      @mike @nathan – It doesn’t hurt to ask. Chase has terrific customer service.

      @Nathan – It is harder to get approved for a business credit card than a personal card. Don’t apply if you’re not comfortable with the possibility of being denied.

      @Thanh – Downgrading the card won’t get you the sign-up bonus. You only get the sign-up bonus when you apply for the card.

      @Garyst16 – I meant that if the Ink cards never interested you, you shouldn’t apply just because there is a special promotion.

  21. I also got the “we will let you know” email. Do you know the number that I would call to speak to them?

  22. Had the ink bold last year and cancelled in jan 2013. applied for the ink plus in december 2012 and still have it. If I use my SSN , not EIN as I don’t have one, would it be possible to get another ink bold and receive the 60k bonus? for the Chase biz class, i had to be asked questions before approval.

  23. what does Gross Annual Income: mean on the app?
    darius stated The application doesn’t ask for individual income, so I’m comfortable entering our combined household income in the form.

  24. I see Daraius recommends one business and one personal at the same time, but does anyone have experience with getting both the Ink Bold and the Ink Plus (two business cards) at the same time?

  25. Darius, I saw this –
    To qualify and receive your bonus, you must make purchases totaling $5,000 or more during the first 3 months from account opening. After qualifying, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus points to post to your account. To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.

    Does it mean I cannot apply for this if I have the Chase Inks on another business name?

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  27. Thanks, Darius! It seems that both links are for Ink Bold (rather than Ink Plus).

  28. Great, thanks Daraius! I’ll probably let it marinate for a day or so and then decide whether to pull the trigger. The only reason I’m hesitating is because I got both the Starwood Business Amex and Chase Sapphire Preferred in April, so I’m concerned whether I’d be approved. With that said, the sign-on bonus seems very attractive and may push me over. Will keep you posted and thanks again!

  29. Why wouldn’t you g out way to get this card -60k points is a great sign up bonus.

  30. @Nathan, I just like helping people, but I have no personal/professional relationship with Daraius, but I did speak to Emily at the FTU DC a few months ago (Holiday Inn commercial theme)

  31. I had been approved for Ink w/in the last 3 months. Sent them a secure message and got a reply saying they have forwarded my inquiry to appropriate department. When you send SM to chase, where do you send it? I sent it to “rewards’ and ‘ultimate rewards inquiry’.

  32. Do you know if the credit requirement is different for the bold and for the plus? is it that for the Bold, since it is a charge card and you have to pay off by the end of the month, they may be less strict. ?
    I already have 4 chase cards , all personal. and it has been less than 91 days since last application. but I do have a chase business account. do you think i have a chance?

  33. I have 4 personal Chase cards, but this will be my first business application w/ Chase. Which would be easier to get approved for, the Ink or Bold?

  34. If wife and husband both apply for the card on the same day does that hurt your odds of being approved or is it viewed as totally separate?

  35. I’m in the same boat with Carlos, and would like to know which version would be easier to get. (No real business …)

  36. I cancelled an Ink card about 15 months ago. What is the rule of thumb? How long after cancelling a Chase card can you reapply and get the bonus again?

  37. Hi D & E, curious– my dad signed up for both of these a few weeks ago (50k UR points with $5k spend). Any tips for him calling Chase now, to see if they can switch him to this better promotion?

    • @Apurva – If you have a second business, you can get approved for another Ink Card. Or get a different version from your last card.

      @Jade – Thanks for letting me know and will work on getting it fixed.

      @Grant – Thanks for helping out!
      @webazoid – You could also call.

      @LUCHEX @Carlos – It could be that the Ink Bold is easier to get approved for, but I don’t know for sure. If you have a business, you could apply for the Ink Bold and then call the reconsideration line.

      @Mike – It is separate, so each could get the card.

      @Tim – You could get a different version of the Ink card for your business.

      @Eric mueller – My favorite TV host leaves a comment! You can send a secure message or call and ask to be matched to the better offer. Chase has great customer service, so there’s a good chance that you will get matched.

  38. what does Gross Annual Income: mean on the app?

  39. Did anybody notice that this page: https://www.chase.com/online/Special-Offers/small-business-week.htm says that there is a $3000 minimum spend for all of the cards including the Ink Bold and Ink Plus in the first 3 months? Is this a typo? If it is a typo I already made a copy of the page in just in case. In fact the link above might be corrected any time soon and you wouldn’t even know what I was talking about.

