Will The Chase Ink Cards Have a Higher Sign-Up Bonus Next Week?

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Update:  The Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available for new sign-ups.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Chase has some interesting offers to celebrate small business week from June 17, 2013 to June 21, 2013.

  1. $150 Google AdWords
  2. Special bonus offers on Ink Business Cards
  3. Free Chase Mobile Checkout card reader

Special Bonus offers on Ink Business Cards

The “Special Bonus Offers” on the the Ink business cards excites me the most!

The text on the Chase Small Business Week website says:

Get additional cash rewards or bonus points when you apply for any Ink Business Card.

So it appears that applying for the Chase Ink cards from June 16, 2013 to June 22, 2013 may get you a higher sign-up bonus.

But I’m not sure what is the “Special Bonus Offer.”

Will you get additional bonus points for completing the minimum spending on the Chase Ink  cards?  The current minimum spending on the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus is $5,000 within 3 months to get the 50,000 point sign-up bonus.

Or will the additional bonus points be given once you complete a certain spending requirement – in addition to the $5,000 within 3 months – for the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus.

The Chase Ink cards are among my favorite cards because you get 5X points for cable/internet/telecom charges and 5X points for purchases in office supply stores.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t hurt to wait until June 16, 2013 to see if there will be any changes to the Chase Ink cards!

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18 responses to “Will The Chase Ink Cards Have a Higher Sign-Up Bonus Next Week?

  1. Interesting . . . I haven’t seen anything higher than 50k for any of Chase’s premium cards since the Sapphire Preferred’s debut and they were letting people match towards the targeted 100k offer.

  2. I do have a question, my dad has 3 Biz accounts with chase, and each account has at least 2 checking accounts also 1 Biz savings account . He has 1 personal and 2 CC accounts( CSP and UMP, 5k each) with chase. My Question is what is his chances of getting 3 Ink cards for each of his separate Businesses?

    By the way, we are a Chase family meaning all my family deals with chase. Me and my wife have 4 accounts ( CSP, Freedom, Checking and Savings). My brother and his wife have 2 accounts( CS and checking). My sister has 2 accounts( freedom and checking) and my other sister has 1 checking account. So in total we have over 20+ accounts.

    We want Ink cards because they have Ultimate rewards and can spend around 15 k+ on each account each month. That’s not including what we buy for our self (like groceries, gas, shopping and ect). And If any one has info for me it would be really appreciated, and thank you in advance.

  3. I assume if you just got the Ink Plus like I did recently, that if the bonus appears as higher than 50k, that I would have a pretty good shot at getting the bonus offer via secure message online?

  4. I, like Scott S, assume I’ll be able to get possible bonus bump via secure message as I just got Ink Plus last week. However, it will be my first experience attempting this with Chase. Any tips on what message should contain in order to maximize chances of getting bumped? Thanks

  5. Of course I just applied YESTERDAY!

  6. Thanks for the heads up on this. If I recently (last 2 months) received the Ink Bold card, would it be a bad idea to apply for the Ink Plus next week if the bonus is especially good? or better to wait until I’ve had the Ink Bold for a long while? etc. Thanks!

    • @AKCredit – I’ve got separate Ink cards for 2 businesses – one with a social security number and one with a Tax ID. But I don’t know about three businesses. My guess is that you should get the bonus on them, and it looks like you put a lot of spending on your Chase cards.

      @Scott S @jdh @Nun – Chase has great customer service and is usually very good about matching folks to higher offers if they applied recently, but I don’t know if they will match to the higher offers next week (though I’d guess that they might). BUt it doesn’t hurt to ask.

      @sl – I can’t tell you what to do except to do what you’re comfortable with.

  7. @Nun – IF there is a higher offer you can always send a secure message to Chase through your account asking to be bumped to the new offer. Chase will usually do this within 90 days from your account opening.

  8. Are the business cards on the same application timeline as the personal cards. I just picked up the hyatt card 2 weeks ago. Instant denial?

  9. @AKCredit — If you have a bunch of money (~200k) in Chase, you can get Chase Private Client; this gives you a variety of perks including, for example, 10k extra miles on the sapphire preferred card (50k instead of 40k) right now.

  10. @Michael — A Chase reconsideration line associate shared with me that you can’t apply for more than 3 Chase cards in a sixth month period. This is an aggregate of personal and business cards combined. If Hyatt is your only card or your 2nd card applied for in the last 6 months, you should be good to go on an Ink.

  11. Hmm how many imaginary businesses will be opened next week? Water gun thermometers or small dog platic poop? Cant wait for the fraudsters!

  12. Love, love, love your site! I have sucessfully become a frequent flyer nerd. When I forwarded your info about the big American Express to my brother-in-law last month, he called my hubby to say my email had been hacked and was sending out credit card offers! Hahaha! You and your wife are so cute and helpful. If I just received my British Airways card from Chase, how long do I need to wait to apply for another Chase card. I have a small business and my credit score is around 810.

  13. How churnable are these cards? I have the Old Ink Bold, New Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards … any chance on getting new ones? Seems like you can get them for different business/TIN, correct?

    • @Michael – You can usually get 1 personal and 1 business card, so it doesn’t hurt to call the reconsideration line.

      @KikiNewbie – Thanks for reading and for your kind words! You can usually get 1 business and 1 personal card around the same time, so you could apply and then call the business reconsideration line to get approved. See this post for more details.

      @Titan Limousine – I’m sure the double points for gas adds up when you have different limo businesses! I was able to get different cards for 1 business with a SSN and one with a TIN.

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