  40. @Ian, you are right:

    Get additional cash rewards or bonus points
    when you apply for any Ink Business Card.3

    Earn more with Ink.

    Get an additional 5,000 bonus points ($50 value) on Ink Cash®
    and Ink® Classic when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.

    Get an additional 10,000 bonus points ($100 value) on Ink Plus®
    and Ink Bold® when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.

    Apply June 16th – June 22nd (2 additional days).

  41. can anyone define this on the app Gross Annual Income

  42. Cool, thanks Daraius! and say hey to Emily for me 😉 E

  43. Darius, love your blog! I have learned so much! My husband applied and was approved right away for the Ink Plus (whew, no reconsideration call!) this morning for that special signup bonus. Our question has to do with “business spending”. If we do use this card to buy gift cards from Staples to help meet the minimum spend, does Chase know what we actually buy? If we use it for household expenses along with business expenses (gas, restaurants, hotels, retail stores), can Chase track our charges? I guess what I am asking is do they monitor how these business cards are used? We are fairly new to all this (although I do have a Southwest card with him as my companion) so any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

  44. @Daniel, Gross Annual Income is how much income the business earned, a number between $0 and infinite. If your “business” is new, use a conservatively low number. You will still have to call the biz recon line and answer some more questions.

  45. Thanks so much for posting the affiliate application links in every 3rd sentence in this post. Otherwise I might have gotten completely lost as to how to apply, and heaven forbid I may have gone to another blog to find an application link. [Seriously – a bit too heavy on the links. Not just because they’re affiliate links, but tons of repeated links on any website makes it very distracting, and reminds me of websites circa 1997.] ps. I have used several of your links in the past, when I felt you were focusing on true original content and value to your readers.

  46. Daraius,

    Last night I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Ink Bold. Its been 90+ days since my last round of Apps. Both apps required a call to the reconsideration line. For the personal card I worked with the rep to move credit from other cards (Chase BA, Chase United, Marriott Rewards Visa). After that she said the application required 24-48 hours for additional processing.

    This morning I called the reconsideration line for the business card and was told that that application was “in process” and I would have a decision within 30 days.

    Is this typical? I have an extensive credit history with Chase including the 3 cards above + a vehicle loan. Whats the deal?

  47. @Ian good find. I am not sure additional 10,000 bonus points referred to 60,000 points instead of 50,000 points.
    “Get an additional 5,000 bonus points ($50 value) on Ink Cash®
    and Ink® Classic when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.
    Get an additional 10,000 bonus points ($100 value) on Ink Plus®
    and Ink Bold® when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.”

    I had already applied for Ink Plus card a week back. I have send message through secure line. I will let you know what response i will get from Chase.

  48. Imporatant tip for all those who lost on getting this Bonus of 60k because they applied before for 50k UR,

    I called Chase, policy is if applied within past 30 days they will honor the UR points but if before 30 days they will not.

    But do not lose just call and ASK the rep atleast to Honor 5k they will do that immediately. Rule of thumb be polite and be nice to the rep.

    Conclusion is you will get atleast 5k if not 10 K

  49. can you give us the link for the MasterCard version of these Ink CCs?

  50. I just called the reconsideration line because I was not instantly approved, and the CSR said that due to the volume of applications they could not access any applications to review the information. Has anyone had success today?

  51. I had success with a call to the reconsideration line at 1pm today after a really long 32 minutes on the phone (and on hold) with them. It was worth it, since I was approved.

    • @Daniel – It give you an explanation if you click the little green question mark to the right of the box. It suggests that salaries, rental property receipts etc. are considered gross annual income.

      @Ian @Grant @Akshay – It is a typo and likely won’t be honored because the application pages for the cards have the correct sign-up bonus of $5,000 within 3 months.

      @eric mueller – No problem!

      @sandy – The terms say that you should use the card only for business expenses, but folks sometimes will buy personal items with a business card and vice versa. But your accountant may find it difficult to sort out the expenses, so I’d check with your accountant.

      @FB – Thanks for the feedback.

      @Andy @Ryan – They are overwhelmed with the applications so I wouldn’t call back for a while.

      @Danny – The Ink cards are MasterCards and not Visa cards!

  52. if you have this card already and you would want to be matched to this offer just send a secure message asking them to match it. i got the extra 10.000 points in my account in less then 2 hours. good luck!

  53. I applied for the INK Bold yesterday and called the Rep line and was told that due to the amount of app they will let me know. I figure I will call back in a couple of days.
    Since I applied for the Ink Bold, should I still apply for the Chase Sapphire or will this hurt my chance for the Ink Bold. I understand that I will need to come up with a total $ 8k to get the points.

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  55. They approved for an extra 10,000 points even though I applied a week ago, using secure message. I love Chase!

  56. Has anyone had any trouble loading the buxx cards with the ink?

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  58. Called Chase Ink customer service and they honored the 60,000 point deal even though I signed up for 50,000 a month ago. Just told me to call back when I reached my spending requirements. Thanks Dariaus! Free $100

  59. james gallimore

    used your link to apply for ink plus, got message pending, what is reconsider
    number. today june 20, have southwest rewards 56000 points and 46 on airtran, trying for companion cerificate.

  60. I had applied for Chase Ink Plus card one week before this offer was published. I send an email using secured email option on Chase site. I provided them with new link for 60,000 point offer. I received below responce within 3 days of my request.

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the 60,000
    bonus points offer.

    I am pleased to inform you that we will honor your request
    to add the additional 10,000 bonus points. In order for us
    to do so, we request you to send us a reply once your
    account has met the spend threshold of $5,000 and we will
    be happy to add the bonus points on your account.

    Please note that the original offer on your account of
    earning 50,000 points after you spend $5,000 in the first
    103 days from account opening will post to your account
    automatically after 103 days of your account open date.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

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  63. tryingtotravel

    BUSINESS INK DENIED!!!!! Ouch……. no success with the reconsideration line. He was not budging………. I went ahead and closed my Southwest business card which I had offered to do. I was very nice…… even though he really wasn’t……… “just HOW many cards will satisfy you ma’am?” I said I wasn’t really sure as I really maintained cards for a variety of purposes.

    Guess I better avoid Chase for quite some time……………

  64. Called App Status, pending, and instant approval!

  65. Applied this one back in 6/17. Called consideration line the next day and a week after. They simply said my application is pending and didn’t need any more information. Haven’t heard back since then. Today! I received a mail and guess what approved! with the card in mail. super super happy!

  66. I have a question

    Are these cards a Visa or Amex cards?

    Also just missed out on the 60k bonus sign up. Any ideas if there are any new ones coming up?


  67. Park Hyatt Vendrome said they don’t accept ULTIMATE REWARDS points. I have 70,000 from a Chase Ink Bold card. Any ideas?

  68. Hello,

    I just applied for the ink bold business. Has anyone bought $5000 in visa gift cards from Office Depot? There would be $50 in service fees but would get me 25k extra points on top of the 50k sign up bonus…I do not want to get flagged by chase. I already have 3 other cards with them plus a large checking and savings.

  69. I have tried “downgrading” my ink bold to ink cash without success a couple times recently. The phone reps say cancel the ink and then apply for the cash. Are people having success with “downgrading” to avoid annual fee? thanks

    • @Francisco C – If you reapply for the Ink Cash, you will get the sign-up bonus, but not if you cancel. Some folks say that they have to wait 1 year before they can convert the card to another version.

  70. I have an Ink Bold and an Ink Plus. My Ink Bold is up for renewal. I’d rather not take the credit hit to app for a Classic, just wondering if there was a better option than downgrading to a Classic, or even if downgrading is an option.

    Thanks for your “bold” insights 🙂

  71. The annual fee just hit on the ink plus, and I called several times to try to downgrade to the classic, but was denied both times. I was told that this is just not an option for the Ink Plus. Not sure about the bold though. Anyone have a different experience?

  72. Applied for and got the Classic. I requested they close Bold and move the CL to the Classic. They didn’t close the Bold and just gave me a Classic. I called back to have the CL moved and was told they couldn’t do that, so I closed the Bold.

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  77. Ebates website has an “Exclusions” section in their “Special Conditions” link next to the Staples hyperlink that states: “Cash Back is not available on gift cards.”… that being said, are we certain this strategy would work, or is SW Gift Cards now excluded based on that statement?

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